Best Burberry Cologne Options for Men and Women

Perfumes have been a major part of our lifestyles for a very long time now, allowing us to find new ways to express ourselves — without using words. For many, perfumes are a bold and personal choice, which elevates and adds allure to their personality. People oftentimes tend to forge a loyal bond with their favorite perfumes, as it adds an exotic element to their appeal. 

Burberry has been redefining the very meaning of fashion apparel for over 150 years now. If you have been looking for a cologne that expresses your deepest desires, then Burberry is the way to go. Their expertise in creating the perfect symphony with beautiful aromas has helped them gain a stronghold in the perfume industry. 

Whether you are a fragrance newbie and this is your first time trying it out, or have an extensive collection of perfumes already at home, Burberry will always have a special place in your arsenal. The colossal range of fragrance accords offered by the lineup of Burberry perfumes attracts people from all over the world. 

A Brief History of Burberry

21-year-old Thomas Burberry founded the House of Burberry in 1856 and opened its first store in Basingstoke, England. Burberry made its debut with the invention of gabardine, a breathable, weatherproof, durable, and hard-wearing fabric. They patented the gabardine in 1888, and many other companies couldn’t help but replicate the design, thanks to its soaring popularity.

Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen and his team were the first people to reach and explore the South Pole, equipped with gabardine tents and clothing apparel. Burberry’s first store in London came about in 1891, at 30 Haymarket. They are also responsible for coming up with the iconic tartan design that was seen for the first time on trench coats in the 1920s. 

With the release of their first perfume, Burberry for Men in 1981, Burberry became a favorite among the enthusiasts of perfumes. Since then, they have added 82 perfumes to their collection, all of which are considered some of the world’s best. 

Our Evaluation Criteria

There is no right or wrong way to describe a cologne and, for the most part, it eventually boils down to the individual perspective of people. There are, however, a few key factors that help us pinpoint the most popular colognes, based on their:

  • Fragrance notes
  • Strength
  • Sillage

To better understand how certain colognes made it onto our list, let’s go ahead and break down these three important considerations.

Fragrance Notes

Fragrances are made up of different scents which are added in certain proportions to make the final product. These layers of scents are called notes. Scent specialists use this ideology to study and create new fragrances. These so-called “notes” can be further classified into:

  • Top notes
  • Heart notes
  • Base notes

As the name suggests, a fragrance’s “top” notes are the first layer of scent that instantly hits your nose when you open a bottle of perfume. They hold a vital role in creating the first impression of a fragrance. They usually don’t last long and pave the way for the next layer, which is called the “heart” note. 

The heart notes lie in the middle of the fragrance, and they are often referred to as the foundation of the perfume. The heart notes start to make an impression just as the top note starts to fade away. The heart note must be well-rounded, pleasant, and long-lasting. 

Finally, we come to the “base” notes, which are the trailing, lingering scent of the fragrance. These notes will start to pop once the top notes have faded away. They make up about 10-25 % of the final fragrance. A notable quality of base notes is their ability to blend with the heart notes to create a long-lasting and final impression of the perfume. 


The strength of cologne is decided by how far out the scent spreads. As you might expect, the more the concentration of the fragrance in it, the stronger it will appear. 

Some common classification that we often see when looking for a cologne can include:

  • Parfum: This is the highest concentration of fragrance, which can range from 15% – 40%.
  • Esprit de parfum: Contains about 15-30% fragrance compounds. 
  • Eau de parfum: Commonly known as “perfume,” this has a fragrance concentration of about 10-20%.
  • Eau de toilette: Typically contains between 5-15% of aromatic compounds. 
  • Eau de Cologne: This has a fragrance concentration of about 2-6%. 


How long a cologne will last is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right type of cologne. Typically, depending on the choice of fragrance notes and their concentration, colognes can last anywhere between two to six hours when worn. 

