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Stetson Cologne Guide: An Olfactory Journey for Men

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I tip my hat to the fragrances in this Stetson Cologne Guide because each one has a phenomenal attitude blended into masculine notes and irresistible evolutions that make men smell like the handsome cowboys from a long time ago. Every cologne has pros and cons, but I assure you that the pros are more significant.

My partner tried Stetson Original, and damn is all I can say. I’ve never seen my partner so dominating, and I couldn’t get enough of the smell. It was a cultured mixture of woody masculinity with spicy arrogance, but just enough to make me want more before the subtle sweetness ripped through my senses.

Let’s look at what Stetson cologne offers and how you can use it as a professional Western hot-bod.

A Stetson Story

Stetson is an all-American company that embodies the culture, heritage, and attitude of our nation. John Stetson was a wayward man who struck inspiration after a friendly gesture offered to a passer-by, and his deep passion for the spirited West grew into an iconic brand in 1865. The man invented the cowboy hat.

Nothing can be more original to the Wild West than the Stetson cowboy hat because it never existed before. Stetson was a young man diagnosed with tuberculosis, encouraging him to set out to explore the West. He was appalled by the coonskin hats worn by many travelers, gold-diggers, and cowboys.

On this journey, Stetson met the man with a friendly gesture, and his inspiration hit a new high. He wondered whether a fur-felt fabric would suit the weather conditions in the scorching West. One of Stetson’s first Western hat designs was called the Boss of the Plains, and it was the first official cowboy hat.

After many struggles with his workforce, Stetson climbed the saddle to reach his global dream of being the original cowboy supplier of clothing, apparel, and hats. Would you believe that Stetson still uses the same manufacturing standards as they did more than 150 years ago? Quality was always a priority.

Stetson became a mass production company for Western apparel, changing fashions, and even Canadian police and military headgear. In 1981, Stetson released their first cologne, the original one you still find today. It’s a classic that embodies the purple mountains in the West with cedar, pine, and fir.

The cologne also captured the spirit of the Western frontiers, landscapes, and the smell of sage after a downpour. Stetson set a new legacy in motion, and it all began with a friendly encounter.

Recognizable Stetson Cologne Qualities

Stetson’s Western empire grew into many corners of the world. If the fact that he invented the cowboy hat isn’t enough, then you need to know how far-reaching his style and quality apparel indeed became.

  • The South African Constabulary wore a Stetson hat during the Boer War
  • The Legion of Frontiersmen in Britain wore Stetson hats
  • Western legends like Buffalo Bill, Will Rogers, and Calamity Jane wore Stetson hats
  • General George Custer rode into the Battle of Little Big Horn wearing a Stetson hat
  • Modern-day Indiana Jones popularized the Stetson hat
  • Country singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett wears a Stetson hat on the cover of The Road to Ensenada
  • The famous episode of Death Valley Days called The Hat that Won the West used a Stetson!
  • Bob Dylan’s song called Stagger Lee is about a brawl over a Stetson hat!
  • Then you have the John B. Stetson University in Central Florida
  • The Texas Rangers still wear Stetson hats

That concludes a mouthful of history where the Stetson hat made waves among big names, countries, and favorite shows. Let’s not forget how many Western movies use the classic cowboy hat, even if they’re dated back further than the company. Such a unique brand must have desirable qualities behind its colognes.

  • Stetson cologne is about reminiscing on the memories behind the Wild West, but it’s also a contemporary range that offers exclusive colognes for modern men (it has a bit of both)
  • American actor Matthew McConaughey is the face of Stetson cologne for Coty, and he claims to love wearing it
  • NFL quarterback Tom Brady wears Stetson All American cologne
  • The brand Stetson is globally famous for manufacturing quality products, including its colognes
  • Stetson and Coty partnered to manufacture the colognes, and it’s all produced in America
  • Stetson Original won Men’s Fragrance of the Year in 1982
  • Stetson Country tied for Men’s Fragrance of the Year in 1999
  • Stetson Black tied for Men’s Fragrance of the Year in 2006

Stetson cologne makes the same mark on the world as the hats do, and that means you need to dive in and find your signature fragrance from them, especially if you’re into the rugged, masculine scent known in the West.

