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Tommy Bahama Cologne Guide: A Sensual Vacation for Men

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Whether you’re a Conchy Joe (local) or an enthusiast, this Tommy Bahama Cologne Guide will navigate your surf through the potential setbacks and incredible waves of each fragrance from the Caribbean islands. You’ll have eight to choose from, and each one’s vibes will make you want to yell, mudda sick (awesome).

The Bahamians have a language of their own, and their slang is next level. The island that inspired Tommy Bahama cologne is smack-bang in the middle of this casual, loose, and relaxed lifestyle surrounded by slang you’ll need to learn before you visit the Bahamas. Quite entertaining, the slang has strong African roots.

Nonetheless, the colognes coming from this inspirational place are bold, fresh, and calming. Tommy Bahama cologne is a salute to a lifestyle we all wish to have, and I love Tommy Bahama for Him. It’s precisely what I’d expect to smell when I lie on the beach or hit the waves.

The Caribbean vibes also work well if you’re a Californian who wants to smell how the sea makes you feel. Each cologne is unique, and you’ll find one that suits your active, oceanic, and relaxed lifestyle best.

Who Is Tommy Bahama?

 Tommy Bahama Cologne collection

The story behind Tommy Bahama is unusual and different from other cologne brands. He’s not a famous fashion designer who studied in France and put his best outfits on the runway. Tommy Bahama is not a real person, and he’s a fictional or symbolic character designed by three brilliant men.

Tommy Bahama is a brand of leisure and island life clothing, homeware, accessories, and fragrances, and you can find the headquarters in Seattle. Bob Emfield, who grew up in Minnesota, catching the sun on his skiff craft boat on Lake Minnetonka, is the first pioneer of a lifestyle trend in fashion and fragrances.

Tony Margolis is the second brilliant mind behind the fictional character Tommy Bahama. His inspiration stemmed from cigars on teak-decked boats, endless weekends in the sun, and rum-spiked drinks as the lapping waves hit the shore. Both men were obsessed with the relaxed lifestyle islanders enjoyed so much.

Margolis and Emfield created Tommy Bahama as a vision to capture the lifestyle of Bahamian islanders, even saying the character was born on one of the Bahama Islands. The Tommy Bahama Group sported cotton clothing that allowed people to feel like they were on the beach all year round.

The two men met Lucio Dalla Gasperina in 1991 to discuss the further expansion of a leisure-inspired brand. The three of them began creating silk shirts, tailored pants, and casual apparel they imagined Tommy Bahama would wear. Gasperina was a long-time clothing designer at Unionbay in Seattle.

The Tommy Bahama Group fashioned fun-in-the-sun clothing and apparel in the early 1990s, even adding beach chairs, umbrellas, and eyewear to their line. They focused the brand on relaxation, casual wear, and island lifestyles where the fun never ends, even once the vacation is over.

Tommy Bahama had skateboard lines, swimwear, sportswear, and fragrances for men and women. The brand became an iconic representation of Bahamian lifestyles in 1993. Today, Tommy Bahama is a conceptual brand where tropical vibes never end, and you can smell the relaxing destination wherever you go.

What Makes Tommy Bahama Cologne Special?

The carefree attitude of this Caribbean-inspired brand is somewhat an escapist fantasy for your senses when you’re faced with deadlines, workloads, and everything that stands in the way of you having a vacation. The demands of everyday life have become overwhelming, and you can’t deny that some escapism is necessary.

Being a deeply mindful person who can fantasize myself into any situation, I find Tommy Bahamas colognes to transport my imagination to sipping cocktails on the beach while the hot sun teases the deep blue waters and soft white sand. I’ll admit I’m an escapist by nature, but it keeps me sane, and it’s the reason I love this brand.

Margolis and Emfield founded Tommy Bahama on a fantasy about a guy who never had to go home. He could soak the sun on the beach all day, and he could sell one of his famed Bora-Bora designer shirts for some beer money when he felt the need to quench his thirst. He didn’t have to work or answer to anyone.

 Tommy Bahama Cologne Guide

Tommy Bahama is the most authentic, graceful, and unpretentious brand you’ll find. The New York Times calls the brand a slightly absurd style denoting a relaxed lifestyle, and who cares what that looks (or smells) like? Tommy Bahama doesn’t pretend that living a good lifestyle is within everyone’s budget, either.