Combined, the notes, the strength, and the sillage work together to provide you with a harmonious and pleasant signature scent. With that in mind, each of the colognes on our list checks each of these important boxes, ensuring that you’ll find a cologne that works best for you.

Some of the Best Burberry Colognes for Him

If you’re looking for your new favorite Burberry cologne, look no further. We’ve broken down the top eight Burberry colognes for your perusal, in no particular order. We hope you find a favorite in this curated list of fine fragrances!

Burberry Touch

burberry touch for men

Burberry Touch for men easily takes away the cake in our list for being one of the most elegant colognes out there. Launched in 2000, this cologne shares a lighter fragrance palette than its peers. It sports a subtle combination of nutmeg, Virginia, cedarwood, white pepper, mandarin leaves, and a hint of violets. 

With just the right amount of fragrance strength and duration, this cologne will settle mildly in the background — without overpowering you, of course. It is an ideal option for those who want to portray sophistication and subtlety in the best form. Even after twenty years, it still tops our list of favorite colognes out there. 


  • Refreshing scent
  • Good for everyday use
  • Versatile fragrance notes


  • Can be a bit too light for some people’s taste
  • Has a more “mature” scent

Burberry Brit 

Burberry Brit 

Although labeled as a unisex style scent, the Burberry Brit is still well suited to its male counterparts. Launched in 2004, this cologne is a symbol of sophistication and style. The palette set by citrusy mandarin goodness creates the perfect base for spicy notes like ginger, nutmeg, and refined wild rose. 

Some have also hinted towards a slight presence of patchouli and tonka beans in this cologne, as well. All in all, this unique blend of strong and spicy fragrance notes will leave you mesmerized. The fragrance is very versatile and can be worn by both men and women.


  • A contemporary and sophisticated scent
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Unisex blend


  • The fragrance palette can be a bit too strong for some
  • Careful not to overspray, as a little bit goes a long way

Burberry London

Burberry London

Burberry London for men just may be one of our very favorite colognes, not just for Burberry, but for all cologne brands. This cologne showcases the perfect combination of hedonistic and sensual fragrance notes, which will absolutely captivate your audience. 

Launched in 2006, it was created from bergamot, lavender, and cinnamon, which are infused in the presence of mimosa flowers. The outstanding but subtle blend of fragrances has been described as perfect for any occasion, be it a party or holiday season. This is a practical choice for cologne for men of all ages. 


  • Spicy and long-lasting scent
  • Great for men of all ages


  • Can fade away sooner than others
  • The scent is not very strong

Burberry For Men

burberry weekend

We finally have the perfect cologne for those who want to create a mark with a strong scent. Launched in 1995, Burberry For Men tends to sway towards a more woody and aromatic style. We could tell there was a subtle presence of lavender, rich amber, mint, and sandalwood in the top and heart notes. 

This cologne will stand out with its rich combination of sharp and spicy scents. For those who crave being the center of attention in every scenario, this cologne will go a long way for you and help you get the attention you desire. Burberry For Men comes from an older lineup of Burberry colognes, but it rightfully earns the fourth spot on our list. 


  • A refreshing and overpowering scent
  • Strong and long-lasting


  • Can be a bit too strong for sensitive noses
  • Very easy to overspray, so don’t overdo it

Burberry Weekend

burberry weekend perfume

We had to include the best choice of cologne for the summertime because that’s where the Burberry Weekend for men really shines. This long-lasting fragrance is perfect for any outdoor activities in the summer, whether you’re going to the beach or a barbeque. The citrusy palette of this cologne will help keep you smelling fresh for hours after spraying. 

For lovers of sports activities and beachgoers, this cologne is a godsend. This masculine scent is not too overpowering, and yet it lasts for hours on end. The citrusy goodness is balanced perfectly by the mellow scent of melons, a combination that is adored by many women (and men!). 


