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Elizabeth Taylor Perfume Guide: Glamorous Scents for Women

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Glitz, glamor, and everything elegant is what you’ll find in this Elizabeth Taylor perfume guide. From smelling the most fabulous scents to learning how to be a diva like a glamor queen herself, you’ll learn about the notes, smells, accords, and even the pros and cons of each perfume.

Elizabeth Taylor was an icon for a reason, and her perfumes are classic, sophisticated, and everything a woman wants in this world. She created beauty, luxury, and absolute femininity in the perfume world, even comparing how women smell to precious gems.

Elizabeth knew that you and I should smell as valuable and classy as we feel. She left 15 legendary smells behind, my favorite being White Diamonds Lustre because I adore fruity, sweet aromas. Elizabeth was a legend herself, and her perfume range brings you the opportunity to be a star.

Each perfume has a unique smell related to traditional and modern blends, and you’re likely to find a favorite among so many, if not a few. Let’s help you choose the best perfume that represents you in every way.

Who Was Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a Hollywood legend in the 1940s and 1950s before becoming the highest-paid star in the 1960s. She’s one of the best-known classical Hollywood actresses, but she also became an iconic public figure after her acting career.

Elizabeth was born in London but moved back to Los Angeles with her American parents in 1939. She began with minor acting roles for Universal Pictures before becoming a more serious teenage actress for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. She won a Golden Globe in 1959, the first of many awards.

People knew Elizabeth as a glamorous beauty queen on screen. She had a diva vibe about her but in a good way. She earned her status, wealth, and reputation. Elizabeth was also beyond her years, acting as Cleopatra in 1963, turning heads with her promiscuous storyline before it was normal.

Elizabeth married state senator John Warner in the 1970s, and her acting role took a backseat to more important matters. She was still on stage but not as much. You won’t believe what this glamor diva did when she stepped into a more serious role.

Elizabeth founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985, dedicating her life to making other people’s lives better. She wasn’t the type of diva you assume; she was a humble woman, prepared to give all her time to a worthy cause in philanthropical ventures.

I love Elizabeth for her crossover because any woman who has everything at her feet but chooses to be humble and admirable is a beautiful soul! The 1980s was another massive stepping stone for her when she released her first fragrance, Elizabeth Taylor Passion, a classic to date.

Elizabeth had a passion for teaching women to become their best selves and inner divas from any life, and I think she has a surprisingly gorgeous fragrance for you.

passion perfume

What Makes Elizabeth Taylor Perfume a Great Sensual Investment?

Elizabeth’s humble story makes me love her perfumes, but more reasons exist for loving her collection. Her perfumes have made headlines in America, and they’ve won some awards to earn my respect. Some achievements by Elizabeth Taylor perfumes include:

  • The Los Angeles Times calling Elizabeth Taylor perfumes a leader in the sensual industry in 2009, especially among the scents created by celebrities
  • The Hollywood Reporter reassured consumers that Elizabeth Taylor perfumes aren’t going anywhere after the iconic diva passed away in 2011 (such a massive media house only reports on popular brands)
  • Bloom added Elizabeth Taylor to the Hall of Fame in 2011, thanks to her best-selling White Diamonds perfume that remains a favorite today
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds won the Media Campaign of the Year in 1992, the Women’s Fragrance of the Year in 1992, and the Fragrance Hall of Fame in 2009 from the Fragrance Foundation
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion won the Fragrance of the Year award in 1988

Elizabeth Taylor Perfume Guide: Meet the Divas

Elizabeth’s perfumes are about turning you into the humble diva she once was and will always be known as, and they’re a sensually pleasurable journey for any woman. I’m going to open the notes, accords, intensity, and potential cons for you.

The diva age and range will matter when choosing your favorite perfume from such a legendary collection, but I’ll also add an alternative for you to smell if you aren’t sure which one works better.

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds EDT

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

White Diamonds is probably the best-known Elizabeth perfume, and it starts with a glamorous aldehydic element before bursting into wild florals tamed by solid woody undertones. The florals gently dry down to a spicy touch before you get a fresh revival into new florals and citrus notes.

