Vince Camuto Cologne Guide

Vince Camuto Cologne Guide: Royal Matches for Men and Women

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Step right up to your throne, and allow this Vince Camuto cologne guide to coronate your royal signature cologne while matching your scent to a queen’s smell if you want to spoil a woman in your life. Each cologne has pros and cons, unfolding notes, and a personality fit for a king.

I think of gentlemen when I imagine what kings are like, and I love my partner smelling like one. He has a fancy for Vince Camuto Terra Extreme because it smells like a sophisticated man with a touch of sweetness to remind him to be a gentleman in modern times.

My partner even bought the recommended brand match for me, and wow is all I can say. Vince Camuto Amore is a perfect match for me, and it suits his royal fragrance to the tee. It has fruity and sweet notes, which are just my things. Vince’s colognes are more interesting than you think.

I have a nose born to smell the essence beneath each cologne, and I’ll show you how each scent matches specific men. Vince Camuto also never saturated the market with colognes, meaning you’ll have seven options, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with one of them.

Who Was Vince Camuto?

John Vincent Camuto was a king among the shoe designers of America. He had a strange vision, some would say, but his story began in a department store. Born in New York, with parents from Sicily, Italy, Vince worked as a shoe repairman and salesman at a department store at 18.

Vince first entered the fabulous world of shoe designing in the 1960s when he worked for Sudbury Shoe Company, now out of business, but not due to Vince’s creations, which saved one of their stores. He finally met Jerome Fisher on a flight in the late-1960s, and things evolved.

The two men began working on their vision for women’s shoes. They wanted shoes with exceptional quality that were affordable in the luxury market and were easy to wear, and that’s how the famous brand Nine West was born.

It’s quite an achievement to mash quality with affordability and comfort, and Vince started a new trend that saw his shoe designs meet Manhattan’s 57th Street. He sold the brand to The Jones Group in 1999 and began The Camuto Group in 2001.

Vince was an American shoe-designing king, providing marketing, advice, production, and design inspiration to department stores across the country. His success was swift and steady, but he was a leader for his philanthropic work as well.

I think Vince was a true gentleman. His brand stepped into perfumes in 2011 and colognes in 2012, giving him the ability to make others feel like royalty with the crest from his dad’s hometown in Italy, making people feel identified and classy.

Moreover, his royal bottle designs and embedded crest make you feel royal while giving you luxurious comfort for your nose and skin.

Why is the Vince Camuto Brand a Royal Match Made in Heaven?

Sadly, Vince couldn’t lead his brand long before passing in 2015, and there aren’t many fragrance achievements behind his humble brain, but there’s something special about his colognes. You can match each one to a female fragrance from the brand, much like meeting your queen.

Each cologne will express certain qualities, which you can think of in a way that people would remember their king. The female fragrances have complementary qualities, much like what people would remember about their queen. The matching ability is excellent for two reasons.

You can either buy your partner, girlfriend, or wife a bottle to match your cologne, making her feel like a queen you’re sweeping off her feet. Alternatively, you can choose your royal smell by determining what kind of queen you want by your side.

Vince Camuto colognes are unique in the matching senses, which allows me to have some fun with the introductions. I’ll show you how each one smells, what notes make it unique, which generation it suits, and what kind of king wears it. You’ll also have the matching queen for them.

And don’t worry if you’re not into the matching scene yet. You can always wear the colognes as a king on a mission to turn his kingdom (career) into the most successful one. Kings do more than find queens, and queens don’t need to wait around for a king.

This guide will give women a brief introduction to each perfume she can consider to rule her personal, romantic, and professional life like royalty.

Vince Camuto Cologne Guide: 7 Kings and Matching Queens

From shoes to colognes and perfumes, Vince Camuto left a legacy, one fit for a king. The brand isn’t well-known outside of America, but it’s a popular one here. I’ll even throw in other colognes as recommended alternatives to experience the smell better if you don’t know the brand.