  • Fresh and energizing scent
  • Long-lasting
  • Masculine, but not overpoweringly strong


  • A little dull for those who like spicy and strong fragrance notes in their colognes
  • Some people believe it has a “detergent” scent

Burberry The Beat

burberry the beat

Burberry The Beat is a trendsetter amongst the contemporary crowd and those who love the aesthetics of minimalistic art. The bold and curated design of the bottle itself tells a lot about the characteristics of the cologne. The sharp and refreshing citrus in this cologne is escalated by the pepper note, which is gently trailed by violet. 

The pepper in the top note can be overwhelming at first, but the sillage of citrous manages to balance it out perfectly. Burberry The Beat is unmatched when on outdoorsy occasions, like on hikes or swimming in the lake. The infusion of woody masculine scents makes it one of the most outstanding colognes we’ve ever smelled. 


  • A good mixture of woody and fruity scents
  • Fairly long-lasting scent
  • One of the best citrus colognes on the market


  • The peppery scent can be off-putting to some
  • Not ideal for older men

Burberry Brit Rhythm 

Burberry Brit Rhythm 

This one is off one of Burberry’s more recent fragrance offerings and is seen as a modern cologne. Perfect for those who exude strong personalities, Burberry Brit Rhythm adds a wow factor with its spicy freshness. The revitalizing notes of ginger and nutmeg are uplifted really well by the gentler notes of wild rose and mandarin. 

Ideal for most situations, it truly shines and hits the right notes during nighttime, as well. The trailing notes of basil, cedarwood, and verveine (lemon verbena) will leave a lasting impression long after you’ve left. The Burberry Brit Rhythm is not the one that lets you down, whether it’s a sweaty workout session at the gym or while on a romantic date. 


  • Modern and refreshing scent 
  • Solid sillage
  • A versatile scent, for both night and daytime


  • Does not suit the old fashioned crowd very well
  • Easy to overspray

Mr. Burberry Element

Mr. Burberry Element

Launched in 2016, Mr. Burberry Element did not pick up much hype in the beginning, but it has been gaining popularity slowly ever since. This particular listing reigns with its simplicity and less invigorating note choice. If subtlety and sensuality are your strong suits, then Mr. Burberry is the right cologne for you. 

The eclectic infusion of oak in the base note with ambergris creates an explosion of freshness and woody masculinity. The heart notes are carried by juniper and green almond, giving this cologne a touch of contemporary style with a naturistic twist.


  • Has a powerful yet subtle scent
  • Long sillage
  • Ideal for both young and old fashioned crowd


  • Some consider it a somewhat generic scent
  • Fades quickly outdoors

What Are the Advantages of Wearing Colognes?

In addition to being a style symbol and a more subtle fashion statement, there are many advantages to wearing cologne on a day-to-day basis. Not convinced? Here is a brief list of the many enhancements it can offer to men:

It can be an aphrodisiac

Fragrances contain pheromones that induce a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Our favorite perfumes and colognes instigate the release of endorphins in our brain, which are also called happy hormones

They’re believed to make you more attractive

Someone who wears a cologne the right way exudes a lot of confidence and vibrancy, which is extremely attractive to a lot of people. Our sense of smell plays a huge role in socializing with other people, and the right scent can keep you in someone’s thoughts long after you’ve left. 

The right fragrance can help get rid of bad odor

There is no denying that a good perfume will help you ward off bad body odor. The best-made colognes have the right mixture of fragrances that complements your natural smell. 

Wearing cologne is a serious confidence booster

Perfumes have been known to escalate a sense of happiness and well-being. A good fragrance will not only uplift your mood but can also motivate you to be your very best self. 

They have mood enhancement benefits

Smelling particular fragrances can drastically relieve stress and reduce anxiety. For many years now, essential oils have been used to treat people with aromatherapy. This goes to show that perfumes indeed have many psychological benefits for us. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Colognes?

Now that we’ve taken the time to reveal a few of the many benefits of using colognes, we now must take a look at the other side of the coin, as well. Sadly, wearing your favorite cologne isn’t all happiness and fragrance bliss.

