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Invictus Cologne Guide: Which Is The Perfect Scent For You?

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Are you an ambitious man? Do you feel adventurous and sporty? If so, this Invictus Cologne Guide is the right place for you to be. From legendary models to numerous awards, Paco Rabanne brings you six contemporary masculine fragrances to choose from, my favorite being the original one for many reasons.

From the brilliant mind who brought us clothing no one could wear in real life to the endless pursuit of finding a fragrance that perfectly marries masculinity to the contemporary trends of today’s world, Paco Rabanne brings you the Invictus range. It’s wild, bold, beast-like, and everything a man needs.

Inspired by athletes and actively adventurous men, the Invictus range has a cologne for every man with strong ambitions. It’s a bonus if you’re sporty because you’ll soon meet the face behind the range. The epitome of advantages of this brand is that it won’t cost you everything you ever saved since college.

Are you ready to measure just how ambitious and adventurous you are in this new world? If so, you’ll need one of these colognes in your closet.

A Contemporary-Masculine Dream…

Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, better known as Paco Rabanne, is a Spaniard who had huge dreams of taking the French beauty and fashion industry by storm. Oddly, Rabanne studied architecture at l’École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris during the 1950s, but he wasn’t passionate about creating art in buildings.

Rabanne designed fashion sketches for Dior and Givenchy. Still, he stepped back into architecture work by taking a job at Auguste Perret for ten years before he’d embrace the fashion world again. By the mid-1960s, Rabanne returned to Dior and Givenchy to design luxury jewelry, and he set his heart on the runway world.

He became the fashion designer of Basque in 1966, and his fashion was quickly called the enfant terrible in the fashion world. His flamboyant designs included dresses made of paper, plastic, and metal, soon dubbed “metal couture.” His strange designs even aired in science fiction shows like Barbarella.

Rabanne was an eclectic man, and he focused his fashion on using materials others wouldn’t dare to use. That’s what people don’t always understand at the beginning of a new designer line. The people who do the same thing repeatedly aren’t the ones who set trends, and they never become famous.

Rabanne defied everything normal in society when he fashioned clothing out of unwearable material, but it made the brand famous. By 1968, Rabanne collaborated with Puig, a fragrance company. The first legendary fragrance was a female perfume called Calandre, released in 1969.

Calandre was a revolutionary perfume that defied all the odds, and Rabanne continued to question what modern men and women should smell like. The first cologne, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, launched in 1973, but the original Invictus only hit the shelves in 2013.

Why Choose the Invictus Range?

Paco Rabanne is another eccentric and eclectic man with a vision larger than life, and that makes me a massive fan of his brand, and I won’t lie, his colognes drive me up the walls. The six-bottle Invictus range is something dreams are made of, and every man will find his match. However, three more reasons stand for using it.

The Face Behind Invictus

The Invictus range from Paco Rabanne has a famous face behind every bottle. Nick Youngquest is a professional rugby legend from Australia. Rugby is a global sport similar to American football. Anyway, Youngquest is all over the marketing and modeling behind the famous cologne.

Youngquest is more than a rugby legend. He’s a surfer who gets involved in any sport because he believes it drives his being, and it’s the engine on which he runs. Invictus cologne is a bold statement from Rabanne to encourage your dreams. Nothing stands in your way from having a winning and legendary attitude.

Who Wears It?

Paco Rabanne’s fragrances are eccentric and mysteriously modern in a way never imagined before. The original perfume called Calandre is an all-time favorite of these celebrities:

The brand walks the runway in more ways than just fashion. Know you’ll be sporting an incredible cologne when you adopt Paco Rabanne.

Invictus Awards and Notoriety

The Invictus range bottles are shaped like a trophy, and that’s for two reasons. Firstly, the cologne encourages a winning attitude, especially for active and sporty wearers. Secondly, the colognes aren’t shy to grab a few awards here and there. The victoriously shaped bottle is ironically accurate if you see the first and last awards.

