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Mugler Cologne Guide: Iconic Expressions for Men

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Have you’ve heard of Angel Men? If not, this Mugler cologne guide is about to blow your mind away! From Angelic scents that smell like fairgrounds to otherworldly fragrances, Mugler has something for everyone, and I’m about to explore every note, quality, and detail with you.

Each cologne is a masterpiece created by a mind so brilliant that he even established a new fragrance category. Mugler’s inner world’s sweet expression intends to encourage your wildest dreams to become the best man you could ever be.

I must warn you; you’re about to enter the realm of exquisite opportunities for your senses, and the aromas will have everyone around you begging for more. I feel my knees buckle when my partner wears Angel Men Original. It’s as sweetly cheeky as him, but it has a rugged edge.

I love a man who shows both of his contrasting sides, and Mugler colognes allow you to do just that. It’s almost the yin and yang of fragrances, and you can even refill the bottles. Let’s help you pick your self-expression so that you can master your future.

Who is Thierry Mugler?

Frenchmen Thierry Mugler is a man who shocked the olfactory cologne world with his eclectic designs inspired by childhood playgrounds. Mugler has always been an artistic free-spirit, studying classical dance at nine and going to the ballet corps at the Opéra National du Rhin.

Mugler moved to Paris when he was 24, and he designed clothes for Gudule before becoming a freelance designer by 26. His work went to Barcelona, Milan, and London because his vision was unique and multi-faceted. He created his first personal collection called Café de Paris in 1973.

Mugler became a global fashion phenomenon by the 1990s, releasing his first haute couture range in 1992. He also approached Jacques Courtin-Clarins at the Clarin skincare empire at this time, wanting to expand his vision into perfumes and colognes for a new era.

Mugler was going places, and his first Angel perfume was a massive shock for the perfuming world, even establishing a new fragrance category: gourmand. He used an unusual 30% patchouli wood note in his fragrances to balance the ultimate sweetness from chocolate and candyfloss.

Angel is so unique that it surprises people, often shocking them with an addictive quality. The perfume was such a massive hit that Mugler released Angel Men in 1995. He completed the creative, addictive, and self-expressive vision he had with his perfume and cologne ranges.

Mugler colognes, a unisex blend for men and women, launched in 2001, and the Mugler Alien hit stores in 2002. The latter is certainly something from another world, pun intended. The eccentric but cultured man behind the brand dropped his first name in 2010, renaming the brand Mugler.

What Makes Mugler’s Colognes Special?

mugler colognes

Mugler’s vision must be the most intriguing part of his brand. I love the way his brand represents creativity while encouraging self-expression, and I don’t mind the fusion of opposites with solid woody and sweet notes to balance each other. The brand is addictive, no doubt.

My sense of smell is intricately connected to my emotions, just like yours. Aromas are even connected to memory, which explains why gorgeous colognes leave such a deep impression. Mugler focuses on connecting the dots between emotions, memory, and the nose.

Mugler also has a unique vision of the world, inspiring people to be anyone they desire. The brand challenges the norms of society, and it reflects an individuality among men. You should be able to express your truest self and become anyone you wish, and Mugler cologne inspires you.

It’s a transformative, empowering, and grandiose venture. The asymmetric star logo represents a universe with endless possibilities. The star encourages you to pursue your fate, success, and a desirable future. It’s an upbeat logo. Moreover, the brand earned its luxury reputation.

  • Mugler won the Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year award in 1993
  • It also won the Fragrance of the Year award in 1998 for Angel Men
  • Mugler went into the Women’s Fragrance Hall of Fame for Angel in 2007
  • It won the Bath & Body Line of the Year award in 2009

Mugler cologne has a reputation as a luxury, couture, and gourmand brand, and being a little addictive is an excellent quality to have in a fragrance. Let me introduce the three ranges for you, and you can choose your favorite by mood, type, notes, or the alternatives that smell similar.

Angel Men Range by Mugler

Angel Men is an iconic fragrance from Mugler, and the range has something unique for each man. The bottles come in the famous star-shaped logo, and you can purchase different flasks to keep your bottles safe. Additionally, you can buy refills to restock your favorite cologne at home.