The fact is, colognes are often made with alcoholic solutions, some of which might trigger certain unpleasant (albeit rare!) side effects in some people. Some of the downsides of using colognes have been listed below: 

They can cause respiratory issues in sensitive individuals

Some people are very sensitive to perfumes and can suffer from a running nose, itchy eyes, or even experience difficulty in breathing. People with sinus conditions and asthma have reported aggravated symptoms when exposed to some fragrant compounds. 

It’s not impossible to develop an allergy to them

Although pretty rare, some people do develop rashes and similar skin allergies when exposed to colognes. These allergies can develop in areas under your arm or neck, which usually face a lot of sweating. Alcohol, which is a key ingredient in colognes, can also trigger skin allergies in people who might be sensitive to it. 

Certain fragrances can trigger headaches

This is a pretty common side effect of using perfumes in general, where people report headaches (ranging from mild to acute ones). Colognes contain a variety of chemicals that can dilate your blood vessels, resulting in nasty headaches. Even people with no history of sinus problems can show signs of irritation when exposed to strong concentrations of fragrances. 

Rare cases of hormonal disturbances have been reported

In some rare cases, prolonged use of colognes and perfumes can have a silent effect on your hormones. Colognes contain petroleum-based chemicals, like phthalates, which have been known to disrupt the hormonal system. They can also contribute to mood disorders, thyroid abnormalities, endocrine-related cancers, and even diabetes. 

The Major Differences Between Cologne and Eau De Toilette

Some of the main underlying differences between colognes and Eau de toilette come from their chemical compositions. The fragrance concentration of Eau de toilette (EDT) is between 5-15%, whereas that of Colognes (EDC) is between 2-6%. 

To sum up some of the most notable differences between colognes and Eau de toilettes, we came up with a brief list:

  • Eau de toilettes have a lighter formula, whereas Colognes have a higher concentration of alcohol. 
  • Usually fancied as nightwear, Eau de toilette can last between two to four hours, whereas colognes last up to 2 hours. 
  • Eau de toilette is derived from the French phrase, “faire sa toilette,” which means to ready, whereas the word “cologne” comes from the German city where it was invented.
  • In the olden days, colognes were part of a traditional recipe that combined herbs with citrus notes, with little emphasis on base notes, whereas Eau de toilette came from the Hungarian Queen Elisabeth, who mixed pungent oils with alcohol. 
  • Being less concentrated in fragrant compounds, colognes are slightly cheaper than Eau de toilettes, whereas Eau de toilettes can be more costly. 

Best Use Tips for Wearing Colognes

If you want to know the secret to use a cologne the right way, it’s fairly straightforward: just never overdo it. Colognes are meant to shine in the background and silently lift your mood. 

If you like very forward and strong notes in your scent, you are better off using perfume instead of a cologne or Eau de toilette. For best results when wearing cologne, you should:

  1. Spray on pulse points at the neck, chest, and wrist.
  2. Ideally apply it when after a shower on clean, dry skin.
  3. Hold the bottle about 3-8 inches away from your body when spraying.
  4. Avoid rubbing your skin after applying the cologne.
  5. Refresh when necessary by applying it directly onto your wrists.

Our Top Recommendations

Trying to narrow down our favorite Burberry colognes from the list was no easy feat, but we managed to narrow it down to our top three. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Burberry Touch

Undeniably one of the best colognes in the market right now, with the Burberry touch you can never go wrong. This masculine blend with a floral touch has been a user favorite for over two decades now. 

We cannot think of any other brand that comes close to the Burberry Touch, in terms of feel and smoothness. Although the sillage is not too strong, it makes up for that with a signature combination of violet and musk that is unforgettable. 

2. Burberry London

Some would argue that this is the best cologne ever made. The Burberry London blasts you with the masculine ruggedness of mimosa, leather, tobacco, and cinnamon notes, that are trailed by the sweetness of lavender. 

