Burberry Her Perfume Guide

Burberry Her Perfume Guide: European Flair for Urbane Women

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From sassy and vibrant women to Millenial and Gen z urbanites walking the streets of London, this Burberry Her Perfume Guide will show you how much European flair you can absorb with one of their four extraordinary perfumes. You’ll know why the fragrances are unique and how you can ensure you’re wearing the best one.

My favorite Burberry Her perfume is the original because it encumbers the very essence of the brand’s goal with the range. I feel like I’m walking through Trafalgar Square on my way to the Caledonian Club for a night like I’ve never experienced before, and I feel chic and sexy all in one.

Each perfume contains a little secret when I smell it. Each scent tells a story of contemporary but retro elements, allowing you to wear your fragrance with an underlying attitude. Burberry Her perfume won’t disappoint you if you’re that elegant urbanite who wants to flaunt her youthful beauty.

A British Tale of “Her”

The UK is a beautiful place with urban and countryside spaces that give you butterflies, but the story of Burberry’s founding reminds you of the UK’s weakness: incessant rain and cloudy weather. It seems to never stop raining. It’s a beautiful country because it gets so much water. Nonetheless, Burberry is a story that fits it.

Thomas Burberry was born near Surrey in 1835, and he was no stranger to the weather dilemma of the gorgeous country. Thomas opened his first clothing store in Basingstoke in 1856, focusing on kitting the commoner. It wasn’t long before Thomas began experimenting with waterproof clothing to suit the weather.

Thomas partnered with British Cotton to create waterproof outfits for outdoor activities, and he soon manufactured everyday clothing with the same fabric. People like Lord Kitchener and Lord Baden-Powell wore his clothing, which helped Thomas gain publicity, expanding his business.

Thomas found a new fabric called gabardine in 1879, a tightly woven, waterproof Egyptian cotton, and this is where the famous trench coat empire blew Brits out of their water-logged minds. His first flagship store opened in Haymarket in 1891, and Thomas’ clothing took the international market by storm.

Thomas was almost everything Brit, apart from being a teetotaler and anti-smoking campaigner, which is good news for you. He left a legacy of using a perfect nose to create sensual beauty. It would be a long leap before Burberry, the largest British clothing company in the 20th Century, made perfumes and colognes.

A company making cashmere scarves and adorning the British check pattern finally met creative director Christopher Bailey, who turned it into a designer label. Under his guidance, he pushed the company to release its first fragrances in the early 1980s. Burberry for Men came in 1981, and Burberry Women’s Classic in 1995.

Coty took over the perfuming license for Burberry in 2017, making them more accessible to everyone. Burberry Her is a foundational range released by the company in 2018, and it intends to captivate the modern, eclectic, brave, adventurous, and youthful spirit of London girls.

Choosing Burberry Qualities


Burberry perfume is built on the grounds of a luxury, designer company, which even got the Royal Warrant to make clothing by the Royal Family. The recognizable, iconic tartan pattern became a legendary choice for clothing, and it even made it to many of the bottles from various ranges, including Burberry Brit and London.

It indeed says something if the queen gives her blessing for a luxury outfitter to continue creating magic. However, Burberry Her perfume is a salute to quality that redefines how a London girl smells. It’s a gourmand fragrance with cheeky notes and a vibrant blush that makes you feel like a young woman in the UK.

London is a retro city with eclectic architecture and Romanesque heritage, and the beauty is unspeakable. Retro is a fashionable statement in itself, whether you’re smelling like the streets of London, or you’re looking like the girl wearing a trench coat in the pouring rain. Retro is always in style because it’s a nostalgic trend.

Wearing Burberry Her is a wild journey of bringing back the nostalgia of London streets. Londoners are also highly sure of themselves, and they’re deeply proud. Besides the cheeky nature of feeling like a Londoner when you wear the perfume, you’ll also be spoiling yourself with a designer brand.

Burberry is the most renowned British luxury brand, and Burberry Her Original is its most famous perfume for women. It’s a unique fragrance for women who want a little bit of that sassy Londoner to shine through. Americans might not know Burberry that well, but you’ve won with it, no matter your country.

4 Burberry Her Perfumes to Knock Your Socks Off

Sure, the Burberry Her range targets young women from Gen Z to Millenials, but the qualities underpinning the fragrances and brand are exceptional enough to lure you in like a fish on a line. Admittedly, I’m also hooked, so don’t feel bad. Burberry Her brings you four incredibly irresistible fragrances.

