Mercedes Benz Cologne Guide

Mercedes Benz Cologne Guide: Which Model is Yours?

This Mercedes Benz Cologne Guide will show you how choosing your favorite fragrance is like picking the best German car, from sleek cars with monstrous engines to cruising down the highway like a king. You’ll know the pros and cons of each “model,” and you’ll have all the tools you need to choose your accessories.

Have you ever driven a Mercedes Benz? I was lucky enough to own one a few years back. It’s almost indescribable. It feels like you’re cruising down the highway in a gigantic ship grounded to the road, but it’s smooth, empowering, and mind-bending.

The car is solid, and you have to keep a close eye on the speedometer. I learned my lesson many times because the car runs at 100 mph but feels like 40 mph. Cruise control saved me from many speeding tickets. The colognes are much like cars, and you can go from 0 to 100 in seconds.

I miss my “land ship” when I catch that sleek smell of Mercedes Benz on my partner, his favorite being Mercedes Benz Club. The colognes are also environmentally conscious, focusing on sustainability. If you’re a man who loves driving a bus that rides as smooth as a Lincoln, you’ll love Mercedes Benz colognes.

Cruising Into Colognia

Germany brought some highly questionable blotches to history, but they’re also one of the leading car manufacturing countries globally. Prestige, luxury, efficiency, and raw horsepower made the Germans famous with Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz began in the 1920s with the model 400, and each decade brought more luxury models from the German masters, finally coming to the 2021 A-Class Sedan and CLA Coupe. Mercedes Benz is known for more. They also manufacture formula one cars, the current one being the AMG F1 W10 EQ Power Plus.

The company is about power and class, and this overflows into their fragrances. They didn’t want to limit themselves to making men feel good in luxury sedans anymore. They also wanted men to smell exquisite, successful, prestigious, and innovative. They decided to release their first colognes in 2012.

The Perfume Society calls this takeover of the sensual world by a car manufacturer visionary, unique, spirited, and an unforeseen adventure. Mercedes Benz also sought the best perfumers globally, some including Dominique Ropion, Alberto Morillas, and Olivier Cresp.

The first cologne was a crisp woody blend with fruity Chypre undertones, showing the exceptional talents of the perfumers. Mercedes Benz even uses unique passion and exclusive technology to combine perfuming with their cars. They cruised right into the state of Colognia, and now you get to smell this fantasy state.

The Wonders of Horsepowered Cologne

Okay, let’s set the record straight. Horses do not power the colognes, but the brand has unique elements to make you love their fragrances. Beautiful places inspire each cologne. For example, Mercedes Benz Man is inspired by the gorgeous pink peppercorns found in South America.

It also comes with a promise: they manufacture every cologne with a unique CO2 extraction process that remains environmentally friendly, which allows the fragrance to stay true to the natural scents found in each note, and it makes them last longer than expected, even if you’re wearing an Eau de Toilette.

The latest addition, Mercedes Benz Sign, is inspired by the prosperous natural beauty of Guatemalan cardamom, with the company even having a contract with local farmers. The company makes the bottles from 40% recyclable materials to stick to their promise of keeping the environment safe.

The packaging for each cologne also comes in FSC-certified recycled paper to keep the environmentally friendly dream alive. When I say horses power Mercedes Benz cologne, the notes, and accents are revved as high as the German engines by keeping the manufacturing process exclusively natural.

The colognes aren’t clean per se, not in the same sense as Skylar Perfume. Still, Mercedes Benz promotes the safety of our environment in their packaging and ingredients while using the safest extraction process to get your signature scent smelling as prestigious and innovative as the cars make you feel.

It’s a bonus that the German company supports local farmers in developing countries. Some fragrance companies focus on making you smell incredible, but they ignore the elements of their manufacturing process. In that sense, you’re allowed to feel like stallions power your cologne.

Mercedes Benz Colognes to Empower, Enthrall, and Escalate You

Mercedes Benz does nothing half-baked, and each cologne has key factors to help you find one that makes you feel and smell the way you want. Imagine yourself cruising along a sensual highway to a place you never believed existed. The ingredients and outcome of each cologne are magically enthralling.

