Jimmy Choo Perfume Guide: ‘Choo’-sing Ladies’ and Gents’ Signature Scents

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The Jimmy Choo perfume guide lays it all bare for you regarding signature perfumes for men and women. I’m not talking about bare feet; I’m about to take you into the world of a designer and luxury perfume brand established by a craftsman who first gained fame in the shoe industry.

Jimmy Choo isn’t a household name, and for a good reason. His perfumes and shoes are diamonds in the ashes, and the exquisite range isn’t within the average Joe’s price range. Designer fragrances supported by monumentally famous brands could sometimes cost as much as your first car did.

However, what you find inside these gorgeously designed bottles is something indescribable. I’m about to attempt justifying the magical moments inside each bottle, leaving you pining for even just one edition to your collection. And fear not, some of the perfumes won’t cost a mortgage.

My perfume collection is beyond what people call normal, but I love spoiling myself and my partner. My bottle of Jimmy Choo Illicit is reserved for times I want to leave people thinking about me for days. You’re about to find a perfume that could only be described as magnifique, whether you’re a woman or man.

Humble Beginnings

Jimmy Choo was but a humble young man born in Malaysia in the 1940s, fathered by a shoe cobbler and gaining an interest in fashion and design after spending years of his younger life helping his dad mend shoes. Jimmy was repairing shoes at the age of 11, and this seemingly mundane task would explode into luxury later.

Jimmy went to London in the 1980s to pursue extensive training as a fashion designer, where he also opened his first shoe-mending store. By 1996, Jimmy’s could no longer contain his passion, and he established the brand we know as a luxury today in East London.

Jimmy named the brand after himself as he was a man proud of his heritage. It wasn’t until February 2011 that he started designing fragrances, the first one being Jimmy Choo Original EDP. The fragrance was a chypre/fruity scent with a sensually glamorous undertone made for women. It was a sure winner for weekend wear.

Jimmy didn’t only melt hearts and dress feet in gorgeous shoes anymore; he also whisked noses into a new realm of possibilities. Jimmy is a dominant man who knows what he wants, and this radiates through his luxury brands, from handbags to shoes to fragrances.

Co-founder Tamara Mellon brings a feminine touch to the brand, so don’t think you’re only wearing what a man wants when purchasing Jimmy Choo perfumes. Two fashion minds created a brand that led to incredible results.

The Result…

The result of Jimmy leaping from a humble beginning to a brand of stardom, fame, and exquisite luxury isn’t just inspirational. Just four years after entering the perfume business, Jimmy Choo scooped awards at the 23rd annual Fragrance Foundation U.K ceremony. The brand exploded into something unfathomable.

Jimmy’s perfumes were running neck-and-neck with brands like Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Dior. For any perfume to do this four years into manufacturing, the brand was digging its roots deep into the luxury category. These awards are often called the “Fragrance Oscars.”

By 2017, Jimmy Choo L’Eau won first place in Vogue’s finest spring fragrances list, even toppling Chanel No. 5 and Black Opium! Jimmy Choo Elicit also caught the attention of Sandra Choi at Vogue in 2015. Vogue in Paris is all about luxury and designer trends when it comes to fashion and fragrances.

Other popular designer magazines that mentioned Jimmy Choo perfumes include:

Turning heads is the intention of Jimmy and Tamara, and their fragrances have reached the homes of celebrities like:

As you can see, famous men and women, popular magazines, and trend-setting societies mention or use Jimmy’s perfume range. The results, therefore, are that Jimmy turned his humble background into a luxury brand that competes with the largest designer brands in the world. Who wouldn’t want some of that?

Jimmy Choo Perfume Guide for Men

Admittedly, Jimmy Choo shoes aren’t for men, but the fragrances produced by this larger-than-life brand cater to men of varying lifestyles. Heck, if Kit Harrington from the infamous Night’s Watch can endorse the cologne that makes women faint, so can you!

1. Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man is the cologne endorsed by Harrington, famous for knowing nothing yet being the show’s epicenter. Woody tones intertwine with aromatic and soft fruity undertones to make a statement! A 50 ml EDT will set you back $75, whereas a 100 ml bottle costs $84, but you’ll be all the man you can be.