To help you experience the perfumes as much as you can, each one has:

  • A personality range (which allows you to match your favorite one)
  • Notes that dry down to the undertones
  • Accords that evolve as you wear the perfume
  • Seasons you should wear it
  • How long it stays and how strong it is
  • A hint of what it smells like
  • Similar scents (they smell alike or have the same notes)

Burberry Her EDP

Burberry Her is the first gourmand perfume with a British twist from the brand. It’s the original 2018 perfume from the range, and the nose that magically created this beauty is Francis Kurkdjian. It’s the cornerstone of smelling like a young British woman about to embrace the world with all her confidence and cheekiness.

It wildly evolves through sweet, fruity notes that dry slowly into a soft floral undertone while the profound woody elements keep the evolutions in balance. It’s a bold but gentle, sexy but elegant, contemporary but slightly retro perfume with an attitude befitting the Londoner.

Key Features

Top Notes: Blackcurrant, mandarin orange, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, sour cherry, and black cherry

Heart Notes: Jasmine and violet

Bottom Notes: Cashmeran, oakmoss, amber, woody notes, patchouli, vanilla, and musk

Main Accords: Fruity, sweet, musky, woody, and powdery

Seasonal Wear: Day, spring, fall, and summer

Sillage: Medium to highly notable

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Secret Personality Range: Confident, bold, unapologetic, contemporary-feminine, urbane, cheeky, ambitious, adventurous, sexy, seductive, and determined

Smells Like: The top notes smell like what you expect from a young, vibrant, and illuminated woman with intense interchanges of sweet but fruity accents. Strawberry lips on a hot day is another way of imagining how it smells. It’s incredibly feminine but in a good way. The woody undertones warm and enhance the top notes.

  • Available in 30, 50, and 100 ml bottles
  • Price ranges from $74 to $127
  • Free shipping with arrival in 3 to 5 days
  • It’s made in France


  • You might say it’s a little pricy, but what do you expect from a luxury brand?
  • Some women don’t love the extreme exchanges of fruity and sweet in the first hours.
  • It’s not the best perfume for colder weather or nighttime excursions

Similar Frangrances: Cloud by Ariana Grande and Daisy Eau so Intense by Marc Jacobs

Burberry Her Intense EDP

Burberry Her Intense EDP

Burberry Her Intense is a warmer perfume created by the beautiful nose of Francis Kurkdjian again. It’s a fruity-floral gourmand fragrance with a more significant punch than the original one, and Burberry released it in 2019. It probably suits London weather better as well, but it’s another contemporary flavor for young women.

It has more straightforward ingredients that create a similar burst of fruitiness at first. Still, the floral notes are more notable as the warmth of benzoin elevates the jasmine to meet the sweetness of the red fruits, pushing the sweetness of this fragrance down a few notches. It’s also a cheeky perfume, but the floral note is intensified.

Key Features

Top Notes: Blackberry and red fruits

Heart Notes: Jasmine

Bottom Notes: Benzoin

Main Accords: Fruity, amber, warm spicy, sweet, and fresh

Seasonal Wear: Night, day, fall, and winter

Sillage: Medium to highly notable

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Secret Personality Range: Attractive, bold, self-assured, alluring, assertive, optimistic, contemporary-feminine, Londoner, and catty

Smells Like: The top notes are gently tamed by the elevated floral heart of this perfume. It’s a cheerful-smelling fragrance that makes you think you’re absorbing the sun, even in cooler weather. It makes you feel confident as the subtle warmth rises to bring that beautiful feminine exchange of floral and fruity to the center stage.

  • Available in 30, 50, and 100 ml bottles
  • Price ranges from $79 to $136
  • Complimentary personalization makes gifting an excellent idea (you can add three characters to the label and choose the text color)
  • Free shipping with arrival in 3 to 5 days
  • It’s made in Spain


  • It’s a little pricy, but again, it’s worth every drop
  • Some women miss the elevated sweetness of the original Burberry Her perfume
  • The warmth of this perfume doesn’t make it wear well in hot weather (which we have in America)

Similar Frangrances: Dream Moon by Pacifica and Romance by Ralph Lauren

Burberry Her Blossom EDT

Burberry Her Blossom EDT

Burberry Her Blossom is like writing a love letter to the city of London. It’s a gentle, feminine salute to the beauty in the countryside just outside the city. Imagine rolling fields of gorgeous flowers encapsulating your mind and senses in the spring. The UK does have some sunny days, and this is how they smell.

Also created by Francis Kurkdjian and released in 2019, the Blossom perfume is an anticipatory, vibrant, and adventurous fragrance that tickles all your desires. It’s a luminous fragrance with high spirits and spontaneity, and it feels layered with ever-unfolding warmth and depth as it dries on your skin.

