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Vera Wang Perfume Guide: Couture Scents for You

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Vera Wang, a name known for iconic wedding dresses, also brings fragrances to the luxury market, and you’re about to delve into the Vera Wang Perfume Guide that helps you choose one to make you feel as beautiful as a blushing princess, waiting for her knight in shining armor. Who said only brides get to feel that way?

Every woman deserves to feel like she’s locked in a tower, awaiting that knight who will slay the dragon and whisk her off her feet. You don’t need locks as long as Rapunzel, and you don’t need special effects to create the illusion of a dragon; you simply need that fragrance that attracts the dashing hero.

I’m not saying all women need a hero. I’m quite an independent woman who’ll probably slay her dragon, but I do love exuding an alluring aroma that bends a man’s mind like the excessive weight of medieval armor bent their backs. Vera Wang’s perfumes twist every rule, including what the mind perceives to be true.

She’s a woman after my own heart, showing the world how she slays any obstacles between her and her ambitions. You’re bound to find a signature perfume from her range, and who knows? It might just be Vera Wang Princess because sometimes, we do love being swept off our feet.

The Tale of a Self-Sufficient Princess

Vera Wang is likely the kind of woman who’ll turn a dragon into a lapdog. Born in America but hailing from Chinese ancestry, Vera doesn’t take no for an answer. It’s likely the reason I love her so much. Indeed, she has a mind that turns women’s lives into fairytales with her couture wedding dresses, but she’s also unstoppable.

Vera was a figure skater who didn’t cut the Olympic team, but she didn’t allow such a menial setback to prevent her from becoming a name of luxury and success. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and Paris-Sorbonne University to complete an art history degree as a true New Yorker.

Vera’s mind was artistic in every way, from moving her body in transcendent fashions to creating beauty in the mundane; she was a genuinely ambitious woman. Failing to make the Olympic team, she designed an unusual beaded ensemble for a fellow figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan.

Soon to be unstoppable, Vera became the youngest senior fashion editor for Vogue when she was 23. She spent 15 years with Vogue before becoming the design director for Ralph Lauren in 1985. Vera started her own fashion company in 1987 and opened her famous bridal store in New York’s Carlyle Hotel in 1990.

The bridal store would welcome Sharon Stone, Jeniffer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Hudson, among other stars. Vera expanded her beautiful mind into glasses, fur, shoes, and home stuff before releasing her first female fragrance in 2002, Signature Vera Wang for Her. The first men’s fragrance launched in 2004.

Vera manufactured her luxury fragrances in conjunction with Coty, and you’ll notice some fragrances have bridal themes. Vera is genuinely a self-sufficient, self-made princess who wants to make every woman feel like a fairytale goddess. She also aims to make men feel like the knights who rescue these gorgeous princesses.

Vera Wang Perfumes

Vera brings the couture of one of the most famous bridal gown brands to the perfume world. Her fragrances have a unique and luxurious feel; much like the silkiest gown, you can have custom-made at her bridal boutiques. Become your celebrity with one of her gorgeous perfumes.

Vera Wang Princess EDT

Vera Wang Princess is the most popular of her fragrances, maintaining a 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon after more than 30,000 verified purchases. It’s a sweet, fruity blend of innocence and absolute beauty in a bottle that looks like it belongs in a fairytale. The scent is calming and confident at the same time, perfect for young women.

Dancing Accords: Fruity, vanilla, sweet, chocolate, fresh, floral, spicy, tropical, and powdery

Top Notes: Apricot, mandarin orange, water lily, and apple

Heart Notes: Guava, dark chocolate, tuberose, and tiare flower

Bottom Notes: Amber, woody notes, and vanilla

Key Features:

  • The gorgeous bottle looks like a purple gemstone
  • Wears well in summer and spring or during the day
  • It’s a whimsical scent that captivates a playful undertone
  • It leaves a vanilla gourmand element in the air
  • The bottle cap hides a cosmetic ring and looks like a crown
  • It lasts eight to ten hours
  • It has a moderate sillage


  • It works well for younger women (gen Z and Millennials)
  • The fragrance doesn’t evolve well in cold weather

Vera Wang Glam Princess EDT

Vera Wang Glam Princess is a fruity/floral gourmand set to entice the fabulosity of young women. It aims to bring your boldness to the center stage so you can flaunt the inner diva you intend to showcase. The dance of floral and fruity undertones is perfectly balanced, constantly interchanging and evolving into fabulous accords.

