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Oscar De La Renta Perfume Guide: Datenight Scents

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Is it time to try on new lingerie? If so, let this Oscar de la Renta perfume guide show you which sensual Oscar you should wear to match the sexy undies. I’ll undress each perfume to its notes, essential smell, and the factors that might make it lead to a second date or a failed romance.

Remember that I’m talking about sensual Oscars and not the golden ones celebrities flaunt. A sensual journey on your skin might make your date more pleasurable, even helping you snatch a return of the romantic interest. I find that Oscar de la Renta Bella Essence does it for me.

However, you’ll choose your perfume according to what you want from the date. You’ll have tips on how to choose your Oscar as well, so don’t fret. You’re already nervous enough about hitting the dating scene. One less worry is that Oscar’s brand has a beautiful range of unique scents.

On a side note, you can still find your signature without being in the dating game. Let’s help you find the kind of expression you need in your romantic life.

One Thing Leads to the Next

bella rosa

Oscar de la Renta was a Dominican-born American fashion designer who created a blend of European and American luxury to set new elegant clothing and fragrances standards. He completed an international fashion degree at 18 before leaving the Dominican Republic.

Oscar also studied painting at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Who doesn’t love a man with a great sense of smell and an artistic mind? In 1961, he went to Paris, where he worked as an assistant to legendary Lanvin Castillo before moving to America in 1963.

New York is where Oscar designed a gorgeous ready-to-wear collection for Elizabeth Arden. He struck gold when he took over the Jane Derby label in 1965. Oscar’s label represented luxury casualwear and targeted everyday women, many of whom were his wife’s friends.

Oscar married Françoise de Langdale, editor-in-chief of French Vogue. It was a “head over heels” story in the luxury fashion industry, even inspiring his designer bridalwear. Oscar delved into haute couture but really gained momentum as a designer by the 1970s.

Oscar designed a unique contrast between Gypsy and Russian collections, but he soon delved into the world of creating a sensually romantic representation of himself. Oscar by Oscar de la Renta was the first perfume launched in 1977, and it struck platinum.

I think Oscar was profoundly romantic because the collections were distinctly modern yet passionate, luxury-feminine yet sexy. His vulnerability to trying new things inspires me to love his brand.

Oscar De La Renta Makes Headlines


Oscar was a determined romantic who wanted to create beauty in the mundane, and he earned well-deserved admiration for his efforts, which only makes his brand of perfumes even more desirable. Some achievements Oscar accomplished as a perfuming brand include:

  • Winning his first Coty Award for his Road of Spices Collection in 1967
  • Turning his first perfume, Oscar, into an international best-seller in 1977
  • Winning not one but three Lifetime Achievement Awards in 1999, 2000, and 2007 (as a fashion designer, but the brand earned so many awards in the fashion industry)

Oscar de la Renta is a legend among giants. He was a talented man, and I can only imagine that most of his feminine, couture, perfuming, and beauty inspiration came from one interesting fact about him. He grew up among six sisters as an only son!

Oscar De La Renta Perfume Guide: The Sensual Oscars

Picking a new perfume is a lot like going on a first date. How, when, and where will a specific Oscar work for me? When you answer that question, you’ll have your new perfume. I love thinking about how his older sisters inspired his creations when he watched them prepare for date night.

Oscar loved a floral and sandalwood look and smell, using the combination in his perfumes and clothing. As a woman, we can’t just look good; we must also smell good. Wearing the right perfume leaves a lasting impression, especially on a date.

I want a date to walk away with a constant reminder of my perfume, making him want more. Let’s break each perfume down to the notes, accords, and qualities that make a second date possible. I’ll even tell you why a romantic interest might say nope.

I’ll also add an alternative for you to experience them better if you know the other brand.

Oscar De La Renta Bella Essence

Oscar De La Renta Perfume Guide

Bella Essence is a newer fragrance from 2020. It’s one of a kind and speaks boldly, leaving an unforgettable impression. It was created to act as a cupid. It smells like a love note, passing sweet kisses through a fruity and musky accent before reaching a warmer, fresher finale.