Key Features:

Accords: Aldehydic, white floral, woody, yellow floral, warm spicy, fresh, floral, tuberose, citrus, and powdery

Top Notes: Aldehydes, neroli, bergamot, lily, and orange

Heart Notes: Turkish rose, Italian orris root, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, carnation, narcissus, jasmine, and Egyptian tuberose

Base Notes: Oakmoss, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, and musk

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays about 6 to 8 hours)

Diva Age: mid-20s and older

Diva Range: Sophisticated, humble, feminine, self-assured, and romantic

Similar Perfumes: Chanel No. 5 by Chanel and 24 Faubourg by Hermes


  • It smells like a floral dream in another realm, but it doesn’t seem to work well for Gen Z ladies

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Night EDT

White Diamonds Night Eau de Toilette Spray Naturel

White Diamonds Night is an almost cheeky twist on the predecessor. It begins with a woody attitude that feels almost masculine before you get the powdery explosion that leads to fruity and citrus notes. A heart opens with warm florals and balsamic elements before ending in sweetness.

Key Features:

Accords: Woody, powdery, fruity, citrus, white floral, amber, balsamic, patchouli, sweet, and warm spicy

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, apricot, and bergamot

Heart Notes: Freesia and night-blooming jasmine

Base Notes: Sandalwood, musk, resins, and patchouli

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays about 6 hours)

Diva Age: 20s to late-30s

Diva Range: Slightly masculine, bold, seductive, unafraid, and sassy (not too elegant)

Similar Perfumes: White Soul by Ted Lapidus and Love Notes by Ellen Tracy


  • It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find this perfume, but you can still buy it in one-ounce bottles in 2021 (the stock is probably low, but the brand promises to keep their range flowing)
  • The perfume is a little far from the elegant desires sought in Elizabeth’s range (maybe that’s why it’s not available right now)

Elizabeth Taylor Brilliant White Diamonds EDT

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Brilliant Women's Eau de Toilette Spray

Brilliant White Diamonds reminds you that a woman can be beastly and elegant at once. It starts with a bold floral accent that dries into a rich rose undertone before citrus bursts into your sensual attention. The perfume ends with a beastly feel that smells sweet and divine.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, tuberose, citrus, animalistic, and sweet

Top Notes: Mandarin orange and tuberose

Heart Notes: Bulgarian rose, honeysuckle, and lily

Base Notes: Sandalwood, musk, and vanilla

Intensity: Medium (stays about 6 hours)

Diva Age: 20s to 40s

Diva Range: Beastly feminine, modern, contemporary elegant, seductive, and sexy

Similar Perfumes: Charlie Red by Revlon and 212 by Carolina Herrera


  • Traditional women won’t love the beastly side of this modern, sophisticated smell, and it won’t smell great on older women

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre EDT

ELIZABETH TAYLOR White Diamonds Luster Eau De Toilette Spray

White Diamonds Lustre is my favorite because it combines modernity with sophistication and glamor. It opens with beautiful floral notes before fruity elements sweeten the deal. The heart gives way to a powdery sweetness that enters another round of florals before ending fresh.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, fruity, citrus, sweet, powdery, woody, yellow floral, aromatic, green, and amber

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, raspberry, pear, and bergamot

Heart Notes: Narcissus, orange blossom, orris root, and jasmine

Base Notes: Musk, amber, sandalwood, and vetiver

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays 6 to 8 hours)

Diva Age: 20s to late-30s

Diva Range: Confident, modern sophistication, naughty, sexy, and ambitious

Similar Perfumes: J’Adore by Christian Dior and 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera


  • It’s young, spunky, cheeky, and not too good for traditional or older women, and it has a modern twist on the elegant part again

Elizabeth Taylor Sparkling White Diamonds EDT

Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor Eau De Toilette Spray

Sparkling White Diamonds is as glamorous as it sounds, but it’s also more traditionally elegant. It’s one of the more floral focal points of the brand, and it begins with gentle white florals before smelling fresh and musky. It ends with a beast-like elevation of yellow florals and warm accents.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, green, musky, yellow floral, and animalistic

Top Notes: Neroli, lily, and gardenia

Heart Notes: Jasmine, rose, and narcissus

Base Notes: Woodsy notes, amber, and musk

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays 6 to 8 hours)

Diva Age: 30s to 40s

Diva Range: Self-assured, sophisticated, traditionally feminine, beastly, and sexy

Similar Perfumes: Baiser Volé by Cartier and Candy Florale by Prada


  • The deep floral roots are better suited to mature women who love a bit of traditional femininity, and it smells a little too opulent for young girls (no offense, but elegance grows with age and the possibility of success)

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds En Rouge EDT

Elizabeth Taylor (ELK2H) White Diamonds En Rouge By Elizabeth Taylor Eau De Toilette Spray

White Diamonds En Rouge is an ode to women who want to flaunt their optimal femininity. It smells like a deeply sweet rose that ventures into vanilla and subtle spicy touches before hitting the woody accent. It ends with a beautiful floral drydown that journeys into warm amber.