Dancing Accords: Fruity, sweet, musky, floral, woody, fresh, tropical, honey, powdery, and amber

Top Notes: Pear, red currant, and guava

Heart Notes: Honey, vanilla orchid, and African orange flower

Bottom Notes: Musk mallow, cedar, cashmere wood, and marshmallow

Key Features:

  • The bottle is beautifully designed as a heart with stars
  • You can wear it in summer, spring, and during the day
  • It’s a scent for women who want to make statements
  • It has a robust fruity wake that feels flirty
  • The bottle cap is another crown hiding a cosmetic ring
  • It lasts around six hours
  • The sillage is moderately strong


  • It doesn’t evolve well on oily or dry hair
  • It’s best suited to younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials
  • It’s discontinued

Vera Wang EDP

Vera Wang EDP is the original fragrance behind self-made women. It’s more sophisticated, and perfumers Harry Fremont and Jean Claude Delville created it. It’s versatile enough to be worn by a range of mature and young women as the scents are based on classical roses and other floral notes.

Dancing Accords: Floral, white floral, citrus, and rose

Top Notes: Sandalwood, iris, and bergamot

Heart Notes: Jasmine, lotus, mandarin orange, and gardenia

Bottom Notes: Rose, lily of the valley, and lily

Key Features:

  • The bottle is classy and simple
  • You can wear it in spring and summer and during the day
  • It’s perfect for women who want a traditional floral evolution
  • It’s a subtle fragrance with classy undertones
  • Mild to moderate sillage


  • It only lasts up to five hours
  • Smells too floral for women who want something alluring

Vera Wang Bouquet EDP

For a longer-lasting floral fragrance, Vera Wang Boquet will blow your mind with flowers from Italy. Additionally, this floral beauty is spliced with sweet accords to make it a more contemporary scent. It’s a powerful and bold fragrance for confident women who want to be as self-sufficient as Vera.

Dancing Accords: Aromatic, white floral, yellow floral, citrus, sweet, fruity, green, powdery, lavender, woody, fresh, and spicy

Top Notes: Sicilian bergamot, cassis, and water notes

Heart Notes: Narcissus, honeysuckle, and jasmine

Bottom Notes: Moroccan cedar, musk, lavender, and orris root

Key Features:

  • Classic-style bottle with elegant presentation
  • You can wear it in summer, spring, and during the day
  • It has a mysterious evolution as the oriental accords come through the fruity notes
  • The European floral wake is alluring
  • The fragrance works well for various age groups
  • It has a strong sillage at first


  • The oriental undertone is unusual with women
  • It only lasts around two hours

Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP

Vera Wang Lovestruck is the epiphany of seduction and romantic embraces. It’s a dance between “take me now” and “love me forever.” It’s exotic, sensual, and inebriating, and it works well for young women still looking for their knights, whether they’re self-sufficient or not. It’s an explosive perfume!

Dancing Accords: Fruity, musky, tropical, floral, powdery, citrus, aquatic, woody, and amber

Top Notes: Woody notes and musk

Heart Notes: Angelica, tuberose, and lotus

Bottom Notes: Mandarin orange, angelica, and guava

Key Features:

  • The bottle is as seductively alluring as the fragrance
  • You can wear it in summer and spring, and during the day
  • It’s a sexy perfume for young women
  • The scent has an exotically manipulative wake
  • It lasts around six hours
  • It has a moderate sillage


  • The fragrance doesn’t work for mature women
  • It has a lasting trail that leaves strong, seductive impressions (which could get committed women into trouble – unless that’s what you want)

Vera Wang Rock Princess EDT

Vera Wang Rock Princess is for the bold, energetic, young, and vibrant rocker who doesn’t want to be a princess in the modern world. She wants to flaunt her authentic radiance because she doesn’t like following the norms of society. She wants a fragrance that screams as loud as Freddy Mercury’s passion on stage.