Key Features

Top Notes: Pink pepper and mandarin orange

Heart Notes: Plum blossom and peony

Bottom Notes: Musk and sandalwood

Main Accords: Floral, musky, fresh, rose, citrus, and powdery

Seasonal Wear: Summer, spring, and day

Sillage: Intimate to medium

Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Secret Personality Range: Girly, soft-spoken, kind, compassionate, spontaneous, country, elegant, lovable, sweet, innocent, classic, and attractive

Smells Like: The gentle exchange of spicy pepper with sweet orange creates an unusual first evolution, but the floral heart brings the perfume back to a classical feel of feminine beauty. And just as you think the sweetness dries, the plum blossom brings it back once more. The solid woody undertone gives it some warmth.

  • Available in 30, 50, and 100 ml bottles
  • Price ranges from $63 to $109
  • Free personalization (3 initials and text color choice)
  • Free shipping with arrival in 3 to 5 days
  • It’s made in France


  • It falls short in the longevity range because it’s only an EDT
  • It’s super feminine, almost in a soft-spoken way, which defeats the confidence factor from Burberry Her
  • It doesn’t work well in cooler weather, which is surprising as it’s a warm fragrance

Similar Frangrances: Ed Hardy Women’s EDT by Christian Audigier and Flora Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci

Burberry London Dream EDP

Burberry London Dream EDP

Burberry London Dream is a modern and romantic dreamscape for your senses. It was created by Jérôme di Marino and Maïa Lernout and released in 2020. It’s the latest addition to the Burberry Her range, and it’s certainly something you’d expect to find in your deepest desires.

London Dream is effortlessly natural and authentic to the essence of what the Burberry Her range defines. It encumbers the freedom of hazy days on the streets of London. It’s sparkling, radiant, and full of life. Yet, it has this immense romantic sensation about it, and it can help you create memorable moments.

Key Features

Top Notes: Ginger and lemon

Heart Notes: Peony and rose

Bottom Notes: Amber and musk

Main Accords: Rose, floral, fresh, musky, citrus, warm spicy, powdery, amber, and aromatic

Seasonal Wear: Fall, summer, spring, and day

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Secret Personality Range: Intriguing, enigmatic, irresistible, adventurous, confident, bold, romantic, relaxed, intelligent, radiant, youthful, and contemporary-feminine

Smells Like: This perfume almost captures London streets better than the original one because it smells like the sun kissing the buildings with flower gardens right after a downpour. It has an intense floral and fresh exchange, beautifully supported by the warm undertones of musk and amber.

  • Available in 100 ml bottle
  • It’s priced at $127
  • Free personalization (3 initials and text color choice)
  • Free shipping with arrival in 3 to 5 days
  • It’s made in Spain

Burberry London Dream EDP | Fragrancenet

The floral fragrance of Burberry Her London Dream is a scintillating blend for women. Launched in 2020, this scent comes from the design house of Burberry. At the start are hints from Ginger and Lemon. 

Buy Now
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  • The price remains steep, but it’s still worth it for a luxury brand
  • This perfume doesn’t work well in cold weather or at night
  • It doesn’t have a long-lasting stay, considering it’s an EDP, which should last about 8 hours

Similar Frangrances: Eternity Summer 2020 by Calvin Klein and Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

Maybe you’re an older woman, or you don’t think the Burberry Her range suits Millenials well. The brand has many perfumes for a range of women and their needs. I’ve added three more highly-rated Burberry perfumes based on Amazon feedback to ensure that you find what you desire.

Burberry Women’s Classic EDP

Burberry Women's Classic EDP

Burberry Women’s Classic is the highest-rated perfume from the brand, and it has an 82% approval rating after nearly 4,000 reviews. It’s the original fruity-floral fragrance released in 1995, and the world-famous nose behind it is Michel Almairac. It’s a beautifully feminine and urbane fragrance.

Key Features

Top Notes: Pear, apricot, peach, blackcurrant, and green apple

Heart Notes: Moss, sandalwood, and jasmine

Bottom Notes: Cedar, vanilla, and musk

Main Accords: Fruity, powdery, vanilla, woody, and sweet

Seasonal Wear: Fall and day

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Secret Personality Range: Retro-feminine, classy, elegant, sweet, innocent, alluring, romantic, and sophisticated

Smells Like: It smells like fruity syrup kissing your skin until the drydown brings that beautiful powdery feel to balance the sweetness. The woody undertone allows the powdery accent to stick to your skin longer. It must be the most romantic perfume from Burberry.