Model 1: Mercedes Benz Sign EDP

Mercedes Benz Sign EDP

The 2021 addition to the brand is called Mercedes Benz Sign, and it’s an iconic signature of success. It’s another pivotal creation by Olivier Cresp, and it’s an intensely and sensually warm score for any executive man looking to leave a bold statement to show his status in life. This cologne is the epiphany of excellence.

Descending Accords: Warm spicy, ozonic, aromatic, white floral, woody, sweet, aquatic, lavender, patchouli, and amber

First Notes: Guatemalan cardamom, pink pepper, and violet leaf

Middle Notes: Lavender, geranium, and orange blossom

Final Notes: Cashmere wood, tonka bean, and patchouli

Times to Wear: Day, fall, and spring

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 AMG Mercedes GT Coupe Black Series

Key Factors

  • It smells like excellence wrapped in a warm, spicy, and confident blanket
  • The top notes exude an effervescent freshness that contrasts the sweet undertones
  • The rich cashmere wood base dances with the sweet middle notes to warm and enhance the spiciness of pink pepper
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance for middle-aged and mature men
  • The cologne personalities include sleek, confident, mastery, opulent, elegant, and a little sassy

Potential Drawbacks

  • The cologne doesn’t work for young guys
  • It seems a little sassy with those peppery notes (maybe cheeky is the better word, but it works if you have and earned that attitude)

Model 2: Mercedez Benz The Move EDT

Mercedez Benz The Move EDT

Mercedes Benz The Move is a perfect target for Millenials because they never stop moving. It’s about expressing your never-ending desire to keep moving ahead. It’s an indefinable, unapologetic, and outright bold cologne with enough attitude to turn heads. It’s also a multi-faceted cologne with ethereal and classic touches.

Descending Accords: Aromatic, salty, marine, fresh spicy, floral, vanilla, warm spicy, citrus, sweet, and amber

First Notes: Guatemalan cardamom, apple blossom, peppermint, and grapefruit

Middle Notes: Salt, geranium, pineapple, and sea notes

Final Notes: Balsam fir, amber, and tonka bean

Times to Wear: Fall, spring, summer, day, and night

Sillage: Medium to strong

Longevity: 6 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 Mercedes Benz SL Roadster

Key Factors

  • It smells like a wild adventure through fresh aromas while driving along the coast with the top down
  • The top notes are a burst of fresh tinctures elevated by the saltiness of the heart notes
  • The warm undertones boost the subtle tease of sweetness between the freshness
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance for Millenials
  • The cologne personalities include confidence, seductiveness, sleekness, boldness, vibrancy, and utter beastliness

Potential Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t work well for older and younger generations
  • The initial sweetness can overwhelm the freshness (it will dry down quickly, so don’t be alarmed)

Model 3: Mercedes Benz Select Day EDT

benz select day

Mercedes Benz Select Day is one of two colognes in the same range, the other being Select Night. The company focused on exuding modern masculinity with this cologne by marrying marine to citrus to spicy and woody undertones. It’s the perfect blend of modern man, and it has a revitalizing feel about it.

Descending Accords: Citrus, aromatic, marine, green, fresh, salty, aquatic, warm spicy, and woody

First Notes: Bergamot, sage, and citruses

Middle Notes: Sage, green notes, and sea notes

Final Notes: Cedarwood and woodsy notes

Times to Wear: Day, summer, and spring

Sillage: Strong to enormous

Longevity: 4 to 6 hours

Matching Model Personality: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet Concept (electric haute couture car).

Key Factors

  • It smells like a fantasy of splashing salty water on a muscular body with bouncing sun rays gleaming
  • The top notes are a revitalizing salute to how modern men want to smell
  • The bottom notes reflect the freshness of sea notes and citruses to create a warm and inviting aroma
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance for younger men
  • The cologne personalities include authenticity, vibrancy, confidence, energy, electricity, and ambition

Potential Drawbacks

  • The cologne doesn’t work well for mature guys
  • It can smell a little too oceanic at first (again, this dries down in a few minutes)

Model 4: Mercedes Benz Select Night EDP

mercedes benz night

Mercedes Benz Select Night is a timeless cologne with deeply rooted seductive and charismatic elements. Why would you want to drive a Merc other than showing your excellence? Of course, it’s for the reason that you can become an addictively alluring bite for women, right? Don’t worry; I encourage you to do that!

