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Cartier Perfume Guide: Top Picks for Men and Women

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A Cartier Perfume Guide will walk you through a posh door into a realm of upmarket scents that steal your senses, wreak havoc on your desires, and expose your mind to something fragrantly unreal. I’m about to show you the realm of possibilities with the many Cartier perfumes and colognes for men and women.

You’ll desire nothing more than to stay within this realm. You’ll never want another perfume. Instead, you’ll lose yourself in the French beauty and elegance of a luxury brand perfume. Cartier is a designer fragrance that offers signature men’s and women’s scents, and as a bonus, they provide a high perfumery range.

Some of the most gorgeous perfumes and designer brands are French, and Cartier is among the top of them. People know Cartier for their watches, but the fragrances will blow you away in a cloud of sensual aromas that carry you into the promised land. Paradise is but a choice away, and I’m about to introduce the range to you.

I’ll even share my favorite perfume with you; Must de Cartier. My partner found his heart stolen by Déclaration. Welcome to the heavenly world of Cartier.

Brand History

Louis-François Cartier is the name behind the behemoth brand we know today. He founded the brand in Paris in 1847, taking over the workshop of Adolphe Picard, another master jewelry maker. At first, Cartier built his empire around watches and jewelry with elaborate diamonds, ruby, and sapphires, among other jewels.

He was an artist without doubt or limitations. According to a Vogue article, his jewelry quickly became famous for royals, even transcending four generations of royalty. The royals are obsessed with luxury brand jewelry. However, I’m getting ahead of myself now. Louis-François’ son, Alfred Cartier, took over in 1874.

The brand was already established, being worn by royalty and the wealthiest people in Europe. Alfred introduced Egyptian-styled jewelry as his mind was as innovative as his father’s. By the early 1900s, Cartier spread their wings to New York and Sankt Peterburg.

Pierre Cartier took over in the 1920s, expanding the brand even further. Each generation perpetuated the brand, even though people like King Alfonso consistently purchased the jewelry. The name Cartier is synonymous with extravagant luxury, and each generation pushed it further and further.

By the 1970s, Cartier began producing perfume; the first being Must de Cartier in 1981. Some perfumers involved were Jacques Cavalier Belletrud, Alberto Morilaz, and Mathilde Laurent. By 2017, Cartier had launched more than 90 fragrances, and the brand took the perfume market by storm.

Besides royals, celebrities, and anyone establishing their sophisticated reputation, Cartier was also named one of the top luxury brands by Christie’s. Cartier certainly made a splash in the designer, luxury world. You’d be missing out on something fabulous if you didn’t try one of their perfumes.

My Experience

Cartier perfume is expensive, but nothing excellent comes at a low price. For me, Must de Cartier smells like my soul is being reinvented by a sophisticated yet seductive perfume. It drives my partner to question everything he first loved about me, and it makes him rethink what he cherishes the most about me.

When it comes to his favorite Cartier cologne, Déclaration, all I can say is wow! It’s a wonderfully fresh fragrance that doubles as an alluring, masculine, and captivating scent. My partner can walk that sillage past me all day long. I love the way my partner captivates my senses, making me momentarily forget what I’m doing.

I can give you one major piece of advice when it comes to Cartier perfume. Know the difference between the female and male articles of each noun or fragrance name. I’ll admit to making a mistake when I first bought a perfume from Cartier, and it just had to be from the high perfumery range!

I bought myself a bottle of Les Heure de Parfum, not knowing that the French designate male and female articles to nouns. Fortunately, my partner could use it, but I bought a man’s perfume for myself. I was frustrated, but I got over it eventually when my bottle of Must de Cartier arrived.

The difference you need to know with French perfume names is that:

  • Les is an article describing a man
  • La is an article describing a woman

Keep this difference in mind when ordering a perfume from the high perfumery range. Both words represent “the,” but “les” chair is a manly chair, and “la” table is a female table. We’ll forgive the French for this complication only because we love their perfumes.

Cartier Perfume Guide for Her

Cartier offers women the chance to feel like goddesses or royalty while wearing their fragrances. Each perfume has a signature note that allows it to stand out from the crowd.

Must de Cartier EDT

Must de Cartier EDT

Must de Cartier is an opulent and tantric perfume for women. If floral notes could be sensual, this fragrance marries the two concepts perfectly. It’s my favorite Cartier perfume, so I’ll confirm it’s a must-have. The original scent from Cartier is the gateway to elegant, traditional beauty in a fragrance that gives you goosebumps.