Angel Men Original

Angel Men Original is an amber, spicy, and woody fragrance for heroic or bold men. It smells like an atomic bomb created with spicy, sweet, and masculine scents. The caramel and vanilla dry down to coffee and a warm patchouli base to remind you of the man inside of you.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Warm spicy, caramel, sweet, coffee, vanilla, woody, amber, patchouli, honey, and balsamic

First Notes: Mint, fruity notes, spicy notes, green notes, coriander, bergamot, and lavender

Heart Notes: Cedarwood, jasmine, lily of the valley, honey, milk, caramel, and patchouli

Bottom Notes: Tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, amber, and coffee

Wake: Large to enormous

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits an energetic, heroic, rugged, intense, fascinating, charismatic, elegant, and slightly mysterious man once the coffee element rises through the sweetness.

Recommended Alternatives: Club Extreme by Mercedes Benz and Addictive State of Mind by Kilian


  • The short-lived sweetness can be overwhelming for the first few minutes, but the robust base brings it back to earth quickly (allow it to dry before judging the smell)

Angel Men Ultimate

Angel Men Ultimate

Angel Men Ultimate is a fresh, woody gourmand fragrance for bold men. The notes open with vibrant and electric blends of coffee and woody undertones before the heart bursts into an aromatic twist followed by fresh citrus and a gentle sweetness.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Woody, coffee, aromatic, fresh spicy, conifer, citrus, fresh, and sweet

First Notes: Woody patchouli and bergamot

Heart Notes: Bourbon vanilla and balsam fir

Bottom Notes: Arabian coffee and cedarwood

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits a confident, heroic, protective, extraordinary, modern, and magnetically seductive man with a mature element.

Recommended Alternatives: Le Male On Board by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Blue Jeans by Versace


  • The cologne might smell olfactory for the first few minutes, but the coffee and citrus notes will surface soon enough (don’t wear this cologne on a hot day because coffee and citrus combined might not work well with sweat)

Angel Men Kryptomint

Angel Men Kryptomint is a fresh, woody gourmand fragrance for younger men. It opens with a beautiful aromatic blend that feels warm and green with mint notes before it dries into a woody patchouli heart, and it ends with a beautifully balanced woody and sweet finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Aromatic, green, warm spicy, fresh spicy, patchouli, sweet, vanilla, chocolate, balsamic, and woody

First Notes: Sage and fresh mint

Heart Notes: Geranium

Bottom Notes: Arabian coffee bean, Tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, and chocolate

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits younger men who feel beastly, bold, adventurous, curious, sexy, dominant, and sometimes outrageous, and it smells like a go-getter.

Recommended Alternatives: Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne and Animale for Him by Animale


  • The woody heart can feel overwhelmingly masculine before the sweetness tames it, which is what makes this cologne smell excellent on young, animalistic men

Angel Men Pure Havane

Angel Men Pure Havane

Angel Men Pure Havane is a woody, aromatic gourmand fragrance for modern, sophisticated men. Your nose is blasted with sweet tobaccos and honeyed spices before you enter a bittered heart with warm ambers and woody undertones, and it ends with a powdery patchouli finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Sweet, tobacco, honey, vanilla, warm spicy, amber, cacao, woody, patchouli, and powdery

First Notes: White honey and fresh tobacco leaves

Heart Notes: Bitter cacao, vanilla, and patchouli

Bottom Notes: French labdanum, amber, and styrax

Wake: Strong

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits cultured, elegant, or modern men with desirable, confident, leadership, animalistic, innovative, and adventurous elements.

Recommended Alternatives: Pour Homme by Jacques Bogart and London by Burberry


  • The sweetness in the first hour can feel powerful, but the bitter heart will smoothen the aroma into a beautifully masculine scent in no time

Angel Men Pure Malt

Angel Men Pure Malt is a fruity, woody gourmand with an alcoholic twist. The notes unfold fruity aromas before blending sweet whisky into the warm and woody heart, and the sweetness peaks once more before the fragrance takes a turn toward a coffee and amber finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Fruity, whisky, woody, sweet, warm spicy, coffee, amber, and earthy

First Notes: Fruity notes, bergamot, and orange blossom

Heart Notes: Patchouli, cedarwood, Arabian coffee, malt, and whisky

Bottom Notes: Peat, amber, musk, and vanilla

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits ambitious men with grandiose dreams of becoming the best at who they are, and it blends well with seductive, sophisticated, and powerful elements.