Descending Accords: Sweet, fruity, musky, rose, vanilla, amber, soft spicy, citrus, fresh, and powdery

First Notes: Raspberry, redcurrant, and grapefruit

Middle Notes:  Rose, vanilla, and jasmine

Final Notes: Musk, ambroxan and patchouli

Intensity: Moderate (lasts about 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Dare by Guess

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It’s a sweet treat for the senses, keeping round two possible for younger women
  • It’s approachable and versatile
  • It has an unforgettably unique smell
  • It expresses an “eat-me-up” attitude


  • The fruit might be overwhelming if you’re not into sweetness
  • The fruity sweetness doesn’t work for mature women (Gen X and older)

Oscar De La Renta Bella Rosa

Oscar De La Renta Bella Rosa

Bella Rosa was launched in 2019. If you’re like me and love receiving flowers on your first date, this is your fragrance. It smells like a bouquet of gorgeously feminine flowers that dry into a woody heart with another floral accent before you end in a spicy and warm amber finale.

Descending Accords: Floral, rose, woody, citrus, powdery, white floral, patchouli, soft spicy, iris, and amber

First Notes: Pink pepper, Mandarin orange, and freesia

Middle Notes: Jasmin, pink rose, and orris root

Final Notes: Amber, patchouli, and sandalwood

Intensity: Moderate (lasts 4 to 6 hours)

 Similar Perfume: La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It’s perfect if you and the guy love roses
  • It has a creamy element for extra femininity
  • I recommended it for younger women
  • It’s a modern floral smell, unlike the traditional types flooding the sensual market


  • It’s a mild fragrance (not good if you want to be noticed)
  • It’s so floral that it might attract bees (never wear rich floral, sweet, or fruity notes if you’re allergic to bees)

Oscar De La Renta Bella Blanca

Oscar De La Renta Bella Blanca

Bella Blanca was launched in 2018. The bottle is covered in three-dimensional white flowers and decorated with a gold plate. It begins with a daring floral and green note before it explodes into freshness with powdery and musky elements and ends in a sweet, fruity, feminine finale.

Descending Accords: White floral, green, fresh, powdery, tuberose, musky, fruity, and sweet

First Notes: Cassis, green pear, Mandarin orange, and freesia

Middle Notes: Orange blossom, jasmine sambac, tuberose, violet leaves, and white rose

Final Notes: Cashmere must, peach skin musk, ambroxan, and creamy sandalwood

Intensity: Moderate (lasts 4 to 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Romance by Ralph Lauren

Take Me on Another Date:

  • The fragrance is gentle, kind, and loving on your skin
  • The bottle and perfume leave a lasting impression
  • It has a romantic essence, perfect for the dating game
  • It also has a naughty feel with elements of spirited explosions
  • It captivates the senses with a creamy touch of feminine beauty


  • This perfume is an ode to young and mature women
  • It doesn’t last long enough for an oil-based perfume

Oscar De La Renta Extraordinary

Oscar De La Renta Extraordinary

Extraordinary was launched in 2015, and what an ode to the name! It smells like a burst of fresh air and citrus bubbles leading to a heart of floral and sweet gorgeousness before you venture deeper into the undertones, where you have another blast of citrus intertwining with roses.

Descending Accords: Fresh, floral, rose, and citrus

First Notes: Citrus, cherry blossom, and neroli

Middle Notes: Rose, peony, and magnolia

Final Notes: Amber, vanilla orchid, and woody notes

Intensity: Intimate (lasts about 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It has a refreshing, summery, and bright floral smell
  • It would smell like a million glorious roses on a young woman’s skin
  • It’s a floral fragrance that works day and night


  • Please, don’t wear it as a mature woman
  • Unless you want your biker date to call you Candy, don’t wear this sweet and innocent perfume

Oscar De La Renta Rose

Oscar De La Renta Rose

Rose was launched in 2016, and it’s like a little bottle of pink happiness. The bottle design is also gorgeous! It smells like a gentle invitation to a field of roses and lilies before you enter the peony accent leading to a new type of freshness in the undertones, and it ends with a wooden finale.

