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Prada Cologne Guide: The Best Italian Fragrances for Men

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Everyone thinks of French fragrances when it comes to luxury brands, but this Prada Cologne Guide is about to show you how Italians take on the red carpet with grace, subtlety, and absolute poise. There’s a cologne for every man from the designer brand once you know the four foundational fragrance personalities.

Prada is a brand known for opulent designer clothing and bags, but they intensely focus on colognes with the fragrance personalities needed to meet every man’s needs. From a sporty signature fragrance to an olfactory, masculine range, you’ll find something that tickles your interests.

Cologne doesn’t need to be over-the-top, and it should be purposeful and memorable instead. I love it when my partner wears L’Homme Prada EDT, a traditional marriage to contemporary accents. I have nothing against modern accents, but that conventional undertone elevates them to the next level.

It’s one of my favorites, the other being Olfactories Les Mirages: Miracle of the Rose because it suits my partner’s personality to the tee. It’s soft, classic, and sophisticated. Prada has a wide range of excellent signature fragrances for men, and we found that they don’t break our budget as you’d expect from the name.

Milan Roots

Prada is a luxury brand that began many moons back. Brothers Mario and Martino Prada opened the first leather goods store in Milan, Italy, in 1913, and they called it Fratelli Prada, meaning “Brothers Prada.” Mario was a traditional man who didn’t believe in having women run a business or influence it.

It came as a shock when Mario’s son renounced the business, and it landed in the hands of Luisa Prada, who successfully ran the luggage store for 20 years. Miuccia Prada, also known as Miu Miu, first introduced the brand to new ideas beyond traveling trunks and leather goods.

Miuccia was Luisa’s daughter who finally took the business over in 1978, and she released her first controversial totes and backpacks in 1979. Many people opposed the idea of making backpacks with tough military-style nylon. Sales hit $450,000 during this period, meaning her unique totes were controversial enough to excel.

PADA Milan roots

Miuccia met her husband Patrizio Bertelli around this time, and he convinced her to stop importing English materials to make her luggage. In 1983, Prada opened their second store in Milan and later expanding into New York, Paris, Madrid, and Florence. Miuccia’s creativity was exceptional.

Her handbags became an overnight sensation, and Prada launched the first women’s ready-to-wear range in 1989, which exuded sleek, opulent, and premium fabrics and designs. Prada was quickly labeled “inverse snobbery,” and it was running neck and neck with Gucci, even allowing Bertelli to buy shares in the company.

Prada launched its first perfume called Prada Amber in 2004, and they followed it with the first cologne called Prada Amber Pour Homme in 2006. Like Louis Vuitton, Prada started as a trunk-making and leather goods store before embracing the beauty and fashion industry with fragrances worth every drop.

What Makes Prada Cologne a Good Brand?

Prada is a leading luxury brand, and the colognes are set in the same stone as the clothing and bags. Some fragrance awards won by Prada include:

  • 2005 Women’s Fragrance of the Year
  • 2008 Women’s Luxury Fragrance of the Year
  • 2012 Consumer’s Choice Women’s Prestige

Sure, these are female fragrance awards, but Prada cologne stands steady on its own ground.

Taking a step back to see the brand as a whole is a new way of learning the value of Prada. Their achievements are phenomenal, and they include:

  • Prada is worn by the likes of Milena Smith, Emma Mackey, and Daniel Craig (James Bond)
  • Prada won the 97th spot for the Forbes world’s most valuable brands in 2016
  • It’s a luxury brand running in the same league as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel
  • The colognes aren’t as pricy as the clothing and bags
  • They have exclusive fragrance ranges with dedicated notes
  • Miuccia won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2018 Fashion Awards

Prada is a luxury brand that doesn’t focus on flashy logos or bottles, for that matter. Their fragrances are the most affordable products you can buy from the brand. It’s the gateway into the sleek and opulent brand everyone wears on the red carpet, and you don’t have to break your financial back.

Prada Cologne Guide

Wearing Prada cologne is a humble statement for any man. The fragrances range from traditional notes to some exotic scents. Each fragrance is carefully designed to make you feel like you’re walking that red carpet. Prada has a massive range of cologne, so I’m going to give you a bit of variety in notes and personalities.