  • Base Notes: Vanilla, amber, sandalwood, civet, tonka bean, and vetiver
  • Heart Notes: Ylang-Ylang, musk, vetiver, carnation, orris root, rose, jasmine, leather, neroli, and yellow narcissus
  • Top Notes: Aldehydes, Brazilian rosewood, amber, lemon, bergamot, galbanum, peach, green mandarin, and pineapple
  • Main Accords: Powdery, woody, aromatic, amber, green, vanilla, balsamic, sweet, and citrus
  • Wearable Seasons: Fall and winter


  • Explosive
  • Sophisticated and traditional
  • Radiant
  • Unisex
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • It’s an overwhelming or busy fragrance for some women

Cartier Carat EDP

Cartier Carat EDP

Cartier Carat brings homage to the precious diamond as it exudes your inner beauty and perfection. Think of an illuminating floral shine coming from within as you flaunt this gorgeous fragrance. Even the bottle is designed to match the luxury of Cartier jewelry by allowing light to bounce off the crystal formations.

  • Base Notes: White musk and mimosa
  • Heart Notes: Tulip, lily, hyacinth, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, and violet
  • Top Notes: Bergamot, pear, and green notes
  • Main Accords: Floral, green, powdery, spicy, sweet, and fruity
  • Wearable Seasons: Summer and spring


  • Sweet notes combined with floral bliss
  • Abstract fragrance for contemporary women
  • Empowering and bold
  • Unisex
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • Experimental fragrance
  • Too bold for delicate women

Baiser Volé EDP

Baiser Volé EDP

Baiser Volé is a delicate floral fragrance aimed at women who love that traditional female wake. It focuses on the lily, an elegant flower, using all the stems, petals, and the flower’s heart. I don’t think this perfume is boringly classic. It’s a Cartier reinvention of the lily in all its glory. The name means “stolen kiss.”

  • Base Notes: Green of lily
  • Heart Notes: Lily heartbeats
  • Top Notes: Citrus notes and lily
  • Main Accords: Floral, green, citrus, spicy, and animalistic
  • Wearable Seasons: Spring and summer


  • Vibrantly floral
  • Majestic with a royal feeling
  • Not too bold
  • Super feminine
  • Simple and refined

Negative Impressions

  • It only lasts up to four hours, making it the weakest Cartier longevity
  • Too floral for women who want some spicy masculinity

La Panthère EDT

La Panthère EDT

La Panthère means “female panther,” and the fragrance certainly brings out the catty side of women, but in the way you want it to. Imagine yourself becoming a graceful, daring, and charming lady. The panther is an agile beast that gets what it wants, and the collection of notes in this one will help you do that.

  • Base Notes: Musk, leather, oakmoss, and patchouli
  • Heart Notes: Rose, ylang-ylang, pear, orange blossom, and gardenia
  • Top Notes: Rhubarb, strawberry, bergamot, anise, and dried fruit
  • Main Accords: Fruity, sweet, floral, earthy, mossy, woody, musky, and green
  • Wearable Seasons: Fall, spring, and winter


  • Iconic floral-feminine fragrance
  • Charming but gentle
  • Graceful wake
  • The gorgeous bottle resembles a ruby
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • Overwhelmingly sweet at first
  • Unusual dry-down (but Cartier is known for gorgeously unique fragrances)

EDP Edition Soir La Panthére

EDP Edition Soir La Panthére

Edition Soir La Panthére takes the previous perfume to the next level. It means “evening panther,” and it’s the kind of perfume you wear to become the elegant night beast who turns heads. Feel yourself bedazzle the room as your wake becomes a gardenia surge that makes people awe and ah.

  • Base Notes: Animal notes and oakmoss
  • Heart Notes: Gardenia and musk
  • Top Notes: Floral notes
  • Main Accords: Animalistic, musky, mossy, floral, earthy, lactonic, and powdery
  • Wearable Seasons: Winter, fall, and spring


  • Radiant floral accords
  • Animalistic femininity
  • Refined and pleasurable undertones
  • Great night fragrance
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • The beast-like fragrance is too strong for some women
  • Pricier than the others

Le Baiser du Dragon EDP

Le Baiser du Dragon EDP

Le Baiser du Dragon means “dragon’s kiss,” and it’s one perfume I’ve smelled but never purchased yet… Perhaps my attraction is due to my passion for everything mythical, but this one smells like a sophisticated mystery where anything is possible. The blend of sweet and mysterious is something that intrigues me.