Descending Accords: Floral, rose, fresh, woody, and musky

First Notes: Lily of the valley, pear, and freesia

Middle Notes: Rose, peony, and damask rose

Final Notes: White amber, musk, and white wood

Intensity: Moderate (lasts 4 to 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: So In Love by Victoria’s Secret

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It’s the closest you come to wearing an actual flower as the rose smell is elegant and soft
  • The rose adds freshness to your day and night
  • It has a glamorous look with versatility that matches every season


  • The depth of the damask rose can have a soapy effect
  • The perfume fades way too fast for such a feminine beauty

Oscar De La Renta Tropicale

Oscar De La Renta Tropicale

Tropicale was released in 2018. It’s excellent for sipping margaritas on the beach until sunset and joining a Hawaiian dance mood after dark. It smells like a citrus introduction to floral, sweet, fruity, and vanilla notes before you dive into woody undertones and a gentle floral finale.

Descending Accords: Citrus, floral, sweet, fruity, vanilla, woody, powdery, white floral, and yellow floral

First Notes: Dewberry, passionflower, bergamot, and Mandarin orange

Middle Notes: Ylang-Ylang, frangipani, and orange blossom

Final Notes: Amber, vanilla, and sandalwood

Intensity: Moderate (lasts 4 to 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Meow by Katy Perry

Take Me on Another Date:

  • You can feel like you’re lost on a tropical island on your date, taking him to another valley where dreams unfold
  • It has a passionfruit vibe with cooling and refreshing sweetness like an ice-cold soda
  • It comes in the same bottle as the rose addition but feels more outgoing and adventurous for women


  • It’s mostly for younger generations and not mature women.
  • The smell is overwhelmingly tropical at first, and if you layered it with another scented product, it would overpower the smell
  • Sadly, this perfume is now discontinued and only available on Fragrance Net

Oscar by Oscar De La Renta

Oscar by Oscar De La Renta

Oscar is the firstborn of the brand’s perfume collections, launched in 1977. It smells like you’re venturing into a classical space where florals and aromatics intertwine before you enter the heart, where warm ambers and sweet woody accents rise. It ends with a spicy and balsamic finale.

Descending Accords: White floral, aromatic, amber, woody, sweet, warm spicy, powdery, tuberose, fresh spicy, and balsamic

First Notes: Blossom, basil, clove, orange blossom, coriander, peach, galbanum, and gardenia

Middle Notes: Iris, tuberose, ylang-ylang, rosmary, rose, lavender, and orchid

Final Notes: Myrrh, clove, lavender, sandalwood, amber, opoponax, vetiver, musk, patchouli, and coconut

Intensity: Moderate (lasts 6 to 8 hours)

Similar Perfume: Diorissimo by Christian Dior

Take Me on Another Date:

  • This perfume is perfect for a classical, mature, and elegant woman
  • It gives a timeless, unforgettable feeling that will carry on in someone’s mind
  • It’s a gently-brewed perfume, guaranteed to last the whole day almost impossible to fade (especially if you layer it with another similar scented product)


  • It’s a vintage classic, making it expensive and not easy to find from places other than the official website
  • It tends to smell a little sour on young women’s skin
  • This perfume really sticks to you, and you must be in love with it

Oscar De La Renta Live in Love New York

Oscar De La Renta Live in Love New York

Live in love New York was a 2019 limited edition. Imagine painting the town red as a Gen Z trend-setter with soft florals blended with powdery accents and a citrus-infused heart. The perfume dries down to a musky, natural element before reaching a sweet, woody finale.

Descending Accords: White floral, powdery, floral, citrus, musky, green, woody, amber, sweet, and aromatic

First Notes: Bergamot, orchid, lily of the valley, galbanum, and hyacinth

Middle Notes: African orange flower, rose, and jasmine

Final Notes: Musk, sandalwood, amber, and cedarwood

Intensity: Moderate (lasts about 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Candy by Prada

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It’s excellent for Gen Z women to try new playgrounds
  • Sugary, sweet, and innocent is the way to go if you intend to be a good girl (let’s pretend we’re good girls on dates)
  • Young ladies can express a world of confidence with it


  • The scent does not last as long as expected
  • Sadly, it’s hard to find because it’s a limited edition (Fragrance X still has it n 2021)

Oscar De La Renta Espirit D’Oscar

Oscar De La Renta Espirit D'Oscar

Espirit D’Oscar was launched in 2011 as a recreation of the original Oscar from 1977. It has a wild citrus burst to start, but it dries through a gentle powdery accent to reach a floral heart. Vanilla sweetens the floral heart before you dive into the warm and spicy amber wood below.

