About Us

Here at Scent Chasers, we’re passionate about helping you find the best perfumes and colognes for every occasion of life, whether that be for a fancy night out or your everyday adventures. We want to make sure that you don’t overspend on the wrong fragrance brands or scents.

We know that navigating the world of fragrance can be overwhelming and intimidating. While retail stores offer a chance to visit and check out a variety of scents, the selection can be limiting and you may miss out on finding your signature scent! We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, so if you’ve been sharing these same feelings, then you’ve come to the right place!

No matter where you find yourself on your fragrance journey, we’re here to help and guide you! Scent Chasers will help you find the best perfumes and colognes that will make you stand out in a crowd. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your shopping experience so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much or too little.

Our Scent Mission

We want to test every scent there is on the market! We know how tricky it is to find your classic smell, the one cologne or perfume that you can call your perfect match! Our team at Scent Chasers covers reviews of the hottest scents, dupes to save you some money and will help you to discover new scents you’ve never heard of before.

What We Offer

We would eat and breathe perfumes, but they don’t taste very good. We’re obsessed with our signature scents and believe there’s a signature scent out there for everyone! Even if you’ve been discouraged or overwhelmed on your hunt before, our team of experts puts each scent through vigorous testing while we review.

Everything we write about here on Scent Chasers is published to help you out. That way, you can figure out which scents to buy and which to skip over!

How this works

As much as we possibly can, we test out the perfumes and colognes over time so that you end up with scents that fit both your lifestyle and preferences. We make sure to base our recommendations on solid research and personal use, so that you don’t end up with another bottle on your shelf that barely gets used.

We think about everything, not just the scent; we look at the quality of the packaging and bottle as well as how the fragrance stands up to a variety of environmental factors, such as sweat or long-time use. If you’re curious about how  our review process goes, we’ll outline it for you here:

  •  We first look into any current trends happening in the fragrance world and decide on the best ways to bring them to you. When we land on the perfect options, we make sure to try them out for ourselves for an appropriate length of time so that you get the best recommendations
  • The person who is researching and trialing the products is the same person who will be writing the article. Throughout the trial process, the writer will keep detailed notes on how the fragrance wears and how the packaging stands up over time. If any changes occur after the article has been published, then the writer will be sure to post detailed updates.

Our Core Values

  • Beauty
  • Expression
  • Playfulness
  • Quality
  • Timeliness.

Our Team Scentsperts 



Crystal Schwanke – Scent Wizard

If there’s anything to know about a fragrance, Crystal knows it. She’s our Scent Wizard, because she always keeps herself updated on all of the newest releases, fun information about the classics, and all of the in-between bits. She’s more than obsessed with fragrances and wants to help you unlock your love of scents too!


What do you hope to share with your readers while writing on Scent Chasers? 

I hope to share a love of fragrance that’ll teach people to experience emotions, recall beautiful memories (and anchor new ones), shift their mood, and express themselves through their perfume and cologne choices.

What is the most overrated scent in colognes and perfumes?

I can think of two overrated scents: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Chanel No. 5. I like and own both of these, but the hype around them blows my mind. They smell amazing, but so do tons of other fragrances that don’t get nearly as much attention. Oh! Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, too. I love that one- it’s fresh and clean with a little bit of musk and woods for warmth. But it doesn’t last long enough on me and I think I’m the only one who can smell it when I wear it.

What’s your classic scent? 

I’m always switching things up and don’t really have a classic scent or signature fragrance, but I wear Coco Mademoiselle (original or intense) most often. It’s been a go-to for me for about 20 years. My daughter told me she associates Lancome Tresor La Nuit with me, too. For some reason, I’m drawn to that one around October each year and wear it a lot through January.

Why do you love the world of fragrance? 

I started out intrigued by aromatherapy. Then, as a teen, I’d get magazines with perfume strips in them and noticed how they could shift my mood. I started choosing fragrances that represented what I wanted to feel (before my first date ever, I picked up a tangerine scent from the drugstore so I’d feel upbeat and happy more than nervous. It’s just layered from there.