  • Base Notes: Amber, cedar, caramel, benzoin, patchouli, vetiver, and dark chocolate
  • Heart Notes: Iris, musk, cedar, rose, and jasmine
  • Top Notes: Bitter almond, neroli, gardenia, and amaretto
  • Main Accords: Woody, almond, fruity, earthy, amber, sweet, spicy, floral, and aromatic
  • Wearable Seasons: Winter and fall


  • A magical assault on the senses
  • Strong wake for powerful women
  • Deliciously alluring
  • Unisex (for the brave)
  • Long-lasting and ever-evolving

Negative Impressions

  • The ever-evolving notes can be unpredictable
  • The perfume is pricy (but to be expected from Cartier)

Cartier Perfume Guide for Him

Men, fear not, Cartier brings you a range of fragrances that tease every sense and please every desire. Diamonds can be a man’s best friend, too, and these fragrances will introduce you to the world of luxury and precise ambitions.

Déclaration EDT

Déclaration EDT

Déclaration means just what you think, and it declares that you’ve arrived and need attention. It’s a fresh, woody, majestic cologne that speaks loudly, and it’s illuminated with sensual and masculine undertones to drive your suitors insane. If a man could smell absolutely like what he is, then this cologne is for you.

  • Base Notes: Tea, cedar, leather, amber, oakmoss, and Tahitian vetiver
  • Heart Notes: Pepper, iris, ginger, Guatemalan cardamom, orris root, jasmine, juniper, and cinnamon
  • Top Notes: Artemisia, mandarin orange, neroli, birch, bergamot, caraway, and coriander
  • Main Accords: Spicy, aromatic, citrus, woody, earthy, leather, smoky, iris, and fresh
  • Wearable Seasons: Fall, spring, and summer


  • Exuded masculinity
  • Spicy and adventitious cologne
  • Exotic flavour
  • Strong wake
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • It might be too powerful for traditional men

Pasha de Cartier EDT

Pasha de Cartier EDT

Pasha de Cartier is a more traditional cologne for men who still want to make a statement. It’s a uniquely intense fragrance that leaves lasting impressions, and it feels warm and leaves an alluring woody wake.

  • Base Notes: Sandalwood
  • Heart Notes: Tonka bean, liquor, benzoin, balsam fir, and ambrocenide
  • Top Notes: Labdanum and Indonesian patchouli leaf
  • Main Accords: Amber, woody, balsamic, spicy, aromatic, alcohol, vanilla, and patchouli
  • Wearable Seasons: Fall, winter, and spring


  • Exotic and alluring
  • Masculine with woody undertones
  • Bold and powerful
  • Moderate wake
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • The fragrance might seem too experimental for traditional men
  • The bottle looks odd (let us leave it at that)

Santos de Cartier EDT

Santos de Cartier EDT

Santos de Cartier is the original 1981 men’s cologne from Cartier. It’s what you call classic, but it exudes a daring, risk-taking personality in its wake. A man can always rely on a strong wooden undertone to accent the interchanging notes, and this cologne brings desirable top notes.

  • Base Notes: Amber, coconut, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla
  • Heart Notes: Nutmeg, vetiver, pepper, clary sage, cloves, rosemary, and geranium
  • Top Notes: Lemon verbena, galbanum, neroli, lavender, juniper berries, bergamot, and basil
  • Main Accords: Spicy, woody, aromatic, lavender, and powdery
  • Wearable Seasons: Fall and winter


  • Double wooden undertone
  • Classic and elegant, but expressive
  • Masterful precision for ambitious men
  • Moderate sillage
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • The wooden undertones interchange with the other notes all the time

Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire EDT

Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire EDT

Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire is a blend of contemporary and charismatic intentions. It’s a profound reinvention for modern men who want to smell fresh and citrusy. The woody accord breaks into spicy, fresh, and aquatic undertones to create that exceptional sophistication for men.

  • Base Notes: Watery notes, cedar, and amber
  • Heart Notes: Mint, violet, and heliotrope
  • Top Notes: Citrus, black pepper, cloves, and iris
  • Main Accords: Powdery, woody, spicy, fresh, citrus, aromatic, green, amber, aquatic, and violet
  • Wearable Seasons: Spring, fall, and summer


  • Splashing freshness
  • Citrusy wake under wooden tones
  • Vibrant, modern, and bold
  • Moderate sillage
  • Medium to long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • Again, the bottle is weird
  • Traditional men won’t wear it

Déclaration D’Un Soir EDT

Déclaration D'Un Soir EDT

Déclaration D’Un Soir means “evening declaration.” It suits men who want to paint the town red at night. The cologne feels alive as it drives a powerful force of attention and attraction. It’s fresh, elegant, and passionate enough to declare yourself anyone you desire to be. Moreover, it has random peppery notes.

