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Best Lacoste Perfume Guide: Snappy Attitude

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I often refer to the best perfumes as the kind that make you feel like a tigress. However, crocodiles are the ideal reference for the best Lacoste perfume guide. Crocs have a snappy attitude, and fragrances can bring the beast out of any woman. By beast, I mean the good kind with temptress qualities and excellent prowess.

The world has changed more than you realize. Men have long used colognes to leave impressions of their status. Now, it’s time for women to do the same. Lacoste perfumes won’t snap your partner like a crocodile taking down its prey, but they will snap your partner’s attention. Gone are tigresses, and welcome to crocs.

A Winning Fragrance From Lacoste

Let me clear something before you get the wrong impression. When I call myself a croc, I don’t mean I’m ready to bite everyone’s heads. In contrast, I’m willing to snap up the attention I deserve as a powerful, vibrant, and modern woman. Snappy crocs are my way of saying, “women with sass and determination.”

The world has become a challenging place. As a result, it can sometimes help women to have something like an excellent perfume to make them feel more confident and ready for anything. My favorite Lacoste perfume is Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling EDT because it’s my ideal balance between snappy and feminine.

The scent contains bold and mild notes, and the wake is moderate to balance it perfectly as a three on my coming scale, which suits me to the tea. Pour Elle Sparkling touches every aspect of my innate nature, making it a winner. However, there are incredible Lacoste perfumes you may consider first, including:

More of the Best Lacoste Perfumes

  1. Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Eau Fraiche EDT
  2. Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling EDT
  3. Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme EDP
  4. Eau Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir EDP
  5. Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Intense EDP
  6. Eau Lacoste Pour Femme Legere EDP
  7. Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle EDP
  8. Lacoste Joy of Pink EDT
  9. Lacoste Love of Pink EDT
  10. Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT
  11. L.12.12 Elegant EDT by Lacoste
  12. L.12.12 Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache EDT
  13. L.12.12 Magnetic Eau De Lacoste EDP
  14. L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural by Lacoste EDT

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Lacoste Perfumes


Wearing perfume to enhance your innate crocodile means you must first learn the basics of how to use the snappy scale. I’ll explain everything and share how I picked the best scents. But first, let’s see why Lacoste fragrances are the snappy crocs of the perfume world.

Sensual Crocodiles

The origin of Lacoste perfumes is the pinnacle success story of a determined man who did what he desired. René Lacoste was a tennis player in 1923 Boston. His captain promised him a leather suitcase he fancied in a store window if he won the tournament. Unfortunately, Lacoste didn’t win that day.

However, Lacoste embarked on a journey to create a fashion and accessory brand revolving around leather and everything durable. Durability and resilience are the cornerstones of anyone’s success story. Women who endure, remain resilient, and follow their passions, no matter what, are today’s leaders.

Lacoste grew his empire of crocodile-inspired tennis clothing, showcasing the first ever picture logo on shirts. The founder’s target was quality matching that of a crocodile’s skin. Lacoste finally entered the perfume world in 1984, bringing the smell of durable, resilient, and relentless quality to the senses.

Advice to Wear Lacoste Perfume Without Too Much Bite

I’m encouraging you to pursue every dream as Lacoste did, and yes, women can do the same. We can do anything. However, there’s a balance in power. Too much sensual power can topple the game, making people think you have more bite than prowess. Balance is the key to croc-style success.

As a result, I’ll share tips on balancing your croc snap with Lacoste perfumes. I’ll share a scale to help you understand how each innate personality fits into a rating for each Lacoste perfume. Firstly, scents rate higher on a snappy scale with a powerful sillage and bold notes. Sillage ranging from moderate to enormous is powerful.

The sillage also represents how bold the notes are in a scent. Perhaps a fragrance has a powerful wake because the woody undertones are layered and overpower the sweet, floral upper notes. Any ingredient can be bold enough to create a strong sillage. However, some notes are milder and others more intense.