Not everyone agrees about the brand being luxurious or not. Retail and Leisure International calls Tommy Bahama a unique lifestyle luxury representing an unhurried, refined coastal attitude. It doesn’t matter what the brand is called; all that matters is how it makes you feel. Again, it’s about the escapist fantasy.

Additionally, people who love leisure tend to be into homegrown goods, which brings me to the final point of why Tommy Bahama is special. They manufacture colognes right here in the US. The brand is Caribbean-inspired, but they make their products on home ground.

So, hop on the jitney (bus) and choose which cuckoo soup (traditional Bahamian love potion for men) yours is.

Tommy Bahama Cologne: 6 Caribbean Journeys

Whether you’re fresh up (dressed to the nines) or you want to say what da wyba (what’s up) to your surfer friends, Tommy Bahama created exceptional colognes for vibrant, mature, and young men. Each one has waves of accords, descending note evolutions, and island vibes to match your personality.

Included are similar colognes to help you distinguish what you can expect from Tommy Bahama colognes. The notes and accords are identical, meaning they smell the same or close to it. Having comparable colognes also help you choose which one fits your lifestyle better.

Tommy Bahama Maritime Triumph

Tommy Bahama Maritime Triumph

Perfumer Frank Voelkl created Tommy Bahama Maritime Triumph as a woody, spicy cologne in 2021. It’s a masculine fragrance with vibrant and exciting qualities that encumber the effervescent ocean in the warmth of the Caribbean sun. The refreshing feel of the scent is wrapped in an undaunting woody soul.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Woody, fresh spicy, citrus, warm spicy, balsamic, patchouli, and musky
  • Wearable Times: Day, night, fall, and spring
  • Peak Notes: Violet leaf, mandarin orange, and bergamot
  • Amplitude Notes: Pimento berries, nutmeg, and cedar leaf
  • Trough Notes: Cashmere wood, saffron, and patchouli
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Tide Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Island Vibes: Casual, invigorating, vibrant, successful, sophisticated, daring, rich, layered, modern-masculine, exciting, victorious, optimistic, and deeply-relaxing
  • Smells Like: A relaxing sunset on a beach surrounded by palm trees while sipping a citrus cocktail. The woody and citrus notes create a fresh, warm, and masculine accent before the cologne dries down to a gentle spiciness wrapped in floral and balsamic undertones. And just when it can’t get better, there’s a nip of sweetness.

Similar Colognes: Azzaro Chrome Acqua and Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme

Potential Wipeout

  • I can’t see teenagers wearing this cologne (it’s better for Millenials and older Gen Zs)
  • It could last longer (see my tips on how to do this)
  • The sweet element isn’t always noticeable (it’s a pity because berries work well for tropical vibes)

Tommy Bahama Maritime Journey

Tommy Bahama Maritime Journey

Tommy Bahama Maritime Journey is a woody, spicy cologne launched in 2019. It’s a fresh, clean fragrance designed to whisk you away on waves of crisp apple and floral accents while you’re sailing the high seas on a teak boat with a cigar and rum. It’s a rejuvenating yet grounded, sophisticated yet calming cologne.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Woody, mossy, aromatic, lavender, powdery, earthy, fruity, floral, violet, and warm spicy
  • Wearable Times: Day, spring, and summer
  • Peak Notes: Guatemalan cardamom, green apple, and lavender
  • Amplitude Notes: Violet, wild orchid, and cilantro
  • Trough Notes: Clearwood, cedar, and moss
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Tide Longevity: 4 to 6 hours
  • Island Vibes: Rejuvenating, calming, grounded, exploratory, sophisticated, mature, energizing, brisk, self-assuring, transitional, masculine, and ambitious
  • Smells Like: Your first wave begins with strong mossy and woody accents to make you feel like you’re sailing on the ocean, but this slowly becomes intertwined with a spicy blend of floral and herbal notes before you hit the crispness of apple. I can imagine smelling those fruity-flavored cigars with this cologne.