Recommended Alternatives: L’Homme Ideal by Guerlain and Layton by Parfums De Marly


  • The sweetness makes you think the cologne is for young men, but the alcoholic heart turns it into a more mature fragrance for men with an elegant but promiscuous edge

Angel Ice Men (Discontinued)

angel ice men

Angel Ice Men was an aromatic and woody fragrance, but it’s hard to find now. The name makes you think it’s a cool cologne, but it starts with a surge of woody and patchouli notes before you get warm musk that dries into a powdery and earthy finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Woody, fresh spicy, patchouli, musky, warm spicy, balsamic, earthy, and powdery

First Notes: Nutmeg

Heart Notes: Patchouli

Bottom Notes: Musk and woodsy notes

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suited men with strong, rugged, traditional-masculine, sporty, and animalistic elements.

Recommended Alternatives: Prestige Platinum by Cuba and Patchouli by Molinard


  • It smells like the beastly side of men with overpowering patchouli notes, and it’s no longer available

Unisex Cologne Range by Mugler

Mugler colognes are a fantastic unisex range that smells good on men and women. They don’t have the same elaborate bottle designs as Angel Men, but they’re also refillable. I’ll share the notes, types of men, and alternatives to help you experience each one again.

Mugler Cologne Love You All

Mugler Cologne Love You All

Mugler Love You All is a voluptuous amber gourmand for charismatic men. The amber note rises first, giving you a velvety, serene, and sensual trail that surprisingly feels fresh before you dive into the sweeter heart, where licorice brings soft spicy notes to the surface.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Amber, sweet, soft spicy, and anis

First Notes: Blue licorice

Heart Notes: Spicy notes

Bottom Notes: White amber

Wake: Intimate to moderate

Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne smells like a modern gentleman with romantic, soft-spoken, gentle-masculine, and humble elements. It has a contemporary and almost fresh feel.

Recommended Alternatives: Set Sail St. Barts by Tommy Bahama and Big Pony 1 by Ralph Lauren


  • The velvety feel of this cologne may seem feminine more than masculine, but modern men want what they want, and it disappoints with longevity

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out

Mugler Take Me Out is a sleek floral gourmand for exciting and luminous young men. The soft floral note opens slowly and gorgeously to allow you to express your inner modernity before the sweet and citrus bubbles strike the heart, and it ends with a gentle tango of aromatics and wow.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: White floral, sweet, citrus, soapy, aromatic, and animalistic

First Notes: Orange blossom

Heart Notes: Shiso leaf and spicy notes

Bottom Notes: Patchouli wood

Wake: Intimate to moderate

Longevity: About 6 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits a kind, passionate, romantic, and sensual man with strong connections to his most authentic self, a modern gentleman with loads of charm.

Recommended Alternatives: Artisan Blue by John Varvatos and Sundazed by Byredo


  • The floral notes are robust at first, but they dry incredibly well into the heart of the cologne, and it doesn’t last as long as Angel Men again

Mugler Cologne Come Together

Mugler Cologne Come Together

Mugler Come Together is a recreation of the original gourmand that shocked the perfume world, inspired by a Morrocan soap. The notes open with refreshing citrus and aromatic blends that dry into a beautifully green and powdery heart before you end with a gentle woody and floral finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Citrus, musky, aromatic, green, fresh spicy, powdery, herbal, woody, and white floral

First Notes: Petitgrain, aldehydes, neroli, and lime peel

Heart Notes: Jasmine, coriander, and tagetes

Bottom Notes: White musk and sandalwood

Wake: Intimate to moderate

Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits men with caring, protective, gentle, and motivational souls. It has an inspiration feel and tends to be modern with a feminine touch.