Some bold fragrance notes that could rate Lacoste perfumes between three and five include:

Layer Bolder notes
Upper Amalfi lemon, apples, berries, blood orange, caramel, cardamom, clementine, Italian bergamot, mango, orange blossom, passionfruit, passionflower, and aromatic spices
Heart Carrot seeds, champagne, coriander, cotton candy, Damask rose, heliotrope, jasmine sambac, macarons, stephanotis, and violet
Bottom Cashmere wood, cedarwood, musk mallow, nougat, Peru balsam, sandalwood, Tonka bean, vanilla absolute, white musk, and whitewood

In contrast, milder notes and a weaker sillage ranging from weak to moderate indicate a Lacoste perfume lower on the snappy scale. They suit softer women who want something more feminine and less sassy. Some examples of notes that often evolve mildly and rate the perfumes from one to two include:

Layer Milder notes
Upper Bergamot, black currant, black pepper, coconut, coriander, grapefruit, Mandarin orange, orange, peach, pineapple, and pink pepper
Heart Bulgarian rose, curacao, gardenia, gladiolus, hibiscus, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, mimosa, orris, peony, sweet pea, Turkish rose, and water notes
Bottom Amber, ambroxan, coconut, musk, patchouli, tuberose, vanilla, and vetiver (also including milder forms of the woody notes)

Now, here comes the simple part. To find balance, let’s match a woman’s personality to a Lacoste perfume. For example, I’m somewhat bold yet super feminine. I’m not a leader, but I want everyone to know I can take charge if necessary. I’m a mid-rated woman who would better match a medium-rated perfume.

So, a Lacoste perfume rated as a high-snapper wouldn’t work because I’m not snappy enough. In addition, I shouldn’t wear a Lacoste fragrance that rates one or two because it’s too subtle and weak for my personality. The bottom line is that you should rate your innate attitude from one to five, which will relate to the scents.

Selecting the Best Lacoste Perfume

Knowing that balance means everything, you must find a perfume that rates on a scale in perfect contrast to your innate confidence and snappy attitude. Using my balancing tips, I’ll pick various Lacoste perfumes available in 2022 while rating them one to five, depending on their level of snappiness.

Best Lacoste Perfume Guide: Snappy Crocs

I’m ready to share how each Lacoste perfume rates on a snappy scale. In addition, I’ll share the details, advantages, and disadvantages of each. Every perfume smells glorious to someone, and it’s time you find a snappy fragrance to become your innate excellence.

1. Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Eau Fraiche EDT

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Eau Fraiche

Let’s not enter the overwhelming pool right away. Instead, take a whiff of this gorgeously mellow scent from Lacoste. It doesn’t scream crocodile snaps. In contrast, it has a hint of sass hidden in the feminine, sexy, and elegant qualities. Eau Fraiche is also another way to say something is fresh.

Lacoste Pour Elle Eau Fraiche Facts

  • Snap Rating: 2
  • Accords: Aquatic, citrus, fresh, musky, floral, soft spicy, white floral, and patchouli
  • Upper Notes: Yellow mandarin, grapefruit, and pink pepper
  • Heart Notes: Egyptian jasmine, water notes, and magnolia
  • Bottom Notes: Indonesian patchouli leaf and musk
  • Sillage: Weak to moderate

Lacoste Pour Elle Eau Fraiche Pros

  • This perfume is beautiful for younger women with a touch of sass, not enough to overpower their elegance and femininity
  • The initial aquatic notes are gorgeous as they dry into a fresh, musky heart before the scent turns spicier and ends with a floral touch

Lacoste Pour Elle Eau Fraiche Cons

  • The fragrance is far too mild for snappy ladies who want to show teeth

2. Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling EDT

Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling

I consider myself a sparkling personality with just the right amount of sass and glamor. Don’t get me wrong; I’d snap the head off anyone who harms my family. However, I’m a peaceful creature with feminine desires. In addition, I can be highly determined when push comes to shove. Hence, I’m a sparkling woman.

Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling Facts

  • Snap Rating: 3
  • Accords: Caramel, sweet, floral, musky, and patchouli
  • Upper Notes: Mandarin orange, blackberry, red apple, and spicy notes
  • Heart Notes: Macarons, lily-of-the-valley, and cotton candy
  • Bottom Notes: Vetiver, cashmere wood, musk, and patchouli
  • Sillage: Moderate

Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling Pros

  • Lacoste perfumes with a rating of three are ideal for ladies like me, the kind who love blending feminine qualities with the broad opportunities we have enough passion for pursuing
  • The caramel start isn’t as intense before the fruity sweetness calms the perfume down, and the heart brings a musky, floral feel before ending elegantly

Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling Cons

  • I’m not the best fan of the patchouli finale because it’s not as warm as a softer wood note

3. Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme EDP

Eau de Lacoste Femme Eau de Parfum

Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme is nearly as bold as the Intense fragrance from the brand. However, it has a feminine touch that doesn’t make everyone think you’re about to snap their minds and senses. It tones down the snappy attitude by a single notch and has beautiful notes that create a profoundly sensual touch.

Lacoste Pour Femme Facts

  • Snap Rating: 4
  • Accords: Sweet, citrus, fruity, white floral, vanilla, woody, tropical, balsamic, powdery, and fresh
  • Upper Notes: Mandarin orange, bergamot, and pineapple
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine sambac, orange blossom, and pineapple leaf
  • Bottom Notes: Peru balsam, sandalwood, vanilla absolute, and vetiver
  • Sillage: Moderate to strong

Lacoste Pour Femme Pros

  • Ladies need some attitude and leadership qualities to wear such a bold perfume, and it would smell excellent in a workspace or meeting to level the playing field
  • The sweet and citrus start is gorgeous for the senses, and the dry-down takes you to a fruitier, more tropical blend of wood and exotic florals before the finale brings a powdery element

Lacoste Pour Femme Cons

  • It’s not the ideal perfume for the boldest lady, but it also won’t suit moderate women like me

4. Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir EDP

Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir EDP

Elixirs make you think of potions and magic. Admittedly, some scents bring magic to your world. They navigate your senses to the place you wish to be. Perfumes rated as a three on my snappy scale put you right in the middle. You can touch sides with your feminine qualities while still being the powerful woman you desire.

Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir Facts

  • Snap Rating: 3
  • Accords: White floral, vanilla, powdery, tuberose, musky, amber, soft spicy, almond, and sweet
  • Upper Notes: Mandarin orange, pink pepper, and jasmine
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, gardenia, and heliotrope
  • Bottom Notes: Vetiver, vanilla, cedarwood, tuberose, ambroxan, and patchouli
  • Sillage: Moderate

Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir Pros

  • This perfume is my recommendation for a signature daytime scent that works for professional, romantic, and social ladies in most settings
  • The white floral blended with vanilla start will surprise you before diving into the more intense floral heart with a musky touch, and the ending brings a gorgeous sweet and nutty mix

Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir Cons

  • The perfume is primarily a floral blend, which isn’t the trendiest fragrance for modern women

5. Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Intense EDP

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense 1.0 oz EDP spray womens perfume

Oh, snap, this perfume will snap your senses into submission. You’ll need to be a woman with an attitude that never fears anything. The name also confirms how intense the accords dry on this fragrance. It starts with a woody touch sweetened by extreme caramel notes, which strikes your goals down like a croc snapping food.