  • Invictus won all three categories for innovation, creativity, and best fragrance by industry professionals in 2014
  • Invictus became the scent of victory by winning the Fashion and Beauty Campaign Media Awards in 2021

With awards from the time the brand started making fragrances to now, it’s no surprise the Invictus cologne range is also fabulously popular. Youngquest and Lohan will agree that this is the signature brand to wear if you show your daring, adventurous, athletic, and ambitious sides.

The Six Invictus Victory Colognes

Paco Rabanne is a luxury brand that marries eclectic ideas to modern trends, and the Invictus colognes will blow your mind in every way. They’re as eccentric as the mind behind them, and they exude a wake that lets everyone know you’re pursuing precisely what you desire.

Original Invictus EDT 2013

Imagine an athlete at the Olympics for a moment. Close your eyes, and watch as the man gleams with sweat while his muscles tense and release with each step he takes closer to the finish line. He’s not focused on anything but winning. He leaves the rest of the athletes in his wake as he takes another stride forward.

The Original Invictus is the epiphany of what you imagine while thinking of a muscular athlete breaking through that ribbon. It’s what you can exude when you walk around with this powerfully woody and fresh fragrance. It’s a feral burst of heroism and biting sensuality with glorious citrus and olfactory evolutions.

Drying Accords: Citrus, aromatic, marine, woody, fresh spicy, salty, white floral, amber, camphor, and aquatic

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, sea notes, and grapefruit

Heart Notes: Jasmine and bay leaf

Grounding Notes: Guaiac wood, oakmoss, patchouli, and ambergris

Wearable Times: Summer, spring, and daytime

Key Features:

  • Available in 50, 100, and 150 ml bottles
  • Affordable at Macy’s for $94 (100 ml)
  • It stays on your skin for six to eight hours (long-lasting for an EDT)
  • It has a moderately strong wake
  • It marries fresh and woody fragrance personalities
  • It smells like a dominating sea breeze with hints of grapefruit at first
  • It dries down to an olfactory woody fragrance with a modern twist
  • Animalistic, wild, bold, athletic, ambitious, and contemporary-masculine describe it best
  • It fits the mature man better


  • The first accords can be overwhelmingly sweet when bursts of grapefruit push through the citrus freshness
  • It doesn’t smell fantastic on soft-spoken or gentle giants
  • It’s not the best cologne for younger men

Invictus Victory EDP

Paco Rabanne didn’t play around when he intended for men to smell like winning beasts. For this one, imagine a man pursuing the new record for the heaviest weight lifted at the gym. Watch as the man’s blood vessels create a rhythm around his six-pack and biceps. Imagine the glory as the weight rises over his head.

Invictus Victory is another bold statement, but it’s not as wild as the original one. It has the power to seize knees and seduce minds, but the intense freshness enhanced by the woody undertones brings the classic back to the eclectic fragrance. It’s sensually wrapped with fiery masculinity, much like the weight lifter.

Drying Accords: Amber, vanilla, sweet, aromatic, lavender, soft spicy, citrus, fresh spicy, and powdery

Top Notes: Lemon and pink pepper

Heart Notes: Olibanum and lavender (the latter being an all-time male favorite in cologne)

Grounding Notes: Tonka bean, vanilla, and amber

Wearable Times: Fall, spring, winter, daytime, and nighttime

Key Features:

  • Available in 50, 100, and 200 ml bottles
  • Mid-priced at Ulta Beauty for $102 (100 ml)
  • It stays on your skin for eight to ten hours
  • It has a moderate wake
  • It marries woody and fresh fragrance personalities
  • It smells like an alluring citrus journey with intertwining spiciness from the pepper
  • It dries down to a seductive but mysterious sweet and woody accent
  • Beast-like, seductive, athletic, modern-masculine, and fiery describe it best
  • It smells incredible on mature and middle-aged men


  • The sweetness in-between is undoubtedly not for traditional men
  • It’s a boldly contemporary blend
  • It doesn’t smell too good on young guys

Invictus Aqua EDT

I think of Aquaman when I smell this glorious cologne, and I imagine Jason Mamoa in his finest hour as he walks out of the water with every bead running down that gorgeously tattooed body. If you have a partner, you know who Mamoa is because every woman went absolutely gaga for the man from his Game of Thrones days.