Key Features:

Accords: Sweet, rose, fruity, vanilla, soft spicy, woody, patchouli, white floral, earthy, and amber

Top Notes: Pink pepper and raspberry

Heart Notes: Jasmine, orange blossom, and rose

Base Notes: Patchouli, amber, vanilla, and vetiver

Intensity: Strong (stays about 8 hours – excellent for an EDT)

Diva Age: 20s to late-30s

Diva Range: Sexy, youthful, modern-sophisticated, glamorous, and boldly feminine

Similar Perfumes: Olympea Legend by Paco Rabanne and Si by Giorgio Armani


  • The robust sweetness at the beginning can be overwhelming, especially for more mature women, and the spicy bite can add a surprise some women don’t love

Elizabeth Taylor Love & White Diamonds EDT

Elizabeth Taylor (elk2h) Love & White Diamonds Eau De Toilette

Love and White Diamonds is a dance between romantic and confident femininity. It smells like a gentle floral accent that dries slowly into a woody and citrus explosion before you get roses and a refreshing, natural smell. It ends with a powdery feel that dries through spicy and floral notes.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, woody, citrus, rose, green, musky, powdery, tuberose, floral, and aromatic

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, petitgrain, and neroli

Heart Notes: Jasmine sambac, tuberose, Turkish rose, and gardenia

Base Notes: Musk, cedarwood, and sandalwood

Intensity: Medium (stays 4 to 6 hours)

Diva Age: 30s to 50s

Diva Range: Mature, elegant, romantic, self-assured, and successful

Similar Perfumes: Pure White Linen by Estee Lauder and Illicit by Jimmy Choo


  • It has sad longevity, only lasting up to six hours, and it doesn’t work well for younger, vibrant ladies (it’s a beautiful mature fragrance)

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Rubies EDT

Diamonds and Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor for Women

Diamonds & Rubies is a salute to ambitious women who want it all. It starts as a beautiful, powdery effect that becomes warmer before florals and sweetness set in, and the double-layered rose breaks through the heart before fruity notes give way to rich woods and almonds.

Key Features:

Accords: Powdery, warm spicy, floral, vanilla, sweet, rose, fruity, amber, woody, and almond

Top Notes: Almond wood, red rose, lilac, lily, and peach

Heart Notes: Heliotrope, spices, rose, orchid, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and lily of the valley

Base Notes: Sandalwood, amber, cedarwood, musk, vanilla, and benzoin

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays 6 to 8 hours)

Diva Age: 30s to 50s

Diva Range: Determined, unstoppable, confident, sophisticated, and self-made

Similar Perfumes: Tresor by Lancome and Eternity by Calvin Klein


  • It’s a weird fragrance that uses youthful notes but smells better on mature women, and it has a slightly cheeky side

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Emeralds EDT

DIAMONDS & EMERALDS by Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds & Emeralds is a classical type of fragrance that suits traditional women. It has a beautiful floral, fruity, and green burst at first, but the sweetness tames the smell a little before it becomes too beastly, and the citrus and powdery elements bring it down to iconic femininity.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, fruity, floral, tuberose, green, animalistic, sweet, citrus, vanilla, and powdery

Top Notes: Hyacinth, orange blossom, white rose, Mandarin orange, sage, water lily, apricot, peach, and gardenia

Heart Notes: Rose, carnation, lily, lily of the valley, magnolia, jasmine, and tuberose

Base Notes: Tonka bean, patchouli, amber, musk, and vanilla

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays 6 to 8 hours)

Diva Age: 20s to 40s

Diva Range: Classical, sophisticated-sexy, bold, gorgeous, and desirable

Similar Perfumes: Amarige by Givenchy and Orchidee by Yves Rocher


  • The iconic blends of robust floral notes breakthrough like a traditional blast of feminine beauty before the undertones slowly break them down for a more modern smell, but the classical feel, in the beginning, can be pretty loud

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Sapphires EDT

DIAMONDS & SAPHIRES by Elizabeth Taylor Eau De Toilette Spray

Diamonds & Sapphires is a bold marriage of classical and contemporary aromas. It begins with bold florals and a fresh bite before you venture into the heart, where sweet and fruity notes await. It ends with a strange blend of aromatic and aquatic notes that tease each other.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, floral, green, fresh, sweet, fruity, ozonic, aromatic, woody, and aquatic

Top Notes: Galbanum, lily of the valley, melon, freesia, and peach

Heart Notes: Rose, jasmine, spices, rhubarb, and ylang-ylang

Base Notes: Musk, amber, vetiver, and sandalwood

Intensity: Medium to strong (stays 6 to 8 hours)