Descending Accords: Woody, white floral, vanilla, lavender, warm spicy, powdery, citrus, aromatic, balsamic, and sweet

First Notes: Guatemalan cardamom, lavender, and bergamot

Middle Notes: Guaiac wood, cedarwood, and orange blossom (how cheeky of Mercedes to put woody notes in the heart of the cologne – I love it!)

Final Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla

Times to Wear: Night, fall, winter, spring

Sillage: Medium to strong

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Matching Model Personality: Mercedes Benz AMG Project One (damn!)

Key Factors

  • It smells like a French businessman who’s come out to play
  • The top notes are a classic twist of citrus freshness with alluring lavender to attract the beast underneath
  • The bottom notes add that touch of sweetness to the solid heart woody masculinity
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance for mature men
  • The cologne personalities include seduction, addiction, boldness, unthinkable, unimaginable, and just the right amount of excellence

Potential Drawbacks

  • The cologne doesn’t work too well for young guys
  • It can seem all-encumbering and overwhelming if a soft-spoken man wears it

Model 5: Mercedes Benz Man Grey EDT

Mercedes Benz Man Grey EDT

Mercedes Benz Man Grey brings you back down from the fiery addiction of the last cologne. It’s a well-balanced and modern fragrance for successful men who want the world to know they’ve made it. It’s unique enough to surprise, but it’s universal enough for any man to wear it. It’s a sophisticated and classic option.

Descending Accords: Amber, woody, musky, citrus, soft spicy, aromatic, fresh spicy, herbal, powdery, and warm spicy

First Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, and citruses

Middle Notes: Olibanum, sage, and ambroxan

Final Notes: Gurjan balsam, amber wood, and musk

Times to Wear: Night, day, fall, spring, and winter

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 6 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG E53 Sedan

Key Factors

  • It smells like a gentleman climbing out of his luxury car with a crisp suit and briefcase
  • The top notes are classic enough to evolve like an elegant tale
  • The bottom notes also offer traditional masculine undertones to enhance the crispness of the dry down
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance for mature men
  • The cologne personalities include elegance, sophistication, humility, sensuality, masculinity, and a sense of luxury

Potential Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t evolve that well on young guys
  • It smells like what you’d expect from a leather-interior car (which may be too traditional for modern men)

Model 6: Mercedes Benz Club EDT

Mercedes Benz Club EDT

Mercedes Benz Club is like belonging to a prestigious and secretive club of desirable men. Well, that’s what my partner claims. It’s a trendy and vibrant cologne made for younger generations with a hint of spontaneity. In that sense, it suits my partner because he’s spontaneous by all means, and it’s a little adventurous.

Descending Accords: Aromatic, woody, warm spicy, amber, green, fruity, fresh, citrus, sweet, and fresh spicy

First Notes: Citruses, rhubarb, and grapefruit

Middle Notes: Guatemalan cardamom, water notes, juniper berries, and spices

Final Notes: Tonka bean, dry wood, ambroxan, and patchouli

Times to Wear: Day, night, and all seasons

Sillage: Medium to strong

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GLS 63 (bring on the adventure!)

Key Factors

  • It smells like a unique doorway that opens to unexpected adventures
  • The top notes take an unusual journey through sweetness before drying down to a fresh and woody undertone
  • The bottom notes help the fruity accents to feel fresh rather than feminine
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance for young guys and Millenials
  • The cologne personalities include vibrant, energetic, spontaneity, sensual, modern, confident, and a touch of class

Potential Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t work well with mature men
  • The cologne’s unusual layering of sweet and fresh is wild for some men (but this could be what takes you to the new class of Mercedes lifestyles – the adventure side)

Model 7: Mercedes Benz for Men EDT

mercedes benz for men

Mercedes Benz for Men is a distinctive cologne that encumbers everything luxury for mature men. It has an irresistible personality with sophisticated and sleek elements to draw the crowd into your sphere. You can almost say it’s a reinterpretation of the ideations behind modern, successful men.