Vince Camuto Classic Men’s EDT

Vince Camuto Classic Men's EDT

Vince Camuto Classic Men’s is the original woody, aromatic scent from 2012. The smell begins with subtle but notable spicy accents blended into masculine, leathery, and woody undertones to create a beastly element. It ends with a perfect drydown through aromatic and earthy notes.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Fresh spicy, leather, citrus, woody, animalistic, aromatic, musky, lavender, earthy, and smoky
  • First Notes: Black pepper, Mandarin orange, and bergamot
  • Heart Notes: Nutmeg, lavender, and leather notes
  • Base Notes: Musk, woodsy notes, patchouli, and vetiver
  • Suitable Generations: Millennials to Baby Boomers
  • Longevity: It lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): This cologne strikes me as the kind humble leaders would wear. It has a robust woody and leathery undertone, freshened by spicy and citrus notes. It feels sophisticated, mature, self-assured, and proud. It also seems like the type protective men would wear.
  • Recommended Alternatives: Eros by Versace and Bleu de Chanel by Chanel


  • Renounce the cologne if you’re a young man looking to express your youthfulness and vibrant personality

Vince Camuto Classic Women's EDP

Vince Camuto Classic Women’s is a mature, animalistic, and elegant perfume ideally suited to the man’s classic cologne. It starts with a robust rum and woody accent before getting into sweet florals and warm spices, and it ends with a beast-like fruitiness that smells incredibly strong.

  • Accords: Rum, woody, patchouli, vanilla, floral, leather, warm spicy, amber, fruity, and animalistic
  • Descending Notes: Osmanthus, rum, jasmine, rose, leather, vanilla, amber wood, musk, and patchouli
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): As the men’s, this perfume is for queens who lead their pack, and the solid masculine undertones feel mature, level-headed, elegant, and ambitious. It suits a woman who wants to support her king or become the queen of her kingdom.
  • Recommended Alternative: La Vie Est Belle by Lancome


  • Avoid this perfume if you’re sweet, innocent, unsure of yourself, or if you’re younger than a Millennial

Vince Camuto Homme EDT

Vince Camuto Homme EDT

Vince Camuto Homme is another spicy, woody cologne, and the smell starts as a fragrantly fresh twist on woody accents before you dive into the heart, where a new citrus burst opens the freshness again. It ends with a gentle dance between floral and herbal notes.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Aromatic, fresh spicy, woody, citrus, herbal, and lavender
  • First Notes: Gin, ozonic notes, and lemon
  • Heart Notes: Cypress, juniper berries, fennel, and lavender
  • Base Notes: Atlas cedarwood, birchwood, musk, and artemisia
  • Suitable Generations: Millennials to Gen X
  • Longevity: It lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): The smell is a sleek reminder of legendary men who set standards for everyone else. They’re trend-setters, confident, mature enough, and desirable. Everyone wants a piece of the man who wears this fantastic cologne, and it feels elegant enough for royalty.
  • Recommended Alternatives: Pour Homme Blue Label by Givenchy and Legend by Mont Blanc


  • The cologne has a mature feel but not too much, capping it at Gen X

Vince Camuto Femme EDP

Vince Camuto Femme is a floral, amber perfume suited to mature enough women. It starts with beautiful citrus and earthy notes that blend into a feminine woody undertone before you get an unexpected aromatic twist with refreshing florals and a bite of musk.

  • Accords: Citrus, earthy, woody, powdery, musky, aromatic, soft spicy, fresh, iris, and patchouli
  • Descending Notes: Pink pepper, citruses, jasmine, rose, iris, vetiver, patchouli, musk, vanilla, and amber
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): It has an oddly independent but supportive nature, and it smells good on women who want to encourage their legends (or friends/personal dreams). It has a sassy but elegant, sexy but romantic, silky but slightly rugged element. It’s great for modern women.
  • Recommended Alternative: Love by Perry Ellis


  • It has a selective age range between Millennials and Gen X, same as the men’s cologne, and it speaks loudly for the small range but not others