L’Homme Prada EDT

L’Homme Prada simply translates to “The Man,” and what more could you want? It’s a layered cologne that opens one doorway after the next. It’s a perfect blend of traditional ingredients enhanced by contemporary scents. Modern masculinity, sophistication, and sensuality describe it best.

Descending Accords: Iris, powdery, violet, fresh spicy, woody, amber, earthy, warm spicy, aromatic, and floral

Top Notes: Black pepper, cardamom, neroli, and carrot seeds

Middle Notes: Violet, iris, mate, and geranium

Lower Notes: Patchouli, amber, cedar, and sandalwood

Wearable: Fall, summer, spring, and daytime


  • Mid-priced at $105 (100 ml)
  • Unisex
  • It stays about six hours
  • It starts with a floral vibe that dries down to a spicy undertone and ends in a floral accent again
  • It’s a contemporary take on classic fragrances
  • The violet and iris are bold enough to be noticed but not overwhelming to be too feminine
  • It’s perfect for young and mature men


  • The drydown can be confusing as it switches between fragrance personalities
  • It might feel slightly feminine to traditional men

Olfactories Les Mirages: Miracle of the Rose EDP

Miracle of the Rose EDP

Prada is a luxury brand, so some colognes will be pricy, and Olfactories: Miracle of the Rose is one of them. It has the rare and expensive oud ingredient enhanced by the leather undertone, inspired by Prada roots. It’s a mysterious journey through olfactory and modern accents for masculine men with a hint of floral subtlety.

Descending Accords: Rose, oud, tobacco, floral, leather, sweet, and patchouli

Top Notes: Rose

Middle Notes: Tobacco and leather

Lower Notes: Oud and patchouli

Wearable: Nighttime, fall, and winter


  • Unisex
  • It stays between eight and ten hours
  • It starts with a subtle floral accent that dries down to masculine woody and leather undertones
  • It’s an opulent fragrance with classic undertones
  • The leather and tobacco enhances the rose note to create magic
  • It’s a wonderful fragrance for mature men


  • It’s more costly at $300 (100 ml)
  • The tobacco and leather can be sharp if you spray too much

Luna Rossa Ocean EDT

Luna Rossa Ocean is the epiphany of fresh and vibrant colognes. It’s a neo-fresh olfactory cologne for men from the fougère fragrance family. The dance between aromatic and citrus undertones is moderately sophisticated while expressing an alluring excitement. It’s a sensually elegant and slightly adventurous cologne.

Descending Accords: Aromatic, musky, herbal, citrus, fresh spicy, powdery, woody, lavender, earthy, and iris

Top Notes: Artemisia, bergamot, and pink pepper

Middle Notes: Suede, iris, saffron, lavender, and sage

Lower Notes: Haitian vetiver, caramel, patchouli, and musk

Wearable: All seasons except winter


  • Affordable at $95 (100 ml)
  • Male
  • It stays about six hours
  • It starts with a bold freshness tamed with subtle aromatic accents before drying down to a leathery undertone
  • It’s a vibrant cologne with playful notes
  • The contemporary blends of spicy and sweet support the citrus notes
  • It works for younger men


  • It’s not a mature cologne
  • It’s overwhelmingly masculine for some people

Prada Luna Rossa Black EDP

Luna Rossa Black EDP

Prada Luna Rossa Black is a vivacious trend-setter that first experimented with removing the famous red line from bottles. It’s one of Prada’s more intense male fragrances, and it evolves from a brief fresh, citrus accent that gives way to a gentle floral and solid woody undertone. It’s one of the boldest colognes from Prada.

Descending Accords: Fresh, amber, woody, musky, powdery, aromatic, vanilla, sweet, balsamic, patchouli, and warm spicy

Top Notes: Angelica and bergamot

Middle Notes: Patchouli and angelica

Lower Notes: Musk, coumarin, and amber

Wearable: Nighttime, winter, and fall


  • Mid-priced at $105 (100 ml)
  • Male
  • It stays about eight hours
  • It starts with a subtle fresh and citrus accent that dries down to a heavy woody undertone
  • It’s an intense cologne with mild exchanges of floral and citrus notes
  • The musky and powdery evolutions tease the woody notes
  • It works best for mature men


  • It’s not the best cologne for younger men
  • It might feel boldly traditional and too intense

Prada Olfactories Purple Rain EDP

Olfactories Purple Rain is a reinvention of the traditional iris accents. It’s an odd but contemporary cologne that marries floral notes to a fresh sillage. The notes make you think it’s floral, but it has an intense freshness about it. Opulent, heavenly, green, fresh, and warm are good words to describe the evolving fragrance.

