Jean Paul Gualtier Cologne Guide

Jean Paul Gualtier Cologne Guide: A Spritz of Designer Masculinity

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Men deserve designer cologne as much as women, and some incredible options can change your game, as you’ll learn in this Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne Guide. A man who smells nice is the best tease for any woman’s senses. You’ll drive her insane, and the eccentricity of Gaultier might do the trick.

Gaultier is a man who took two fabulous ideas and mashed them into one to create a new trend in designer colognes. His mind knows no limits regarding the masculine element, all while he maintains the finesse of haute couture. Gaultier breaks the rules of societal norms and allows men to be the beasts they should be.

Hold on, you don’t want to become the bull in the China store, but you want people to notice you. You want them to say: “Wow, this guy is the epitome of a man!” You want jaws dropping while still keeping your professional persona. Ask yourself, are you prepared to break the rules like Gaultier?

If you’re as bold and ambitious as Gaultier, you’re about to find your signature cologne, the one that makes you unique.

The Founding of Gaultier

The brilliant mind of Jean Paul Gaultier was born in Arcueil, Paris, in 1952. Gaultier was a prodigy in the making from his earliest days, always getting lost in fashion magazines and shows, his favorite being Elle Magazine. He constantly fed his wild imagination with the latest trends, setting the stage for his future runway.

Gaultier’s strong affinity landed him apprenticeships in fashion agencies like Pierre Cardin, Angelo Tarlazzi, and Jean Patou. He spent his younger years from 1970 to 1975 learning from these masters of fashion before doing his first female fashion show in 1976, based on his soon-to-be craved designs.

Gaultier was first financed by a Japanese consortium called Kashiyama, but he started his own fashion business in 1982. Gaultier’s brand snowballed through the fashion and beauty industries as he launched his first perfumes in 1993 and his first haute couture line in 1997.

What makes Gaultier unique is that he had no formal training at some fancy design school. He was simply an eccentric mind with a limitless imagination. His eccentricity earns my respect as I’m known to be wildly eccentric. Gaultier is now known for his haute couture combined with street styles.

He simply said, “why the hell must I stick to one style?” He loves juxtaposed and highly contradictory styles n fashion and colognes. Gaultier believes every man has a sophisticated persona, but there’s also a street persona underneath it.

Gaultier shares his inspiration for his eccentric designs, and you’ll be surprised how they were born. Some inspirations included:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Moulin Rouge
  • The areas of Saint Germaine and Quartier Pigalle
  • Singer Juliette Greco
  • Artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • London’s untamed nature
  • Fictional character James Bond
  • English Punk and Jamaican Ska movements

Gaultier takes the mundane and the everyday concepts of the world and turns them into something phenomenal!

The Uniqueness of Gaultier Bottles

Gaultier took his perfume and cologne designs one step further by creating unique bottles, primarily based on female and male bodies, with a hint of nautical inspiration. The bottles are sexy and have become an icon for his brand. Gaultier and Kim Kardashian even debated whether she stole his idea for her new perfume bottle.

Kim claims to love Gaultier’s bottles, but she mentions the differences. Her bottle is designed from her naked body, depicting greater detail of her navel and hips. Gaultier’s bottles, especially Classique, show busts with fewer details and seemingly wearing corsets, which are also French-inspired.

Gaultier Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Gaultier stepped back from designing fashion in 2020, but his vintage lines have become a hot topic for collectors like Kendall Jenner and Belle Hadid. However, Gaultier’s colognes are still in production, so don’t panic. He just retired from his 50-year fashion career, and his colognes aren’t going anywhere!

Take the iconic Le Male cologne released in that sailor-striped torso bottle. Every millennial guy knows what Le Male smells like. It was the sexy alternative to Polo Sport and Versace Blue Jeans. This iconic and metrosexual cologne still stands the test of time and will for another 100 years.

Jean Paul Gaultier Colognes

Now that you know how awesome, urban, sexy, popular, and eccentric Jean Paul Gaultier’s colognes have become, you can look at what’s available before choosing your signature fragrance. Gaultier leaves no stone unturned as he even has a Pride cologne to make sure every man’s needs are met.