Recommended Alternatives: Original Vetiver by Creed and Energy by Kenneth Cole


  • It can smell a little feminine with the florals, but it’s modern-man in a bottle, and it disappoints with longevity again

Mugler Cologne Run Free

Mugler Cologne Run Free

Mugler Run Free is a blend of olfactory and modern gourmand for spirited men. It warms your nose with gorgeous spicy notes that tickle every fancy before it dries into a special woody heart, where a rare ingredient hides, and it ends with a subtle freshness to complement the warmth.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Warm spicy, woody, oud, and fresh

First Notes: Ginger and mint

Heart Notes: Spicy notes

Bottom Notes: Akigalawood and woodsy notes

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: About 6 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits a unique type of man, one who mysteriously holds onto his sophistication underneath a myriad of mirrors. It feels vibrant, profound, and layered.

Recommended Alternatives: L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake and Man by Versace


  • The pink bottle or liquid might be off-putting for men, and the longevity is lacking again

Mugler Cologne Blow It Up

Mugler Cologne Blow It Up

Mugler Blow It Up is a fruity gourmand for contemporary and young men. The notes first unfold a fruity tale with spicy twists before you dive deep into a whole woody heart that smells slightly masculine, and it ends with a refreshingly green and floral finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Fruity, aromatic, woody, earthy, green, soft spicy, and floral

First Notes: Blackcurrant and sorbet

Heart Notes: Spicy notes and floral notes

Bottom Notes: Vetiver and patchouli wood

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: About 6 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits contemporary men who are in touch with their feminine sides. It feels romantic, refreshing, energizing, passionate, soft-tempered, and slightly masculine.

Recommended Alternatives: Mon Guerlain by Guerlain and Cheap & Chic I Love Love by Moschino


  • It’s another pink fragrance that looks more feminine than masculine, it smells too feminine for some men, and it doesn’t last long enough for an iconic brand

Mugler Cologne Fly Away

Mugler Fly Away is an aromatic gourmand fragrance for effervescent men. The notes start with a burst of fresh citrus blended into aromatic hemp seeds before you dive into a herbal jungle for the senses, and it ends with a green, smoky, and refreshingly fragrant finale.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Citrus, aromatic, cannabis, herbal, smoky, green, and fresh spicy

First Notes: Yellow grapefruit

Heart Notes: Spicy notes and aromatic hemp seeds

Bottom Notes: Patchouli wood

Wake: Moderate

Longevity: About 6 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits effervescent men who lay everything bare. It feels natural, electric, modern, sensual, captivating, and dreamy. It also has subtle confidence, almost humble.

Recommended Alternatives: CK One Summer 2020 by Calvin Klein and Light Blue Forever by Dolce & Gabbana


  • It smells more masculine than feminine, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and the longevity doesn’t get better with this range

Mugler Cologne Heal Your Mind

Mugler Cologne Heal Your Mind

Mugler Heal Your Mind is a floral, aromatic gourmand for serene men. It starts with a bold lavender and amber note that stays for a while, almost feeling beastly, but it dries into a spicy and balsamic twist that ends with a herbal touch of untamed individuality.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Amber, animalistic, lavender, balsamic, aromatic, herbal, and fresh spicy

First Notes: Lavender

Heart Notes: Patchouli and aromatic notes

Bottom Notes: Ambergris

Wake: Strong to enormous

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits men who love getting lost in authenticity while being peaceful and accepting. It feels tranquil, spiritual, ambivalent, addictive, and complicated.

Recommended Alternatives: Vetiver by Guerlain and Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari


  • The smell is confusing, moving between tranquility in florals and beastliness in robust amber blended into an aromatic base

Bonus: Mugler Alien Man

For the man who feels like he doesn’t belong in this world, Mugler Alien Man is a unique fragrance for you. It bursts onto the sensual scene with intense aromatics that quickly take the heart of woody and leathery undertones to create warm amber before ending in a soft floral.

Key Features:

Passing Accords: Fresh spicy, aromatic, woody, green, amber, musky, soft spicy, anis, leather, and floral

First Notes: Aromatic dill and floral notes

Heart Notes: Smoked beechwood and leather essence

Bottom Notes: White amber and musk

Wake: Moderate to strong

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Suitable Men: This cologne suits an unusual man with racy, electric, extraordinary, magnetic, heroic, and adventurous qualities. It also feels infinitely sensual and seductive.