For you to imagine yourself in this cologne, think of yourself coming out of the ocean with your surfboard under your arm. Watch as the waves gently splash against your perfectly wholesome body. Imagine how women will react to this one! Invictus Aqua is the victorious version of water athletes.

Drying Accords: Citrus, marine, amber, aquatic, woody, aromatic, ozonic, salty, green, and animalistic

Top Notes: Grapefruit, yuzu, and pink pepper

Heart Notes: Violet leaf and ocean water

Grounding Notes: Guaiac wood, amber wood, and ambergris

Wearable Times: Summer, spring, and daytime (perfect for beach weather)

Key Features:

  • Available in 50 and 100 ml bottles
  • Affordable at FragranceX for $84.99 (100 ml)
  • It stays on your skin for about six hours
  • It has a moderate wake
  • It marries fresh, aquatic, and woody fragrance personalities
  • It smells like a colossal freshness found in the ocean at first
  • It dries down to a smell that makes you think of an unsinkable wooden ship
  • Vibrant, alluring, passionate, athletic, modern-masculine, and sensual describe it best
  • It smells like a dream on younger to middle-aged men


  • It’s a burst of freshness that might smell awkward in the middle of the country
  • It can seem confusing when the amber warms the fresh notes at first
  • It doesn’t smell so good on mature men
  • It’s not available at Sephora, Macy’s, or Nordstroms for now (these are the most reliable designer cologne suppliers in America)

Invictus Legend EDP

Somehow, I start imagining a showdown between cowboys in the old West when I smell this cologne, which makes it seem less modern-masculine, but don’t be fooled by the mental images. My mind quickly diverted to modern Western cowboys, the ones who remind me of Magic Men dancing to Bebe Rhexa’s famed song.

Invictus Legend is the cologne that exudes the heroes we imagine in the Wild West, but we see them as modern versions of hot, daring, and gorgeously handsome men. Imagine the sun bouncing off your beading skin as you walk around with every bit of your manliness leaving unforgettable impressions.

Drying Accords: Aromatic, marine, fresh spicy, amber, salty, citrus, woody, camphor, warm spicy, and aquatic

Top Notes: Sea salt, ocean notes, and grapefruit

Heart Notes: Geranium, bay leaf, and other spices

Grounding Notes: Guaiac wood and red amber (because Rabanne needed to turn the heat up even more)

Wearable Times: Fall, spring, summer, daytime, and nighttime

Key Features:

  • Available in 50 and 100 ml bottles
  • Mid-priced at Macy’s for $100 (100 ml)
  • It stays on your skin for eight to ten hours
  • It marries fresh, oriental, and woody fragrance personalities
  • It smells like you’re standing in a burning desert with fresh adrenaline at first
  • It dries down to a hot, wild burst of woody undertones (especially with red amber)
  • Passionate, seductive, contemporary-masculine, powerful, legendary, and all-encumbering describe it best
  • It smells dreamy on younger men


  • You might get confused with the brief warmth of the fresh accords
  • It has an enormous wake
  • It doesn’t smell too great on mature men

Invictus Intense EDT

Paco Rabanne broke all the rules for Invictus Intense. You’ll need to imagine a genuinely fierce animal, perhaps a tiger. Two forces oppose and attract each other simultaneously, much like the tiger has a constant challenge between the contrasting stripes on its coat. However, the tiger is a majestically intense creature.

This image is the perfect mental picture I want you to imagine. It’s what people will see when you wear this incredibly contemporary cologne that brings two worlds together. You’ll be a fierce beast challenging the laws of nature by bringing a spicy, oriental accent to an electrifying woody undertone.