Scandal Pour Homme EDT

The scandalous Gaultier has done it again by releasing a chic cologne called Scandal Pour Homme. It’s a rich test to Gaultier’s juxtaposing fragrances, and it allows men to wear a woody, oriental scent with a touch of sweetness from the heart notes when caramel embraces tonka bean.

Scandal Pour Homme is also the latest addition to Gaultier’s luxury colognes, as it was launched in 2021. My senses pick up notes of spicy masculinity combined with a wild element. The cologne is certainly unmatched and gives off that “I’m about to steal your woman” vibe. It’s seductive, young, and vibrant.

Descending Accords: Caramel, aromatic, vanilla, sweet, amber, citrus, woody, soft spicy, and earthy

Bottom Notes: Vetiver

Heart Notes: Tonka bean and caramel

First Notes: Mandarin orange and clary sage

Best Worn: Winter, fall, spring, day, and night

Magnifique Features:

  • The bottle is impressive with a crown cap (not following the traditional bust-shaped bottles)
  • It has a strong wake with sharp exchanges of tonka bean and caramel
  • It wears well for six to eight hours
  • It’s the epitome of what a young man should smell like
  • It leans toward the street styles
  • It’s suitable for young men going on a date or painting the town whatever color they desire
  • Free shipping! Yay!
  • You can buy a refill


  • It doesn’t smell good on mature men
  • It costs $104.99 (a bit pricy)
  • The first spritz is super sweet (but it dries down quickly)

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT

Le Male must be the most controversial cologne from Gaultier. It has lovers and haters, and everyone has an opinion. However, Le Male has withstood the test of time, with many guys remembering someone who owned it during the 1990s and early 2000s. Classic scents don’t go out of style, especially not from eccentric designers.

Indulge your senses with an aromatic dance while the cologne first gives burned vanilla vibes before drying down to a gentler, fresh fragrance. Finally, you end up with that seemingly traditional woody, oriental wake, but Gaultier hides a hint of vanilla in the final stage, too. Nostalgia is a good word to describe Le Male.

Descending Accords: Aromatic, vanilla, fresh spicy, warm spicy, lavender, powdery, green, sweet, cinnamon, and amber

Bottom Notes: Tonka bean, sandalwood, cedar, amber, and vanilla

Heart Notes: Orange blossom, caraway, and cinnamon

First Notes: Bergamot, mint, lavender, cardamom, and artemisia

Best Worn: Fall, spring, winter, night, and day

Magnifique Features:

  • The bottle design is classic and original to Gaultier
  • It has a moderate to strong wake
  • It wears well for four to five hours
  • Le Male is an excellent cologne for Millennials and mature men
  • It has British undertones combined with oriental street
  • It works as a signature cologne for work and at home
  • Free Shipping!
  • It costs $74.01


  • Haters will always hate the Gaultier eccentricity
  • It doesn’t work well for young, modern men (it seems vintage)
  • The cologne doesn’t last as long as it did a few years back

Le Male Le Parfum EDP Intense

Le Male Le Parfum Intense is a burst of aromatic and spicy aromas that settle into a gently floral dry down before exuding a confident, masculine woody undertone. This cologne uses one of the most popular ingredients for men, lavender. The name says it all; it’s an intense fragrance for bold men.

Imagine a smooth, sexy, alluring man with every intention to get what he desires. That’s what this cologne brings to the table. It has a powerful vibe with seductive connotations. However, it’s more traditional than most Gaultier fragrances, meaning it leans heavily into the Brit or masculine wake.

