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YSL Cologne Guide: Which Are The Best Picks For Men and Women?

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So, you are probably familiar with the YSL fashion brand, but did you know that this brand has perfume too? No? Well, let me tell you all about where it all started.

Who Was Yves Saint Laurent?

When Yves Saint Laurent was a teen, he left Algeria for Paris to work for designer Christian Dior. He then gained acclaim for his dress designs. And in 1966, he launched his fashion label and garnered fame for his adaptations of tuxedos for women.

He was the first living designer to receive a solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1983. Amazing right? Okay, so now that you know who Yves Saint Laurent was, let me tell you all about how the fragrance started.

The first fragrance was created in 1964. It was called Y and was a collaboration with perfumer Jean Amic. The original packaging of this perfume reflected the contours of women’s heads and shoulders. And the letter Y represented the neckline of her dress. So creative!

I know you are probably thinking to yourself: “What makes the YSL brand so special apart from its design?”  And I’m going to spill the beans, or should I rather say spill the characteristics:


With the YSL cologne, you can escape into nature with only one spray and experience a smell of freshness.


It is sweet, subtle, and feminine and smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Guys, why buy your lady flowers when she can have the smell of flowers and a beautiful perfume all in one with this amazing perfume? And you know what the best part is? Unlike flowers that won’t last long, this perfume will last her a long time.


Its unique and sweet smell will definitely get people talking!

So we are finally at the part you have all been waiting for! I want to share with you my YSL Cologne Guide, and I’m first going to start off with the ladies.

YSL Perfume Guide For Women

Are you looking for the best YSL perfume for women? Don’t worry; I have put together the perfect list for you! And who knows? Maybe you will find your signature scent.

Black Opium

If you love coffee, you will love this YSL cologne! Because the notes start with a smokey and bitter coffee scent. After these notes, you will experience a sweet and spicy scent. This is derived from vanilla, orange blossom, pink pepper, jasmine, cedar, and patchouli. 

Because the smell of this perfume is so deep, it is also a great option for men!

Pros of Black Opium Perfume:

  • It has an exciting and revitalizing smell.

Cons of the Black Opium perfume:

  • The bitter scent might be overwhelming.

Who is the Black Opium Perfume for?

It is for the fun and energetic women(or men) out there who want to leave a cheerful impression.

Paris EDT

Paris EDT was created in 1983 by Sofia Grojsman. This perfume has an amazing floral and powdery scent. 

Pros of Paris EDT:

  • If you want to portray yourself as sweet and feminine, then this perfume is perfect for you.
  • It has a clean and floral scent.

Cons of Paris EDT

  • Some might think that it has an old smell.

Who is it for?

This perfume is for the elegant, stylish, and charming women out there.

Rive Gauche 

This perfume was created by Michael Hy in 1970. If you are looking for a perfume that has an intense smell, this is the perfume for you.

The notes alter from a floral to a woody smell. Here and there, you will also smell the notes of oakmoss and musk.

Pros of Rive Gauche:

  • It has a fun and unique smell.
  • A great perfume for when you are going out.

Cons of Rive Gauche:

  • It is not effective when you put it on your clothes.

Who is it for?

Are you a woman who loves to be unpredictable? Well, then this perfume will match you perfectly!


I’m sure we have all experienced the feeling of falling deeply in love. Then getting our hearts broken and then falling deeply in love again. This can be with someone new or even the same person. Well, the “In Love Again” perfume represents this perfectly! 

It has an amazing fruity and floral smell. This perfume has amazing longevity, and one spray will be more than enough.

Pros of In Love Again:

  • Women of all ages can wear it.
  • The longer you wear it, the stronger the scent gets.

Cons of In Love Again:

  • The scent can become overwhelming.

Who Is It For?

This scent is for those ladies who are looking for a scent that will last them the entire day without having to re-apply it.

Cinéma By Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Parfum

Are you a glamorous lady that spends most of your time in the spotlight? Then the Cinema perfume will be the perfect option for you! It has top notes of cyclamen, almond blossom, and clementine—middle notes of peony, jasmine, and amaryllis. And lastly, base notes of vanilla, opulent, amber, white musk, and amber.

Pros of the Cinema Perfume

  • Long-lasting
  • Sweet and flowery

Cons of the Cinema Perfume

  • Can be overwhelming

When I do my shopping online, I love to read the reviews of the products. It just helps me decide whether I need to buy the product or not. I mean, if 150 people disliked the product, it is probably not the best choice. So that is why I want to give you my opinion on which YSL perfume for women is my favorite. 

I love the Cinéma By Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Parfum. Why? Because I love its sweet and flowery scent! It is also long-lasting, which makes it even better!

Don’t worry, gents, I haven’t forgotten about you, now you can match your lady with your YSL cologne.

And I have the best YSL Cologne list for you! But before I share the list with you, I want to tell you how to choose your YSL cologne.

Finding the right cologne for you will depend on the following factors:

  • The season
  • Climate
  • Your lifestyle
  • The occasion

Suppose you are looking for scents for winter or fall. Look for colognes that have warmer notes like tobacco, spicy, woods, and sandalwood.

If you are looking for scents for the warmer seasons, you need a scent that is cleaner and lighter.

We are now at the part you have been waiting for, gents: 

The Best YSL Cologne for Men

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme

This is the type of cologne that will always sell no matter what time of year or state the economy is in. The scent is masculine and sexy and will definitely get the ladies’ attention! It has top notes of cardamoms, middle notes of lavender, cedar, and bergamot. And lastly, base notes of caraway and vetiver.

Pros of the Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme

  • It is unique 
  • It is great for nights out

Cons of the Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme

  • Are there any?