Similar Colognes: Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua and Nautica Voyage

Potential Wipeout

  • The apple note makes you think it’s a youthful cologne, but it’s better for mature men
  • It certainly doesn’t last long enough, especially if you’re really cruising out to sea
  • It seems a little traditional until the apple note rises

Tommy Bahama Maritime (Original)

Tommy Bahama Maritime (Original)

Frank Voelkl also created the original maritime cologne called Tommy Bahama Maritime, an aromatic, aquatic fragrance launched in 2016. It’s another ode to the dynamic power of sailing the ocean, and it has captivating zesty notes blended with aquatic and floral pleasures for your senses.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Aromatic, fresh spicy, lavender, soft spicy, woody, aquatic, ozonic, citrus, floral, and musky
  • Wearable Times: Summer, spring, and day
  • Peak Notes: Pink pepper, clary sage, bergamot, and lavender
  • Amplitude Notes: Water lily, violet leaf, geranium, jasmine, and ambergris
  • Trough Notes: Sandalwood, musk, cedar, and moss
  • Tide Velocity: Intimate to medium
  • Tide Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Island Vibes: Invigorating, vibrant, luminous, masculine, brash, bold, dynamic, complex, memorable, inspiring, ambitious, wealthy, Caribbean-masculine, and adventurous
  • Smells Like: The cologne starts with solid woody accents that make you feel like you’re on a sailboat, and they dry down to refreshing sea notes teased by pepper and gentle floral notes. The citrus accents seem to elevate the drydown, keeping it fresh throughout, which doubles the oceanic feeling of the cologne.

Similar Colognes: Mercedes Benz for Men Intense and Creed Irish Tweed

Potential Wipeout

  • I imagine a mature man sailing into the sunset with this cologne (Millenials and older men work well)
  • It also doesn’t cross the 6-hour longevity line
  • It’s a more traditional cologne for men, but it yells masculinity and Caribbean relaxation

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Men’s St. Barts

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Men's St. Barts

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Men’s St. Barts is a 2007 citrus, aromatic cologne with unusual and exciting evolutions. It’s one of the more contemporary colognes from the brand, and it works incredibly well for young and mature men who want to get lost in the adventure the islands expose. The smell is dreamy and somewhat seductive.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Citrus, green, aromatic, marine, salty, conifer, vanilla, sweet, alcohol, and fresh
  • Wearable Times: Summer, spring, and day
  • Peak Notes: Agave, sea notes, tequila, and lime
  • Amplitude Notes: Guava nectar, green notes, and salt
  • Trough Notes: Palm leaf, musk, and vanilla
  • Tide Velocity: Intimate to medium
  • Tide Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Island Vibes: Exhilarating, vibrant, Caribbean-grace, confident, dreamy, refreshing, optimistic, seductive, relaxing, deep, unique, adventurous, masculine, modern, and bold
  • Smells Like: The first wave of notes is an ode to Caribbean and beach-going lifestyles. It’s a burst of citrus, oceanic, and alcoholic accents tamed by calming agave before the guava nectar reaches its peak, turning the smell into something from a tropical dream. The saltiness adds cheeky undertones while vanilla keeps it sweet.

Similar Colognes: Calvin Klein CK1 Summer 2020 and Creed Virgin Island Water

Potential Wipeout

  • The potential wipeout is from the longevity again (we want colognes to last longer)
  • It’s a wildly contemporary cologne that experiments with unique tropical vibes (some men won’t care for this)

Tommy Bahama for Him

Tommy Bahama for Him

Perfumer Ilias Ermendis created my favorite, Tommy Bahama for Him, a woody, aromatic fragrance launched in 2013. It’s the original men’s cologne from the brand, and it smells like a refined Caribbean gentleman. It’s sophisticated and complex, revitalizing and relaxing, bold and humble. It’s what the Caribbean smells like.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Ozonic, fruity, aquatic, sweet, citrus, amber, aromatic, warm spicy, white floral, and woody
  • Wearable Times: Summer, spring, and day
  • Peak Notes: Tangerine, crisp pear, watermelon, and ginger
  • Amplitude Notes: Tiare flower, coriander, and violet leaf
  • Trough Notes: Tonka bean, Australian sandalwood, and amber
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Tide Longevity: 6 to 8 hours (finally!)
  • Island Vibes: Sophisticated, refined, mature, masculine, adventurous, humble, calming, fun, sporty, vibrant, optimistic, layered, complicated, slightly mysterious, and alluring
  • Smells Like: The opening wave of this cologne is a refreshing ode to tropical life with crisp sweetness blended into revitalizing hints of citrus and local fruits found on the islands. Watermelon intertwines with oceanic notes to refine the smell before a warm aromatic and woody undertone spices things up again.