Stetson Colognes: The Magnificent Seven

If there were ever a bunch of cowboys wearing stetson-style hats while turning the Wild West into a dangerous, entertaining, and bareback place, it was the cast from The Magnificent Seven. Gunslingers, tilted stetsons, and masked bandits were what made the Wild West an adventure like no other.

Fortunately, I’m a massive fan because my dad was everything cowboy. I never stopped hearing about Chris Adams and his boys, and, conveniently, you can match each stetson cologne to a rowdy, beading cowboy from his posse.

Chris Adams: Stetson Original

Coty released Stetson Original in 1981 as a woody chypre fragrance, and it reminds me of the mediator and lactonic leader of the posse. It has a gorgeous balance of spicy boldness to represent his gunslinging demeanor, but it evolves subtle woody and sweet undertones to keep Chris Adams incorruptible and sturdy.

Key Features

Accords: Aromatic, powdery, amber, floral, vanilla, woody, warm spicy, sweet, fresh spicy, honey

First Notes: Bergamot, lime, clary sage, lavender, and lemon

Middle Notes: Carnation, vetiver, geranium, orris root, patchouli, jasmine, and cedar

End Notes: Musk, honey, amber, Tonka bean, and vanilla

Wearable Times: Night, day, fall, and winter

Wake: Medium

Projection: 6 to 8 hours

Aroma: The top notes burst with aromatic audacity while the gentle powdery and woody accents slowly turn it down a notch. The floral roots combined with the sweet undertone make you smell like a Western man of notable reputation. They don’t suppress the spicy accents too much as the wood balances them.

Defining Traits: Leadership, confidence, level-headedness, intelligence, stability, irresistibility, maturity, attractiveness, alluring, capable, and humble

Price: Only $32.99 (100 ml bottle)

Similar Colognes: Black Suede by Avon and Fahrenheit by Christian Dior


  • The initial aromatic burst is powerful, but it dries down quickly
  • It first seems a little traditional, but the subtle honey undertone brings it back to the contemporary plain
  • This cologne is best suited to mature men only

Lee: Stetson Black

Coty released Stetson Black in 2005 as a woody, spicy cologne, and it represents Lee from the 1960 movie perfectly. It seems like a bold cologne at first, but the subtleties bring hidden treasures from the undertones. It’s much gentler than it smells in the first half an hour, but it has that classical touch of leather and wood.

Key Features

Accords: Woody, leather, warm spicy, powdery, lavender, aromatic, and musky

First Notes: Sandalwood

Middle Notes: Lavender, woodsy notes, and spices

End Notes: Suede

Wearable Times: Winter, night, and fall

Wake: Medium

Projection: 6 hours

Aroma: Just like Lee, the cologne starts with a powerful punch of leather and wood before it gently dries to a sophisticated undertone made of floral and powdery notes. It doesn’t end in the heart as it quickly evolves to a suede aroma, which fits the stetson brand perfectly. The hidden surprise might be lavender.

Defining Traits: Mysterious, intriguing, masterful, soft-spoken, gentle, kind, compassionate, handsome, secretive, layered, complicated, and sensitive

Price: Only $18.99 (50 ml bottle)

Similar Colognes: Hugo Boss the Scent and Curve Black by Liz Claiborne


  • The first evolution on your skin is masculine and deceivingly rugged before the complicated layers unfold
  • It’s undoubtedly more classical for men than other Stetson colognes
  • It smells like magic in the West on mature skin
  • It doesn’t last as long as you’d hope

Vin Tanner: Stetson Country

Coty released Stetson Country in 1998 as a woody chypre fragrance, and it makes me think of Vin Tanner because he was a drifter who explored the Wild West. However, Tanner was also a hired gun who secretly wanted to settle down, and there’s nothing more country than that. His character suits the coming surprise.

