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Charlie Perfume Guide: Timeless Fragrances for Ambitious Women

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A Charlie Perfume Guide can open your eyes to see what a simple range from a powerhouse perfumer like Revlon can do for women. The roots of this perfume range are set deep within the ideations of contemporary movements, and every woman, including you, can find her favorite fragrance among them.

Whether you want to become one of the sassy ladies from Charlie’s Angels, readily kicking butt and destroying hearts, or you merely want a sophisticated and modern fragrance, Revlon’s perfume range will do the trick. It’s bold, just the right amount of feminine, and sleek enough to pivot your ambitions.

Thank goodness for Amazon. Otherwise, the perfumes wouldn’t be easy to source anymore, but I still love purchasing my Charlie Blue for those times I feel like turning the world on its back. I don’t simply wear perfume for the aroma and wake; I also wear it for the deeper meaning behind the wistful creations.

The Story of “Charlie Girl”

Charlie Perfume

“Charlie Girl” is a phrase commonly associated with retro perfumery and marketing, even though many perfumes are still sold worldwide. Who can forget the face of Shelley Marie Hack in the mid-1970s, as she gracefully wore those pants suits, embracing the title of “Charlie Girl” for Revlon?

Shelley is also widely known as Tiffany Welles from the fourth season of the much-loved show: Charlie’s Angels. The entire campaign behind Revlon’s 1973 Charlie perfume range shifted the way fragrances were marketed for women. It used to be about making women look pretty and romantic in dresses.

Revlon knew the world was changing, and so were women. Independent and professional women were becoming the latest trend as equality became more prominent. The Charlie perfume range was intended to target strong-willed, independent, and liberated women across the globe.

Shelley was simply the first face of this long-standing feminist perfume movement that encouraged women to be their fullest potentials. Gone were the days where women had to stay home, cook dinner, and raise the kids. Revlon targeted the perfect time to promote feminism by showing how professional women can be.

That’s what makes Charlie’s perfume range feel like a liberating blow to the man, and I don’t mean “men;” I mean “the man.” We can also do what we set our hearts and minds to achieve. Shelley showed America how women can still be sexy bombshells while being their independent and ambitious selves.

Charlie perfume and the woman who took us on extraordinary adventures with the Angels are a pathway to something retrospective, memorable, and admirable. The Charlie range is liberating, empowering, and inspirational.

What Makes Charlie Perfume Special?

I believe the extricated feel of Charlie perfume and its roots speak for itself, but the fragrance is also exceptional in other ways. Revlon is a front-running beauty and cosmetics brand worldwide, and it was established in New York City in 1932, where the headquarters still exist.

Revlon is listed as a multinational cosmetics company on the stock exchange because it extends roots into nearly every modern country and some developing corners. From North America to Europe to Australia, everyone knows the Revlon and the Charlie range.

The products are affordable while being quality-minded, and Revlon brings a range of perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare products. The legacy stands tall, and the company even bought Elizabeth Arden, another globally famous beauty and cosmetics brand. Elizabeth Arden became a subsidiary of Revlon in 2016.

Revlon continues to shape the world of beauty and fragrances, and they’ve won these awards, among others:

The company brought a new face into the brand ambassador spotlight in 2016: American singer and songwriter Ciara. It’s also one of the companies still standing after the 2020 pandemic that saw many companies bankrupt. A pandemic won’t take down a beauty company that revolutionized liberated women.

Again, what makes Charlie perfume special? Many reasons support the perfume and brand behind it. And then, the classically unfettered fragrance alone is enough to make it a remarkable scent for any woman. If that doesn’t twist your arm, you should learn about another interesting fact behind the perfume range.

The name Charlie is one of the most popular unisex names in today’s world. Stagnant as a multi-gender name for 50 years, it’s making waves among men and women again, almost reinforcing the equality roots of the perfume range. No offense to men whatsoever, but women can also manifest anything they dream.