Main Accords: fruity, sweet, lavender, woody, leather, musky, ozonic, fresh, patchouli, tropical, and soft spicy

Base Notes: amber wood, suede, and patchouli

Heart Notes: geranium, pink pepper, and pineapple leaf

Top Notes: Honeydew melon, mandarin orange, lavender, and woody tones


  • The packaging is a printed crocodile skin, prettier than the bottle
  • It wears better during the day, in summer, and spring
  • It has a naturally seductive and masculine element
  • This is great for men who want a fresh but contemporary signature fragrance
  • It also suits refined men with a confident and rebellious nature


  • The bottle is unimaginative, albeit manly
  • The longevity of the fragrance falls short at around one to two hours
  • It’s expensive to wear for an hour

2. Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense utilizes one of the most popular masculine fragrances; lavender. Costing $98 per 100 ml bottle, the fragrance is a classic for men who want to exude the traditional British aura. It’s a sensual fragrance that promotes a more intense sillage than the previous option.

Main Accords: aromatic, fresh, spicy, amber, lavender, ozonic, patchouli, sweet, herbal, and vanilla

Base Notes: Tonka bean, labdanum, and patchouli

Heart Notes: artemisia, geranium, and black pepper

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, lavender, and melon


  • It wears well during the day and at night, as well as in fall and spring
  • It smells like almonds and tobacco, which is enticing for women
  • It’s a sensually fresh fragrance that hits the right notes
  • The smell makes you think of gun-metal, a rebel blended with a touch of elegant luxury
  • It’s often compared to Bleu de Chanel


  • The bottles aren’t the best, but the packaging is eye-catching
  • The longevity still falls a little short at two hours
  • It’s pricy considering the longevity

3. Jimmy Choo Man Blue

Jimmy Choo Man Blue is the third edition of the Man range that brings it all back around. Costing $92 per 100 ml bottle, this is the fragrance I love for men from the Choo brand. It smells like the definition of a man without being overwhelming, and I love it when my partner reminds me just what level of man he is.

Main Accords: aromatic, woody, fresh-spicy, lavender, vanilla, amber, animalistic, leather, and powdery

Base Notes: sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, and patchouli

Heart Notes: apple, pineapple, cypress, leather, and ambergris

Top Notes: black pepper, lavender, clary sage, and bergamot


  • It wears well during the day and at night, and for in-between weather like spring and fall
  • It smells like leather and pepper enhanced by urban elegance
  • The fragrance is fresh, contemporary, and confident
  • And finally, we have a winner with Man Blue lasting eight to 10 hours on the skin!
  • The long-wear justifies the price


  • The bottles really aren’t anything to look at, but men might find that more attractive
  • It might be too subtle for men who like overwhelming fragrances

4. Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Introducing Jimmy Choo Man Ice, the final scent from the Man range. Costing $92 per 100 ml bottle, this is the more sophisticated fragrance for men who want to leave impressions and engrave statements. Some people call this one dangerously seductive! Jimmy loves being straightforward with his fragrance names.

Main Accords: citrus, musky, and woody

Base Notes: ambroxan, musk, and moss

Heart Notes: vetiver, apple, cedar, and patchouli

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, bergamot, and citron


  • The bottle is certainly better because it showcases the coolness of the fragrance
  • It wears well in spring, summer, and during the day
  • It has an overwhelmingly gorgeous citrus scent with a traditional musky undertone
  • It suits a contemporary, young man with a dangerously seductive nature
  • It won the Men’s Health Grooming Award in 2017
  • The cool fragrance is a deep, sophisticated scent that drives women crazy


  • The longevity will only see this fragrance last four hours
  • The price is steep for four hours of seduction (although truly seductive men don’t need more time)

5. Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

Modeled by famous French street artist Jules Dedet, the latest men’s fragrance is called Jimmy Choo Urban Hero. Costing $75 per 100 ml bottle, this fragrance is made for urban men with contemporary touches. Spontaneity, mystery, confidence, and urban nature are known with artists, and this fragrance encumbers them.

