Vera Wang Princess Perfume Review

Vera Wang Princess Perfume Review: A Noughties Perfume That’s Still A Fan Favorite

Launched in 2006, Vera Wang Princess has been a global success for over a decade. Princess has become the ‘go-to’ present to give at Christmas or the perfect birthday present to buy.

Buyers have been keen to grab this perfume so that they can be part of the exclusive Vera Wang family.  This iconic American fashion designer has made her statement with an affordable perfume that represents a luxurious brand. 

In this review, I will look at this glamorous perfume and see whether it’s worth buying for your next gift or whether you want to treat yourself and become part of the Vera Wang family. 

Vera Wang Princess Quick Fire Review

Vera Wang Princess

  • Longevity: 2- 3 hours
  • Best season to wear: All year round 
  • Scent type: Light, fruity fragrance 
  • Age recommendation: All ages, but its bottle appeals to Wang’s younger audience. 
  • Best worn: Cocktail night, brunch with the girls, or dinner date 
  • Price: Affordable – £19.99 (The Perfume Shop 100ml) 
  • Top notes: Water Lily, Apricot, Apple, and Mandarin Orange
  • Middle notes: Dark Chocolate, Guava, Tiare Flower, and Tuberose
  • Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, and Woodsy Notes


  • Affordable 
  • Stylish packaging 
  • Fruity fragrance


  • Longevity doesn’t last long 
  • The perfume lid is awkward to get on and off
  • Less sophisticated compared to other Wang perfumes

A Quick History of Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang is an American fashion designer that is most well-known for her celebrity wedding dresses worn by celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Khloe Kardashian.

Wang has a huge list of celebrity clientele as she is one of the most well-known designers worldwide. While she only designed clothes in the 90s, she has widened her luxury brand to sell jewelry, alcohol, and perfumes. 

So, Where Does Vera Wang Princess Come In?

Launched in 2006, Vera Wang Princess has remained one of Wang’s highest-selling perfumes. It’s affordable enough to make for a grand present or a ‘treat yourself’ gift to yourself. Vera Wang Princess is still advertised on the Vera Wang website alongside Wang’s other luxurious perfumes, showing that this decade-old perfume is still a hit with Vera Wang fans. 

Vera Wang Princess – What Does it Look Like?

Vera Wang Princess

Appearing in a large luminous pink box, “Vera Wang Princess” is labeled in a heart shape with etching all around it, making the perfume less sophisticated.

It has the iconic Vera Wang branding, but “Princess” is in a curved simple text. Opening the box, the bottle exudes glamour. Shaped like a heart, this glass bottle will stand out in your perfume collection. Wang really plays to the word “princess” as the bottle has a gold lid as its ‘crown.’ 

The actual perfume is in a beautiful light lilac color. Vera Wang Princess is labeled clearly on the bottle – helpful when showing off your luxurious perfume bottle to your friends. 

The Scent

This fruity perfume hits you with tones of vanilla, water lily, apple, and even dark chocolate! Vera Wang Princess is a girly fragrance, which has been a hit with Wang’s younger fans. Due to its fruity tones, it is a perfect ‘go-to’ perfume for buyers as its scent is not overpowering. 

My Own Impression of Vera Wang Princess

I have always heard of Vera Wang Princess as it has been around for over a decade. I remember seeing this perfume advertised as a teenager and even know Amazon often offers the perfume half price. 

What makes Vera Wang Princess so popular is the price for the huge bottle you get. It’s glamorous yet affordable. I was struck by the bottle’s ‘royal’ branding – the lid is quite literally a crown! The bottle shape is in a cute heart-shaped bottle that looks perfect on my perfume shelf. It’s rebellious yet fashionable. 

The crown lid can be awkward getting on and off of the bottle, but apart from that, I have been thoroughly impressed with this perfume – especially with its cheap price tag. I mainly use Vera Wang Princess if I have a fun night out ahead. I feel that its tones of water lily and vanilla come through strongly when I first spray it on, which makes it a more mature fragrance to wear in the evening. 

Fragrance Performance

While the fragrance is floral and fruity, it doesn’t last all day. However, this is fine if you are out for dinner for a few hours, but don’t expect this perfume to stay on you all day while you do your errands. 

Its tones of water lily and apricot linger the longest, and this perfume performance is impressive for its price. 

Interested in Other Vera Wang Perfumes?

I can’t do a Vera Wang Princess review without mentioning Wang’s other staple perfumes! Wang has 6 other popular perfumes advertised on her website:

Princess Noir

Princess Noir

Launched in 2017, this heart-shaped bottle is Vera Wang Princess’s older, more mature sister perfume. Despite its black design, this is a fruity fragrance with blackcurrant, pear, and jasmine notes. It certainly packs a more ‘sour’ punch compared to Vera Wang Princess.

While the Princess perfume is easy to buy, Princess Noir is harder to grab your hands on (£49.00 eBay). Wang describes this perfume as “Modern, Chic and Dramatic,” and I couldn’t agree more. 