Drying Accords: Fresh spicy, amber, whisky, white floral, animalistic, woody, salty, warm spicy, and citrus

Top Notes: Black pepper and orange blossom

Heart Notes: Laurels and whisky

Grounding Notes: Ambergris, salt, and amber

Wearable Times: All seasons, daytime, and nighttime

Key Features:

  • Available in 50 and 100 ml bottles
  • Mid-priced at FragranceNet for $109.99 (100 ml)
  • It stays on your skin for six to eight hours
  • It has a moderately strong wake
  • It marries oriental and woody fragrance personalities
  • It smells like an exotic journey through intoxicating sensuality at first
  • It dries down to a sensational blend of salty and woody undertones
  • Beast-like, seductive, ambitious, exotic, contemporary-masculine, vibrant, and all-powerful describe it best
  • It smells phenomenal on young and mature men


  • It has a profoundly experimental aroma
  • It won’t smell good on soft-spoken, blend-into-the-background kind of men
  • It’s not currently available at Sephora, Macy’s, or Nordstrom

Invictus Onyx (Collector’s Edition – Limited)

Invictus Onyx is a collector’s piece, but it’s only the bottle that changes. It has the same ingredients, notes, accords, and features as the original cologne, but you get a magnificent bottle that looks like a granite trophy. It would have the same deterrents as the original cologne as well.

Should you wish to add the Onyx edition to your cologne collection, I’d recommend storing it as a collectible. There’s no indication of how many were made or how long it will be available, and it will make for a lovely bottle in your collection. Additionally, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Key Features:

  • Affordable at Macy’s for $94 (100 ml)
  • It has a newly designed bottle for exceptional masculine vibes


  • Collector’s editions are typically limited, meaning you might not always find them when you need a new one
  • It’s only available in the 100 ml bottle

Types and Personalities

When choosing a cologne from the Paco Rabanne Invictus range, you should consider two factors. Firstly, what type of cologne is it? Secondly, which fragrance personality suits your ambitious and active traits better?


Paco Rabanne offers two types of cologne in the Invictus range: Eau de Parfum (EDP) and Eau de Toilette (EDT). The differences between them include:

  • EDP has a longer-lasting wake, whereas EDT has a shorter wake
  • EDP lasts around eight to ten hours, whereas EDT lasts between four and eight hours
  • EDP has a better oil concentration, whereas EDT has a lower concentration
  • EDP has a more robust wake, whereas EDT is less overwhelming

Invictus Personalities

Fragrances have four prominent personalities, no matter the brand, but Invictus focuses mainly on three, while some hints of the final personality are in some colognes. These are the four fragrance personalities:

  1. The woody personality uses evolving notes like amber, cedar, moss, and Guaiac wood. Wooden undertones bring an olfactory hint to the scent.
  2. The fresh personality uses interchangeable notes like citrus, sea salt, and ocean notes. Fresh notes feel adventurous and ambitious, and blending them with woody undertones is an anchor for the Invictus range. They’re young, vibrant, and alluring.
  3. The oriental personality uses spicy undertones like pepper, bay leaf, and other spices. Exotic notes add that touch of mysticism to the cologne, especially when woody undertones support them.
  4. The floral personality uses notes like jasmine, lavender, and orange blossom. Paco Rabanne doesn’t focus much on floral notes, but they often use them with sweet notes to soften the intensity of the overwhelming Invictus range. They also use vanilla to soften the classic accent of woody undertones.

Consider how long you want your cologne to last, although Paco Rabanne extends his longevity, even with EDT fragrances. Once you choose an EDT versus an EDP, you can better determine what fragrance personality suits your lifestyle and attitude. The Invictus colognes are all amazing, but it’s about matching your attitude.

Wearing Paco Rabanne Like a Real Man!