Descending Accords: Powdery, iris, woody, earthy, violet, floral, aromatic, musky, fresh, and green

Top Notes: Bergamot and galbanum

Middle Notes: Neroli, rose, iris, and hedione

Lower Notes: White musk, cedar, violet, sandalwood, vetiver, and Iso E super

Wearable: Perfect for in-between weather, daytime, and nighttime


  • Unisex
  • It stays about six to eight hours
  • It starts with a bite of fresh citrus accents that dry down to a warm woody and earthy undertone
  • It’s an unusual cologne with ever-evolving notes
  • The solid woody bottom notes warm the fresh accords
  • It works for men of all ages


  • It’s most costly at $300 (100 ml)
  • The dance between fresh and woody personalities can be confusing

Prada Amber Pour Homme EDT

Prada Amber Pour Homme EDT

Amber Pour Homme is the original cologne released in 2006. It’s a layered fragrance for tomorrow, meaning it’s a contemporary blend inspired by the original female perfume. Alluring, natural, seductive, and charming are great words to describe this impressive cologne. It leaves lasting impressions wherever you go.

Descending Accords: Amber, warm spicy, citrus, aromatic, vanilla, woody, musky, sweet, leather, and powdery

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, neroli, bergamot, and cardamom

Middle Notes: Orange blossom, geranium, myrrh, musk, and vetiver

Lower Notes: Tonka bean, leather, saffron, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla

Wearable: Perfect for in-between weather and daytime


  • Affordable at $80 (50 ml)
  • Male
  • It stays about six hours
  • It starts as a burst of citrus and fresh accords that dry down to rare undertones (saffron and myrrh)
  • It’s a boldly alluring cologne with playful intentions
  • The leather undertone evolves the citrus notes like a second skin
  • It smells fantastic on young and mature men


  • It’s a strong daytime cologne
  • The fresh and citrus notes can be overwhelming before they dry down

Prada Luna Rossa Sport EDT

Prada Luna Rossa Sport EDT

Luna Rossa Sport is a contemporary cologne with adventurous and daring accents. It also has a heavy aromatic climax just before it subtly evolves into a warm and sweet undertone. This cologne is perfect for on-the-go men who want something exceptionally alluring. See a handsomely sweaty man in the gym, and you’ve got this one.

Descending Accords: Aromatic, vanilla, lavender, sweet, fresh spicy, amber, and warm spicy

Top Notes: Ginger and juniper berries

Middle Notes: Lavender

Lower Notes: Tonka bean and vanilla

Wearable: Good for all weather except winter and nighttime wear


  • Mid-priced at $105 (100 ml)
  • Male
  • It stays about six hours
  • It starts as a bold and wild statement that gently moves through lavender and into a subtle warmth
  • It’s an adventurous cologne with mildly balanced floral notes
  • The underlying sweetness creates the balance
  • It smells incredible on younger men


  • It’s a vibrant cologne best suited to younger crowds
  • The initial wildness can be too much for some men

Olfactories: Un Chant d’Amour EDP

Olfactories: Un Chant d'Amour EDP

Un Chant d’Amour is a carnal cologne intended to enhance the human experience. It means “A Song of Love,” and it’s the perfect cologne for soft-spoken men who want to express their seductive sides. It has gentle citrus notes that intertwine with floral notes to create magical bursts of powdery freshness with the floral accents.