Dancing Accords: Powdery, fruity, sweet, woody, musky, white floral, rose, coconut, iris, and vanilla

Top Notes: Cashmere wood, coconut, iris, and musk

Heart Notes: Jasmine, heliotrope, rose, and lily

Bottom Notes: Peach, bergamot, and raspberry

Key Features:

  • The bottle is as rockstar as it comes, and it has the hidden crown and ring as a cap
  • You can wear it in winter, spring, and fall, or during the day and at night
  • It’s for young women with a rocking spirit
  • It’s an experimental and unique wake with heavily sweet undertones
  • It has a strong sillage


  • It doesn’t last long (maybe two hours)
  • The fragrance is unusual for traditional women

Vera Wang Preppy Princess EDT

Vera Wang Preppy Princess is what you’d expect from a fragrance if you want to smell like the damsel in distress, waiting for her hero to swoop in on his mighty horse. It’s an in-your-face fruity, sweet, and floral evolution that emphasizes the innocence and primal needs of a woman. It’s perfect for young women.

Dancing Accords: Fruity, sweet, white floral, fresh, woody, citrus, and coconut

Top Notes: Tangerine, red berries, and red apple

Heart Notes: Honeysuckle and jasmine

Bottom Notes: Coconut and woody notes

Key Features:

  • The bottle is pretty enough and comes with the crown and hidden ring
  • You can wear it in summer, spring, and during the day
  • It’s a genuine girly perfume that exudes princess vibes
  • The wake is ultimately sweet with hints of floral and fruity undertones
  • The sillage is moderate


  • Pricy
  • It only works for young women (Millennials and Gen Z)
  • It only lasts around two to four hours

Vera Wang Anniversary EDP

Vera Wang Anniversary EDP

Vera Wang Anniversary is a mature fragrance with beast-like undertones. It’s for women who already made their marks on this world, much like Vera. The scent is crisp, leaving impressions as far as you walk. It’s an unapologetic fragrance with classic undertones that evolve and interchange constantly.

Dancing Accords: Citrus, white floral, musky, powdery, animalistic, aquatic, lactonic, woody, amber, and fresh

Top Notes: Orris root, amber, cedar, and musk

Heart Notes: Rose, orange blossom, and gardenia

Bottom Notes: Sicilian bergamot, water notes, apple leaf, and mandarin orange

Key Features:

  • The bottle is a classic representation of elegance
  • You can wear it in spring and summer, or during the day or at night
  • It has this element of “I’ve made it”
  • The fragrance is clean, crisp, and ever-evolving
  • It lasts around six to eight hours
  • It has a moderate to solid sillage


  • It’s expensive
  • It’s an anniversary edition (limited)
  • It doesn’t suit young women

Vera Wang Princess of Hearts EDT

Vera Wang Princess of Hearts is another showstopping addition that allows young women to walk the red carpet to their dreams. It’s loud yet innocent, bold yet sweet. Vera has a passion for introducing women to fragrances that mold the minds of men in their wake. She wants women to feel like brides every day.

Dancing Accords: Fruity, sweet, ozonic, aquatic, vanilla, white floral, woody, musky, powdery, and lactonic

Top Notes: Bergamot, wild strawberry, and watermelon

Heart Notes: Star jasmine and lily of the valley

Bottom Notes: Musk, whipped cream, vanilla, and cedar

Key Features:

  • Affordable
  • The bottle is pretty and comes with the crown and hidden ring
  • You can wear this scent in summer, spring, and during the day
  • This fragrance intends to bring cupid along on your daily journey
  • The wake is absolutely sweet with a unique creamy dry down
  • The sillage is strong


  • It doesn’t last longer than four hours
  • It’s better suited to Gen Z ladies

Vera Wang Look EDP

Vera Wang Look is the latest addition to her collection, and it’s aimed at mature women who want to experiment with unique and sweet evolutions. It’s a highly sophisticated fragrance suited to women with a story to leave wherever they go. It’s also a fresh and earthy scent that emphasizes the new trends in perfumes.