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense Facts

  • Snap Rating: 5
  • Accords: Woody, sweet, caramel, musky, and powdery
  • Upper Notes: Caramel
  • Heart Notes: Bulgarian rose
  • Bottom Notes: White musk, Australian sandalwood, and Himilayan cedarwood
  • Sillage: Strong to enormous

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense Pros

  • This scent is for the intense lady who allows nothing to stop her from getting what she wants in life, and it would smell gorgeously on a professional lady
  • The smell hits you with everything intense and woody before a sweet but naughty caramel note strikes your senses, but it does tone down a little toward the finale

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense Cons

  • Never consider this Lacoste perfume if you’re a softer woman with a kind heart and earthy intentions

6. Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Legere EDP

Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Legere

Lacoste Legere is another milder fragrance for ladies who don’t want too much snap in their step. The unique ingredients offer just enough attitude while keeping the feminine and elegant qualities in front. There are two intense woody notes, but the spicy and fruity upper notes blend them nicely for a milder lady.

Lacoste Pour Femme Legere Facts

  • Snap Rating: 2
  • Accords: Powdery, citrus, musky, fresh spicy, floral, woody, and aromatic
  • Upper Notes: Grapefruit, pink pepper, black currant, Mandarin orange, and bergamot
  • Heart Notes: Hibiscus, heliotrope, and jasmine
  • Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Himalayan cedarwood, vetiver, and musk
  • Sillage: Weak to moderate

Lacoste Pour Femme Legere Pros

  • This scent smells like a dream on young, vibrant, and sophisticated ladies for romance, early leadership, and social excursions
  • The powdery effect is ultra-feminine before the musky freshness breaks into the heart, and it ends with a spicy, woody element

Lacoste Pour Femme Legere Cons

  • The sillage is weak to moderate, meaning it won’t smell strong at any evolution stage

7. Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle EDP

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle

Lacoste chose the perfect name for this perfume because it’s another medium-snap for ladies who love femininity and sass. It also offers an unusual ingredient you don’t often find in fragrances. Nougat is an intense ingredient under the right circumstances. However, it provides a balanced evolution with the other notes.

Lacoste Sensuelle Facts

  • Snap Rating: 3
  • Accords: Floral, sweet, fruity, nutty, amber, and soft spicy
  • Upper Notes: Pink pepper and black currant
  • Heart Notes: Turkish rose, gladiolus, and sweet pea
  • Bottom Notes: Amber and nougat
  • Sillage: Moderate to strong

Lacoste Sensuelle Pros

  • This scent would work for most ladies in romantic, professional, and social scenarios because it has the ideal snap balance
  • The gorgeous floral and rose notes come before the heart brings a sweeter, nuttier experience, and it ends with a warm and spicy touch

Lacoste Sensuelle Cons

  • The scent has a slightly higher feminine touch, but the nougat brings it back to snappy attitudes

8. Lacoste Joy of Pink EDT

Lacoste Joy of Pink

Finally, here’s a pink perfume that rates how you think it would. It’s the ideal Lacoste fragrance for ladies who want almost no sass in their step. It doesn’t bite and won’t intimidate anyone around you. Sometimes, subtlety is the most vital characteristic for a woman who wants her goals to manifest without intimidating anyone.

Lacoste Joy of Pink Facts

  • Snap Rating: 1
  • Accords: Floral, citrus, fresh, fresh spicy, musky, rose, and woody
  • Upper Notes: Grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Curacao and peony
  • Bottom Notes: Virginia cedarwood and musk
  • Sillage: Weak

Lacoste Joy of Pink Pros

  • This scent smells beautiful on vibrant, soulful, and pretty women who want their feminine shine without compromising all the sass
  • The gorgeous florals break the scent before you get the fresher, spicier heart, and it ends with a floral, woody undertone

Lacoste Joy of Pink Cons

  • The sillage is rated only as weak, meaning you won’t leave much of a sensual impression

9. Lacoste Love of Pink EDT

love of pink

The color pink doesn’t make you think of a temptress, tigress, or crocodile. However, this scent marries new aromas that throw pink out the window. It’s merely a name, but it works for powerful women who love the color and a touch of femininity. Pink is everything feminine, silky, and elegant. It does the job right.