Although it comes off as a bit earthy to some people, the aftertaste of this cologne will take your imagination on a stroll. Be it outdoor events or an intimate indoor setting, Burberry London will keep you happy and satisfied. 

3. Burberry Brit Rhythm

The choice for our generation’s modern and driven youth, the Burberry Brit Rhythm upholds the excitement with exquisite fragrance notes. When you want to be low-key — but still want to make your presence felt in the room — this cologne will definitely do the job for you. 

Ideal for winter seasons and outdoor occasions, the spiciness of ginger and the floral goodness of rose is a solid combination. This clean and smooth blend between spicy and floral notes offers a moderate sillage that usually lasts up to 8 hours. 


Question: Do colognes last longer than perfumes? 

Answer: Perfumes have a significantly higher concentration of fragrances, therefore making them stronger and more long-lasting than colognes. If you want to choose a scent that will last all day, you may prefer using perfume instead of cologne.

Question: How much is a bottle of Burberry fragrance?

Answer: It really depends, and prices can vary depending on which one you choose. For instance, a 30ml bottle of Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette starts at about $58, whereas a 100 ml bottle of Burberry Signatures Amber Heath Eau de Parfum can range as high as $230. However, there’s a wide range of price points, allowing you to choose the best one that suits your budget.

Question: Are colognes better than perfumes?

Answer: Colognes are meant to be subtle and lighter in nature, while perfumes are curated to long laster and provide more sillage. As a general rule, women typically tend to prefer perfumes, whereas men often prefer colognes. That said, there is no hard and fast rule to that theory, and you can choose whichever works best for yourself and your own fragrance needs. 

Question: How can I make my cologne last longer?

Answer: Colognes tend to dry more quickly on drier skin, making the fragrance fade away that much more quickly. To help make your scent last longer, you can apply a layer of fragrance-free skin lotion onto your body before spraying. 
It’s also important to make sure to drink enough water and keep hydrated, which will avoid your skin from getting too dry throughout the changing seasons. You can also refresh your cologne by spraying a small amount on your wrist or clothes when necessary. 

Question: Do expensive colognes last longer than the cheaper ones?

Answer: Regardless of the price tag, colognes are not meant to last longer than a few hours when wearing them. Usually, 3-4 sprays at a time should be more than enough, and overdoing can ruin the experience of the cologne. 
With that in mind, some of the more expensive colognes (especially those with more layers of fragrance), can last longer than their more affordable counterparts. However, don’t just buy one based on the price. A little bit of research can help you find one that will last as long as you need it.

Question: What should I keep in mind before buying a cologne?

Answer: Colognes are usually categorized based on style and applications. With that in mind, you may come across people marking colognes as classic, modern or athletic. 
To find the best cologne that suits your style and fashion, you should know a little bit about the choice of fragrance notes that suit you. A little bit of history about colognes cannot hurt to know as well. 

Our Final Thoughts: Choosing the Best Burberry Cologne for Yourself

Colognes are not only a style symbol, but they are an integral part of our personality, too. Choosing the best one for yourself can help you secure your very own signature scent. After years of research and innovation, it is clear that the impact perfumes have on our lives cannot be downplayed. For that very same reason, aromatic essential oils have played a colossal role in aromatherapy for hundreds of years.

If we had to pick a favorite out of all the listings, then we would certainly go with “Burberry Touch,” simply because of its versatility and choice of notes. It truly compliments the ruggedness of men’s lifestyles with an exceptional touch of sensuality from floral elements. 

Burberry’s lineup of colognes for men is considered the best due to its sheer boldness and practicality. Each of these colognes stands out because of their unique and masculine blends. Burberry has always been on top of its game, which has earned them a loyal customer base. Whether this is your first time or you are a seasoned collector of perfumes, Burberry can no doubt be a fantastic choice for you. 

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