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

One of Wang’s first perfumes for women, this delicate perfume was launched in 2002 – meaning it’s almost 20 years old! This is the perfect counterpart for Wang’s cologne for men (Vera Wang for Men). In a simple glass bottle, with Vera Wang clearly labeled, this perfume oozes sophistication and maturity.

It has a peach-colored liquid in the bottle and tones of mandarin blossom and pure musk. This is still an affordable perfume to keep on your shelf for rainy days (£27.95 allbeauty).


Vera Wang Embrace

Embrace is a modern perfume that comes in four different scents:

  • Green Tea & Blossom 
  • Rose & Vanilla 
  • Periwinkle & Iris 
  • Marigold & Gardenia 

These perfumes are all in the same modern bottle design. Its colors are similar to Vera Wang Princess’s pastel lilac color. These are the perfect spring perfumes to add to your collection. All of these perfumes cost £20.00 each from The Perfume Shop – a steal! 

Be Jeweled

Vera Wang Be Jeweled

Now, this perfume is all about glamour and jewels! In a glass ‘shard’ shaped bottle, its lid is covered in bright pink and purple gems. Its light pink bottle is similar to Vera Wang Princess so that it appeals to Wang’s younger audience.

It has tones of champagne and red current – a delicious fruity fragrance. However, this is harder to get your hands on and more expensive compared to Vera Wang perfumes (£79.00 eBay). 

Forever Vera

Forever Vera

A slightly newer perfume compared to Vera Wang Princess. Launched in 2014, this perfume has been a hit with buyers due to its floral and musky scent. It has tones of white peach, coconut nectar, sandalwood, and musk. This leaves a warm and sensual trail and is an elegant perfume to have on. It is a glass bottle that almost looks wrapped in jewels.

Its light pink liquid stands out with a dramatic silver lid on top. Again, this is harder to get your hands on and is more expensive than Vera Wang Princess (£39.99 eBay). 


Vera Wang Lovestruck

This is a perfume that definitely stands out from the rest; with its dramatic roses attached to the lid and fabric accessory surrounding the perfume, Lovestruck certainly lives up to its name. 

“Lovestruck … the name of my brand new fragrance…All about being overwhelmed, inexplicably, hopelessly in love. Allowing yourself to feel passion inspite of yourself, the situation, the repercussions. A new definition of Romeo and Juliet! Sexy, sensual, and unstoppable!” Vera Wang

Lovestruck was launched in 2011 and is clearly influenced by Vera Wang Princess youthful branding and appeal. This “Romeo and Juliet” perfume has tones of mandarin orange, lotus, and woody notes and is super affordable (£19.95 allbeauty). 

Alternatives to Vera Wang Princess

Tommy Bahama for Her

Tommy Bahama for Her

Tommy Bahama for Her is launched in 2013. This fruity-floral fragrance has tones of honeysuckle, apple, praline, and vanilla – a sweet dream! This perfume is great for if you are out running errands or lunch out with the girls in a beautiful pink bottle. It is a delicate, sweet perfume and is super affordable (£21.84 FragranceX).

Absolutely Me Escada

Absolutely Me Escada

This floral and fruity fragrance was launched in 2010 and has raspberry, rose, jasmine, and vanilla notes. Compared to Vera Wang Princess, this perfume bottle is slightly more sophisticated but has “Absolutely Me” etched on the bottle, like “Princess” is etched on Vera Wang Princess’s bottle.

This is a bit more of a splurge but well worth it for its glamorous bottle and sophisticated floral fragrance (£49.99 eBay).

Ghost Daydream

Ghost Daydream

Another modern perfume that is a perfect stocking filler. In a holographic colored bottle, daydream certainly takes off to another world with tones of apple, jasmine, and violet flower. This sweet perfume has been a hit with buyers and is cheap to buy (£12.93 Amazon).


Question: What does Vera Wang Princess Smell Like?

Answer: This is a fruity and delicate fragrance which notes are:
Top notes: Water Lily, Apricot, Apple, and Mandarin Orange
Middle notes: Dark Chocolate, Guava, Tiare Flower, and Tuberose
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, and Woodsy Notes

Question: Does Vera Wang Perfume Last Long?

Answer: Sadly, this perfume only lasts a few hours. This is why it’s so cheap compared to other Wang perfumes. Its fruity scent will make a stark impression once you spritz it on, though! 

Question: What Other Vera Wang Perfumes are There?

Answer: Wang has 6 other perfumes advertised on her website:
• Princess Noir
• Vera Wang 
• Embrace (Green Tea & Blossom, Rose & Vanilla, Periwinkle & Iris and Marigold & Gardenia) 
• Be Jeweled 
• Forever Vera 
• Lovestruck

Vera Wang Princess Perfume Review – Final Thoughts

Vera Wang Princess has become a classic perfume that is worthy of having the “Vera Wang” label on the bottle. Parents are keen to buy this for their teenage daughters, and young adults are eager to spray this on to be reminded of youthful days in the sun.

Its floral tones are heavenly to smell, and the heart-shaped bottle is charming. With its large bottle and cheap price tag – it’s no wonder Vera Wang Princess has lasted all these years. 

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