Key Features

Accords: Woody, citrus, aromatic, fruity, green, and soft spicy

First Notes: Amalfi lemon, freesia, and bergamot

Middle Notes: Cedar and mahogany

End Notes: Cassis (blackcurrant)

Wearable Times: All seasons except summer (day only)

Wake: Medium to potent

Projection: 6 hours

Aroma: This cologne has a magical evolution that takes bergamot and freesia to create a fresh fragrance soaring above a woodsy, mossy undertone, and just when you think, it can’t smell more like farms touching the horizon, it bites you with a small surprise of sweetness. It’s next-level contemporary for Stetson cologne.

Defining Traits: Undefinable, adventurous, unexpected, wild, vibrant, young, country, handsome, seductive, self-assured, ambitious, and determined

Price: $34.95 (50 ml bottle)

Similar Colognes: Polo Green by Ralph Lauren and Aspen Discovery by Coty


  • The initial drydown takes the masculine accent on a journey through fresh sweetness (not good for traditional men)
  • It’s wildly contemporary, but that suits modern men
  • It smells like a young dancing cowboy, and it doesn’t work for mature men
  • It doesn’t last too long on your skin

Britt: Stetson Caliber

Coty released Stetson Caliber in 2014 as an aromatic, spicy fragrance with essentially modern twists. Stetson targeted a specific man: the modern cowboy and Britt best represents that because he was a quick-drawing, all-knowing gunslinger. He always got his target, being the 1960s Western Mr. Miyagi.

Key Features

Accords: Fresh spicy, woody, powdery, violet, warm spicy, citrus, earthy, mossy, and floral

First Notes: Black pepper and nutmeg

Middle Notes: Lime and violet

End Notes: Sequoia wood, sandalwood, and oakmoss

Wearable Times: Fall, summer, spring, night, and day

Wake: Medium

Projection: 6 to 8 hours

Aroma: Initially, you get a burst of fresh spicy, modern in all its glory. This evolution slowly settles into a soft floral base with magical wooden heart notes. The cologne is a salute to masculine and modern men everywhere, and the gentle freshness lingers throughout each layer as they unfold.

Defining Traits: Bold, contemporary, vibrant, young, self-assured, ambitious, masculine, hard-working, straight-shooter, appealing, seductive, unique, wild, and adventurous

Price: Not available in 2021

Similar Colognes: Hitfire by La Rive and The Beat for Men by Burberry


  • This cologne is sadly discontinued and not even available on Amazon right now
  • The initial burst of freshness is briefly interrupted by the powdery undertone before returning to the woody and spicy bite of the cologne
  • It’s a bold and contemporary statement not suited to traditional men
  • It smells like an old Western town turned into a retrospective journey for young men

Bernardo O’Reilly: Stetson All American

Coty enlisted perfumer Harry Fremont to create Stetson All American in 2009 as an aromatic, spicy fragrance, and it matches Bernardo O’Reilly from the movie for various reasons. O’Reilly is a focused, peace-loving cowboy who only takes up arms when it’s necessary. His gentle nature suits the unusual fragrance perfectly.

Key Features

Accords: Aromatic, fresh spicy, musky, powdery, leather, warm spicy, earthy, herbal, woody, and fruity

First Notes: Ginger and guava

Middle Notes: Sage, fern, suede, and nutmeg

End Notes: Vetiver, amber, musk, and patchouli

Wearable Times: Night, day, summer, and spring

Wake: Intimate to medium

Projection: 6 hours

Aroma: It starts with an intensely fruity and spicy scent that dries down to a powdery effect quickly. The warm woody and leather undertones warm the fragrance enough to keep the spicy accent alive throughout the wear. It also evolves into a fresh, green smell as the fern and patchouli notes rise.