Diva Age: 20s to 50s (versatile)

Diva Range: Mysterious, unpredictable, majestic, determined, and unapologetic

Similar Perfumes: Escape by Calvin Klein and 360° for Women by Perry Ellis


  • The unfolding evolutions can be pretty overpowering as they change between classical and modern notes, but it makes the smell versatile across ages

Elizabeth Taylor Passion EDT

Elizabeth Taylor PASSION Perfume for Women

Passion is the classic perfume that began Elizabeth’s sensual success. It smells like a beastly blend of woods and leathers that slowly dry into a warmer, spicier heart before soft florals rise to create a smoky element. It ends with warm amber and an earthy feel, and it’s a wild sensual journey.

Key Features:

Accords: Woody, animalistic, powdery, musky, warm spicy, white floral, smoky, amber, earthy, and aldehydic

Top Notes: Aldehydes, gardenia, ylang-ylang, artemisia, coriander, bergamot, and lily of the valley

Heart Notes: Orris root, cedarwood, rose, jasmine, heliotrope, tuberose, honey, patchouli, sandalwood, and spices

Base Notes: Civet, incense, sandalwood, leather, oakmoss, cedarwood, vanilla, coconut, and musk

Intensity: Strong to enormous (stays about 8 hours – fantastic for an EDT again)

Diva Age: 30s to 50s

Diva Range: Untamed, ambitious, beastly, tigress, and modern-feminine

Similar Perfumes: Poison by Christian Dior and Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent


  • I think this perfume represents Elizabeth’s beastly climb to success, including her undying determination to be the best, but it can smell a little masculine

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes EDP

Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor

Violet Eyes is an ode to the mystery behind Elizabeth’s ambitious eyes, deep within her mind. It sets off a beautiful floral and rose explosion before it dries into a fresher, woody undertone. The perfume enters a sweeter fruitiness before teasing your senses with florals and powdery accents.

Key Features:

Accords: Floral, rose, fresh, woody, amber, fruity, white floral, sweet, and powdery

Top Notes: Peach

Heart Notes: Rose and jasmine

Base Notes: Virginia cedarwood, amber, and peony

Intensity: Medium (stays about 8 hours)

Diva Age: 30s to 40s

Diva Range: Mysterious, layered, rich, feminine, and slightly cheeky

Similar Perfumes: Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana and Cheap & Chic I Love Love by Moschino


  • It could last longer for an EDP, and the smell is strangely complicated for so few ingredients

Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia EDP

Women's Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor

Gardenia seems to wrap the florals of Elizabeth’s passion into one bottle. It has striking floral notes right off the bat before you enter a new layer of softer florals with orchids and peonies, and the scent ends with a refreshing lactonic element with floral notes still lingering.

Key Features:

Accords: White floral, floral, green, lactonic, and fresh

Top Notes: Green leaves and lily of the valley

Heart Notes: Peony, orchid, and gardenia

Base Notes: Carnation and musk

Intensity: Medium (stays about 8 hours)

Diva Age: 30s to 50s

Diva Range: Classical-feminine, sophisticated, sweet, passionate, and romantic

Similar Perfumes: Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci and Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton


  • It could last longer for an EDP, and it has a strong focus on floral notes, nothing else (it doesn’t even use woodsy notes to balance the florals)

Elizabeth Taylor Forever Elizabeth EDP

Elizabeth Taylor Forever Elizabeth EDP

Forever Elizabeth is a perfume that smells like a legend. It begins with an unusual fruity note that dries into a powdery effect before turning floral and fresh. The woody notes warm the heart as the rose and florals rise again, and the scent ends in a refreshingly sweet violet undertone.

Key Features:

Accords: Fruity, powdery, white floral, green, woody, floral, rose, sweet, violet, and fresh

Top Notes: Italian Mandarin orange, green notes, green apple, and blackberry

Heart Notes: Orchid, violet, rose, Egyptian jasmine, and tiare flower

Base Notes: White musk, sandalwood, woodsy notes, amber, and cloves

Intensity: Medium (stays about 8 hours)

Diva Age: 20s to 40s

Diva Range: Attractive, ambitious, hypnotizing, elegant, and bold

Similar Perfumes: Spring Flower by Creed and Pretty by Elizabeth Arden


  • It could stay longer than eight hours as an EDP, and it has a rich, mature feeling about it, even though it’s better suited to middle-aged women

Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls EDP

Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor for Women

Black Pearls is sadly the only perfume you can no longer find from Elizabeth. It began with feminine powdery that dried into woody undertones before reaching the sweet fruitiness blended into beautiful florals. It ended with warmer notes that balanced aquatic pleasures.