Main Accords: animalistic, amber, woody, leather, spicy, citrus, aromatic, balsamic, and earthy

Base Notes: ambergris and leather

Heart Notes: Palisander rosewood and vetiver

Top Notes: Finger lime and black pepper


  • This is a more affordable option from Jimmy Choo
  • It wears well in fall, summer, and spring, as well as working during the day and at night
  • It smells like an artist walking out of an urban jungle with mystery and magnetism exuding from their sweaty chest
  • It works well for Millennials and younger crowds
  • This fragrance is a must-have for spontaneous urban nights on the town
  • The longevity is good, lasting six to 10 hours on the skin


  • It won’t suit men outside the Gen Z to Gen X age range
  • The bottle is still lacking, although Jimmy Choo knows the quality and experimental nature of his perfumes will outshine the lack of bottle pizazz

Jimmy Choo Perfume Guide for Women

C’est la vie, ladies! And welcome to the Jimmy Choo perfume range that will change your life forever! Life doesn’t need just to be as it is. Do you want to be outstanding, exotic, or temptatious? Then, life should be anything but “just that.” Jimmy’s perfumes are about to blow your mind and redesign your soul!

1. Jimmy Choo Illicit

Jimmy Choo Illicit is forbidden by the laws of c’est la vie, allowing you to uncage your true personality and unique ambitions. Costing $112 per 100 ml bottle, this perfume is anything but normal. It’s sensual, feminine, and what’s now being called floriental. It allows your animalistic being to come out of the shadows.

Main Accords: sweet, honey, citrus, floral, spicy, woody, amber, powdery, and caramel

Base Notes: amber, caramel, honey, vanilla, sandalwood, and cashmere wood

Heart Notes: rose, orange blossom, and Jasmine sambac

Top Notes: bitter orange and ginger


  • The bottle is a beautifully feminine and urban design
  • The rich undertones from the heart and base notes are empowering to encourage women to step outside the box
  • It has a cat-like accent that allows women to be themselves
  • This fragrance is gorgeous for women who want contemporary rebel flairs while maintaining the sensual and floral undertones men love
  • This beast-like fragrance is well suited to younger age groups (unless you want to try the cougar element)


  • The packaging is a little plain
  • It’s expensive but worth it
  • It only lasts about four hours on your skin

2. Jimmy Choo Fever

You might need to turn the heat down with this one! Jimmy Choo Fever is turning the heat up in fragrances, but that works if you like being a hot, sophisticated, and sweet woman who achieves what she intends. Think velvety sensuality when considering this beauty, but it costs $118, albeit a worthy investment.

Main Accords: sweet, amber, vanilla, spicy, fruity, powdery, coffee, woody, balsamic, and nutty

Base Notes: benzoin, coffee, hazelnut, Tonka bean, vanilla, and sandalwood

Heart Notes: vanilla orchid, orange blossom, heliotrope, and jasmine

Top Notes: grapefruit, litchi, and plum


  • The bottle is gorgeous, resembling an amethyst crystal
  • It’s well worn at night and during the day, as well as in winter and fall
  • Jimmy provides rich and fruity undertones that strongly come through the top notes
  • It’s a wonderful fragrance for young women entering the designer perfume range
  • It lasts around eight hours on the skin
  • The first notes open with vividly sweet plum, striking the essential fruity tone from the start


  • The price is above the targeted age-range
  • It works best for younger women who love flaunting sweet accents

3. Jimmy Choo L’Eau

Jimmy Choo L'Eau

Coming down from Illicit and Fever’s exotic and expressive tones, Jimmy Choo L’Eau is a gentle but evocative, delicate but breathtaking perfume for women of all ages. Costing $108 per 90 ml bottle, it’s aimed at women who want to leave impressions of feminine beauty and lustrous luxury.

Main Accords: floral, powdery, fresh, citrus, musky, rose, spicy, fruity, and sweet

Base Notes: cedar and musk

Heart Notes: nectarine and peony

Top Notes: bergamot and hibiscus


  • The bottle is pretty enough to entice most women
  • It wears well in summer and spring, as well as during the day
  • It welcomes all ages
  • It’s a gentle and elegant feminine fragrance with more traditional and basic undertones
  • It makes me think of a classy lady sitting cross-legged at a prestigious coffee shop
  • It lasts around six hours on your skin


  • It might smell too subtle for women who like powerful fragrances
  • It’s pricy and comes in a smaller bottle

 4. Jimmy Choo Floral

Jimmy Choo Floral

Staying in the gentler lane, Jimmy Choo Floral is another amazing fragrance for women who want it all without anyone noticing too much. Costing $108 for a 90 ml bottle, this fragrance is a traditional floral, musky, and fruity scent that yells elegance. Subtlety is sometimes a sign of sophisticated uniqueness.