Lacoste Love of Pink Facts

  • Snap Rating: 4
  • Accords: Floral, citrus, sweet, fruity, tropical, vanilla, powdery, white floral, and fresh
  • Upper Notes: Amalfi lemon, blood orange, and passionfruit
  • Heart Notes: Stephanotis and magnolia
  • Bottom Notes: Vanilla absolute, Virginia cedarwood, and white musk
  • Sillage: Moderate

Lacoste Love of Pink Pros

  • This scent smells gorgeous on women who want to achieve their excellence without losing touch with their feminine qualities, and it could work professionally or romantically
  • Your senses burst with intense florals from stephanotis before you reach a refreshing sweetness, and the heart brings tropical elements before the finale shows a fresh, floral touch

Lacoste Love of Pink Cons

  • Only the sillage disappoints with this perfume’s rating, or it might’ve topped a number five

10. Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT

touch of Pink

Lacoste Touch of Pink is as intense as the Love version and works because it blends into professional and romantic settings. It has enough sass to show leadership and determination. Still, the gorgeous florals and spicy aspects break the alluring side out of the box. It ironically gives you just a touch of pink in the snap.

Lacoste Touch of Pink Facts

  • Snap Rating: 4
  • Accords: Citrus, sweet, fruity, powdery, aromatic, vanilla, musky, white floral, warm spicy, and woody
  • Upper Notes: Blood orange, cardamom, coriander, orange, and peach
  • Heart Notes: Cardamom, coriander, jasmine, carrot seeds, and violet leaf
  • Bottom Notes: White musk, sandalwood, and vanilla
  • Sillage: Moderate

Lacoste Touch of Pink Pros

  • Lacoste Touch of Pink is magnificent for ladies who want a bit of both, meaning they want to be seen as equals while still having men drool
  • The splash of citrus over the sweet and fruity notes is unusual and sexy, and the heart opens with sweet, musky, and soft spicy notes before the finale turns warmer and slightly woody

Lacoste Touch of Pink Cons

  • The scent can have a confusing attitude at times, moving away from snappiness to sexy notes

11. L.12.12 Elegant EDT by Lacoste

L.12.12 Elegant EDT by Lacoste

Elegance is the key to leadership and feminine qualities. It’s another balance you need in life if you want your goals while refraining from the intimidation pool. Honestly, some men can feel super intimidated by a number four or five perfume. However, it only matters if you care. In contrast, this perfume won’t cause a dilemma.

Lacoste Elegant Facts

  • Snap Rating: 2
  • Accords: Powdery, green, fresh, white floral, floral, citrus, aromatic, yellow floral, soft spicy, and violet
  • Upper Notes: Pink pepper, cassia, and citruses
  • Heart Notes: Violet, mimosa, and lily-of-the-valley
  • Bottom Notes: Vanilla, vetiver, and heliotrope
  • Sillage: Moderate

Lacoste Elegant Pros

  • It smells like an elegant woman striving to achieve her goals without biting anyone, and it’s great for the office, dates, or social times
  • The powdery start blends with a fresh and floral dry-down before the heart brings a refreshingly spicy touch, and it ends with a beautifully floral finale

Lacoste Elegant Cons

  • The florals are never-ending, which doesn’t always work for modern women

12. L.12.12 Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache EDT

Eau de Lacoste Femme Eau de Parfum

Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache perfume is as snappy as the Intense version. However, it breaks the rules with a bold fruity fragrance before the solid woody undertone comes to the senses. I love how theh champagne note strikes the ideal balance for sassy, passionate women.

Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache Facts

  • Snap Rating: 5
  • Accords: Fruity, woody, musky, soft spicy, patchouli, citrus, rose, champagne, floral, and white floral
  • Upper Notes: Italian bergamot, pink pepper, and black currant
  • Heart Notes: Damask rose, champagne, and jasmine sambac
  • Bottom Notes: Whitewood, patchouli, and white musk
  • Sillage: Enormous

Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache Pros

  • Any perfume with a five rating is undoubtedly for beast-like women who don’t mind acting snappy like crocodiles, which is good when you’re aiming for leadership and respect
  • All hail the aroma as intense fruity notes blend into woody undertones before reaching a solid floral and fresh heart that soon turns exotic and elegant before ending with a floral kiss

Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache Cons

  • This perfume is the only one with an enormous sillage, meaning the next office over would smell your determination

13. L.12.12 Magnetic Eau De Lacoste EDP

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic By Lacoste Eau De Parfum Spray

Magnetism and manifestation are some women’s dreams. I love seeing my partner drawn into my sensual sphere with the right perfume. Admittedly, a number four rating is too powerful for me, but it would smell like a temptress croc waiting for her mate. Instead, it teases the senses like a feather to the feet.

Lacoste Magnetic Facts

  • Snap Rating: 4
  • Accords: Sweet, vanilla, tropical, fruity, terpenic, citrus, powdery, patchouli, and amber
  • Upper Notes: Clementine, blood orange, and mango
  • Heart Notes: Violet leaf, Damask rose, jasmine sambac, and heliotrope
  • Bottom Notes: Tonka bean, patchouli, and vanilla absolute
  • Sillage: Moderate to strong

Lacoste Magnetic Pros

  • This scent is the only number four I highly recommend for romantic and naughty purposes because it’s tame enough to avoid intimidation toward the opposite gender
  • The sweet vanilla quickly fades into the heartier tropics and exotic notes that turn the accords upside down, and the finale brings a glamorous, feminine appeal

Lacoste Magnetic Cons

  • This scent is ideal as a number four, but it won’t work in professional settings because it’s too naughty

14. L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural by Lacoste EDT

L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural by Lacoste EDT

Pour Elle Natural by Lacoste is the final salute to mild-mannered women who still hide a tiny touch of sass inside. Imagine this perfume on a lady who has dreams but loves showing her feminine qualities. It’s a soft, kind, and caring fragrance that won’t intimidate anyone in your circle.

Lacoste Pour Elle Natural Facts

  • Snap Rating: 1
  • Accords: Fruity, coconut, sweet, tropical, powdery, citrus, fresh, and woody
  • Upper Notes: Mandarin orange, raspberry leaf, and pineapple
  • Heart Notes: Orris, rose, and jasmine
  • Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, coconut, and amber
  • Sillage: Weak

Lacoste Pour Elle Natural Pros

  • This fragrance is better suited to mild-mannered ladies with elegant, clean, and soft natures, even if they have goals and passions
  • The fruity and coconut notes are milder than you expect, and the heart opens with refreshingly sweet tropicals before the finale brings a soft, woody ending

Lacoste Pour Elle Natural Cons

  • You have to be ultra-feminine to love this mild fragrance


Question: Does Lacoste Perfume Smell Good?

Answer: I rated 13 of the best Lacoste perfumes for this guide, assigning them a snappy attitude. I can truthfully say that every perfume smells excellent for its matching woman. Lacoste is about quality, balance, and combining feminine touches with a hint of sass. Every woman needs a touch of balance in her fragrances.

Question: How Long Does Lacoste Perfume Last?

Answer: Lacoste is undoubtedly a quality brand of fragrances. However, the type determines how long they last. For example, L.12.12 Elegant EDT by Lacoste is an Eau De Toilette, typically lasting up to six hours. In contrast, Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme EDP is an Eau De Parfum, lasting around eight to ten hours.

Question: What Does Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme Smell Like?

Answer: Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme smells like heaven. It starts sweet with Mandarin orange, pineapple, and bergamot before drying into jasmine sambac, orange blossom, and pineapple leaf. The heart is floral, tropical, and balsamic. The base notes include Peru balsam, vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver for a warm finale.

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