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Best Tommy Bahama Perfumes Guide

I’d love to share the “sip sip” about Tommy Bahama perfumes if you’re ready to find the sensual journey you need. The best Tommy Bahama perfumes guide will turn you into a true Bahamian “Conchy Joe,” or local, as the Caribbeans call them. I loved covering the Tommy Bahama colognes so much that I had to dig into the scents.

I spend too much time digging into the details of colognes and perfumes, or so people say. I love smelling like the mindset I wish to adopt for the day. In this case, I want a relaxed, vacation mindset when considering which Tommy Bahama perfume best suits me. However, I’m here to share them all, including the juicy details.

Tommy Bahama’s Number One Perfume

You’ll love Tommy Bahama’s perfume range if you’re into beach sunsets and sipping cocktails. One more thing I love about the Bahamas is the slang. For example, I’m calling the perfume range “mudda sick,” which means awesome! The brand’s most “mudda sick” perfume is Tommy Bahama Women’s, St. Kitts EDP.

My reasons for loving the perfume are simple. First, it has the perfect accords that make me think I’m on a tropical island surrounded by a bunch of “Conchy Joes.” It combines woody, tropical, fruity, and sweet aspects with just the right amount of refreshing sea elements to smell like a dream holiday.

However, a close second is Tommy Bahama for Her EDP because it meets nearly every element of my favorite scent. Check out the top six perfumes from Tommy Bahama before learning more about the brand.

More of the Best Tommy Bahama Perfumes at a Glance

  1. Tommy Bahama for Her EDP
  2. Tommy Bahama Island Life for Her EDP
  3. Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique for Women EDP
  4. Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Women EDP
  5. Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts EDP
  6. Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts EDP

A Complete Guide to the Best Tommy Bahama Perfumes

Tommy Bahama has the strangest story you’ll ever hear. So, let’s dig into where the brand comes from and how it changed the sensual world. Then, let’s find out how you can use Tommy Bahama perfumes to transcend your mind to one of the earth’s most exquisite places. Furthermore, I’ll share the simple selection process.

Understanding Tommy Bahama’s Origins

The Tommy Bahama brand has one of the most unusual stories ever told. The name didn’t come from a fancy French designer or perfumer. Instead, Tommy Bahama is merely a fictional persona developed for the brand. Founders Bob Emfield and Tony Margolis designed a brand with an attitude without direct roots.

Emfield enjoyed sipping cocktails on his yacht and wanted to recreate the mental journey of his time on Lake Minnetonka. Meanwhile, Margolis loved the feel and smell of teak-decked boats and rum-spiked drinks. So, the two men fashioned a brand that focused on the lifestyle they enjoyed.

However, they never wanted to be the faces of the brand. Therefore, they chose to design an entire persona around “Tommy Bahama,” a fictional Caribbean character with a lifestyle many enjoy. There isn’t someone on earth who doesn’t love the idea of vacationing in a tropical paradise.

The brand focused heavily on men’s lifestyle, clothing, and colognes. However, a few beautiful scents entered the spotlight for women because we also love beach sand, wooden decks, tropical islands, and rum-spiked drinks. Here’s a secret: perfumes can change your mindset.

Do you feel like spending the day on an imagined tropical island? If so, check out my tips.

Tips for Using Tommy Bahama’s Relaxation Perfumes

I meditate and transcend into my desires at will, but not everyone can do that. Sometimes, a scent can help transform your mind from a wall-to-wall office to a beautiful place where the sun looks like it never sets. As a writer, I’m often trapped in my “office,” albeit I change things whenever possible.

Perfumes have long been a method of mental transformation for me. For example, I’ll wear a scent that makes me smell the Bahamian beaches if I feel stuck in my words. The perfume does two things. Firstly, it relaxes my mind, which is essential for a writer to be productive. Secondly, it temporarily makes me feel happier.

Tropical islands allow me to “spilligate,” meaning to journey out of my mental space. Another example is when I feel overwhelmed with juggling work, kids, and a home. My senses take me away from the sensory overload for a moment by overpowering my sense of smell with something desirable, like beaches and tropics.