I use scents to anchor memories, so whenever I catch a whiff, I can be swept away to a time and place I’d love to go back and experience all over again. It’s the closest thing I have to time travel! Citrus fragrances take me back to the optimism and joy of youth. Ralph Lauren Romance wraps me up in the excitement of a whirlwind romance and my wedding day. Burberry Brit takes me back to when my daughter was a baby. I can replay a movie of my life in my mind by opening my perfume drawer. Thinking about it is making my tear up.

Stephanie Jensen – Beauty Advisor

Stephanie Jensen is a beauty and perfume fanatic. She worked at Sephora back in college. Her makeup, skincare, and fragrance collection is offensively growing to large proportions. So much so to where she has to keep extra products at her boyfriend’s apartment. For Scent Chasers, Stephanie reviews various beauty products and offers tutorials. She’s here to make the world of perfume a lot less intimidating!

What do you hope to share with your readers while writing on Scent Chasers? 

I hope to share the love of fragrance!  There are so many amazing benefits to using perfumes, but not a lot of people are educated well enough to unlock those benefits. Buying a house is stressful, buying perfume shouldn’t be. I want to make your shopping journey way less stressful!

What is the most overrated scent in colognes and perfumes?

I’m not a huge fan of patchouli.

What’s your classic scent? 

You’ll always catch me wearing Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum.

Why do you love the world of fragrance? 

There’s so much creativity in it; it amazes me. I loved working at Sephora and seeing all of the new releases always coming out. I would stare at all of the different bottles, all of the unique designs, and feel so happy.

Christine Kent – Fragrancista

Christine remembers the first time she walked into a high-end department store and saw all of the different perfume bottles available. She was shocked when she saw some of the prices, but it was then that she learned perfumes could make you feel so much more confident. Ever since then, she’s been hooked on trying out as many different perfumes (and perfume combos) to match her different styles. She loves being creative, and perfume is one of her favorite ways to explore that!

Christine is a talented freelance writer who was born and raised in South Africa. She has a passion for literature and numeracy and pursued a degree in the Bachelor of Accounting Sciences. After graduating she decided to take a different career path and do freelance writing full time where she lives out her passion for writing and creativity.

Since she was a little girl she was always obsessed with the latest fashion and beauty trends. And her love for perfume and cosmetics only grew stronger as she got older. If there are 2 things that she can’t live without, it would be perfume and mascara.

What do you hope to share with your readers while writing on Scent Chasers? 

When I was a young teenager, I wanted to go shopping for some mascara. I saw my first high-end perfume bottle while I was in the store and I fell in love with how it smelled. I felt like a rich businesswoman working an important job in NYC with just a few sprays of perfume. I want everyone to feel as powerful as I did (and still do) whenever I wear perfume!

What is the most overrated scent in colognes and perfumes? 

Lavender can be easily overdone if it isn’t done correctly. There are some scents where lavender totally works, others where it doesn’t.

What’s your classic scent? 

I mean, I feel like I have to say Chanel No. 5!

Why do you love the world of fragrance? 

There’s power in how you smell. Everyone always says your smile is your first impression, but for me, it’s scent! I usually can tell if I’m going to like someone (or not) just based on how they smell.

Caroline Lambert – CognoScenti

Caroline isn’t here to play games when it comes to the world of perfumes. She loves breaking down every note of perfume and explaining how a perfume will work with your personal preferences. Plus, she loves learning about new scents, so she’s always on the hunt to find the best and latest perfumes on the market.

What do you hope to share with your readers while writing on Scent Chasers? 

How to make the fragrance world less intimidating! It’s so hard to pronounce half the names on perfume bottles, but that doesn’t mean you need to shop around blindly. I believe there’s a way we can de-code fragrances in general and make them a lot more appealing to more people!

What is the most overrated scent in colognes and perfumes? 

I. Hate. Tea. Tree.

What’s your classic scent? 

Dior Eau Sauvage always has captivated me!

Why do you love the world of fragrance? 

I feel like I can’t get my day started on the right foot if I’m not wearing a perfume that makes me feel confident. I used to stay away from wearing perfume because I used to believe perfume was only for rich people. Boy, was I wrong! Now, I love smelling (and feeling) rich with the many different perfumes in my collection.

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