Descending Accords: Warm spicy, vanilla, lavender, aromatic, powdery, amber, woody, and iris

Bottom Notes: Woody notes, oriental notes, and vanilla

Heart Notes: Iris and lavender

First Notes: Cardamom

Best Worn: Spring, fall, winter, night, and day

Magnifique Features:

  • It has the original Gaultier bottle design
  • It exudes a moderate to strong wake
  • It wears well for about six hours
  • The fragrance suits mature and younger men
  • It has a profound London street undertone with hints of masculine freshness
  • This is an excellent cologne for a night out
  • Free shipping!
  • It costs $82.90


  • It’s not as haute couture as Gaultier’s other options
  • It’s heavily testosterone-fueled (not suitable for men who like a touch of femininity)

Le Beau EDT

Le Beau jumps right back into the contradictory range of colognes where Gaultier experiments with opposing styles. Gaultier only launched Le Beau in 2019, and it’s become a hot topic for new and wild ideations. The cologne is what you’d expect from a designer who blends multiple styles to create something unusual.

You can also construe the meaning behind the bottle as unique if you consider how the leaf over the bust could represent the start of a new man, a new Adam. The fragrance is a pina colada in a sprayable bottle, but it smells incredible, fresh, and tropical on hot summer days.

Descending Accords: Vanilla, coconut, sweet, amber, citrus, aromatic, tropical, lactonic, and fresh spicy

Bottom Notes: Tonka bean

Heart Notes: Coconut

First Notes: Bergamot

Best Worn: Summer, fall, spring, night, and day

Magnifique Features:

  • The Adam-style bottle is incredible
  • It has a moderate wake
  • It suits younger guys with some modern flair
  • The cologne exudes a tropical and street style combined
  • It’s a great cologne for hot days, afternoons out, and sunsets on the beach
  • Free shipping!
  • It costs $85.71


  • It only wears well for about three to four hours
  • It won’t work well for mature men
  • It doesn’t smell good if you like a more pungent masculine scent

Le Male On Board EDT

Le Male on Board is another contrasting-style cologne that brings spiciness to freshness. The explosive citrus and sweet accords constantly dance among the spicy and fresh undertones, making this a highly experimental cologne well suited to men who want something boldly new.

It’s often compared to Aviator, but it’s a gentler sweetness that feels airy as the bergamot remains prevalent for about two hours. The fragrance also pops back into the spotlight when you sweat, and which man doesn’t want to smell fresh all over again after a good workout?

Descending Accords: Aromatic, fresh spicy, citrus, amber, vanilla, sweet, rose, warm spicy, and herbal

Bottom Notes: Amber

Heart Notes: Tonka bean and geranium

First Notes: Bergamot

Best Worn: Summer, spring, and day

Magnifique Features:

  • It has the classic-style bottle, but the can is awesome
  • It exudes a moderate wake
  • It works well for Gen Z and Millennials
  • The cologne combines a subtle Brit undertone with street styles
  • It works well for hot days, workouts, and afternoon walks with that special someone
  • Free shipping!


  • It only wears well for about four hours
  • It costs $104.99
  • It doesn’t work for Gen X and older

Ultra Male EDT Intense

Ultra Male Intense is likely the most experimental fragrance from Gaultier clashing styles into new creations. Imagine cotton candy drying down into an explosion of androgynous vanilla and cinnamon with hints of citrus and fresh mint passing. The fragrance feels feminine at first but dries down to a masculine undertone.

The ingredients and accords feel so far from each other, which causes some controversy, but Gaultier has a mind that brings opposing forces into the same arena. In this case, the forces are exuding a unique man with ambitions and dreams.

Descending Accords: Fruity, vanilla, sweet, cinnamon, aromatic, warm spicy, aquatic, amber, powdery, and fresh spicy

Bottom Notes: Patchouli, cedar, amber, and black vanilla husk

Heart Notes: Caraway, clary sage, and cinnamon

First Notes: Mint, bergamot, lemon, pear, and lavender

Best Worn: Fall, winter, and night

Magnifique Features:

  • It has the original bottle design and can that displays an anchor (meaning you can anchor your new uniqueness)
  • It has a moderate wake
  • It wears well for about six hours
  • The cologne marries California vibes with sweet Meditteranean undertones
  • It works for a night or day out
  • Free shipping!
  • It costs $84.89


  • The fragrance might be too experimental for some men
  • It works better for Gen Z to Millennials
  • It can be overly sweet at first

Le Male Pride EDT

Le Male Pride targets men other designers often overlook. It’s for the man who isn’t afraid to be who he is and flaunt his inner femininity. The cologne has a wonderfully masculine introduction that dries down to a gentle but confident pride vibe. It allows you to express yourself and overcome your fears.

