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Lacoste Perfume Guide: Sensual Sportswear for Women

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How snappy do you wish your perfume to be? This Lacoste Perfume Guide will show you each perfume’s vivacious character, how it smells, how to best wear it, and how to spot a fake. It’s a sophisticated French range with enough attitude to fit into active lifestyles and please the senses off the court.

Crocodiles are similar to alligators, and they’re both reptiles with which no one wants to mess. Can you imagine wrestling an alligator? Crocodiles are just as intimidating, meaning you can be the in-your-face sportswomen you wish to be. Trust me; no one dares to mess with you when you’re wearing a crocodile on your skin.

However, the perfumes also have a profoundly seductive nature and feel feminine in every way, not like what you’d expect from sporty female fragrances. My favorite is Lacoste French Panache Pour Elle because I get to flaunt my active and snappy attitude while remaining an enticing, sensual journey for my partner.

Let’s help you find your crocodile attitude, and you’ll have people wrapped around your fingers, much like a crocodile doing a death roll in the water.

Crocodiles: The Beginning of an Incredible Perfume Brand

Jean René Lacoste was a tenacious and intelligent French tennis player in the early 1930s, and people often called him a crocodile on the court. He wasn’t named this for having a snappy attitude per se; he was an efficient, stealthy, and powerful tennis player, winning seven Grand Slam singles championships.

Lacoste began creating his own line of tennis shirts, and together with André Gillier, the men founded a company called La Chemise Lacoste. Gillier was an unsung co-founder, and he was an expert in designing breathable knitwear fabric, helping Lacoste establish his famous polo shirts for the tennis court.

The crocodile logo became an iconic brand foundation, and the company expanded into America under the license of Izod. The licensed partnership finally ended in the 1990s, and Lacoste could sell under their own brand name in the states again. Lacoste only established their official website in America in 2007.

American tennis players latched onto the crocodile logo before the company sold under its own name. Andy Stephen Roddick and John Isner proudly wore the brand. Lacoste expanded into the golfing world, footwear, watches, and perfume. The first cologne from the brand was Lacoste for Men, launched in 1984.

The first female fragrance from the brand was Lacoste for Women in 1999. The brand has a sporty vibe and designs everything around this attitude. I call each perfume a different “snappitude.” It simply means you have the attitude associated with the qualities of each scent.

Lacoste creates female fragrances with sporty, active, feminine, vibrant, refreshing, sexy, seductive, and sensual qualities. The entire brand is about these attitudes, and you can relate most of them to crocodiles or the Frenchman’s personality on the court.

Why Consider Lacoste Perfume?

Lacoste Perfume

Lacoste perfumes have a few reasons why they’re amazing. Firstly, they’re popular enough for celebrities to wear them. Actress Mischa Barton wears Lacoste Touch of Pink and loves it. The Fragrance Foundation also awarded Olivier Cresp the Lifetime Achiever Perfumer Award for creating Lacoste Pour Femme in 2018.

Sure, Olivier Cresp created many perfumes, but his masterful nose made some Lacoste beauties, too. Another way to tell the popularity of a perfume brand is by looking at customer feedback on Amazon.

Lacoste Pour Femme is an Amazon Choice, thanks to the feedback and popularity. It also has a few raving reviews from happy customers. Mary can’t emphasize enough how much she loves it, and she doesn’t mind the flowing compliments. It impressed her enough to become her signature scent!

Lacoste Magnetic Pour Elle is another loved perfume from the brand. Chris and Carlene call it gorgeous, and they compliment the longevity, which is always a win for scent. It was such a hit that a co-worker followed suit to buy her own bottle.

Lacoste perfume is a known brand you can trust, and the feedback on Amazon, celebrity endorsement, and awards sell the brand. Sure, every brand has unique qualities, but the only decision you still need to make is whether this brand suits your attitude or “snappitude.”

Lacoste Perfume Guide: 10 “Snappitudes”

Lacoste perfumes are about your mood, attitude, and sensual desires. Therefore, I’ll break each one down to its bare essentials. Additionally, I’ll share two alternatives to help you know how each one smells because the scents are similar. You’ll also understand why you might say, “Oh, Snap! It’s not for me.”