Key Features:

Accords: Powdery, amber, woody, floral, fruity, white floral, rose, warm spicy, aquatic, and musky

Top Notes: Gardenia, bergamot, and peach

Heart Notes: White rose, lotus, and water lily

Base Notes: Amber, musk, and sandalwood

Intensity: Medium (stays 8 to 10 hours)

Diva Age: 30s to 40s

Diva Range: Rich, untouchable, ambitious, bold, and new-age feminine

Similar Perfumes: Casmir by Chopard and The One by Dolce & Gabbana


  • It’s the only discontinued perfume by Elizabeth Taylor, but the recommended alternatives help if you’re as heartbroken as me when I remember how this perfume is no longer around

Choosing Your Signature From Elizabeth Taylor

How do you choose a favorite perfume? Simple, you decide what diva range and age suits you best. Sure, the notes and smell play a role in the one you pick, but you aren’t looking at Elizabeth’s range because she was a bland woman who went by one factor in her life.

She explored her fame, acting, and humanitarian sides. She was a legend, and her legacy is more than just a smell. You’ll easily spot your diva age range, but your personality, the person you want to be, and the legacy you want to leave in other people’s noses are how you choose your scent.

How to Make Elizabeth Taylor Perfume More Glamorous

Many tricks can make your perfume smell better and last longer, such as spraying it into your hair. Carefully storing your bottle in a quality organizer to prevent the perfume from changing is another simple trick with sensual mastery. There’s more to making it pop into a new elegance.

Layering perfume is the best secret to making any of them smell better and last longer. I always advise women to layer similar products for a better effect unless they want weird evolutions unfolding on their skin. Neutral-smelling products also work well with any perfume.

However, you want to use a moisturizer to help your skin maintain the smell better. It absorbs the perfume into your skin, changing the way it evolves and lasts. For Elizabeth Taylor perfumes, you can use these scented products to elevate the smell:

I became a master of perfumes because I own nearly every brand’s signature scent. My partner’s collection is just as crazy, but we love learning more about each scent. We experiment with layering, and I’ve learned that similar product layering is the best way to do it.

The best part of Elizabeth Taylor’s perfume range and layering of her products is that her scents have similar qualities. They all have a prominent floral base wrapped in sweet notes and woody undertones. There’s also a notable freshness in her range, which makes layering much simpler.

eau de toilette elizabeth taylor

Elizabeth Taylor perfumes are sensually pleasurable for most women, and they smell feminine, powdery, floral, and sweet. Each perfume has two alternatives, but these brands also offer similar feminine qualities:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Elizabeth Taylor Still Make Perfume?

Answer: Elizabeth Taylor’s perfumes are iconic, and even the Hollywood Reporter guarantees her sensual fans that these gorgeously glamorous perfumes are here to stay. Revlon Inc. owns and continues to manufacture Elizabeth Taylor perfumes, much like Elizabeth Arden fragrances.

Question: Which Elizabeth Taylor Perfume is Rocking the World in 2021?

Answer: Elizabeth Taylor’s perfumes are as iconic as her acting career, and the frontrunner in 2021 remains White Diamonds with a staggering 84% approval rating on Amazon after more than 13,000 reviews. Indeed, that’s how much her perfume still gathers love and attention from fans.

Question: Where Can I find Elizabeth Taylor Perfume?

Answer: Unfortunately, there isn’t an Elizabeth Taylor website where you can find her perfumes anymore, but Amazon comes to the rescue. You can also find the diva’s range at Fragrance X and Fragrance Net, albeit you’ll likely find the originals at the official Elizabeth Taylor Amazon page.

Elizabeth Taylor Perfume Guide: Final Glitz

Elizabeth Taylor went from being a queen of the big screen to a humble humanitarian who concerned herself with the welfare of others. She became an icon for a reason. Sure, she was a diva, but in a classical and glamorous sense. She was more than just an actress.

Her perfume range is inspirational to women of all ages and personalities. I love women who take the world by its balls and turn it into something they desire. I’m a highly ambitious woman myself, and I admire anyone who sets a standard for me to follow.

Celebrities aren’t always inspirational, but Elizabeth was a woman with many tales of admiration. I love her perfume White Diamonds Lustre because it suits my preferences with notes and accords, but it also fits my personality, allowing me to be the diva she inspired.

Decide what type of diva you want to be, and waste no time before getting your new signature scent. I have numerous signature scents, meaning you can try more than one.

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