Price: $95

Age Range: Gen z to Gen x

Burberry Women's Classic Eau de Parfum | Amazon

Burberry Classic, a fruity fragrance with top notes of blackcurrant and green apple, heart notes of jasmine and sandalwood, the fragrance has a rich and sensual tone. Musk and vanilla smooth the scent for a gentle warmth.

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02/19/2024 01:45 am GMT


  • You can only wear it in the fall and during the day
  • The initial sweetness and fruity notes can be overwhelming, especially for mature women
  • The final drydown can also seem a little too sweet

Similar Fragrance: Taylor by Talor Swift

Burberry London EDP for Women

Burberry London EDP for Women

Burberry London for Women comes in second with Amazon feedback, making it another excellent alternative for mature women. It has an 83% approval rating after more than 1,400 reviews. Released in 2006, the noses that created this gorgeously floral fragrance are Jean-Marc Chaillan and Dominique Ropion.

Key Features

Top Notes: Honeysuckle, rose, and tangerine

Heart Notes: Tiare flower, peony, clementine, and jasmine

Bottom Notes: Patchouli, musk, and sandalwood

Main Accords: White floral, fruity, citrus, rose, floral, and sweet

Seasonal Wear: Fall and day

Sillage: Medium to highly notable

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Secret Personality Range: Cheeky, innovative, cultured, seductive, romantic, confident, self-assured, optimistic, intriguing, mystical, dangerous, and layered

Smells Like: This perfume takes you on a floral journey through the countryside surrounding London. It’s gorgeous, bold, and wild, just like you’d expect from nature. The undertones warm the sweet and floral notes, and you get that bite of clementine to sweeten it all up again once the honeysuckle dries down.

Price: $98

Age Range: Millenial to Gen x

BURBERRY London Eau De Parfum for Women | Amazon

Burberry London For Women, a floral-fresh scent has gentle top notes of rose and honeysuckle. Deep heart notes of tiare flower, jasmine and peony. Solar notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli add subtle warmth.

Buy at Amazon Buy at FragranceNet
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02/19/2024 01:55 am GMT


  • The danger personality might be too much if you’re a soft-spoken woman
  • This perfume doesn’t sit well on young skin
  • Some women are surprised by the returning sweetness toward the end of the evolution

Similar Fragrance: Pure Poison by Christian Dior

Burberry Weekend EDP for Women

Burberry Weekend EDP for Women

Burberry Weekend for Women is a gentler perfume for mature women who don’t want to smell dangerous. Released in 1997, this floral fragrance is a beautiful creation by Nathalie Lorson. It’s popular enough to have a 76% approval rating after more than 1,800 reviews. This perfume is the silky version of London.

Key Features

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, sage, and mignonette

Heart Notes: Blue hyacinth, peach blossom, rosehip, nectarine, iris, violet root, and red cyclamen

Bottom Notes: Cedar, sandalwood, and musk

Main Accords: Floral, fruity, powdery, woody, sweet, fresh, green, rose, musky, and citrus

Seasonal Wear: Spring, fall, and day

Sillage: Medium to highly notable

Longevity: 8 hours

Secret Personality Range: Wild, bold, contemporary-feminine, modern-mature, self-assured, alluring, romantic, and beastlike

Smells Like: This perfume smells like opening a box of fruity and floral surprises, constantly interchanging with each other. It has a fresh feel, and the warmth of the woody undertones and powdery elements slowly balance the fruity notes. In the end, you have a beautifully fresh, floral fragrance.

Price: $92

Age Range: Gen z to Gen x

BURBERRY Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women | Amazon
$92.00 ($27.88 / Fl Oz)

Burberry Weekend, a sheer fragrance with top notes of tangerine, tree sap and Reseda plant. Delicate floral heart notes of wild rose, peach blossom, iris and hyacinth. The low notes of sandalwood add depth for a relaxed scent.

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02/19/2024 03:15 am GMT


  • This perfume works better when you wear it in the mid-seasons and not-so-hot days
  • The journey through the perfume’s evolution can be too wild for some mature women
  • The initial burst of aroma seems highly beastlike, but it’s great for bold women

Similar Fragrance: Tropical Cherimoya by Jo Malone

Not every woman loves smelling like the hazy weather in London or the fields of nature surrounding it. The personalities of Burberry’s perfumes might entice you, but you want to smell authentic to North America. That isn’t the most straightforward task to achieve, as European noses inspire many fragrances.

However, I recommend these brands as alternatives for women who want to smell like contemporary and innovative beauties while remaining patriotic:

Choosing Your British Attitude

Brits have a lot of attitude, and I mean that in a good way. They’re sassy, confident, and outright bold, and that’s what makes them fabulous. Urbane women should be sure enough to flaunt their attitudes, and they should be cheeky enough to smell the way retro blended with contemporary, cultured women deserve.