Why is it called Pride? It’s about encouraging people to be proud of who they are and what they prefer. The world is a new place where we’re starting to accept everyone. Hoorah! The accords in this cologne will bring your confidence to where it belongs in the new world.

Descending Accords: Fresh spicy, aromatic, woody, vanilla, herbal, powdery, lavender, citrus, and green

Bottom Notes: Vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, amber, and cedar

Heart Notes: Orange blossom, caraway, and cinnamon

First Notes: Cardamom, mint, artemisia, lavender, and bergamot

Best Worn: Fall, winter, day, and night

Magnifique Features:

  • The bottle perfectly and boldly represents the cologne
  • It has a mild to intimate wake
  • It’s a unisex cologne
  • The cologne blends modern lifestyles with confident vibes
  • It works as a signature fragrance (if you spray it every two hours)
  • Free shipping!
  • It costs $86.99


  • It only wears well for about two hours
  • The wake might be too subtle for long days
  • Some men don’t love unisex fragrances

Le Male in the Navy EDT

Le Male in the Navy is as clean and fresh as you’d expect a sailor to smell, but it’s created by Gaultier’s team, after all. Therefore, the freshness of the aquatic fragrance breaks with subtly sweet undertones with that splash of mint, pun intended. The animalistic accord is certainly noticeable after an hour.

Women love sailors, or maybe I’m a little traditional, but that’s why Gaultier fashioned a fragrance that modernizes the old-factory seaman scent. My senses are tickled by the marine factor while teased by the sweetness of vanilla and the unexpected saltiness that brings it back to an aromatic blend.

Descending Accords: Aquatic, aromatic, marine, green, vanilla, fresh spicy, amber, salty, animalistic, and fresh

Bottom Notes: Ambergris and vanilla

Heart Notes: Sea or oceanic notes

First Notes: Water notes and mint

Best Worn: Summer, spring, fall, night, and day

Magnifique Features:

  • The bottle design is classic with a can that depicts vintage sailor styles
  • It has a moderate wake
  • It wears well for about six hours
  • The cologne splashes some contemporary vibes onto vintage flair
  • It’s a great signature fragrance but works amazingly in the daytime
  • Free shipping!


  • It costs $101.99
  • It works better for younger men (Gen Z to Millennials)
  • The mash-up is highly experimental

Le Male Terrible Extreme EDT

Le Male Terrible Extreme is a lesser-known fragrance from Gaultier. It was launched in 2010 and had wafting aromas that surf through traditional and modern undertones. Above all the heart and bottom notes is a unique fragrance for men, combining pink pepper and grapefruit, traditionally worn by women.

The fragrance is a highly bold statement to help you show your feminine side while maintaining that touch of masculine energy underneath it all. The amber undertone will show a strong wake once the cologne dries down to the bottom notes, but it will be a daring fragrance until you reach it.

Descending Accords: Vanilla, aromatic, lavender, soft spicy, citrus, fresh spicy, amber, sweet, powdery, and woody

Bottom Notes: Amber and vanilla

Heart Notes: Vetiver and lavender

First Notes: Pink pepper and grapefruit

Best Worn: Winter, fall, spring, day, and night

Magnifique Features:

  • It has the classic style bottle
  • It has a moderate to strong wake
  • It wears well for six to eight hours
  • The cologne is a traditional Brit/Oriental fragrance with a contemporary surprise
  • It’s a powerful signature fragrance with seductive qualities
  • Free shipping!
  • It costs $71.65


  • It’s an overwhelming fragrance when you first spray it
  • It’s discontinued and rare to find (sadly)

Enhancing Your Gaultier Element

I’m a woman who loves it when a man goes all out with his signature scent. My partner can do incredible things when he enhances the colognes with simple tips and complementing products.