Dancing Accords: Green, white floral, fruity, fresh, musky, patchouli, citrus, woody, and earthy

Top Notes: Green apple, litchi, green notes, and mandarin orange

Heart Notes: Jasmine, freesia, and lily

Bottom Notes: Patchouli, musk, vanilla, and oakmoss

Key Features:

  • You can wear it in summer, spring, and during the day
  • The fragrance evolves from a rich sweetness to earthy and clean undertones
  • The wake tells a story of a woman made in life
  • It lasts seven to eight hours
  • It has a moderate sillage


  • The bottle is plain (some may say it’s sophisticated and mature)
  • Pricy
  • Not suited to young women

Forever Vera EDT

Forever Vera EDT is a fragrance that looks and smells like Vera was getting bored with the princess vibes. She decided to turn women into the queens they deserve to be. Royalty is but a step away with this fantastic fragrance that tickles the accords of palaces and remarkable elegance.

Dancing Accords: Woody, powdery, iris, floral, musky, sweet, rum, warm spicy, fresh, and white floral

Top Notes: Gardenia, white peach, and coconut nectar

Heart Notes: Rum, iris, and lilac

Bottom Notes: Tonka bean, musk, and sandalwood

Key Features:

  • The bottle looks like an imperial champagne bottle, and it hides a ring
  • You can wear it in spring, summer, fall, and during the day
  • The fragrance is mature, modern, romantic, and highly feminine
  • The wake is beautiful, leaving lasting impressions
  • It lasts around six to eight hours
  • It’s a moderate to solid sillage


  • It’s currently out of stock and discontinued
  • Pricy
  • You might purchase fakes due to the lack of availability

Unisex and Male Fragrances by Vera Wang

Vera doesn’t offer many male fragrances, but she has a collection called Embrace, which is also a unisex option. Don’t feel bad, though. Vera knows men should smell like masculine knights, so her single male cologne is enough for you. There’s nothing wrong with men smelling feminine, either, if you like the above perfumes.

Vera Wang EDT for Him

Vera Wang EDT for Him is her signature male fragrance. It emphasizes how designer Vera believes men or grooms should smell. They should smell manly in a traditional and modern way. She combines the two elements to bring a unique fragrance for men who want to be bold, handsome, and alluring.

Dancing Accords: Fresh spicy, citrus, tobacco, sweet, green, leather, woody, anus (yes, I’m aware of how that sounds, but I assure you it’s an accord), aromatic, and floral

Top Notes: Mandarin leaf and yuzu

Heart Notes: Anise, leather, and nutmeg

Bottom Notes: Sandalwood and tobacco

Key Features:

  • Affordable
  • The bottle doesn’t look like a wedding dress or pretty gem (it’s manly!)
  • You can wear it during the day, at night, and in all seasons but summer
  • The fragrance is immensely masculine with sparkling freshness
  • The wake is seductive, manipulative, and confident
  • It lasts between six and eight hours
  • It has a strong sillage


  • The fragrance might not suit men who don’t mix traditional and modern elements
  • It won’t serve modern men who love a little femininity

Vera Wang Embrace Collection

Vera Wang Embrace has five unique fragrances that work for men and women. They’re clean, modern, and cheaper than most of the other fragrances from Vera’s luxury brand.

Embrace Green Tea and Pear Blossom have a vibrant exchange of fresh notes with subtle fruity undertones. It’s a casual fragrance for men and women who just want that touch of fruity splendor.

Embrace French Lavender and Tuberose is another mild fragrance that utilizes one of the best unisex ingredients, lavender. It’s gentle with a hint of European elements.

Embrace Rosebuds and Vanilla is another gentle fragrance allowing men and women to wear floral, sweet accords without an overpowering wake. It has a kind essence to the gorgeous scent.

Embrace Marigold and Gardenia is a dreamy fragrance that offers a delicate warm touch for men and women. Not everyone loves smelling like the gardens of Italy are following them, and this is a balanced alternative.

Embrace Periwinkle and Iris are the final EDT from the collection. It’s another delicate floral fragrance that works well for men and women who just want to smell good without all the bees chasing them.

Top Tips for Vera Wang Perfume

Vera Wang offers gorgeously elegant perfumes and a wonderfully masculine fragrance for men, but women may find it challenging to choose the right scent. I follow three simple rules with Vera’s range of perfumes. The first two rules help me choose the right one, while the last rule is a reminder system when using it.