Lacoste Eau Fraiche Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Eau Fraiche Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Eau Fraiche Pour Elle is a feminine, aquatic, floral blend launched in 2018. It’s a beautiful ode to modern women who enjoy an active lifestyle while maintaining feminine, sensual beauty. It smells great on women of all ages, and it has a bite of aquatic attitude to freshen things up.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Citrus, floral, aquatic, fresh, white floral, musky, patchouli, and soft spicy

Smells Like: Imagine an exciting blend of fresh, floral, and citrus notes dancing with each other. That’s how this perfume begins, and it slowly dries down to a musky base where the special patchouli ingredient masks a gentle floral undertone with a hint of spiciness.

First Notes: Yellow Mandarin, grapefruit, and pink pepper

Heart Notes: Egyptian jasmine, water notes, and magnolia

Base Notes: Indonesian patchouli leaf and musk

Seasons to Wear: Summer and spring

Trail Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Trail Strength: Medium

Snappitude: Sassy, feminine, and stealthy

Similar Perfumes: Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel and Bright Crystal by Versace

Oh, Snap!

  • The biggest challenge is the lack of longevity (expected with an EDT)

Lacoste French Panache Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste French Panache Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste French Panache Pour Elle is a fruity, floral Chypre fragrance for playful women launched in 2019. It’s how I believe modern women should smell, even if they’re active and sporty. After all, we still want to entice our partners or romantic interests, and this perfume is an attention-seeking, mind-bending scent.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Woody, fruity, soft spicy, musky, patchouli, citrus, rose, champagne, floral, and white floral

Smells Like: I’m a sucker for fruity smells, and this one starts with a powerful blend of woody and fruity accents, which are kind of warm and sweet at the same time. The sophistication comes when you smell gentle trails of champagne that seem to simmer into soft florals. It’s a gorgeous smell!

First Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, and blackcurrant

Heart Notes: Rose, champagne, and jasmine sambac

Base Notes: Patchouli, white wood, and musk

Seasons to Wear: Summer, spring, and fall

Trail Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Trail Strength: Medium to notable

Snappitude: Playful, seductive, and sophisticated

Similar Perfumes: Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent and Mon Evidence by Yves Rocher

Oh, Snap!

  • Again, it’s an EDT, not lasting long enough (sadly)

Lacoste Magnetic Pour Elle EDP

Lacoste Magnetic Pour Elle EDP

Lacoste Magnetic Pour Elle is a floral, oriental fragrance launched in 2016, and it’s a magical journey for your senses. It also has strong fruity undertones but somehow feels natural on your skin. It’s an elegant perfume with highly seductive qualities, similar to the last one. Sportswomen also love being graceful, after all.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Vanilla, tropical, sweet, fruity, powdery, citrus, patchouli, woody, amber, and terpenic

Smells Like: Oddly, the base notes surface first, creating that warm and sweet vanilla extract accent before you get into the tropical vibes of mangoes and oranges. The fruitiness turns into a gentle and sweet floral undertone while you become wrapped in the warmth of a woody element.

First Notes: Sweet orange, clementine, and mango

Heart Notes: Rose, violet leaf, heliotrope, and jasmine

Base Notes: Tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli

Seasons to Wear: All seasons

Trail Longevity: 6 to 8 hours (EDPs last longer)

Trail Strength: Medium

Snappitude: Elegant, seductive, and enticing

Similar Perfumes: Lost Cherry by Tom Ford and Loverdose Red Kiss by Diesel

Oh, Snap!

  • The perfume can be overwhelmingly sweet at times

Lacoste Sparkling Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Sparkling Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Sparkling Pour Elle is a fruity, floral Gourmand fragrance launched in 2015. Lacoste intended it for vivacious and vibrant women, making it perfect for young ladies. It’s also a wonderfully refreshing scent for sportswomen who still want to smell like candy and feminine elements.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Sweet and caramel

Smells Like: Even though the perfume has aromatic and woody undertones, you get the full blast of sweety and fruity elements throughout your wear. The floral notes also aren’t too noticeable. Instead, your evolutions will pass through the fruity sweetness and a caramel effect, which the woody base creates.

First Notes: Mandarin orange, red apple, blackberry, and spices

Heart Notes: Macarons, lily of the valley, and cotton candy

Base Notes: Cashmere wood, vetiver, musk, and patchouli

Seasons to Wear: Spring and summer

Trail Longevity: About 6 hours

Trail Strength: Gentle to medium

Snappitude: Cheeky, youthful, and outright girly

Similar Perfumes: Poppy by Coach and Ralph Love by Ralph Lauren

Oh, Snap!