Descending Accords: Powdery, musky, white floral, citrus, floral, and fresh

Top Notes: Bergamot and neroli

Middle Notes: Cotton flower, lily of the valley, jasmine, and orange blossom

Lower Notes: Benzoin and musk

Wearable: Daytime, spring, and summer


  • Unisex
  • It stays about eight to ten hours
  • It starts with a wild citrus burst that dries gently into a floral undertone
  • It’s a smooth cologne with a seductive nature
  • The floral notes enhance the contemporary elements
  • It works well for mature and young men


  • It’s more costly at $300 (100 ml)
  • It might feel too feminine for bolder men

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon EDT

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon EDT

Luna Rossa Carbon is another beautiful cologne for men who want that hint of contemporary flair from floral notes without bouncing off the flowerbeds. The improved balance of floral and fresh undertones makes this a better option for men who want something more masculine than the last one.

Descending Accords: Amber, fresh spicy, lavender, mineral, aromatic, citrus, metallic, musky, earthy, and woody

Top Notes: Pepper and bergamot

Middle Notes: Metallic notes, coal, water notes, lavender, and soil tincture

Lower Notes: Patchouli and ambroxan

Wearable: Works in all weather except for winter


  • Affordable at $95 (100 ml)
  • Male
  • It stays about six hours
  • It starts with an odd dance between citrus and spicy before drying down to fresh and unusual metallic notes
  • It’s a wildly experimental fragrance
  • The earthy undertones enhance the floral and fresh evolutions
  • It smells excellent on younger men


  • It doesn’t smell good on mature men
  • The experimental metallic notes can be off-putting for some guys

Prada Infusion de Mimosa EDP

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon EDT

Infusion de Mimosa is from the Infusion range, but it’s a more affordable EDP from Prada. It’s a serene fragrance with feminine qualities, and it boasts a more intense floral vibe with subtle fresh and green undertones. It’s perfect for contemporary men who love smelling slightly feminine.

Descending Accords: Yellow floral, floral, powdery, anis, sweet, citrus, woody, soft spicy, green, and rose

Top Notes: Mandarin orange and anise

Middle Notes: Rose, strawberry, and mimosa

Lower Notes: Woody notes and heliotrope musk

Wearable: Daytime and spring


  • Mid-priced EDP at $160 (100 ml)
  • Unisex
  • It stays about eight to ten hours
  • It starts with a burst of floral notes that quickly dry down to a gently fresh and woody undertone
  • It’s a serene cologne for soft-spoken men
  • The green and woody notes prevent it from being too floral
  • It works for younger men


  • It might seem too feminine for contemporary men
  • It doesn’t smell good on mature men

Countless Prada Options for Men

Prada’s cologne range is truly vast, and these are some other options you’ll find on the official website:

The Four Fragrance Personalities

Choosing a cologne from this incredibly luxurious range doesn’t need to be rocket science. One method of picking your favorite is determining which fragrance personality fits your lifestyle, mood, and season. A soft-spoken man might not want a bold cologne, so use these four foundations to choose the right one.


Fresh fragrances with top notes of citrus, bergamot, and lemon are suited to men with adventurous personalities. It’s a vibrant undertone perfect for men on the go in summer and during the day. Other fresh undertones include ocean or water notes.


Woody colognes with solid undertones of cedar, oud, moss, and sandalwood are nostalgically wrapped in masculinity. They aren’t the most sensual fragrances, but they’re the traditional and opulent scent you imagine on men. They’re perfect for nighttime and winter wearing, but they work in all seasons.



Floral colognes that include top and middle notes with rose, lavender, jasmine, peaches, geranium, and neroli have a calming effect for you and the people around you. They’re still masculine but with a modern twist. They work in all seasons, and they have a strong expression of a gentle, soft-spoken, and easy-going man.


Oriental colognes have profoundly spicy and sensual undertones, and they include top and middle notes with musk, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, patchouli, and vanilla. A touch of sweetness often softens the spicy accent. These highly sensual fragrances are for bold men who want to show their daring side at night.

Tips for Choosing a Designer Cologne

The exquisite quality of Prada cologne is undoubtedly unmatched. Choosing your personality type is the first step, and you can also determine which cologne is better for you by asking yourself four questions.

1. Which Scent Will Blend With Your Other Products?

A man who wears a designer cologne also uses other scented products. Look at your lotions, shower gels, and other products that leave a fragrance on your skin before choosing which cologne will match or enhance the natural body odor you have after a steaming shower. Don’t mix two strong personalities in multiple products.