Vince Camuto Virtu EDT

Vince Camuto Virtu EDT

Vince Camuto Virtu is a leather cologne for men with grand ambitions. It smells like rugged leather and warm woods at first, but it slowly dries into a spicier, powdery heart before the smell evolves to a smoky, earthy undertone. It ends with a hint of fragrant touches to ground you.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Leather, woody, warm spicy, powdery, aromatic, smoky, fresh spicy, and earthy
  • First Notes: Black pepper, cardamom, and papyrus
  • Heart Notes: Haitian vetiver, birchwood, and oakmoss
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, leather, musk, and sandalwood
  • Suitable Generations: Millennials to Baby Boomers
  • Longevity: It lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): It’s one of the boldest smells you’ll find, and it suits men who want that edge. It has more masculine undertones than most colognes, making it slightly traditional. It feels rich, rugged, sexy, unapologetic, virtuous, and almost like a wild beast set loose.
  • Recommended Alternatives: Men by Marc Jacobs and Curve Black by Liz Claiborne


  • It’s wildly bold for young men, almost smelling too traditional

Vince Camuto Bella EDP

Vince Camuto Bella is a gorgeously floral fragrance for mature women. It smells like a warm wonder that dries into a fresh and floral heart before aromatic blends liven up the scent, and it ends with a slightly beastly feminine touch with a gentle fruity element.

  • Accords: Amber, floral, citrus, white floral, aromatic, fresh spicy, animalistic, powdery, and fruity
  • Descending Notes: Bergamot, jasmine, nectarine blossom, and white amber
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): The perfume feels sexy, supportive, inviting, desirable, and determined, and it brings that touch of feminine encouragement to a king who needs some gentleness. It’s a beautiful smell that emphasizes the florals to oppose the unapologetic leather of its counterpart.
  • Recommended Alternative: DKNY Nectar Love by Donna Karan


  • It’s a sweet fragrance that works for mature women and not young ladies

Vince Camuto Eterno EDT

Vince Camuto Eterno EDT

Vince Camuto Eterno is a spicy, woody cologne with younger qualities. It smells like a refreshingly zesty tease for the senses before the woody undertones rise to turn the aromatics green, and it ends with soft florals that enter a leathery stage with fresh hues to create a masculine aroma.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Fresh spicy, warm spicy, woody, aromatic, green, patchouli, leather, citrus, earthy, and fresh
  • First Notes: Citruses and mint
  • Heart Notes: Bourbon pepper and saffron
  • Base Notes: Patchouli and cedarwood
  • Suitable Generations: Gen Z to Millennials
  • Longevity: It lasts about 6 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): It smells like something a younger king would wear when he’s still finding his way. It has hints of adventure, curiosity, and vibrancy that aren’t overpowered by the woody and leathery undertones.
  • Recommended Alternatives: Allure Homme Sport by Chanel and Sunday by Byredo


  • It’s a beautiful fragrance for young men but not mature guys, and it has shorter longevity than the others

Vince Camuto Brilliante EDP

Vince Camuto Brilliante is a sweet and fruity fragrance for unique but young women. It smells like an enchanting journey into a robust floral start before you get into the fruity and sweet undertones, and it ends with a salute to the warm ambers and woody elements of rich perfumes.

  • Accords: Floral, fruity, sweet, citrus, white floral, amber, and woody
  • Descending Notes: Gardenia petals, blackcurrant, juicy pear, orange blossom, jasmine, cashmere wood, and cedarwood
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): It has a beautifully cheeky nature that screams curiosity, much like the male counterpart, and it’s vibrant enough to match his temperament. It also feels unique, elegant, and young.
  • Recommended Alternative: Alien by Thierry Mugler


  • It smells too cheeky for mature women

Vince Camuto Solare EDT

Vince Camuto Solare EDT

Vince Camuto Solare is a woody, amber scent that feels versatile. It begins with a strikingly spicy and musky accent before fresh citrus rises through the surface, and it breaks into the heart with aromatic and woody undertones before you get a powdery but warm finale.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Warm spicy, musky, citrus, aromatic, woody, powdery, and amber
  • First Notes: Mandarin orange
  • Heart Notes: Pimento and cardamom
  • Base Notes: Cashmere wood and musk
  • Suitable Generations: All welcome
  • Longevity: It lasts about 6 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): It smells like the kind of man who feels self-assured, somewhat adventurous, and willing to try new things. It has a spicy attitude that makes it seem a little cheeky, and it can smell sexy to some women who love exotic elements.
  • Recommended Alternatives: Y by Yves Saint Laurent and Artisan by John Varvatos


  • Versatile colognes aren’t everyone’s friend, and it only lasts six hours

Vince Camuto Illuminaire EDP

Vince Camuto Illuminaire is an amber, floral perfume for all ages. It bursts into your senses with a beautifully balanced citrus note before you find the florals among the musky notes, and it journeys through delicate aromatics before reaching a fruity, fresh, and powdery finale.