  • This perfume is a little too fruity for me, and it would suit young women (Gen Z) best

Lacoste Rose Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Rose Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Rose Pour Elle is a fruity, floral perfume launched in 2021, making it the newest addition to the Lacoste fragrance family. This perfume is a beautiful ode to active women who want to remind everyone they’re still as feminine as anyone, and it has touches of finesse combined with classical roses.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Rose, musky, citrus, floral, green, powdery, aromatic, and tropical

Smells Like: The scent starts strong with rose and musk interchanging to create an elevated floral accent with the classical notes. Soon enough, your fruity and citrus notes peak, and you’ll be feeling the natural blend of fruit trees as your skin evolves the gorgeousness of mint and mandarin, leaving you with a tropical note.

First Notes: Green Mandarin and mint

Heart Notes: Frangipani and rose

Base Notes: Musk and musk mallow (ambrette)

Seasons to Wear: Summer and spring

Trail Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Trail Strength: Gentle to medium

Snappitude: Delicate, notably feminine, and alluring

Similar Perfumes: Rosamor by Oscar De La Renta and Parfums De Marly by Delina

Oh, Snap!

  • The fragrance feels a little too delicate for active women

Lacoste Natural Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Natural Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Natural Pour Elle is a fruity, floral perfume launched in 2015, and it seems to be an ode to tropically active women, maybe ladies who live along the coast. It’s not to say you can’t wear it anywhere, but this perfume makes me think of surfers and volleyball women flaunting their natural surroundings as a scent.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Sweet, fruity, tropical, coconut, citrus, woody, powdery, and fresh

Smells Like: Your senses journey through the tropical and absolute sweetness of the fruits in all the notes before it takes you back to a woody and fresh undertone. Don’t get me wrong, the tropical vibes are sensual and powerfully attractive, pleasuring your senses like a Caribbean vacation.

First Notes: Raspberry leaf, Mandarin orange, and pineapple

Heart Notes: Orris, rose, and jasmine

Base Notes: Sandalwood, amber, and coconut

Seasons to Wear: Spring and summer

Trail Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Trail Strength: Gentle to medium

Snappitude: Youthful, care-free, and cheeky

Similar Perfumes: Fruity Rhythm by Adidas and Meow by Katy Perry

Oh, Snap!

  • It’s super tropical and would smell better for women living along the ocean
  • The trail doesn’t last long enough again

Lacoste Elegant Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Elegant Pour Elle EDT

Lacoste Elegant Pour Elle is a woody, floral, musky fragrance launched in 2015. It uses classical notes to exude an opulent feminine scent, and it works beautifully for women of all ages. It’s not what I’d consider an active fragrance, but sportswomen simply want to smell like something more than a jogger.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Fresh, green, powdery, white floral, floral, citrus, aromatic, soft spicy, yellow floral, and violet

Smells Like: The freshness of the initial notes are gorgeous, and they make you think you’re in a field of flowers once the perfume dries down to the floral heart, which is again elevated by a burst of freshness from the citrus accords. You get this mild spiciness before the scent ends with a soft touch.

First Notes: Pink pepper, cassia, and citruses

Heart Notes: Mimosa, violet, and lily of the valley

Base Notes: Vetiver, heliotrope, and vanilla

Seasons to Wear: Spring and summer

Trail Longevity: About 6 hours

Trail Strength: Medium

Snappitude: Sophisticated, all-women, and gently seductive

Similar Perfumes: DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan and Happy by Clinique

Oh, Snap!

  • It doesn’t smell like an active perfume, but it works beautifully anyway

Eau de Lacoste EDP

Eau de Lacoste EDP

Eau de Lacoste is a gorgeously feminine, fruity, floral perfume launched in 2013. It has that cheeky nature that seduces, liberates, and strengthens the feminine soul. I imagine this perfume wafting through the air as I enter a room filled with attractive ladies, and it can work as an active fragrance for mature women.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Citrus, fruity, sweet, white floral, vanilla, woody, tropical, balsamic, powdery, and fresh

Smells Like: Your nose will be pleased to meet the perfect balance of citrus, sweet, and fruity notes that seem to create a storybook beginning before drying down to gorgeous floral notes intertwined with vanilla and tropical accents. The perfume ends in a gentle yet silky undertone.