Charlie Perfumes: A Retrospective Journey for Women

You must be convinced to try a Charlie perfume by now. I know I’ve reassured myself that Charlie fragrances are a classic treat. The range is also not overcomplicated with fancy names that need Google to translate. Believe it or not, women sometimes love getting to the point. Yes, guys, I believe your wife might want just that.

Charlie Blue

Charlie Blue

I love Charlie Blue so much because it’s a rebranding of the original 1973 perfume. It’s the retrospective treat from the first fragrance Shelley campaigned, and it’s a floral bite of feminine freedom wrapped in a bottle that resembles nail polish. Women want that equal feeling, but they also want to feel sexy.

The notes of Charlie Blue seem so simple. Yet, they evolve into a wide range of drying accords, allowing you to feel the revolution of contemporary femininity embracing your skin for hours. You get a floral accent intertwining with mossy and earthy undertones for that touch of “I can do this as much as any man” sensation.

Drying Accords: Woody, mossy, fresh spicy, rose, aromatic, earthy, powdery, warm spicy, musky, and white floral.

Wearable Times: Day, night, spring, winter, and summer

First Notes: Rose and jasmine

Heart Notes: Geranium and oakmoss

End Notes: Sandalwood and musk


  • Wow, it only costs $9!
  • The wake lasts around eight hours with a moderate to solid sillage.
  • It has a contemporary-romantic feel about it.
  • It dries down from a sensational accent of woody and earthy notes to a soft, floral undertone.
  • It smells like a journey through nature with a warm touch of spiciness.
  • It has alluring, cat-like, and empowering elements.
  • It works well for mature women.
  • It’s easy to find in America.


  • It doesn’t work well for young women.
  • It smells a little unisex (some women want something more feminine)

Charlie Blue by Revlon for Women | The Perfume Spot

The woody notes in the fragrance are imparted by the essences of sandalwood, oakmoss, and musk, while geranium rose and jasmine composes the flowery accords of the perfume.

Buy at Amazon Buy at The Perfume Spot
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Charlie Red

Charlie Red

Charlie Red is another floral beauty from Revlon, but it has more delicate contemporary elements, marrying the sweet aroma of honey to animalistic notes to create a robust feminine fragrance. It also comes in the nail polish style bottle because every woman wants to feel like a queen, even though she wants to feel equal.

Admittedly, women are complicated creatures, and I’m allowed to say that because I’m one. We want that burst of feminine sexiness while reminding everyone how powerful and determined we can be. Charlie Red gives me those vibes, and it makes me think of a layered woman with innocent and complicated levels.

Drying Accords: Floral, white floral, sweet, woody, tuberose, animalistic, powdery, fruity, honey, and warm spicy

Wearable Times: Day, night, and all seasons

First Notes: Plum, violet, gardenia, peach, orange blossom, and blackcurrant

Heart Notes: Carnation, ylang-ylang, orchid, rose, tuberose, lily of the valley, and jasmine

End Notes: Sandalwood, honey, musk, cedar, and amber


  • Another winner at $9.18
  • The wake lasts six to eight hours with a moderate sillage.
  • It has a wild and contemporary nature about it.
  • It dries from seductive fruity and sweet notes to a gentle woody undertone masked by honey.
  • It smells like vibrant fields of fruit and candy at first.
  • It has alluring, beast-like, and ambitious elements.
  • It works wonders for young women.
  • It’s not readily available in North American stores (Amazon has no shortage, though)


  • It’s too vibrant for mature women.
  • It smells a little girly for the Charlie range.

Revlon Charlie Red Eau Fraiche Spray for Women | The Perfume Spot

Charlie Red by Revlon is classified as a flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, rose, apricot and lily of the valley. Accompanied by additional fruity notes of fresh citrus and plum. It is recommended for casual wear.

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Charlie Silver

Charlie Silver

Charlie Silver is a marriage of the first two perfumes because it brings feminist empowerment to modern women’s innocent and sexy sweetness. This perfume makes me think of a woman who wants to be as sparkly as princesses without making suitors believe she needs a shining knight in armor to save her.