Similar Colognes: Nautica Voyage and Ed Hardy Love and Luck for Men

Potential Wipeout

  • The cologne seems versatile across generations, but I think it smells fantastic on Gen Z and Millenials with gentleman traits
  • The fragrance might not work well in a corner office in New York because your colleagues will wonder why you smell like Hawaii

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue is a 2018 woody, aromatic cologne, and it’s one of the more popular ones for men of all ages. If a cologne could encourage you to venture into the deepest parts of the ocean, this one would do just that. The smell is like an adventure through a brisk sea with waves exposing new secrets.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Aromatic, fresh spicy, woody, floral, citrus, warm spicy, mossy, earthy, powdery, and patchouli
  • Wearable Times: Summer, spring, night, and day
  • Peak Notes: Juniper oil, rosemary, bergamot, and cardamom
  • Amplitude Notes: Geranium, freesia, water lily, and orris
  • Trough Notes: Patchouli, moss, musk, and cedarwood
  • Wide Velocity: Medium
  • Tide Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Island Vibes: Multi-generational, complex, deep, emotional, explorative, ambitious, determined, confident, authentic, unapologetic, masculine, contemporary, naughty, and a little wild
  • Smells Like: The first waves of this cologne smells like a naughty journey through traditional woody accents engulfed by aromatic and floral undertones before the freshness of citrus notes bring your senses back to a grounded position. This cologne is almost an oriental tease with Caribbean vibes.

Similar Colognes: Bleu de Chanel and Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum

Potential Wipeout

  • It’s another disappointing longevity range for this cologne
  • The wild evolutions from traditional to contemporary may seem confusing

Tommy Bahama St. Kitts for Men

Tommy Bahama St. Kitts for Men

Tommy Bahama St. Kitts is a 2015 fruity, aromatic cologne that pays ode to tropical living. It’s a brilliant cologne that takes your senses on a journey through Caribbean and tropical accents, smelling insanely good on younger guys. It’s bold, unexpected, and downright fabulous for island or relaxed lifestyles.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Citrus, tropical, fruity, woody, fresh, aquatic, salty, amber, marine, and musky
  • Wearable Times: Spring, summer, and day
  • Peak Notes: Mandarin orange, starfruit (carambola), and lime
  • Amplitude Notes: Seasalt, cedar, and water notes
  • Trough Notes: Musk, ambergris, and driftwood
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Tide Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Island Vibes: Bold, eccentric, vibrant, young, adventurous, undefied, undefeated, ambitious, masculine, modern, naughty, and temptatious
  • Smells Like: It smells like a fresh burst of citrus and fruity accents dancing with each other before the tropical thunder breaks beneath the solid woody undertone. Once you get through these intense tropical scents, a beautifully oceanic aroma peaks its head while gently being warmed by the woody and musky notes.

Similar Colognes: Versace Man Au Fraîche and Nautica Oceans

Potential Wipeout

  • This cologne smells a little wild on mature men
  • The longevity doesn’t seem to get better with Tommy Bahama colognes
  • The aroma evolutions between a fruity and fresh scent can be overwhelming
  • The cologne is no longer available from Tommy Bahama (only Amazon)

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique is a 2010 aquatic, aromatic cologne. It seems simple, straightforward, and wearable by any age group who wishes to reminisce on the smells from their vacation. It’s not my favorite from Tommy Bahama, but maybe that’s because I love more complex and layered colognes.

Bahamian Features

  • Accord Waves: Aquatic, citrus, lavender, musky, fresh spicy, aromatic, powdery, fresh, floral, and herbal
  • Wearable Times: Day, night, spring, and summer
  • Peak Notes: Watery notes and bergamot
  • Amplitude Notes: Lavender
  • Trough Notes: Musk
  • Tide Velocity: Medium
  • Tide Longevity: 6 to 8 hours
  • Smells Like: The strange thing is that such a simply noted cologne unfolds various accords. First, you have the fresh burst of citrus, lavender, and oceanic notes before it dries down to a powdery and aromatic feel. The final scent evolution is a gentle floral undertone with herbal vibes, which isn’t very island-style.