Defining Traits: Gentle, sensitive, contemporary, slightly feminine, focused, goal-orientated, modern-attractive, kind, alluring, unique, and subtly serene

Price: $20.65 (30 ml bottle)

Similar Colognes: Demeter by Demeter and Nuit D’Issey by Issey Miyake


  • It’s not easy to find anymore because Stetson discontinued it (you can find it on Amazon – yay!)
  • The first evolution is gentler than other Stetson colognes, pushing the masculine scent down under
  • It smells better on young men with brooding bodies
  • It’s quite pricy for such a small bottle, probably due to it being so rare
  • It doesn’t linger long enough

Harry Luck: Stetson Rich Suede

Stetson Rich Suede

Coty released Stetson Rich Suede in 2008 as a woody chypre fragrance, and it matches Harry Luck’s character to the tee. Luck is the luckiest guy in the movie – pun intended, but he’s also a soft-spoken and intelligent man. He’s an expert on all things involving guns, but he remains as passive as he can throughout the movie.

Key Features

Accords: Leather, aromatic, woody, musky, amber, powdery, balsamic, iris, herbal, and soft spicy

First Notes: Blue sage, orange, and cypress

Middle Notes: Myrrh, saffron, osmanthus, orris root, and resins

End Notes: Virginia cedar, suede, labdanum, balsam fir, and leather

Wearable Times: Fall, winter, day, and night

Wake: Medium

Projection: 6 to 8 hours

Aroma: The dance of aromatic and woody accents first strikes a confident score, but the cologne evolves through powdery and gentler undertones before reaching a contemporary masculine scent again. It smells manly before reaching a humble state and finally ending in a modern blend of sensual pleasures.

Defining Traits: Intelligent, confident-but-passive, seductively lucky, enthralling, attractive, professional, unique, modern, mature, and masculine enough for 2021 men

Price: $25.74 (it only comes in the gift pack that includes Fresh and Original due to it being discontinued)

Similar Colognes: Pour Homme by Azzaro and Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent


  • It’s another great Stetson cologne that was discontinued, making it hard to find
  • The passive-aggressive nature of the cologne won’t suit uncertain men
  • The evolutions are a wild and unexpected journey that may deter some guys
  • It smells like a handsome stranger standing in saloon door on mature men

Chico: Stetson Preferred Stock

Coty released Stetson Preferred Stock in 1990 as an amber Fougere fragrance for bold and rugged men, making it match Chico the hot-headed cowboy perfectly. Chico was a quick-drawing tough guy who never let a desire go unnoticed. This encumbers what Preferred Stock is all about. It’s about being ambitious and unpredictable.

Key Features

Accords: Woody, fresh spicy, aromatic, earthy, musky, powdery, leather, lavender, amber, and fresh

First Notes: Citruses, cypress, and lavender

Middle Notes: Balsam fir, nutmeg, and clary sage

End Notes: Amber, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, musk, and oakmoss

Wearable Times: All seasons, day, and night

Wake: Medium to potent

Projection: 6 to 8 hours

Aroma: This cologne has such a solid woody undertone that it seeps through all the layers and evolutions, but lying just beneath the leathery and suede touches are aromatic and spicy notes fighting to get to the top. The mossy feel of this cologne is unpredictable, unexplainable, and outright bold as the notes interchange.

Defining Traits: Brave, confident, wild, masculine, modern-retro, unapologetic, aggressive, rugged, passionate, desirable, irresistible, adventurous, and insanely ambitious

Price: $34.99 (50 ml bottle)

Similar Colognes: Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche and Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills


  • The first accents come from deep within the bottom notes, and this extreme woody and leather undertone is somewhat classical, making this a retro cologne
  • The aggressive nature of this cologne is not suited to soft-spoken men
  • It smells like a cowboy gleaming in the hot sun on young men only
  • It’s a little pricy for the bottle size

Tips to Choose Your Stetson Signature

The Stetson cologne range is an exciting and memorable selection that will make you smell like the man you wish to be, and the best part is that choosing your favorite one is simple if you use one of the two systems below. Nothing says you can’t use both and keep in mind which colognes are hard to find now.