  • Base Notes: Sandalwood
  • Heart Notes: Nutmeg and rose
  • Top Notes: Cardamom, caraway, and black pepper
  • Main Accords: Spicy, rose, woody, floral, aromatic, and powdery
  • Wearable Seasons: All seasons


  • Bold sophistication
  • Exuberant radiance
  • Attractive and passionate
  • Strong wake
  • Long-lasting

Negative Impressions

  • Too bold for men who want something slightly feminine

High Perfumery Range: The Expensive and Adventurous Stuff!

Cartier Perfumes

The high perfumery range from Cartier is what you can call the equivalent of their diamonds bracelets. It’s the gems of the brand’s perfumes, but these are the ones you need to distinguish male and female articles not to end up disappointed like I was. If it doesn’t have a distinguishable article, it’s a unisex fragrance.

The high perfumery range costs $275 per 75ml bottle, but they’re worth it. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find from the high perfumery range:

  • Heure Diaphane is a Mathilde Laurent perfume that translates to “translucent hour.” It’s a gentle, fresh, joyful, floral perfume that makes you think of roses and peonies caressing your skin. It’s a feminine perfume that starts with a floral sillage that dries into a lychee fragrance before turning to amber wood.
  • The same perfumer makes Heure Brilliante Les Heure EDP, but it’s a feminine perfume with a masculine touch. It means “brilliant hour,” and it starts with sweet lime energy that perpetuates into a refreshing, wild embrace of aldehydes and gin notes. It’s a beautifully mature fragrance.
  • L’Heure Osée Les Heure EDP is a bold, unisex fragrance not suited to women who want to smell girly. Osée translates directly to “daring,” making this the perfect perfume for women and men who want to show their fearless relationship with roses. And yes, guys can also smell floral, especially in a daring way.
  • Heure Promise Les Heure EDT translates to “promised time.” It has an overwhelmingly fresh/green start, combining herbs with spicy intentions. It captures notes of iris that dry down to sandalwood and musk, a wonderfully traditional fragrance, albeit nothing from Cartier is what you expect.
  • Heure Mystérieuse EDP is an exciting, all-consuming unisex fragrance that means “mysterious hour.” The calmness of patchouli and jasmine first makes your heart seem to stand still before the fragrance dries down to an elemi gum and frankincense undertone to unravel a mystery.
  • Heure Vertueuse Les Heure EDT means “virtuous hour,” and it’s based on one of the favourite notes for men; lavender. It takes your senses on a journey through a wild, untamed garden with rosemary and other spicy notes before drying down to a gentle lavender undertone combined with an almond kiss.
  • Les Trezième Heure EDP means “the thirteenth hour.” Find the embrace of a seductive lure within the heavy leather notes combined with birch, narcissus, and bergamot, transforming a man into a brave, adventurous soul seeking what he truly desires.
  • Heure Perdue EDP means “lost hour.” Who won’t benefit from losing themselves in their scent? This unisex fragrance begins with a delicate heliotropin note that dries down to voluptuous vanillin and iracine undertones. This perfume reminds you of a conventional state of beauty for men and women.
  • Heure Folle EDT is the exact opposite of Heure Perdue as it means “crazy hour.” It’s for men and women who love making bold statements in a sophisticated way. It has champagne feelings with pink peppercorn and blueberry that creates a sweet aroma, finally drying down into a euphoric ivy and boxwood scent.
  • Pure Muguet EDT is a beautiful female fragrance derived from the traditional French name for lily of the valley. This is a contemporary fragrance designed with a classic scent, and it takes you on a journey through the French fields of Muguet in its rawest form.
  • Pur Kinkan Les Epures EDT is a pure, uncluttered form of Kinkan kumquats, a citrus fruit. Citrus is a magnificent fragrance on men, creating a fresh and compelling wake. The scent is so pure that it tickles your senses before it touches your skin.

Also part of the high perfumery range is the oud collection. Oud is an insanely expensive perfume ingredient, costing around $5000 per pound. It comes from agarwood when the tree is infected with a specific mould, making it rare and precious. These perfumes cost $355, but they’re absolute gems.

  • Oud Absolu is an oriental fragrance for men that marries spicy notes with the rare and precious oud fragrance. It’s an intense, sensual scent that bubbles to enhance any of the Heure perfumes above.
  • Oud & Oud Voyageuses Les Heures is another manly fragrance intended to enhance the high perfumery range. Voyageuses means “travelers.” This fragrance blends well with any men’s or “les” perfumes from the high perfumery range.
  • Oud Radieux means “radiant oud,” and what can be bolder than radiating the most precious perfume ingredient in the world? The oud is enhanced by ginger and Sichuan pepper to create a more forceful statement for men looking for that spicy touch.