First Notes: Pineapple, Mandarin orange, and bergamot

Heart Notes: Jasmine sambac, orange blossom, and pineapple leaf

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Peru balsam, vanilla, and vetiver

Seasons to Wear: Summer and spring

Trail Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Trail Strength: Gentle to medium

Snappitude: Mature, self-assured, and seductive

Similar Perfumes: Wave for Her by Hollister and J’Adore by Christian Dior

Oh, Snap!

  • It smells great on mature women but not young girls

Lacoste Pour Femme EDP

Lacoste Pour Femme EDP

Lacoste Pour Femme is one of the more popular perfumes from the brand, and it’s a woody, musky, and floral fragrance launched in 2003. It almost has a slightly masculine vibe, but some women love that about it. It’s stronger than most of the Lacoste perfumes, and it works well for ambitious women.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Floral, woody, powdery, fresh spicy, leather, warm spicy, musky, amber, violet, and vanilla

Smells Like: The Olivier Cresp creation starts with a floral touch warmed by woody and spicy undertones. The floral notes seep down to the heart as you notice rose and jasmine surfacing. Surprisingly, you get a whiff of leather before the floral perfume dries into a musky and sweet ending.

First Notes: Apple, freesia, and pepper

Heart Notes: Jasmine, hibiscus, rose, heliotrope, and violet

Base Notes: Sandalwood, incense, cedar, labdanum, and suede

Seasons to Wear: All seasons

Trail Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Trail Strength: Medium

Snappitude: Ambitious, determined, and unforgettable

Similar Perfumes: To Be Tattooart by Police and Bal D’Afrique by Byredo

Oh, Snap!

  • Not all women want a masculine touch, not even active women

Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT

Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT

Lacoste Touch of Pink is another favorite of the brand, and it’s a fruity, floral perfume launched in 2004. This perfume makes me think of a sensual romance. Sure, it works well for active women, but that includes women who want mental activity urged by a sensual journey. It’s also a highly feminine perfume.

Key Features

Drying Accords: Citrus, sweet, powdery, fruity, aromatic, vanilla, musky, white floral, warm spicy, and woody

Smells Like: Imagine having a romance with sweet, fruity, and citrusy notes as they exchange places on and off for the first while. Just as you fall in love with them, the aromatic notes come through sharply, but floral and musky blends quickly dry them down as the woody base seeps through.

First Notes: Peach, blood orange, coriander, orange, and cardamom

Heart Notes: Violet leaf, carrot seeds, coriander, jasmine, and cardamom

Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, and sandalwood

Seasons to Wear: Summer and spring

Trail Longevity: About 6 hours

Trail Strength: Medium

Snappitude: Sassy, playful, and unforgettable

Similar Perfumes: Dance by Shakira and Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

Oh, Snap!

  • This perfume has more attitude than a real crocodile, but it works for confident women

Psst! Here’s a secret tip about Lacoste Touch of Pink: It was so popular that Lacoste made an entire range with it. Sadly, they’re all discontinued now, but the original Touch of Pink isn’t going anywhere! The range once included:

  • Lacoste Touch of Sun
  • Lacoste Joy of Pink
  • Lacoste Dream of Pink
  • Lacoste Love of Pink
  • Lacoste Touch of Spring

The Best Way to Choose Your Crocodile Perfume

Almost every Lacoste perfume can fit into an active lifestyle, except Lacoste Elegant Pour Elle. Choosing your perfume will come down to determining which notes and accords work better for you. Don’t choose one that falls outside of your age range, either. Only a few of them have an age range, so don’t worry too much.

Once you see notes and accords you love, it’s time to choose what type of “snappitude” you want to express. Sure, you’re a sporty woman, but do you want to be seductive more than innocent? Do you wish to smell like an elegant woman with determination and success seeping from your skin?

Carefully consider which “snappitude” fits into your desires and lifestyle, and that’s how you easily choose your perfume. The notes and accords will work if your personality fits the attitude of the scent. You can always return to the base information for each fragrance if the mood doesn’t speak to you.