She’s as beautifully graceful as any woman should be, but she can be independent, vicious, and self-sufficient. Charlie Silver captivates people with fresh undertones enhancing the sweet and fruity nature of the first wakes. It only encumbers masculine elements with fresh and natural accords that promote feminine glory.

Drying Accords: Fruity, citrus, sweet, white floral, floral, fresh, aquatic, green, and conifer

Wearable Times: Day, summer, and spring

First Notes: Lime and pear

Heart Notes: Apricot and peach

End Notes: Lily of the valley and magnolia


  • It’s highly affordable at $10.18
  • It has an intimate sillage.
  • It dries from a beautifully contemporary fruity and fresh accent to a subtle green undertone.
  • It smells like a modest field of flowers with a fruit tree in the middle.
  • It has gentle, timeless, and vibrant elements.
  • It works well for women of any age.
  • It’s not readily available from anywhere but Amazon.


  • The wake doesn’t last more than six hours.
  • It has a deceptively innocent and pure nature about it (unlike the liberating qualities of other Charlie perfumes)

Charlie Silver Perfume By Revlon For Women | The Perfume Spot

Charlie Silver by Revlon is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Charlie Silver was launched in 1997. The fragrance features apricot, magnolia, peach, lime, pear and lily-of-the-valley.

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Charlie White

Charlie White

Charlie White has a solid contemporary feminine feel about it. Once you surf through the top layers of sweet elegance, you drop into a world of fresh and floral undertones, masking a surprise: violet. Imagine a woman dressed in pure silk with touches of tiger-like elements seeping through her dress.

She’s not too girly as the silk wraps itself around her skin, but it reveals a beast hiding under the soft fabric, one that exudes freedom through ambition. Charlie White is a gorgeously modern perfume from Revlon, even though it’s a 1994 edition. You can almost say Revlon had foresight into contemporary female desires.

Drying Accords: Ozonic, white floral, aquatic, fresh, fruity, powdery, floral, violet, green, and rose

Wearable Times: Day, spring, and summer

First Notes: Watermelon and peach

Heart Notes: Jasmine and rose

End Notes: Lily of the valley and violet


  • It doesn’t get better than $8.88 for Charlie White.
  • The wake lasts six to eight hours with an intimately moderate sillage.
  • It has a sweet but sexy, secretive but inviting nature about it.
  • It dries from a gorgeously feminine fragrance to a surprising violet undertone.
  • It smells like a field of flowers near the coast.
  • It has vibrant, seductive, and modern elements about it.
  • It works well for young women or mature but vibrant women.
  • You can find it on Amazon.


  • It doesn’t work for more traditional mature women
  • It can smell overwhelmingly girly at first (which isn’t the statement Charlie wanted to make)

Charlie White by Revlon | The Perfume Spot

Launched by the design house of Revlon in 1994, charlie white is classified as a refreshing, aquatic fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of watermelon, violet, and jasmine. Accompanied by additional notes of sandalwood. 

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Charlie Gold

Charlie Gold

Charlie Gold is a burst of modern femininity hidden in masculine statements. I have no problem with liberated women smelling like they can take any bull by the horns and fling it into Spanish crowds, but this one is a little powerful when it comes to masculine accents. In a sense, it’s bolder than equality.

However, it’s perfect for a woman who wears those pants suits to show her colleagues who’s the boss. It also works for women who want their spicy tigress to surface in meetings and social settings. Gold is one of the greatest precious metals, so maybe Revlon wanted this perfume to smell like a powerful statement to match it.

Drying Accords: Fruity, warm spicy, powdery, woody, amber, sweet, cinnamon, caramel, rose, and floral.