2. Do I Want Quality or a Better Price?

Prada didn’t build its reputation on doing the bare minimum. The company stands in the same league as Gucci and Louis Vuitton for a reason, so know that you’re purchasing quality cologne from Prada. As for the price, it’s not much different from the other leading fragrance brands.

I don’t recommend purchasing Prada cologne from Amazon, but I recommend reviewing the customer feedback from sales. Sadly, fake colognes are common with such big brands, and that’s why you only purchase Prada from respectable outlets, which you’ll see soon. However, you can spend time reading customer reviews.

4. What Type of Cologne Do I Want?

Prada is a jack of all trades, providing all four main types of men’s fragrances. It comes down to the oil content in each fragrance. Colognes aren’t known to last long, but Prada offers a range of longer-lasting options for men by adding various oil content solutions. This is what you can expect:

  • Eau de cologne (EDC) contains 7% oil
  • Eau de toilette (EDT) contains 10% oil
  • Eau de parfum (EDP) contains 20% oil
  • Parfum contains 40% oil (Wow!)

A higher oil content means the cologne lasts longer on your skin, and it has a more notable dry down to the middle and lower notes. EDP and parfum can last all day (eight to ten hours).

Alternative Colognes

Sometimes, a brand just doesn’t tease your fancy, and that’s okay. Prada is a gorgeous range of colognes that entice even the strongest reluctance to falter. Still, you can try alternative luxury brands if you don’t see yourself on the figurative red carpet.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton colognes match the opulent nature of Prada, and they also offer a fantastic range of contemporary notes blended with traditional scents in their colognes. The brand is just as luxurious as Prada, except that Louis Vuitton’s colognes are around $265 per 100 ml bottle.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is a self-sufficient tigress who also makes luxury perfume and cologne. It’s the best designer brand if you’re not looking to play eeni-mini-miny-mo with colognes. She brings one signature male cologne and five unisex options. Her signature cologne is far more affordable than most luxury brands.


Cartier is another luxury brand matching the likes of Gucci and Prada. First made famous by Louis-François Cartier making jewelry and watches for royalty, the brand brings a variety of colognes. Cartier also plays around with unusual notes between traditional accords, and their colognes range from affordable to mid-priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are Prada Colognes Expensive Like Their Clothing?

Answer: Prada prides itself on bringing colognes into the affordable range, much like other luxury brands. They use their colognes and perfumes to introduce consumers to the brand, so the colognes range from $80 to $300, depending on bottle size and oil concentrations. Simply, they’re not as expensive as the clothing.

Question: Which Prada Cologne is the Best Seller in 2021?

Answer: Returning to the customer feedback on Amazon, the highest-rated and most popular cologne in 2021 is Prada Luna Rossa EDT Original, having 4.7 stars after more than 3,100 reviews. The runner-up is Prada Luna Rossa Sport EDT, with 4.7 stars after more than 2,400 reviews. Both are hugely popular and receive good praise.

Question: Can My Prada Cologne Spoil?

Answer: The sad truth is that any cologne can go bad, especially if it’s not stored correctly. Learn to store your cologne correctly, and you won’t have to worry about using it before it goes bad. Cherishing your cologne collection could see them last between three and five years, and Prada is no exception.

Question: Where Can I Purchase Original Prada Cologne?

Answer: You have to be careful with any luxury brand perfume or cologne because everyone wants to make a quick buck. Only purchase Prada cologne from the official website. You can also buy original Prada cologne from Sephora, Walgreens, Macy’s, and Boots.

Prada Cologne Guide: Final Thoughts

Prada is a unique and luxurious statement that doesn’t go overboard. The brand is a special salute to luxury and sophistication, and the colognes are no different. Depending on your fragrance personality and the answers you gave to the questions, you’ve likely found your new signature cologne.

I still recommend L’Homme Prada and Olfactories Les Mirages: Miracle of the Rose simply because both of them suit my partner’s personality and drive me insane in one go. I love a man who expresses himself humbly under the guise of an easy-going attitude, and there’s no shortage of masculinity in either cologne.

Join the designer brand by trying one of their incredible colognes today.

To read more about signature colognes:

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