Descending Accords: Citrus, powdery, white floral, violet, iris, vanilla, floral, amber, aromatic, and musky

First Notes: Amalfi Lemon, citron, and bergamot

Middle Notes: Violet, iris, African orange flower, tuberose, and jasmine

Final Notes: Tonka bean, heliotrope, musk, vetiver, and ambergris

Intensity: Moderate (lasts 6 to 8 hours)

Similar Perfume: Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere by Chanel

Take Me on Another Date:

  • This perfume has a smooth gourmand element that lightens the air with an old-school powdery smell
  • You get a beautiful depth and playful feeling at the same time (and so does your date)
  • It’s a beautiful perfume to wear on a night out, or you can enjoy it after a date gone wrong while soaking in a bubble bath


  • They should’ve made it a little sweeter as it’s very powdery, nearly in a vintage sense
  • The intense powdery effect only works for mature women (Millennials and older)

Oscar De La Renta Volupté

Oscar De La Renta Volupté

Volupté was released in 1992, meaning it’s a classic you still find on Fragrance X 29 years later! Almost a retro scent, this gorgeous soft floral start leads into a feminine powdery accent warmed by woody undertones. The floral notes return for an encore before you get a fresh, sweet finale.

Descending Accords: Yellow floral, floral, powdery, woody, white floral, ozonic, warm spicy, aquatic, fresh, and vanilla

First Notes: Melon, mimosa, freesia, osmanthus, watermelon, Mandarin orange, and cyclamen

Middle Notes: Narcissus, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, carnation, lotus, jasmine, lily of the valley, and peony

Final Notes: Amber, sandalwood, tuberose, vanilla, and patchouli

Intensity: Strong (lasts about 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It’s an unbelievable feminine smell for mature ladies playing the dating game
  • There’s a good balance between the sweet and not so sweet notes
  • It has a staggeringly large sillage, meaning it will imprint memories in your date’s mind


  • The perfume bottle might need a makeover as it seems a bit plain
  • Sadly, you can mainly find it on Fragrance X in 2021, but hopefully, it will make a comeback soon

Oscar De La Renta Volupté Tendre

Oscar De La Renta Volupté Tendre

Volupté Tendre is the 2021 addition to Oscar’s perfumes, and it’s the epiphany of simplicity being absolute. It begins with a delicate dance of citrus whispers before you head into the heart, where iced rose awaits the senses, and the scent ends in a tender but earthy wooden undertone.

Descending Accords: Citrus, rose, fresh, mossy, floral, and earthy

First Notes: Ice and citruses

Middle Notes: Rose

Final Notes: Oakmoss

Intensity: Moderate (lasts about 6 hours)

Similar Perfume: Coach the Fragrance by Coach

Take Me on Another Date:

  • It’s a gentle fragrance that teases a man’s senses more than overwhelms them
  • It smells like a silky kiss of sensual beauty against your skin
  • It’s feminine, just the right amount of floral, and seems to suit women of all ages


  • It’s a pity it doesn’t last long because it’s one of my favorites as a gentler perfume
  • It might be too tender for the senses belonging to a rugged man if that’s who you like dating

How to Choose Your Oscar

Ask yourself, why would you wear any Oscar on your skin? The brand is a unique sensual companion. It gets along with everyone because it adapts to your needs, whether you need sweet and spicy, powdery and musky, or something that feels nostalgic or retro.

Always choose a perfume by the notes and how it smells, but let me show you how various Oscars can help you in your romantic and social pursuits by using the reasons you might go on a second date.