Similar Colognes: Calvin Klein CK One Summer and Guess 1981 Indigo for Men

Potential Wipeout

  • It’s not a layered cologne with an extensive range
  • It’s missing the essential Tommy Bahama base: woody notes
  • It’s no longer available from Tommy Bahama (only Amazon)

to Enhance Tommy Bahama Fragrances

The Tommy Bahama range falls short regarding longevity, and it makes sense to use products that prolong the time you smell like you’re sailing into the Caribbean sunset. The shortfall is likely due to the brand using Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette. The longest-lasting cologne is made from Eau de Parfum or Parfum.

The escapist fantasy of Tommy Bahama earns it my forgiveness for the lack of longevity. Still, it’s also encouraged me to look for ways to extend the life of my partner’s favorite beach-going cologne. Layering is the number one secret behind longer life, meaning you should layer the cologne with other scented products.

Some Tommy Bahama layering grooming products to terrekly (directly) extend your wear include:

Layering cologne with other products is about enhancing your favorite scent, not hiding it. Never layer your complimentary products over your cologne. The moisturizing lotion or sunscreen should go on your skin before you put cologne over it. The first layer of any scented product is the enhancer; the next is the main one.

Layering aside, some other secrets can make the cologne last longer. Tommy Bahama cologne also isn’t famous for being too strong in the wake. Some guys prefer the subtle tide, but others want it bolder, much like when the tide comes in and ravishes the shoreline.

Two secrets can help you strengthen the tide while extending the life of cologne: preserve and intensify.


Sometimes, we forget that cologne is made with delicate ingredients that need to be preserved. Excessive heat, humidity, and too much sunlight can ironically change the Tommy Bahama vibes. You don’t want your cologne smelling like it joined the stiff-toe gang (the dead man).

It would help if you stored cologne the right way by keeping it in a dark and dry place, away from sunlight and heat. Another method is by using an organizer.

Preserve perfumes


Intensifying your cologne is like making the ocean angry, which some guys enjoy. Imagine how an angry sea can swoop in and collect the desires on the beach, such as that woman with a big boonggy (buttocks). Maybe you like to show sef (show off). Either way, intensify your cologne by:

  • Spritzing it into your wavy locks
  • Spraying it onto pulses like your wrists, neck, and over your heart
  • Moisturing your golden skin before spraying it (works similar to layering)

Tommy Bahama cologne is unique to tropical and leisure lifestyles, and each one has similar colognes mentioned, but you can also choose a different brand with similar vibes. These brands also have vibrant, sophisticated, and masculine colognes:


Question: Which Tommy Bahama Cologne is the Best One?

Answer: The tote news (hot gossip) is found on Amazon reviews, where everyone loves being a stench (stubborn and opinionated critic). Among the critics, you can find the best-selling colognes. Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts EDC is the winner that dodges critics with an 86% approval rating and being an Amazon Choice.

Question: Where Can I find Tommy Bahama Cologne?

Answer: If you’re ready to go spilligate (out on the town), you can find Tommy Bahama cologne at Belk, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Dillard’s. Indeed, high-end stores sell the unique collection, but you can also buy it straight from the official website, which is where you’ll also find original cigars and gift sets.

Question: Is Tommy Bahama a Great Brand for Cologne?

Answer: Tommy Bahama isn’t a luxury brand like Prada or Versace, but that’s because it’s in a unique league with unusual underpinnings. It’s a brand that can’t be compared to others. Tommy Bahama is the conceptual figure representing what the Caribbean Islands smell and feel like. Uniqueness is what makes it special.

Tommy Bahama Cologne Guide: Final Waves

Tommy Bahama, a symbolic character designed by three men with Caribbean dreams, is the pinnacle of living a relaxed life without worries. The brand stands for everything leisure, comfortable, and beach-friendly, and it stands against anything elaborate, over-the-top, and plain boring.

Whether you’re navigating the surf for new beachwear or you want a sensual experience that makes you think you’re sipping cocktails on a sunny beach while you’re stuck in traffic, Tommy Bahama cologne was made for you to imagine yourself on vacation in one of the most beautiful destinations.

Tommy Bahama for Him is my partner’s choice because it represents the brand’s foundational vision. It has island vibes but remains seductive, sophisticated, and calming enough to take his mind to a new realm. I highly recommend trying it, or you should try one that better suits your island-style vibes.

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