I’ll give you a hint of how each Tommy Bahama perfume can navigate your mind because sometimes the world is too overwhelming. I advise you to also look at the notes and how they unfold, helping you to imagine the journey you could take. Use Tommy Bahama perfumes to change your mood when necessary.

Selecting the Best Tommy Bahama Perfumes

Tommy Bahama sadly doesn’t have a massive range of women’s fragrances. Therefore, I’ll look for every available perfume from the Bahamian inspiration. I’ll only include Eau De Parfums to ensure your sensual vacation can last for hours each time you spray it.

Best Tommy Bahama Perfumes Guide: “Conchy Joe” Mental Journeys

Tommy Bahama perfumes aren’t “jammed up” (crowding the market). Still, the six options available have super mood changes that could work for your needs. Let’s look at how they work, what they smell like, and what makes them gorgeous for mental journeys. In addition, I’ll share why I don’t love each scent.

Before diving into the deep, let me share how my features for each scent work because I’ll use fun terms instead of the dull, standard ones. The terms include:

  1. Waving accords are how the perfume evolves on your skin over the tide longevity
  2. High tide notes are the upper ingredients
  3. Medium tide notes are the heart ingredients
  4. Low tide notes are the base ingredients
  5. Tide longevity explains how many hours to expect from the scent
  6. Tide velocity is how powerful the smell is for the duration
  7. Island vibes are the types of sensual moods you can experience

Let’s stop wasting time and get into the gorgeous, hot details now.

1. Tommy Bahama for Her EDP

Tommy Bahama for Her

Sweet, fruity, and tropical scents are my ultimate favorites, always capable of putting a smile on my face when I’m having a tough day. Tommy Bahama for Her has gorgeous ingredients without too much complication. Sometimes, simpler accords work for the mindset you need when things are tough.

Tommy Bahama for Her Features

  • Waving Accords: Vanilla, sweet, white floral, powdery, lactonic, fruity, floral, patchouli, citrus, and musky
  • High Tide Notes: Mandarin orange, honeysuckle, and crisp green apple
  • Medium Tide Notes: Heliotrope, gardenia, and floral notes
  • Low Tide Notes: Vanilla, musk, praline, and patchouli
  • Tide Longevity: Around 4 to 6 hours
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Island Vibes: Happy, stimulating, daring, layered, vibrant, victorious, exciting, and modern

Tommy Bahama for Her Pros

  • Tommy Bahama for Her is the signature women’s fragrance from the brand, and it has a captivating smell that engulfs your mind in a relaxed state while keeping you on your toes
  • The scent begins with a solid sweet vanilla exchange before the softer florals push through for the spotlight, and it dries further into a profoundly feminine touch with subtle tropical kisses
  • This perfume is the type that could uplift my mood on a rainy day and make me believe I’m watching a golden sunset that fills me with the right excitement to carry on with any task

Tommy Bahama for Her Cons

  • Sadly, Tommy Bahama for Her doesn’t have a long-lasting effect on your skin and won’t last all day

2. Tommy Bahama Island Life for Her EDP

Tommy Bahama Island Life

Tommy Bahama’s Island Life perfume is a gorgeous salute to your desired mindset and mood. The bottle is the most unusual part of the fragrance. Still, it smells like a dream holiday with a touch of spicy elements hidden underneath the sweet fruits. I’m not a massive fan of aromatic scents, but some women love them.

Tommy Bahama Island Life for Her Features

  • Waving Accords: Floral, soft spicy, anis, vanilla, powdery, and fruity
  • High Tide Notes: Star anise
  • Medium Tide Notes: Peach blossom
  • Low Tide Notes: Vanilla
  • Tide Longevity: Around 6 hours
  • Tide Velocity: Medium to powerful
  • Island Vibes: Vibrant, luminous, confident, memorable, relaxing, ambitious, optimistic, and adventurous

Tommy Bahama Island Life for Her Pros

  • Tommy Bahama’s Island Life for Her perfume is one of the rarer scents from the brand, but it captures your entire mood with a lifestyle change through the senses
  • I love how complex the accords are with few ingredients, starting with a floral twist that turns spicy before the vanilla comes through, and it ends with a fruity element
  • This perfume could make you think you’re relaxing on a beach when you need a temporary mental break, and it captivates the essence of a simple adventure for memorable moments

Tommy Bahama Island Life for Her Cons

  • I’m still not impressed by the lack of longevity from Tommy Bahama perfumes, and the smell is a little intense at times

3. Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique for Women EDP

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique

I expected the Martinique perfume from Tommy Bahama to have some woody elements to match the men’s range. However, it has a unique touch that likely complements the men’s cologne better. It’s a beautifully feminine fragrance that could work on an imagined sailboat with your partner or a bunch of friends.