Burberry perfume is proud of their heritage, and they bring you the almost rebellious streets of modern London in a bottle. All you need to do is choose which personality range fits your lifestyle. Do you want to smell confident, cheeky, seductive, self-assured, or like a woman who doesn’t mind her attitude?


That’s the first step of choosing the right Burberry perfume. The next step is to use a fragrance that suits your generation. That’s why I added three options for mature women. Combine the age with your attitude, and you’ll be left to pick which notes smell incredible to you.

I’m a little cheeky and modern-urbane. I’m also a Millenial, making it fit right into most perfumes, so all I still need is to know what my nose desires, and that’s the original Burberry Her. Don’t mismatch your perfect fragrance, either. The original won’t work for a soft-spoken Gen x with a nose for mainly floral scents.

Making Your Brit Last

Fortunately, Burberry Her perfume lasts long, except for the Blossom version. Some tricks can help you extend the stay on your skin even longer. Try these tips:

  • Match your perfume to the weather (also, day or night)
  • Only spray perfume on moisturized skin (be careful if your skin is too hot)
  • Choose the right places (wrists, hair, neck, and over your heart)
  • Don’t spray too much! Burberry perfumes generally have a strong sillage, so don’t go overboard, or it will evolve differently

Bonus Tip: Store your perfume like a pro to prevent humid air from changing the way it smells.

Another Bonus Tip: Express your Brit attitude by showcasing your favorite perfumes. You can also use perfume organizers to showcase your favorites while keeping them safe from temperature changes.

Authentication Tips

Burberry is one brand from which you can easily purchase fake perfumes, and that’s why you must know how to authenticate them. These tips will help you know if your scent is genuinely from the luxury brand:

  1. The seams around the packaging should be flawless, and any indentations on the seams could indicate you’ve bought a fake perfume. The cellophane on the original packaging should be thick and folded without fault.
  2. The wrapping around the box should also be without faults. Check for double plastic wrapping and folds.
  3. Authentic perfumes come with a high-quality piece of paperboard inside the box to protect the bottle. This paperboard should fit snugly around the bottle, and it should be white, not gray.
  4. Compare the logo from the box to the official website packaging to make sure nothing is inverted. Buying straight from Burberry would prevent fakes anyway.
  5. Compare the artwork and bottle design carefully against the images on the official website. Any color differences or font changes would indicate a fake. The words on each bottle and box should also match precisely, even the placement.
  6. Your perfume shouldn’t be darker than the old one because luxury perfumers don’t use excessive dyes in their products. The authentic scent is typically pale.
  7. Check the symmetry of the bottle cap. Asymmetry would be fake, and Burberry doesn’t do anything half-baked.
  8. The bottle and packaging must have a barcode. If not, it’s fake.
  9. Looks for flaws on the bottle as well. Again, Burberry is a quality perfume, and they don’t sell anything that isn’t perfect.


Question: What’s the Difference Between Burberry London, Her, and Brit?

Answer: Burberry Her is a range specifically created to exude the youthful ambitions of Londoners, meaning it’s a label assigned to the range. Each range has a men’s and women’s fragrance inspired by specific lifestyles. Brit is more casual, whereas London is a workwear range.

Question: How Does Burberry Her Perfume Smell?

Answer: The original Burberry Her perfume is like smelling the heritage seeping from the streets of London, and it smells like a spirited reinvention of the modern cultured woman. It has strong evolutions of sweet and fruity notes gently warmed by the woody undertones to create a vibrant, radiant, and illuminating fragrance.

Question: Is Burberry Perfume Made in China?

Answer: Burberry is one of the few brands that manufacture perfumes in various countries, but China isn’t one of them. They manufacture some of Burberry’s clothing. Italy, Spain, and France make most of Burberry’s perfumes. Yes, they’re not made in England. However, the inspiration behind them remains British to the core.

Burberry Her Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

Burberry Her is a wonderfully innovative way of seeing modern women, particularly the younger generations. The luxury brand brings the beauty of London to the concept of making women smell like urbane queens, free to express their attitude, no matter how it looks (or smells).

My favorite Burberry Her perfume will always be the original one because it fits my personality to the tee. I might be a Millenial, but I’m also eclectic enough to be a Londoner. I also would love to try the Burberry Her London Dream for the same reasons. It suits my personality the same way the original one does.

If you’re a modern woman embracing this wild new world with so many unexpected twists, you must try one of the Burberry Her perfumes now. No other perfume brand captures the unexpected quite like this range.

For more gorgeous perfumes:

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