Rule One – Age Considerations

Vera designs her perfumes based on extensive research on trending ingredients that work for specific age groups. Always choose a fragrance according to whether it works for mature or young women. Some of them work for all ages, but most of them target specific age groups.

Rule Two – Personality Expressions

It’s all about your personality. Are you a rockstar? Choose Rock Princess if that’s your thing. Are you a self-made, powerful, and successful woman who wants people to know your status? Then you must choose Vera Wang Anniversary. Personalities count for everything when we choose perfumes.

Rule Three – Be SMART

Once you have your signature perfume from Vera Wang, remember the SMART system.

  1. Shower first to balance your skin’s PH levels.
  2. Moisturize your skin to allow the perfume to last.
  3. Activate the perfume by spraying it on your pulse points.
  4. Rest before applying more to allow the perfume to evolve.
  5. Tap your wrists together without rubbing them to share the scent between your pulses.

These three rules are all you need to enjoy your Vera Wang luxury fragrance. Men can also benefit from using the SMART system to allow the full effects of the cologne to stay longer. There’s no point in using gorgeous signature fragrances from brands like Vera Wang if you aren’t enhancing their effects.

Vera Wang doesn’t have the most extensive range of perfumes among luxury brands, but there’s something for everyone. If you still feel like Vera’s beautiful range doesn’t fit what you want, some alternatives to her top perfumes are available.

The accords and notes of the alternative perfumes are similar to the Vera Wang perfume mentioned.

Alternatives for Vera Wang Look include:

Alternatives for Vera Wang Lovestruck include:

Alternatives for Vera Wang Princess include:

If you’re looking for an alternative brand altogether, not worrying about matching the notes of the Vera Wang range; try these fantastic luxury brands for a signature perfume:

I’m a fragrance collector who tries various brands and ranges, but I can promise you won’t be disappointed with Vera Wang’s exquisite creations. The woman is not just fabulous and self-made. She also has a brilliant mind, using ingredients other perfumers don’t bother using. Guava is one example of her uniqueness.

Notice how many of her fragrances contain guava. Vera didn’t build her empire because her fragrances mismatched her fashion brand. She momentously pushed forward with her scents because they aligned with her qualities and ambitions spent on bridal gowns.

Should you need an alternative, remember to try one of Vera’s gorgeous perfumes anyway. There’s nothing wrong with collectors like myself. I probably have one of the largest perfume collections, and I have three of Vera’s fragrances among them. I like shaking things up when my moods change.


Answer: Vera Wang Princess is undoubtedly the most popular perfume in Vera’s luxury brand if you look at the reviews published on Amazon. To maintain a 4.6/5 star rating after 31,420 reviews is phenomenal and only comes with fame. Amazon has even rated the perfume as their top choice from the brand.

Question: Is Vera Wang a Luxury Brand if the Prices are Mid-Class?

Answer: From Vera’s bridal gowns to her accessories and fragrances, she aims to remain at the top of the luxury class in the beauty and fashion industry. Vera’s brand is one of the most prominent American fashion brands. The brand and all the products under it have become known as a global luxury designer brand.

Question: Do I Really Get a Ring With My Vera Wang Perfume?

Answer: Yes, some perfumes come with a unique cap that looks like a king’s crown, and the bottom of this cap can be detached, exposing a beautiful cosmetic ring. The princess perfume range is best known for having hidden rings under each crown. Vera Wang is a gift that keeps giving in all senses.

Vera Wang Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

Vera Wang is a role model to me, and her perfumes are just as beautiful as her bridal gowns. She’s such an elegant woman with a creative mind many of us can only dream of having. It takes a true artist to create the perfumes Vera releases. Her perfume brand might be newer, but it will become a timeless name before long.

I own three of her perfumes, Princess, Anniversary, and Glam Princess. If I could recommend the first perfume for you to try, it would be Princess. However, remember to check the age ranges for each fragrance. I’m a millennial, making it easy to stretch between younger and more mature perfumes.

Vera’s perfumes are even more remarkable because she doesn’t charge what she does with her wedding gowns. Thank goodness! She deserves every dollar, but her fragrances are affordable for luxury perfumes. If you haven’t added one to your cart on Amazon already, don’t waste more time. Spoil yourself now!

For more perfumes, you must try:

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