  • Oscar Bella Rosa could help you be more compassionate to a soft-spoken man. It’ll keep you smelling smooth, level-headed, and calm.
  • Oscar Rose could blow your mind if you love flowers and want to express your caring, loving, and romantic sides. Imagine blowing a date’s mind with the same elements.
  • Oscar Live in Love New York can help if you have zero confidence, which is pretty standard in dating. It has a surge of sweetness to boost your confidence.
  • Oscar Tropicale could help you if you’re on the verge of burnout. Take a sensual break where your nose travels to magical places to keep you calm and relaxed. It works when you’re a busy body, which could scare your date.
  • Oscar Volupté feels inspirational, and not just in the dating game. It could work for you if you think life has everything running against you. A perfume that lasts so many years as a favorite inspires you to keep pushing.
  • Oscar by Oscar is a memorable perfume, striking impressionable cords on each evolution. This perfume will excel if you want to make the night unforgettable.
  • Oscar Extraordinary is a beautiful perfume to remind yourself why you matter so much. It can boost confidence for shy women, and it makes the guy think you’re boldly ambitious.
  • Oscar Bella Essence is your perfume if you want to smack guy’s off their sensual feet. It’s sweet and sexy, wild and unexpected, modern and feminine, and almost has an energizing, electrifying effect.

Oscar De La Renta is an Icon, and that’s why you have so many ways to choose your favorite. Think of Oscar as a sensual companion. You merely have to figure out what you want from your companion. What must he do for you?

Vera Vang

I’m being honest here, but Oscar de la Renta perfume is one of the most romantic ranges you can wear. However, not everyone loves certain brands. You already have an alternative for each fragrance, but you can also try different brands with similar qualities.

  • Vera Wang perfumes are all about making women feel like brides-to-be while maintaining their independent character (it’s romantic but modern)
  • Gardenia perfumes are about smelling like a sensually alluring field of flowers (they match Oscar’s level and creativity of floral notes)
  • Moschino perfumes make you smell like an Italian donna, and who wouldn’t want to smell like a gorgeously sophisticated woman before a date?


Question: How Does Oscar by Oscar De La Renta Smell?

Answer: Oscar by Oscar de la Renta is an iconic perfume for many reasons, one being how it smells. It’s the only Oscar perfume with aromatic hues that warm the florals at first before drying into a beautifully sweet, woody smell and ending in a spicy balsamic essence.

Question: Which Oscar De La Renta Perfumes Smell the Best?

Answer: Honestly, as a feminine woman, they all smell incredible. However, Oscar by Oscar De La Renta has an astonishing 83% approval rating on Amazon after more than 3,000 reviews. Oscar Bella Blanca has a surprising 87% approval rating as a newcomer with 400 reviews.

Question: What Comes to Mind When You Hear Oscar De La Renta Perfume?

Answer: Oscar’s perfumes are delicate, pretty, feminine, romantic, and luxurious. His romantic life inspired his scents, and they use many floral, powdery, gentle woody, and sweet undertones. It’s the perfect range for dating women, and it even has tropical and spicy tinctures.

Oscar De La Renta Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

Oscar de la Ranta began his own fashion career in 1977, and he had what mattered, a great love for everything romantic and beautiful. Some of Oscar’s fragrances are otherworldly, and just one spritz whisks your mind into the clouds.

An interesting fact is that smell can affect the emotional regions of the brain. Smelling roses on a sad day could transform your mood into a happier one, perfect for date nights. I appreciate his brand for having such an incredible effect on my mood and my partner’s.

Oscar is like the perfect partner in a glass bottle; the magic is always there. You’ll set the ideal mood in seconds. You’ll see and feel Oscar’s inspiration on your skin, and he never judges or makes you feel less than the gorgeous woman inside of you.

Oscar Bella Essense is my secret to raising my mood while teasing my partner’s senses and emotions. The sweetness is a silky kiss against my skin. I keep this perfume for special occasions, and I can just imagine what it will do for you on a date or while you’re out with friends.

It always takes courage to try something new, but I think it’s time you match your new lingerie with something sensually pleasing. Choose the sensual Oscar companion that makes sense to you, and allow the beauty of his romantic range to unfold your dreams today.

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