Main Accords: citrus, floral, sweet, musky, fruity, powdery, and fresh

Base Notes: musk, woody notes, and ambroxan

Heart Notes: apricot blossom, sweet pea, and magnolia

Top Notes: tangerine, nectarine, and bergamot


  • The bottle looks like a light green diamond, which is a girl’s best friend, after all
  • It wears well during the day and in spring and summer
  • This fragrance is a mild but mature aroma that hints at the sophistication
  • It’s an energizing, fresh fragrance to exude beauty as every woman possesses
  • It can work for younger women, but it smells better on mature women
  • The longevity on your skin ranges between six and eight hours


  • It’s a traditional fragrance not suited to women who want contemporary elements
  • The bottle size is also dropped to 90 ml, making it pricy

5. Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower

Marrying the Illicit range to the floral range, Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower is a versatile fragrance that smells sweeter and more floral. It’s a middle-man in the war between powerful and subtler fragrances from Jimmy Choo. Costing $102 per 100 ml bottle, the fragrance is a wonderful option if you want a little bit of both worlds.

Main Accords: floral, citrus, fruity, rose, woody, powdery, musky, sweet, and fresh

Base Notes: sandalwood, cashmere wood, musk, benzoin, and vanilla

Heart Notes: rose, freesia, jasmine, pear, and grapefruit blossom

Top Notes: apricot and mandarin orange


  • The bottle is gorgeously inspired by the regular Illicit
  • It wears well in summer, spring, and during the day
  • It smells voluptuously fruity when you first spray it, which is great for young women
  • The feminine rose accord pushes through the notes, leaving you with an admirable aroma
  • The dry-down to the lower notes is beautifully fresh and alluring


  • The price might be high for the target age range
  • It’s mostly a great option for coming-of-age women
  • It only lasts around four hours

Bonus! The Seduction Range for Women

Jimmy Choo announced a new range in 2018, called the Seduction Collection. It includes perfumes, cosmetics, and anything to make women even more beautiful if that’s possible. Women are already gorgeous! Don’t you ever forget that! Nonetheless, the range includes perfumes like:

I Want Choo

I Want Choo costs $118 per 100 ml bottle, but it’s a luxury fragrance for women who want to induce a hypnotic state in the people around them. Its main accord stems from the red spider lily while evolving a beautiful sillage blended with velvet peach and vanilla. It’s an uplifting perfume perfect for young to middle-aged women.

Tempting Rose

Tempting Rose costs a whopping $220 for a 125 ml bottle, much like the rest of the range, but the smell is bewitching enough to fit into the seduction collection. It’s a French-inspired perfume that uses the luxurious essence of roses to lure people into your scent. It works for women of all ages.

Amber Kiss

Amber Kiss also costs $220 per 125 ml bottle, but this range is something else entirely. It’s an illuminating, passionate, provocative perfume, using an evolving intensity of honey and patchouli to draw people closer. This is a highly sophisticated seduction perfume best suited to mature women.

Radiant Tuberose

Radiant Tuberose meets the same price, but it expresses quality in refined sensuality, worthy of the price. It’s an empowering feminine fragrance that uses floral undertones to promote your elements. It carries a bewitching identity that suits better with middle-aged women.

I Want Oud

Talk about breaking free from the norms of society; I Want Oud is another cage-breaker. It has a strongly captivating wake that combines oriental mysticism with a Western uniqueness. It’s a meaningful and intense perfume that suits most women except for the Gen Z ladies.

Irish Crush

Irish Crush is cleverly named to let you know how men will adopt a crush on you with this addictive and lively fragrance. It costs the same as any in the range, but it has an exotic and foreign affair with the evolving floral and powdery accords. It would also suit any age range as long as you love the smell of Ireland in spring.

Vanilla Love

Vanilla Love uses the most basic undertone to attract the attention of your suitors. Vanilla doesn’t need much to evolve it beautifully, but this fragrance uses a rich amber and patchouli accord to finish the showstopping aroma. It’s a great scent for younger women.