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique for Women Features

  • Waving Accords: Fruity, floral, citrus, sweet, powdery, and musky
  • High Tide Notes: Red apples, raspberry, and Mandarin orange
  • Medium Tide Notes: Floral notes
  • Low Tide Notes: Musk
  • Tide Longevity: Around 6 hours
  • Tide Velocity: Intimate to medium
  • Island Vibes: Sophisticated, luxurious, content, exhilarating, refreshing, dreamy, seductive, and deep

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique for Women Pros

  • Tommy Bahama’s Set Sail Martinique for Women has a matching men’s fragrance, and it will blow you away with refreshing notes that turn sweetly seductive for a romantic journey on your mental vacation
  • The scent bursts through with an intimate fruity and floral dance before a refreshing citrus undertone takes over, and the heart brings a seductive sweetness before the sophisticated feminine finale
  • Elegance is a mere mental journey away when you need to feel more like a loved, desired woman, and the fragrance has a luxurious touch with layered notes evolving in unusual ways

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique for Women Cons

  • Tommy Bahama should focus on making their perfumes last longer because I don’t want the sensual journey to be a short-lived vacation

4. Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Women EDP

Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Women EDP

Tommy Bahama’s Very Cool perfume is a strange fragrance that smells youthful before turning mature. It has naughty elements that make it smell sexier than most. Perhaps the mischievous elements rise from the woody undertones. It gets stranger when you realize there are no woody ingredients to create the smell.

Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Women Features

  • Waving Accords: Fruity, citrus, green, floral, sweet, woody, aromatic, musky, fresh, and powdery
  • High Tide Notes: Pomegranate, tangerine, and clementine
  • Medium Tide Notes: Cactus flower, hibiscus, and cassia
  • Low Tide Notes: Musk and nectarine
  • Tide Longevity: Around 6 to 8 hours
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Island Vibes: Happy, cheeky, refreshing, adventurous, luminous, sexy, refined, sporty, and layered

Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Women Pros

  • Tommy Bahama Very Cool perfume doesn’t have a specific men’s cologne match, and you’ll have enjoyed using the invigorating, cheeky nature of the scent to find one on my cologne guide
  • The fragrance begins with a stronger-than-expected fruity and citrus dance before the heart turns floral and sweet, and the unexpected woody element rises before the spicy, powdery, and mature finale
  • I recommend this gorgeous fragrance for mature women with a cheeky nature, and it would take your mind to a sailboat, where you enjoy a mental vacation with your partner or best friends

Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Women Cons

  • It seems unfair that Tommy Bahama tricks young women into using this perfume when it turns into a mature wonder

5. Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts EDP

Tommy Bahama Women's St. Barts

Tommy Bahama’s Women’s St. Barts fragrance is the ideal mix of woods, tropicals, and florals if you love the blend. It feels like another mature fragrance. However, younger women can pull this one off more easily. It also has a cheeky nature compared to the scents without woody elements. In addition, it has a unique ingredient.

Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts Features

  • Waving Accords: Citrus, sand, aromatic, woody, musky, floral, conifer, alcohol, mineral, and sweet
  • High Tide Notes: Tequila and lime
  • Medium Tide Notes: Floral notes
  • Low Tide Notes: Guaiac wood, musk, and beach sand
  • Tide Longevity: Around 4 to 6 hours
  • Tide Velocity: Intimate to medium
  • Island Vibes: Vibrant, refined, youthful, mature, content, adventurous, daring, confident, explorative, and emotional

Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts Pros

  • Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts perfume is the most versatile cheeky element that comes with a matching men’s cologne, and it will captivate your senses with layered notes
  • The scent strangely begins with a sandy part mixed into a citrus blend before the heart brings a spicy, woody smell that dries into an oceanic mix of notes with floral touches
  • This fragrance is another match for every woman who wants to imagine herself sailing into the sunset with friends and her significant other, and it has an intimate cheekiness that teases the senses

Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts Cons

  • Sadly, Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Barts fails to last long enough for a cruise down the river with friends

6. Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts EDP

Tommy Bahama Women's St. Kitts

Don’t you know that saving the best for last is how I do things? I already shared this perfume as my favorite, but it has qualities you need to know. This scent takes me to places I can only dream about when I wear it. In addition, it lasts long enough to help me through a long day and has a matching men’s fragrance.

Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts Features

  • Waving Accords: Fruity, tropical, floral, musky, sweet, woody, citrus, and fresh
  • High Tide Notes: Star fruit, pear, and mango
  • Medium Tide Notes: Freesia and frangipani
  • Low Tide Notes: Driftwood, vanilla, and musk
  • Tide Longevity: Around 6 to 8 hours
  • Tide Velocity: Intimate to medium
  • Island Vibes: Bold, adventurous, optimistic, invigorating, daring, eccentric, ambitious, undefied, and naughty

Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts Pros

  • Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts perfume is another beautifully versatile option with a matching men’s cologne, and it’s the ideal mental journey for me, filled with adventure, relaxation, and a touch of mischief
  • The tropical and fruity start strikes me as the perfect Bahamian mix, which slowly dries into florals with musky touches and a cheeky sweet element before it ends with refreshing wood kisses
  • This perfume has never failed to take my mind and mood to a happier place when I feel overwhelmed, and it works in every setting, including professional, romantic, and social scenarios

Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts Cons

  • The only failure I can find is that the smell is sometimes too intimate for such gorgeous accords

Bonus Tips for Tommy Bahama Fans: Matches Made in Bahamian Heaven

There are six Timmy Bahama perfumes and colognes, and they’re a match made in heaven. Check out my Tommy Bahama cologne guide to find something sensually transformational for the man in your life. I don’t believe that a happy partner makes for a happy life. Instead, a happy couple makes for an exciting life.

You’ll find Tommy Bahama colognes that match the names of your perfumes. The designers matched them beautifully to ensure that you and your partner can complement each other’s fragrance. But, of course, you could also check the notes and island vibes to find one that matches better.


Question: How Many Tommy Bahama Women’s Perfumes Are There in 2022?

Answer: Tommy Bahama is a personality brand that takes women to the wildest, most exciting places to change their moods. The sensual stimulators come in six beautiful fragrances matching the men’s cologne range. Each one will transcend your mind and perspective into a better realm, no matter where you start.

Question: What Theme Are Tommy Bahama Perfumes?

Answer: Perfumes have personalities, but they also have themes. The Tommy Bahama brand targets the maritime theme to create beautiful tropical, woody, and refreshing fragrances that take you on a Caribbean Island vacation. Everything they make, including scents and clothing, is maritime-themed.

Question: What Does Tommy Bahama for Women Smell Like?

Answer: Tommy Bahama for Her smells like a tropical vacation in the sun with beautiful sweetness to tame the mind and uplift your mood. It dances between vanilla and floral accords before drying into a gorgeously powdery heart with a fruity kiss. The scent ends with a refreshingly musky feel for modern women.

“Orevwa” to the Best Tommy Bahama Perfumes Guide

“Orevwa” is what the Bahamians say instead of “goodbye.” But before you go, check out Tommy Bahama perfumes’ mood-changing tips and mental vacation potentials. I’m sure you need one as much as I sometimes do. So then, take a journey to the wildest, happiest place you can with your senses.

I recommend trying the Tommy Bahama Women’s St. Kitts EDP as a versatile option for any age and mindset. It has everything a tropical Bahamian scent should offer to uplift your mood and make you think you’re on a beach. Otherwise, I recommend Tommy Bahama for Her EDP because it’s the closest match.

So, choose the mood you want, and wear the perfume like a boss. Don’t forget to match your partner’s fragrance if you want him to smell as relaxed and refined as you.

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