Secrets to Make it Better

It doesn’t matter how incredible a perfume smells; you can always make it smell better! Some Lacoste perfumes don’t last as long as you’d hope, and others have a gentle or medium sillage, which you might want to increase. These secrets can help you do both:

  1. Have a lukewarm shower before moisturizing your skin with some unscented lotion (unless you’re layering your perfume)
  2. Maximize your smell by layering it with similar scents (moisturizers, lotions, and soap)
  3. Spray your perfume directly onto a pulse, such as your neck, wrists, or over your heart (your heartbeat can increase the sillage of the fragrance)
  4. Give your hair a quick spritz because it can hold the perfume longer
  5. Always spray from about four to five inches away to get an even spread (blotches of perfume won’t evolve the same way)
  6. Keep your fragrance in a safe place like an organizer or away from environmental influences that change the way it smells

Tips to Recognize a Fake Lacoste Perfume

Buying original Lacoste can be tricky when so many suppliers sell the perfumes the brand no longer has in stock, whether temporarily or permanently. It’s essential to know how you can spot a fake among the genuine ones. Many Amazon sellers supply originals, but these tricks will help you spot the fakes:

  1. The bottle size is a dead giveaway because Lacoste Eau Fraiche Pour Elle comes in a 90 ml bottle instead of a 100 ml bottle, unique to the brand. Fake perfumes will come in random and bigger bottles, some even having 125 ml.
  2. Reading the Amazon reviews before purchasing from a supplier is another easy way to spot a fake. Reviewers aren’t afraid to say when a perfume doesn’t meet the brand’s standards.
  3. The perfume color can also have secrets. Original perfumes (any brand) have a clear liquid inside the bottle, but fake perfumes are cloudy and off-color. Lighter and clearer colors are genuine.
  4. Examine the labels and logo to determine whether they were printed under quality standards. Fake labels and logos will have cheap printing giveaways. The crocodile logo won’t be clear, or the color will be notably darker or lighter. Blurriness on the labels can also expose a fake perfume.
  5. The Lacoste bottle caps are plastic and not aluminum! Plastic bottle caps with a solid green color inside are authentic, and broken colors and aluminum caps are fake.
  6. Finally, the spray nozzle will be smaller if the bottle is authentic. Fake Lacoste tends to have a larger spray nozzle, and they’re often a little flimsy. Lacoste doesn’t manufacture flimsy bottles, nozzles, or labels.

Liz Claiborne

Maybe you don’t like crocodiles, or you wish the alligator made the cut instead. Well, some good news is that you can choose a different brand. Every perfume has two matching alternatives, but some brands offer similar qualities to Lacoste.

  • Liz Claiborne perfume has similar notes and that overpowering sweetness you find in a lot of Lacoste scents
  • Katy Perry perfume also has sweet and feminine notes blended with bold fruity accents
  • Charlie perfume is perfect for modern, ambitious, and feminine women
  • Vera Wang perfume is about being as seductive as a single bridesmaid is to groomsmen at a wedding
  • Guess perfume is another range you can consider as an active women


Answer: Jean René Lacoste and André Gillier founded the brand after Lacoste wanted quality polo-style shirts to play tennis. The idea for the logo came from Lacoste’s nickname on the tennis court. He was as stealthy, intelligent, efficient, and determined as a crocodile, a beast similar to alligators.

Question: Does Lacoste Still Make Perfume?

Answer: Lacoste began manufacturing perfumes in France in 1984, and they released their first female fragrance in 1999, but you can be assured that the brand isn’t going anywhere. They released Lacoste Rose Pour Elle in 2021, and the brand will continue to bring you new and beautiful perfumes.

Question: Which is the Best Lacoste Perfume in 2021?

Answer: It’s always tough to choose one perfume from a brand to call it the best. I can only look to Amazon to answer this question. Lacoste Pour Femme maintains first place with an 85% approval rating after more than 4,000 reviews. Lacoste Magnetic Pour Elle is a close second, with an 85% approval rating after over 600 reviews.

Lacoste Perfume Guide: Final Snap!

Lacoste, as a brand, is a “snappitude” on its own. You either love the crocodile-inspired perfumes or not. Lacoste has a wide range of perfumes, mainly targeting active women, but the personalities of each show how you can wear them anywhere. The unusual notes and gorgeous accords make them worthwhile.

I still love Lacoste French Panache Pour Elle because it strikes the perfect balance between activewear for the senses and a modern-feminine sweetness that seduces and enthralls. My favorite perfumes have fruity and sweet undertones, irrespective of their foundations because I must have a fragrance for every scenario.

Lacoste is one brand you must try. Use the personalities and notes to determine which perfume strikes your cords, and remember to use the “fake finder” tips to avoid disappointment if you’re purchasing one from Amazon.

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