Who is it for?

This YSL cologne is for the men who love to go on a night out.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Sport

Are you a guy that loves sport and hitting the gym? Well, then I think that this YSL cologne can be your new signature scent! It smells heavenly, and it is just the motivation you need to get that workout done!

It has top notes of verbena, aldehydes, and bergamot. Middle notes of coriander and woody note that go together with amber and cedar to form the base notes.

Pros of the Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Sport

  • You can wear it during the day and night
  • It is great for the gym (if you are a guy that wears cologne to the gym)
  • It works great during all seasons
  • It smells great

Cons of the Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Sport

  • If you are not a lover of sports fragrances, this cologne might not be for you.
  • Compared to the other colognes, it doesn’t last very long on your skin.

Who Is It For?

Suppose you are a guy who loves sports fragrances and loves wearing cologne to the gym. Or you want a cologne that is perfect for day and nightwear; then this cologne will be perfect for you!

Yves Saint Laurent Y

Were you born in the ’80s or ’90s? Then this cologne might just be your new signature scent!

This cologne is great for the summer season and will get the ladies’ attention! This cologne starts with notes of mint, lemon, ginger, bergamot, and aldehydes—middle notes of pineapple, sage, violet leaf, and apple. I must say this sounds divine! 

And lastly, it has base notes that include vetiver, cedar, musk, incense, balsam fir, and ambergris.

Pros of the Yves Saint Laurent Y Cologne

  • A fresh smell
  • It can be worn on many different occasions 
  • Impressive longevity
  • More affordable

Cons of the Yves Saint Laurent Y

  • You might not like the opening notes of the cologne because of its synthetic vibe.

Who Is It For?

Suppose you are a guy that is looking for a fresh-smelling cologne that can be worn for many different occasions. And that lasts long at the same time; then this cologne is for you!

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

This cologne has been around for years, and you probably already know about it. But if you haven’t heard about this scent, let me tell you all about its notes. 

The top notes are bergamot, lemon, and ginger. Followed by middle notes of basil, violet leaf, and white pepper. And base notes of Tahitian vetiver, cedar, and tonka bean.

Pros of the Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme cologne

  • It has a pleasant sweetness
  • It may be your new signature scent
  • You are sure to impress the ladies

Cons of the Saint Laurent L’Homme

  • Shorter longevity
  • Not suited for all ages ( better suited for mature men)
  • Because it has been around for years, a lot of men know about this fragrance and use it. So you are not going to have a unique smell. But if this is something that does not bother you, then it is a great option!
  • Not suited for the cold months

Who Is It For?

This cologne is for the gents out there who want to find their signature scent and get the ladies’ attention! 

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme Eau Électrique

If you are looking for a cologne that will be a crowd-pleaser, this is the cologne for you. It has top notes of apple, orange, and Mandarin. Middle notes of sage, orange blossom, lavender, and geranium. And ends with notes of vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, cashmere, and tonka bean.

Pros of the Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme Eau Électrique

  • Perfect for a night out
  • Great longevity
  • Perfect for winter and late fall

Cons of the Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme Eau Électrique

  • Hard to pull off during the summer

Who Is It For?

It is for the guys out there who love going out at night. And want to find the perfect scent that they can wear in the winter and fall seasons.

My Opinion

I love the Yves Saint Laurent Y cologne not only because it is more affordable and long-lasting. But because my husband can wear it for different occasions, work, and even date nights!

Okay, so now you know the best YSL colognes/ perfumes for men and women. But, I want to give you some tips on how you can choose the right YSL cologne for you! 

Here are some factors you will want to consider to choose the right YSL perfume for you:

  • Character – The type of fragrance you wear defines who you are. So choose a fragrance that represents you. That tells the people you work with and interact with exactly who you are without having to tell your story.
  • Occasion – Set the mood right and wear a fragrance that matches the occasion.
  • Floral or fruity – Decide which scent you prefer. Do you like fruity or floral fragrances more? This will make the process of finding the scent that is right for you so much easier!
  • Price range – Decide on the amount you want to spend, and look for perfumes/colognes in these price ranges.

Tips on How to Make Your YSL Cologne Last Longer.

  1. Apply your YSL cologne right after you shower.
  2. Before you apply your YSL cologne, make sure your skin is moisturized.
  3. Spray or dab onto your pulse points.
  4. Don’t rub in the cologne. 

Okay, we are now at the part that you are probably not excited about. Can you guess which part this is? Jip, the price!

Price of the YSL cologne

Because YSL is a luxury brand, we don’t expect the price to be low. The price range will vary between $60 and $80. That is not bad, in my opinion, for such an amazing brand!


Answer: The most popular YSL perfume is the Mon Paris Eau de Parfum. This perfume smells like a fruity paradise and is a perfume you need to try out!

Question: What does YSL smell like?

Answer: I have one word to describe the YSL perfume, and it is “HEAVEN”! It has sweet, fruity, and floral notes that will take your breath away!

Question: Is YSL perfume long-lasting?

Answer: Yes, most of the YSL perfumes are long-lasting. And will last on your skin for a minimum of 5 hours before it starts to wear off.

Question: What does YSL stand for?

Answer: The YSL stands for Yves Saint Laurent.


There you have it, guys. You have reached the end of the YSL cologne guide. I hope you found this article interesting! And that you are now one step closer to finding your YSL signature scent.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different colognes. With each spray you take, you are closer to finding the right YSL cologne for you!

Don’t know where to start? Try out the list of best YSL perfumes/colognes for men and women mentioned above.  And remember, Ladies and Gents, use a character-defining scent so that your perfume/cologne can be your voice! Happy shopping!

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