  • Accords: Citrus, floral, musky, fresh spicy, aromatic, fruity, powdery, and fresh
  • Descending Notes: Plum blossom, pomelo, bergamot, red rose, magnolia, osmanthus, suede, Tonka bean, cedarwood, and musk
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): It’s the perfect scent to tame the exotic nature of its counterpart, but it smells like an ambitious woman, curious enough to encourage herself to try new things. It feels confident, romantic, and alluring.
  • Recommended Alternative: Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana


  • Not all women love versatile scents, either

Vince Camuto Terra EDT

Vince Camuto Terra EDT

Vince Camuto Terra is a woody aroma for modern men (or kings). It strikes your senses with a robust woody and aromatic blend before drying down to fresh citrus and sweet vanilla, and it ends with a rollercoaster of spicy and warm notes that blend into a green finish.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Woody, aromatic, citrus, vanilla, sweet, fresh spicy, warm spicy, powdery, amber, and green
  • First Notes: Rhubarb and citruses
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla and geranium
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka bean, and woodsy notes
  • Suitable Generations: Gen Z to Gen X
  • Longevity: It lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): The cologne feels like an ode to modern men, and kings are still around today. They might look and smell different, but that doesn’t matter. This cologne smells bold, curious, contemporary, determined, and a little sporty.
  • Recommended Alternatives: 1981 Los Angeles by Guess and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne


  • The cologne is a little eccentric for traditional men who love profoundly masculine vibes

Vince Camuto Fiori EDP

Vince Camuto Fiori is a fantastic fruity, floral fragrance that suits young and newly matured women. It strikes your senses with a wild fruity note before sweetening into a floral heart, and it evolves into a warm, woody floral accent before ending in a fresh, citrus, floral finale.

  • Accords: Fruity, sweet, floral, woody, white floral, citrus, and rose
  • Descending Notes: Italian Mandarin orange, pink grapefruit, wild strawberry, blackberry, honeysuckle, passionflower, pink jasmine, lily, peony, rose, amber, amaretto, Indonesian patchouli, leaf, sandalwood, and cashmere wood
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): This perfume perfectly complements a woody, aromatic counterpart, and it smells as determined, sporty, vibrant, confident, and daring. It feels feminine enough to encourage a queen to be herself.
  • Recommended Alternative: Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent


  • It’s way too fruity for Baby Boomers

Vince Camuto Terra Extreme EDP

Vince Camuto Terra Extreme EDP

Vince Camuto Terra Extreme is an amber, vanilla scent for modern men. It starts with a strong vanilla accent before warming into amber and rum heart, where citrus and gentle sweetness tide the waves, and it ends in a classical woody and aromatic finale.

Royal Features

  • Evolving Accords: Vanilla, amber, rum, warm spicy, citrus, sweet, woody, powdery, aromatic, and fresh spicy
  • Descending Notes: Sicilian bergamot, Mandarin orange, grapefruit, and cinnamon
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, rum, and orange blossom
  • Base Notes: Tonka bean, sandalwood, benzoin, ambroxan, and vanilla
  • Suitable Generations: Millennials to Gen X
  • Longevity: It lasts about 6 hours
  • Fit for a King (Type): It smells like a man with a plan and has ambition written all over it. It feels like the type of leader from a modern story, and it has confident, sexy, seductive, daring, and mysteriously beastly elements.
  • Recommended Alternatives: Invictus Original by Paco Rabanne and Angel Men Pure Havana by Thierry Mugler


  • My biggest regret about my partner’s cologne is that it doesn’t last long enough

Vince Camuto Amore EDP

Vince Camuto Amore is a beautiful complement to Terra Extreme. It smells like an explosion of sweet, fruity, citrus, and floral notes that last forever before you get into the heart, where woody and fresh undertones elevate the tropical nature of the perfume, and it ends with a warm touch.