Choose Your Legacy

Choosing your legacy is about picking the Western character that fits your attitude, lifestyle, and personality. The defining traits of each cologne show you what that character was like and what you can express while wearing the cologne. A summary of the legacy you can hold with your favorite Stetson cologne is:

  • Chris Adams is the Original cologne with leadership, intelligence, and level-headed traits
  • Lee is the Black cologne with mysterious and secretive qualities
  • Tanner is the Country cologne with a secret beneath his wild nature
  • Britt is the Caliber cologne with focused, ambitious, and vibrant qualities
  • O’Reilly is the All American cologne with a gentle but modern seduction personality
  • Luck is the Rich Suede cologne with intelligent and humble qualities
  • Chico is the Preferred Stock cologne with that aimless adventure that seduces women

Sensual Target Practice

Should you not have a favorite character from the movie, or your chosen personality is discontinued, and you can’t find it on Amazon, you can rely on your nose. Think of your nose as a Winchester rifle aiming at the sensual pleasures you want to bestow on those around you. How do you want to smell?

Important Tip: Always consider the age range best suited to each cologne. You don’t want to smell like a fruity Gen z if you’re a Boomer. Sure, you’re allowed to smell the way you want, but certain generations best use some fragrances. My partner is a Millenial, and he doesn’t smell good with the Chico cologne.

Improving Your Stetson Cologne

Imagine soaking in the hot sun with a cowboy hat and a sports coat? The Stetson hat will protect you from the sun gorging your skin, but it certainly looks better with a flannel shirt. Improving the way Stetson cologne smells is about matching it to the right products, and Stetson has a range of enhancement products for you.

Furthermore, you should enhance your cologne by:

  1. Storing it correctly to make it last longer
  2. Keeping your skin moist under the heat of this range
  3. Wearing it on your pulse points to elevate the evolutions on your skin
  4. Spritzing your hair to increase the longevity of your cologne

Stetson cologne is a unique range targeting specific personalities in men. That makes the alternatives challenging, but you’ll notice that each cologne has two recommended choices that match the smell and notes. They don’t, however, match the unique attitudes of each fragrance.

Every brand makes cologne evolve in different ways, so the alternatives will match the notes and smell as close as possible, but nothing comes close to Stetson cologne’s leathery and woody masculinity. These alternative brand recommendations are based solely on how masculine the range smells:



Question: Which Stetson Colognes are Discontinued?

Answer: The official Stetson website only has three colognes listed, namely Black, Original, and Preferred Stock. Stetson Country and All American are still for sale on Amazon. Sadly, Stetson Caliber is nowhere to be found anymore. Stetson Rich Suede is also discontinued, and you can only find it in gift sets with other colognes.

Answer: Choosing the best cologne is about looking at the facts. Amazon reviews are an excellent place to search for reliable feedback. Stetson Original cologne takes first prize with an 84% approval rating from consumers, and Stetson Black cologne is a close second with an 81% approval rating.

Question: Is Stetson Cologne a Quality Brand?

Answer: Stetson cologne is a power brand on its own, and Coty, another sizeable American fragrance manufacturer, backs it. It won one and tied for two Men’s Fragrance of the Year awards, and the many names behind the fragrance, including Tom Brady, confirm that it’s a quality brand.


Stetson Cologne Guide: Final Thoughts

Stetson cologne is an adventure on its own, whether you love Houston rodeos or you find the fragrance nostalgic of a time when life was simpler. The masculinity of these colognes is at a new level, but who knew that the company so famous for manufacturing the best cowboy hats also did colognes?

As a woman, I imagine my partner gleaming with sweat as it runs down his muscles in the Wild West. Stetson colognes take my mind and senses on a journey to places only my fantasies can reach. I love the smell of Stetson Original on my partner because it has the power to make me journey in my mind.

The notes are insanely masculine, and the attitude of the cologne is perfect for my partner. As a close second, I’d love to smell the rebellious nature of Stetson Country on my partner. It’s the wild evolutions of notes that put it in second place. Nevertheless, Stetson colognes are a range defining a new league.

Should you feel rugged, adventurous, modern-masculine, and ambitious enough, I implore you to choose one and get it before the next one’s discontinued.

For more exciting colognes:

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