These are just some wonderful supplementary fragrances for men to add to their sophisticated perfume range. Women can also spice their feminine fragrances with some oud, and it’s trendy for women to have some masculine aromas intertwining with their floral, sweet, and fresh scents.

How to Choose the Right Cartier Perfume

Cartier Perfumes

Choosing your Cartier perfume or cologne should be a matter of what impression you wish to leave in your wake. The accords and notes help you understand what the fragrance can evolve to on your skin. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin type and PH levels can evolve perfume differently.

However, the impressions are what matter when it comes to Cartier perfume. Cartier is a luxury brand focused on standing out from the other brands. They want to make you feel unique, bold, beautiful, and priceless. That’s why I focus mainly on the impressions each perfume leaves. ‘

Ask yourself, what do you want people to think when you leave them in your wake? Choose the perfume that matches the opportunities of the impressions you want to embed in people’s minds. In the end, it’s all about what your heart desires. What do you want people to think about you? What tickles your senses?

That’s how you find your answer. The price might also play a role, but signature perfumes from luxury brands are bound to cost a pretty dollar. The Cartier website has many other options available for each perfume range, including lotions and cheaper alternatives for you to see how the fragrance evolves first.

Alternative Recommendations


Should Cartier perfumes not be to your liking, some alternatives are fantastic enough to leave similar impressions, and they range in price. You don’t always need a luxury brand to smell like you own this life. These are great alternatives:

  1. Acqui di Parmi is another French cologne to replace the Cartier range. It’s popular enough to maintain a good rating on Amazon, and it offers a powerful citrus blend that dries down to a woody undertone.
  2. Versace Eros is another alternative for men, especially if they wish to conquer the world’s norms. It doesn’t have the same woody undertones as Cartier colognes but is bold enough to embrace any lifestyle.
  3. Guess Belle Vita is a sure winner to alternate for women who don’t want Cartier. It’s as gracefully beast-like as the Cartier La Panthére range. The two perfumes are gorgeously alike.
  4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet is a beautiful alternative for women who don’t want their inner beasts to show. It’s just as delicate and feminine as Baiser Volé, highlighting the traditional side of women.

Again, follow your nose. Not everyone will love the Cartier range, just like you can’t make a horse drink water if you lead them to the river. However, I implore you to, at least, try one luxury perfume from Cartier.


Question: Which is the Best Cartier Cologne for Men?

Answer: To truly understand which cologne is most loved, you have to look at the sales reviews on a website other than the luxury brand’s page to get an accurate idea. Overstock is a website similar to Amazon, and the highest-rated seller from Cartier is Déclaration. It maintains a 4.5-star rating after 89 reviews.

Question: Which is the Best Cartier Perfume for Women?

Answer: The same rule applies to female perfumes as it does to colognes. You have to look at online stores’ real-time reviews and sales trends to know which perfume stands out more. Le Baiser du Dragon maintains a 4.7-star rating after 62 reviews, putting it in the lead. It’s the one perfume I still want so badly!

Question: What is the Newest Perfume from Cartier?

Answer: Pasha de Cartier for men is the newest cologne as Cartier launched it in 2020. Cartier also launched La Panthère in 2020, making it the latest female fragrance from the luxury designer. We hope to see some exciting new perfumes soon, but Cartier certainly has a wide range already.

Cartier Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

Cartier is a brand that transformed the renaissance period with fine jewelry and exquisite designs worn by royalty and the most prestigious people in Europe. The brand certainly earned its luxury class, and its perfumes and colognes are no different. Cartier is all about impressions, first, last, and lasting impressions.

Perfume is much the same when it comes to impressions. You want people awing in your wake. You want them remembering that time you smelled like the most beautiful or handsome being they’ve ever met. Cartier’s perfumes and colognes can make you shine brighter than a diamond to the sense of smell.

Magnetism is one word to describe what Cartier’s perfumes do to the senses. It’s not possible not to notice someone wearing such glamour and luxury, and it’s not possible to forget someone who ignites all your senses. My partner often leaves the best memories when he pulls Déclaration out of the mix.

I might be a bit traditional wearing Must de Cartier, but I’m passionate about soon adding Le Baiser du Dragon, and I might order it now! If you don’t own a Cartier perfume yet, get on the ball and visit their website. Follow your intuition when it comes to impressions and choose one that fits your ambitions.

For more fabulous perfumes:

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