Wearable Times: Night, day, winter, and fall

First Notes: Caramel, apricot, orange, peach, jasmine, and plum

Heart Notes: Cloves, cinnamon, violet, and rose

End Notes: Cedar, freesia, musk, sandalwood, and amber


  • It’s super affordable at $11.21
  • The wake lasts about eight hours with a moderate to enormous sillage
  • It has an “I’m the boss” attitude
  • It dries from a fruity and sweet exchange with woody undertones to a burned caramel finale
  • It smells like walking into an executive’s office
  • It has beast-like, empowering, and all-encumbering elements
  • It works better for mature women (professionals)
  • It’s mainly available on Amazon


  • It doesn’t work well for young women with contemporary balances of sweetness and woody undertones
  • It can be too bold and in-your-face (enough said – equality isn’t about overpowering the opposite gender)

Charlie Gold by Revlon | Amazon
$9.99 ($2.94 / Fl Oz)

Charlie Gold by Revlon is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. The fragrance features orange, apricot, sandalwood, plum, amber, cinnamon, musk, violet, freesia, peach, jasmine, caramel, cloves, cedar and rose.

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Charlie Pink

Charlie Pink

Charlie Pink seems to remind women that they can be feminine enough while still getting what they want. It strikes all the right feminine notes, making you feel like a woman of class, sophistication, and vibrant beauty. Unfortunately, this perfume is no longer available on Amazon or in North American stores.

You could find it on eBay, but you’ll also only find the 30 ml bottles. It’s a pity because the smell was a gorgeously modern reminder of what makes women precious in this world. It can seem far from the Charlie roots, and maybe that’s why we can’t find it easily.

Drying Accords: Fruity, sweet, citrus, vanilla, floral, fresh, powdery, and sour (yip, that’s a new one)

Wearable Times: Day, spring, and summer

First Notes: Tangerine and red berries

Heart Notes: Floral notes

End Notes: Vanille


  • It has a “princess” vibe (albeit a little independent or sassy)
  • It dries from a noticeable sweetness to a fresh undertone
  • It smells somewhat like a teenager’s perfume
  • It has girly, sweet, and innocent elements
  • It works better for young women (Gen Z)


  • You can’t easily buy it
  • The wake only lasts about six hours with an intimate sillage
  • It smells too young for mature women

Bonus! Ciara by Revlon

Ciara by Revlon

Little known to the Charlie range is a perfume called Ciara by Revlon, also released in 1973. It doesn’t fall under the Charlie perfumes, or so people think. Ciara is a sister perfume for the original Charlie fragrance released the same year. It has the same inspiration: creating liberated women with equal ambitions.

It’s a spicy, exotic blend of undertones that constantly interact with each other, promoting the very essence of feminine beauty and undying ambitions. The perfume smells a little strong for me, but it marries the masculine touches to feminine elements to create that retrospective journey through the change of gender classes.

Drying Accords: Balsamic, amber, woody, smoky, sweet, leather, vanilla, powdery, warm spicy, and citrus

Wearable Times: Night, day, fall, and winter

First Notes: Neroli, raspberry, lemon, and bergamot

Heart Notes: Brazillian rosewood, orris, ylang-ylang, palmarosa, and jasmine

End Notes: Opoponax, leather, vanilla, musk, incense, and cedar


  • It’s perfectly affordable at $13.06
  • The wake lasts about eight hours with a strong sillage
  • It has a wild and unique personality
  • It dries from a strong, woody aroma to a sweet, fresh undertone
  • It smells like an olfactory journey for women
  • It has classic, sophisticated, and bold elements
  • It works well for mature women
  • It’s readily available on Amazon


  • It doesn’t smell incredible on young women
  • It can be overwhelmingly masculine like Charlie Gold

Ciara by Revlon Perfume for Women | The Perfume Spot

Ciara 100% Strength by Revlon is a feminine fragrance introduced by Revlon in 1973. For years since then, Ciara has been a signature scent for strong and beautiful women. Ciara has a nice composition of fruity florals with hints of musk and vanilla. 

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Choosing Your Charlie Girl

Revlon began the Charlie range as a salute to women who want to feel equal to everyone else. Any of the perfumes allow you to feel that sense of liberation from an age-old, limited mindset where women were homemakers and child-raisers. Instead, you can be a hell-raiser in your workplace and social settings.