Tempting Rose

Tempting Rose shares the same price range, but it activates the one thing a seductive perfume wants; temptation. It’s a mesmerizing fragrance that captivates roses, litchis, and raspberries to entice anyone, anywhere. Moreover, it’s not overwhelming and works for most age groups.

Tips for ‘Choo’-sing Your Fragrance

Choosing a signature perfume from an expensive, luxury designer brand can be nail-biting, but these tips will help you decide which one will work better for you. After all, Jimmy designed perfumes to work for unique women and men who want to exude their inner beasts.

Ask Yourself Who You Are and What You Want to Achieve With Your Perfume?

Consider the accords of each perfume as they could match your personality and mood. Are you the innocent woman wanting to smell like a plum cocktail? Are you the urban gent who wants to exude crafted mystery?

Where and When Will You Wear the Perfume?

Every perfume is either warm or cool, meaning it’s best worn in specific weather or climates. Perfume evolves differently on your skin according to humidity, sweat, heat, and cold weather. Choose the right season, and consider where you want to wear it. Don’t choose a daytime perfume for nightlife excursions.

What Impression Do You Want to Leave in Your Wake?

As much as we deny trying to get everyone’s approval in society, we’re only human. What do you want people to remember in your wake? Maybe you want them holding onto the memory of roses, or you prefer the leather undertone as a man. Choose the fragrance according to the notes as well.

What Will Your Signature Perfume Say About Your Ambitions?

Leaving people with a gloriously provocative wake is one thing, but you might be looking at kindling a romantic relationship. The seductive range for women can work if you choose the right age range. A man might go with Man Ice to become dangerously alluring.

Choosing your perfume becomes easier when you consider these four factors. Price is another factor, but you wouldn’t be snooping around Jimmy Choo’s perfumes if that was an issue.


Question: What is the Best Age for Jimmy Choo Perfumes?

Answer: There’s no single age group for Jimmy’s fragrances. Each fragrance targets a different age range to keep the brand on top of things. The age ranges mentioned above are a good way to choose a perfume, but you can also opt for a sweeter fragrance as a mature woman if that tickles your fancy. I won’t judge you.

Question: Is Jimmy Choo a Luxury Designer Brand in Perfumes?

Answer: With a name like Vogue mentioning it and the award won by Jimmy Choo L’Eau, the brand certainly matches the likes of Chanel and Dior. Jimmy Choo might be a newish brand, but it’s become an icon of the fashion and beauty industry. The prices of the perfumes, especially the seductive range, should say it all.

Question: What Makes Jimmy Choo Unique?

Answer: The best brands in fashion and beauty have swiftly set themselves in stone. Jimmy Choo was a Malaysian son to a small-town cobbler who matched the quick rise from 1996 to the early twentieth century. He became an icon in less than a decade, and that’s what makes him unique.

Question: Which is the Best Perfume by Jimmy Choo?

Answer: It’s a hard-to-answer question, but the best perfume should go by consumer reviews because you know it comes from a reliable source. Relying on overall Amazon reviews, the best Jimmy Choo perfume is:
Jimmy Choo Original EDP for women (it maintains an 84% 5-star rating after 6,714 customer reviews)
Jimmy Choo Man for men (it maintains an 85% 5-star rating after 1,801 reviews)

Jimmy Choo Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

‘Choo’-sing a signature perfume is as personal as finding your romantic partner. It’s about refining your preferences, combining them with your moods, and throwing them into your lifestyle basket. It becomes more complicated when you’re unsure what you want, when you’ll wear it, and what impression you want to leave.

So many reasons factor into why you choose the fragrance you do. I have trouble choosing from the many brands and accords as I’m an eccentric person with a versatile lifestyle. However, Jimmy Choo found a spot in my wardrobe because the brand is unique, gorgeous, and reality-defining, just like the shoes.

If you want to become the trendsetter, the person who encourages a new norm, Jimmy Choo’s perfumes are a statement waiting to happen. I might be biased to the perfumes my partner, and I use, but I wholeheartedly recommend Jimmy Choo Illicit for women and Jimmy Choo Man Blue for men.

If you don’t own one yet, you’re merely missing out on the new reality and lifestyle you can carve in stone.

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