Descending Accords: Citrus, woody, fresh spicy, aromatic, powdery, violet, green, warm spicy, earthy, and patchouli

First Notes: Amalfi lemon, orange blossom, bergamot, and absolute violet leafs

Middle Notes: Cascalone®, violet, pepper, galbanum, and nutmeg

Final Notes: Virginia cedar, vetiver, and patchouli

Times to Wear: Summer, spring, and day

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GT 4DR Coupe

Key Factors

  • It smells like a distinctive businessman wearing the crispest suit in the office
  • The top notes are a dance of citrus freshness blended into spicy and aromatic undertones
  • The bottom notes are strong, coming through the wake as the first notes
  • It’s a classic-contemporary fragrance for mature men
  • The cologne personalities include elegant, sleek, humble, authentic, traditional, and a touch of irresistible seductiveness

Potential Drawbacks

  • The cologne smells weird on young guys
  • It might smell a little too classical until those pleasurable notes make themselves known

Model 8: Mercedes Benz Man Private EDP

Mercedes Benz Man Private EDP

Mercedes Benz Man Private is a refined cologne like no other, but it has untold secrets. It’s like seeing an attractive box you’re not allowed to open. The nature of its sturdy exterior protects it, but it’s much like Pandora’s box. Once opened, it’s a magical journey through layers of masculine surprises.

Descending Accords: Woody, aromatic, amber, musky, warm spicy, balsamic, patchouli, and fresh spicy

First Notes: Mugwort, cypress, artemisia, and Guatemalan cardamom

Middle Notes: Labdanum resinoid, ambroxan, lavender, and labdanum

Final Notes: Cashmeran, patchouli, and cedarwood

Times to Wear: Winter, fall, day, and night

Sillage: Strong

Longevity: 8 to 10 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe

Key Factors

  • It smells like a mysterious gift you want to unwrap with all your senses
  • The top notes create a spicy and fresh accent bouncing off the woody undertones
  • The bottom notes are a tease of luxury, elevating the classical tones of lavender and ambroxan
  • It’s a classic-contemporary fragrance for mature men
  • The cologne personalities include elegant, posh, secretive, seductive, influential, mysterious, and somewhat bewitching

Potential Drawbacks

  • The cologne wouldn’t work well with young guys
  • It has a powerful distraction that won’t suit men who want to wear Mercedes Benz cologne for professional purposes only

Model 9: Mercedes Benz Club Black EDT

Mercedes Benz Club Black EDT

Mercedes Benz Club Black is a premium oriental cologne dedicated to young men with vibrant and wild personalities. It’s a sensual journey with refined features and noble accents, perfect for young guys climbing that professional ladder to the top before the Boomers pull it out from under them.

Descending Accords: Amber, vanilla, balsamic, woody, smoky, warm spicy, and powdery

First Notes: Bergamot

Middle Notes: Jasmine and incense

Final Notes: Benzoin, woodsy notes, vanilla, and ambroxan

Times to Wear: Fall, winter, and night

Sillage: Medium to strong

Longevity: 8 hours

Matching Model Personality: 2021 Mercedes Benz SLC Roadster

Key Factors

  • It smells like an exquisite young man pursuing his ultimate passion
  • The top notes are simple, allowing the burst of oriental flairs to rise fast
  • The bottom notes bring a subtle sweetness to the spicy explosion happening above
  • It’s a trendy-contemporary fragrance for young guys
  • The cologne personalities include vibrant, trend-setting, ambitious, wild, determined, sensual, and a splash of nobility

Potential Drawbacks

  • It smells like a trainwreck on mature men
  • The wild undertone might make you smell more aggressive than you desire (which works in some cases)

Model 10: Mercedes Benz for Men Intense EDT

Mercedes Benz for Men Intense EDT

Mercedes Benz for Men Intense is the cologne that kicks the original one up about 20 notches. It evokes a sense of urbanite combined with a seductive, refined, and profoundly desirable man. It’s a confident and charming fragrance that leaves people wanting more, and it shows a man with endless determination.