  • Accords: Floral, sweet, citrus, fruity, musky, woody, fresh, tropical, powdery, and amber
  • Descending Notes: Passionfruit, cassis, bergamot, clementine. lotus, freesia, orchid, lily of the valley, cashmere wood, sandalwood, crystal amber, and musk
  • Fit for a Queen (Type): This perfume suits women who want to surface their beastly partners, and it has a cheeky nature with a hint of adventure. It feels sassy, classy, seductive, and modern-feminine.
  • Recommended Alternative: Poppy by Coach


  • It smells incredible on middle-aged women and not mature or young women

What Type of King (or Queen) Are You?

Every cologne and perfume invites you to experience the smell with descending notes and evolving accords, and the age groups certainly make choosing one a lot simpler. Still, the fun part of this exercise is to determine which type of royalty you want to be.

Who would you be as a king or queen? Would you be humble, traditional, and a great leader? Would you prefer modernizing the leadership role by wearing the right scent? Pick your fragrance based on age, notes, and the type of king or queen you wish to be.

Finally, be as philanthropic as Vince by choosing your queen or king if you’re the one making decisions. Surprise them with a beautiful fragrance that matches yours. Any partner, wife, or husband would appreciate the sensual match more than color-coordinating what to wear.

How to Royally Optimize Your Cologne

Layering your cologne is the optimal way to enhance it, and you don’t need to wear layers of clothes as the royals did. You just need to use products that smell good with your scents. Always choose unscented or similarly-scented products for each cologne. Some suggestions are:

Moisturize your skin with lotion before spraying your cologne, but you can also use deodorants to refresh the smell when it starts fading. You can find most of its deodorants on the official website. Vince Camuto has a range of deodorants, including:

You’ll even find lotions on the official website. There are also excellent ladies’ products to layer her scent, including lotions, rollerballs, and body sprays. Spoil both of you with Vince Camuto’s scents and products intended to bring luxury to comfort and affordability.

Mercedes Benz

If the recommended alternatives aren’t doing you justice, you can consider different brands that offer similar qualities to your cologne:


Question: Which Vince Camuto Cologne Lasts the Longest?

Answer: To understand why Vince Camuto Terra Extreme lasts the longest, you need to know that it’s the only Eau de Parfum for men from the brand. Eau de Toilettes don’t last as long, with there often being a two to a four-hour difference in longevity. All the women’s perfumes are EDPs.

Answer: I use facts to choose the most popular fragrances because that’s what experts do. Looking at Amazon reviews, Vince Camuto Classic Men’s is the favorite with an 81% approval rating, and Vince Camuto Classic Women’s is the ladies’ choice with an 82% approval rating.

Question: What Does Vince Camuto for Men Smell Like?

Answer: Vince Camuto Classic Men’s is a spicy, woody fragrance that starts with gentle aromatics before drying into a heart of leather, citrus, and woody undertones, and it ends with a beastly and spicy twist on florals before finishing with a smoky, earthy element.

To read about more incredible colognes:

Vince Camuto Cologne Guide: Final Salute

Vince truly inspires me because he’s the first designer to marry comfort, elegance, and affordability into one brand that works for most men and women, allowing anyone to feel like a king or queen. I’ll emphasize that he’s king for doing just that.

Vince Camuto colognes (and perfumes) are unique, masculine (or feminine) on another level, and downright tempting. I love how Terra Extreme smells on my partner, and he loves the smell of Amore on me. We’re Millennials who love modern notes like fruity, sweet, and spicy.

Vince Camuto scents have allowed us to explore different sides of ourselves, and I hope you’ve spotted your sensually royal fragrance because every minute wasted is one you could’ve had your queen, succeeded in your kingdom (workplace), or become the leader you desired.

Don’t let opportunities pass through your fingers. Choose yours, pick one for your partner if you have one, and smell like the king you wish to be.

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