However, the Charlie range widely went to different definitions of contemporary liberation, or what I like to call the three types of Charlie girls. Choosing your perfume from this range is about determining which Charlie girl you want to be. I’ve allocated the perfumes to the types of girls by looking at each one’s empowerment.

Empowerment is determined by the notes and how they interact with masculine and feminine undertones. More pungent masculine undertones would create a bolder sense of equality. Knowing the three Charlie personalities will help you choose the best one for you. These are the three Charlie girls:

Classic Girl

The classic girl personality defines Charlie Pink if you can find it. This perfume is a personality of its own because it’s elaborately feminine, somewhat defeating the object of the range. I won’t deny that it’s a gorgeous fragrance, though. I’ve only smelled it once, and it reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Women.

Liberation Girl

The liberation girl personality defines Charlie Blue, Silver, and Red, and it’s the essence of what Revlon wanted to do with the range. It marries masculine and feminine undertones perfectly to create a contemporary and unfettered aroma without seeming like you want to take charge of the world.

Beast Girl

The beast girl personality defines Charlie White and Gold. These two perfumes belong in their own category because they’re overwhelming, almost tipping the balance from liberating feminism to oppression. Some women want men to know they’re the boss, and these two perfumes will do that for you.

Wearing Charlie Like a Pro

wearing charlie perfume

Being a Charlie girl is a statement that may change your social and professional life. The highly affordable perfume range is a wonderful option for a signature scent. Wearing perfume is not always enough on its own. Sometimes, you need to make it last longer, wake stronger, and layer like a pro.

The Charlie perfume range is relatively strong, meaning the sillage is good, and you won’t have to amplify the aroma too much. Making it last longer and evolve more beautifully on your skin is about following a few tips.

  1. Don’t apply Charlie perfume over sweaty skin. Rather have a warm shower and dry your skin properly before applying moisturizer or petroleum jelly on your wrists or neck. A thin layer should do the trick.
  2. Wait two minutes for your skin and the moisturizer to air dry before spraying perfume. Spraying it too fast can also speed the evolution and drydown up, shortening the life on your skin. It’s also a good idea to leave the humid air in the bathroom before spraying yourself.
  3. Hold the bottle five inches away from your neck or wrists before spraying it to help it sit evenly on your skin. Avoid rubbing the perfume into your skin. Gently pat your wrists together to help them absorb better.
  4. You can also enjoy a longer stay with your Charlie perfume by spraying once into your hair. Hair maintains the smell longer than your skin or clothes. You shouldn’t even bother spraying it onto your clothes.
  5. Finally, don’t overdo it with Charlie perfume because of the strong sillage, even if you want to smell like a powerful beast. One to two spritzes on each point are more than enough. The perfume takes a few minutes to evolve on your skin.

Should you want your Charlie perfume to smell even more robust, you can layer your scented products. Revlon has a range of products you can use with your fragrances.

Mitchum Women's Deodorant, Antiperspirant Stick | Amazon
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Revlon Charlie Red Body Spray | Amazon
$6.99 ($6.99 / Count)

Revlon Charlie Red is a fruity, floral fragrance with a blend of vanilla, tonka beans and heliotrope. Its top notes consist of blackcurrant buds, orange blossom, violet leaf, nasturtium, peach, prue and ylang ylang.

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REVLON Charlie Black Body Spray Women | Amazon
$12.92 ($5.17 / Ounce)

You will feel sexy and chic with this sweet and fruity scent that first launched in 2009. Charlie Black perfume starts out with top notes of mandarin lychee and cherry that combine with heart notes of almond and caramel.

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  • Revlon Eterna moisturizer keeps you smelling good all-day
  • Revlon Uniq 1 shampoo keeps the fragrance in your hair

As a woman, I love the empowerment of the modern feminist world, but I also love smelling like the woman who drives my partner insane. Sometimes, I want to feel more feminine than feminist, and there’s nothing like feeling the safety of my partner’s arms when I wear something a little less intimidating.