Recommended Alternatives: Alien Man Fusion by Mugler and Alien Man Mirage by Mugler


  • The Alien Man range smells similar to each other, and that’s why I’m not sharing the notes of the other two, but this is an incredible smell with good longevity

How to Choose Your Mugler

Choosing your Mugler cologne is about determining what kind of man you wish to be. Sure, consider the notes and smells, but the unique gourmands are hard to match with alternatives. Uniqueness and self-expression are the Mugler game. Use these steps to choose one:

  1. Choose your range before pinpointing the Mugler cologne you love. Do you wish to smell like a star with Angel Men? Maybe you want to smell otherworldy or modern enough with a unisex cologne. Wanting to smell out-of-this-world leaves you one option.
  2. If you choose Angel Men or the unisex colognes, you’ll have to dig into the type of men who wear them. Consider the cons of each cologne as well, but determine whether your ambitions align themselves to the kind of man the cologne suits.

I promise not to complicate things, and these two steps will give you the winner. You can also change your colognes, or you can layer multiple Mugler colognes. Even the official website recommends layering the unisex colognes because they have simple ingredient lists.

Tips to Make Mugler Even Better

Layering Mugler colognes (only the unisex ones) is as simple as choosing which notes you want more prominent. For example, you might love the lavender cologne, but you also have an affinity for the cannabis option. Only layer two colognes at once with these steps:

  1. Moisturize your wrists with vaseline or lotion before spraying the cannabis cologne (if you want lavender to be more dominant). One spritz is enough for the first layer.
  2. Wait 10 minutes for the cannabis cologne to dry into your skin before spraying lavender cologne twice (as the dominant option).
  3. Don’t rub your wrists together! Allow the layered colognes to dry naturally for a better effect.
  4. Give your hair one spritz of the dominant layer if you want it more robust and lasting longer (which is good advice for the poor longevity of Mugler colognes).

Psst… Here’s a secret for you. Colognes go bad, and Mugler unisex colognes already don’t last long enough, meaning you want to keep them as fresh as the day you bought them. The best solution is to store them in an organizer that prevents environmental harm.

Mugler is a luxury brand with self-expressive and unique qualities, making it hard to match alternatives, but I did so for each cologne anyway. Alternative brands with similar attributes to consider instead of Mugler include:

  • Ed Hardy was inspired by an eccentric tattoo artist
  • Joop is another luxury gourmand brand with sweet accents
  • Curve is a brand full of colorful notes and masculine twist


Answer: The top three sellers on Amazon include Angel Men Original with an 81% approval rating, closely followed by Angel Men Pure Havane with a 78% approval rating. The final spot goes to Alien Man with a 76% approval rating. Amazon is pretty reliable for feedback.

Question: What Does Angel Men Original Smell Like?

Answer: Angel Men Original is a modern, charismatic, and expressive cologne with a robust sweetness that feels spicy and cheeky until the coffee heart bursts through to balance it. It ends with a woody dive into warm amber and a clean break into honey and patchouli.

Question: Can I Easily Refill My Mugler Colognes?

Answer: Mugler allows you to refill your colognes as part of their eco-friendly vision. You can order refills online at the official website, or you can purchase refills at your local store, and the website conveniently has a store locator for your state to prevent tireless Googling.

Mugler Cologne Guide: Final Thoughts

Thierry Mugler is a genius! He knows how to create a sensual universe where every man can experiment with the destiny he chooses. I also love sweet notes, but I’m a woman, so it makes sense that Mugler uses robust woody and patchouli undertones to insert masculinity.

Admittedly, my partner is a genuine Millennial, and he loves sweet fragrances. Angel Men is the right cologne for him because it allows him to be naughty, untamed, and modern, but Mugler has a variety of colognes better suited to different types of men.

You don’t have to smell caramel and honey-sweet if you don’t want to. You can strike those patchouli cords with heavy woody and amber undertones, or you can throw some spiciness into the mix. Whatever you do, choose your icon and start blending, layering, and expressing now.

To read more about excellent colognes:

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