Descending Accords: Woody, fresh spicy, aromatic, citrus, ozonic, powdery, violet, green, earthy, and aquatic

First Notes: Italian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot, violet leaf, and lemon

Middle Notes: Bourbon pepper, galbanum, violet, and nutmeg

Final Notes: Bourbon vetiver, cetalox, cedar, and patchouli

Times to Wear: Day, night, and all seasons but winter

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 8 hours

Matching Model Personality: Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury Concept

Key Factors

  • It smells like a man who knows what he wants and is capable of charming the socks off anyone
  • The top notes blend unusual ingredients into a flurry of intense revelations
  • The bottom notes warm the upper accents enough to create a balanced earthy undertone
  • It’s an experimental-contemporary fragrance for young guys
  • The cologne personalities include luxury, urban, charming, irresistible, wealthy, confident, bold, and a little cheekiness

Potential Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t smell too good on mature men
  • The cheeky undertone can undermine the charming side of the cologne

Choosing Your Model: Cars vs. Colognes

You’ll notice each cologne has allocated personalities and a recommended car that suits them. A cheeky personality combined with an experimental cologne is best suited to a futuristic car. A cologne with sophisticated features and layers combined with a booming personality is better suited to a classy coupe.

These tips, matches, and personalities are intended to help you choose your Mercedes Benz cologne. Use these steps to determine yours:

  1. Please determine what you want to smell like and match it to the fantasy of each cologne.
  2. Consider your personality and lifestyle, and match these to the cologne personalities.
  3. If you still struggle, match your dream Mercedes Benz car model to the fragrance you’d like to test. I chose each model carefully to represent the personalities of the scents. Some men find it easier to choose a car over a cologne.
  4. Finally, make sure your cologne matches your generation for optimal wearing.

Wearing Mercedes Benz Cologne Like a Master

Mercedes Benz set

You don’t drive a Mercedes Benz and stick this on the fender because there’s a time and place for everything. Mercedes Benz is about class and sophistication, and sarcasm or dark humor doesn’t match it well. So ask yourself, why would you wear anything but class with your cologne?

To make your cologne as posh as intended, use these additional products from the brand to amplify, elevate, and extend your fragrance:

Unless you’re looking to cover silk with soil, you should be enhancing your cologne with Mercedes Benz products. It will make the smell last longer and the sillage seem stronger. You can also spray cologne in your hair to make it stay with you. Also, store your posh colognes the right way, or you won’t enhance them.

Should you consider trading your cologne for a different brand, you can view other brands with the same level of luxury, such as:

These brands don’t offer the same notes or undertones, and they have no ties to German cars, but they’re in the same league regarding elegance. If you want trade-ins for specific colognes from Mercedes Benz, these alternatives match the notes and smell of each cologne:


Question: Which Perfume Company Manufactures Mercedes Benz Cologne?

Answer: Germans are masters of motors and extreme horsepower, but they don’t have much poise. The company handling the perfume and cologne side of the German empire is called INCC Parfums. Perfumers like Olivier Cresp, Alberto Morillas, Honorine Blanc, and Harry Fremont create posh fragrances for Mercedes Benz.

Question: Where is Mercedes Benz Cologne Manufactured?

Answer: Again, Germany has many beautiful qualities, and they produce some of the beastliest machines, but they’re not much for elegant fragrances. In fact, the country has a masculine feel about it. Mercedes Benz colognes are made in the heart of France, which shows how determined the company is to produce perfection.

Question: Which Mercedes Benz Cologne is the Ultimate?

Answer: I rely on facts when choosing the best cologne, and that’s why I look at Amazon feedback from verified purchasers. The first prize goes to Mercedes Benz for Men Intense with a 77% approval rate after 1,167 reviews. A close second prize goes to Mercedes Benz for Men with a 71% approval rate after 1,197 reviews.

Mercedes Benz Cologne Guide: Final Review

Mercedes Benz introduced us to powerful engines masked by sleek, elegant, and sophisticated cars. The feel of driving that ship down the road is unmatched by other car brands, and that’s what makes me love everything under the brand name. From revving engines to smooth rides, Mercedes Benz has your back.

Additionally, the company chose to start manufacturing colognes as unique and luxurious as their cars. Each cologne has a personality that matches specific models, even the future concepts. My favorite cologne is the Mercedes Benz Club because it fits my partner’s soft-spoken and sophisticated nature best.

If I could choose another favorite based on the cologne personalities and matching car, I’d have to say Mercedes Benz Club Black is my second choice. Irrespective of the car or cologne model you choose, Mercedes Benz did a fabulous job defining the different types of contemporary and professional men.

If you want to smell as great as you feel when you soar down the road in a smooth and elegant ride, you should pick your favorite cologne now and wear it like the boss you know you can be. Who knows where this sensual road will take you?

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