I haven’t smelled a bolder cologne on my partner than the original Invictus, but he knows how to wear his cologne like a master. He calls his system “The Two Triumphs,” and he was kind enough to share the secrets of wearing Paco Rabanne cologne with me.

Triumph 1: Enhance It

Cologne is not the only thing you’re wearing to create a wake, meaning you should add a few enhancing products to bring the accents out in all their glory. After all, you don’t want to have Dollar Store lotion on your skin before spraying Invictus over it. Paco Rabanne has a few male hygiene products to enhance the range:

Triumph 2: Prolong It

Prolonging your cologne is a two-part story. First, you want to extend it on your skin. Secondly, you want to prolong the life of the cologne itself. Cologne can spoil, which is a little-known fact.

Tips to Extend the Wake:

  • Always dry your skin and moisturize it with lotion before spraying
  • Spray from about five inches away to get an even spread
  • Choose your pulse points to amplify the wake
  • Never rub your wrists together (only pat them against each other)
  • Don’t spray more than once on each wrist (these colognes are powerful)

Tips to Extend the Life:

  • Don’t leave it in a hot or humid place, especially the bathroom or basement
  • Keep cologne away from heaters and open windows
  • Don’t shake the bottle
  • Always replace the lid
  • Keep it organized or stored in a dry and dark place
  • Store it in the fridge (not the freezer!)

Invictus is a challenging cologne to match, but each has a similar fragrance if we break them down to notes, accords, and sillage. If you’re not a Paco Rabanne fan, these alternatives are made from the same stuff and smell as close to the Invictus range as you’ll find:

Should you not find what you’re looking for among the alternatives from other brands, you can always try one of Paco Rabanne’s colognes from another range. Sometimes, you can love a brand but not find the right cologne in a specific range. That’s fine. Some of the other cologne ranges are:

Should you not love the brand or the matching colognes from other brands, you can stick to alternative brands that also focus on contemporary-masculine fragrances, including:


Question: How Do I Choose the Best Paco Rabanne Cologne?

Answer: Thankfully, Paco Rabanne is a luxury brand focused on finding a match for every contemporary-masculine cologne seeker. Whether you’re interested in choosing your Invictus cologne, or you want something else from the designer brand, you can use the convenient fragrance profiler on their official website.

Question: Which Invictus Cologne is the Best?

Answer: I’m a practical person, meaning I review customer feedback before choosing the best Invictus cologne. The first prize goes to a well-deserved Invictus Original EDT with 4.8 stars on Amazon after nearly 7,000 reviews. The second prize goes to Invictus Legend EDP with 4.7 stars on Amazon after more than 1,600 reviews.

Question: Does Invictus Have a Strong Sillage?

Answer: Paco Rabanne didn’t play games with the Invictus range, meaning each cologne has a moderate to enormous wake. The top notes of each one can last for hours before it dries down to the woody undertones famously known in this range.

Question: Which Fragrance Company Makes Invictus?

Answer: Paco Rabanne is the luxury brand behind the Invictus range, bringing Rabanne’s eclectic vision of changing how modern men smell to life. He’s one of the most eccentric designers in the world, and the potent smell behind the victoriously ambitious and seductive range belongs to a nose like no other.

Invictus Cologne Guide: Final Thoughts

Invictus isn’t for the faint-hearted man, and it’s not for traditional or ordinary guys who follow societal expectations. Invictus is about making a statement as you’ve never imagined. In fairness, it can be overwhelming, but isn’t every trending idea a change in disguise?

My partner is an avid collector of all things that smell amazing. I’m spoiled for choice when he asks what I’d like him to wear today. His bottle of Invictus Original comes to mind more often than I like to admit. The cologne teases and pleases every sense, even my sixth one.

I recommend any man who wants a bold, beast-like, ambitious, or adventurous cologne that moves them into the 21st Century to try Invictus Original. My second favorite is Invictus Intense, but it requires gradual introductions. Whichever Paco Rabanne cologne you choose, make it a new ambition to try one today.

For more information on luxury cologne:

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