The core of Charlie perfume is the equality concept where masculine and feminine meet in the middle. Still, if you’re looking for a perfume brand with classic female sexiness without the Wilma Flintstone wooden bat to your man’s nose, these brands will bring you back to the right path:

Should you be looking for alternatives for Charlie perfumes due to them being so hard to find in North American stores, I’d recommend these perfumes because they have similar notes and accords:

Christian Dior Pure Poison Eau de Parfum Spray | Amazon
$134.35 ($39.51 / Fl Oz)

Beautiful and distinctive, TrendToGo brings you another fine fragrance from Christian Dior ALL Fragrances are 100% Guaranteed Authentic.

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Creed Love in White | Amazon

A pure declaration of love, this romantic floral Eau de Parfum for women exquisitely combines some of the world's finest ingredients.

Buy at Amazon Buy at FragranceNet
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Adidas By Adidas For Women Edt Spray, Pure Lightness | Amazon
$11.87 ($6.98 / Fl Oz)

Pure Lightness by Adidas is a fresh floral fragrance for women. Spray some fun in your life with fun sensation, an addictive fruity floral fragrance that brings you a splash of youthful vibes.

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MOSCHINO GLAMOUR by Moschino for WOMEN | Amazon

Launched by the design house of Moschino in 2008, MOSCHINO GLAMOUR by Moschino for Women posesses a blend of: wormwood, cedar and white musk, tangerine blossom, cattleya orchid, hibiscus, amber, waterlily, sea salt It is recommended for casual wear.

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Lancôme Trésor Eau de Parfum | Amazon

Created by the design house of Lancome in 1990, Tresor is classified as a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of lilac, apricot, and finishing with amber and musk.

Buy at Amazon Buy at FragranceNet
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Red Door by Elizabeth Arden | Amazon
$82.00 ($24.85 / Fl Oz)

Unlock your world and experience the romantic sophistication of Red Door, Elizabeth Arden's iconic signature fragrance.

Buy at Amazon Buy at Perfumania
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02/19/2024 10:21 am GMT


Question: Which Charlie Perfume was the Original?

Answer: The first perfume Revlon released under the Charlie range was Charlie Cologne Spray EDT, and it was a floral aldehyde fragrance that used lemon blossom, hyacinth, and peach to enhance the scent. It’s no longer available to purchase, but some sellers still have it on Amazon in small sizes like 15 ml.

Question: Which Charlie Perfume is Closest to the Original?

Answer: Revlon first intended to create an entire range of perfumes targeting women who exude modern feminism, but the plot twisted with some fragrances, creating different elements. The closest scent to Charlie Original is called Charlie Blue. It’s just a rebranded bottle of the original perfume.

Question: Do Charlie Perfumes Last Long on Your Skin?

Answer: Revlon released the Charlie perfume range as Eau de Toilette, which doesn’t typically last as long as Eau de Parfum, but this range certainly pushes the limits of an EDT. It might be due to the strong sillage of Charlie perfume, but they tend to last for hours beyond the expectations of EDT perfumes.

Answer: Many Charlie perfumes were discontinued in North America in 2011, the most popular ones being Charlie Red and Charlie White. You can still source them from Amazon, but you won’t easily find any Charlie perfumes other than the original recreation called Charlie Blue in North America.

Charlie Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

Revlon created a masterpiece in some ways with the Charlie perfume range. They hopped aboard the feminism train, and we won’t complain as women. We want to be noticed as feminine and seductive women, but we also want to be taken seriously at work and in social settings. After all, we’re as capable of anything as anyone else.

The Charlie perfume range isn’t my favorite because they lost the plot with the later releases. They also went overboard with some, like Charlie Gold, but I love perfumes for many reasons. They make me smell like an angel, but the underlying intentions of the manufacturer can also promote the tigress in me at work.

The reason I recommend Charlie Blue is that it defines precisely what Revlon intended with the range. Charlie Silver is my second favorite because it’s a modernized version of the retro original. Determine what your Charlie girl looks like, and try one of these gorgeous perfumes now to see if Revlon got your ambitions right.

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