Jean Paul Gaultier Complementary Products

Gaultier makes some of the most wondrously eccentric fragrances for men and women, but the company also manufactures products you can use to enhance the effects of your cologne. A little-known secret is that your skin’s moisture levels can change the evolution of cologne, so using these products can prevent that.

Gaultier Shower Gel

Gaultier Shower Gel

Restoring moisture to your skin with Gaultier’s shower gel is one way of enhancing the effects of the Scandal cologne. The Le Male Shower Gel only costs $30.88, and it will help your wake stay longer as you flaunt that eccentric scent. It’s also a 200 ml bottle so that it will last.

The Le Male Le Shower Douche is another excellent shower gel that promotes moist skin to keep your cologne lasting longer. Yes, the name is hilarious, but who cares if it works? This shower gel also has the same cologne notes as Le Male, doubling your fragrance after a refreshing shower.

Gaultier Deodorant Enhancers

Long days are standard at work and in leisure, so having a spray bottle or stick deodorant around to enhance your cologne when the wake fades is clever. You can carry the Le Male Deodorant Spray with you, or you can use the deodorant stick that also combats unwanted sweat.

Gaultier User Tips

Every cologne has limits, but you can break them if you know the secrets of making the wake last longer. You can further enhance the fragrance with simple tricks. I already shared the first trick with you: moist skin. You’ll promote wake and longevity by adding cologne to moist skin. Hence, some colognes amplify when you sweat.

Trick number two is to avoid sweating with citrus colognes. Consider how far down the line citrus is regarding the descending accords. If it’s near the end, it’s OK to wear it. If the citrus accord comes in the heart or first notes, reconsider your cologne during workouts and on hot days.

Emmanuelle Moeglin, the founder of the Experimental Perfume Club, confirms that citrus is one note that can’t withstand more than 15 minutes under extreme temperatures or during excessive sweating. Colognes with woody, musky, oriental, and warm ingredients will last longer when you sweat or on hot days.

Trick number three is to use Gaultier’s secret power. It’s recommended to wear cologne directly on the skin, but Gaultier’s colognes have a magic ability to stick to clothing. Either spray it on your pulse points to amplify the fragrance or add a spritz to your clothing.

Following these three tricks and using the enhancement products will welcome the full benefits of Gaultier’s range of colognes. In doing that, you’ll welcome the ambitions you possess while wearing a cologne.

Colognes Similar to Jean Paul Gaultier

Sometimes, the enticement of a man with a brilliant mind who created some of the most controversial and juxtaposed colognes isn’t enough to persuade you to try one. The beauty of this world is that you have free will to choose whichever cologne speaks to your soul—my partner sure experiments with various colognes.

I’m not complaining one bit! I love his passion for smelling like a man who cares for himself. I’d always recommend trying one Gaultier cologne at least, but some alternatives could work for you. The other options are based on similar accords, notes, and dry down.

Alternatives for Le Male:

Alternatives for Le Beau:

Alternatives for Le Male Pride:


Answer: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is undoubtedly the most popular and longest-reputed cologne from the range. It was launched in 1995, and it’s built quite the reputation on Amazon, even with lingering haters. It maintains a strong 4.7/5 star rating after 6,735 reviews and is hands-down the best-seller from Gaultier.

The runner-up is Ultra Male Intense, with a strong 4.7/5 star rating after 2,372 verified reviews. The best way to learn how much cologne is loved is by looking at the people who use it. Everyone has a different opinion, and the world would be crazy if we allowed every controversial product or idea to rule our decisions.

Question: Can I Easily Buy Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne?

Answer: Admittedly, the official Jean Paul Gaultier website poses some problems when you attempt to ship your cologne to your zip code; however, Amazon has an abundant supply of your favorite cologne. There will always be a way to get your hands on it due to its popularity. You can also buy it from:
Fragrance Net

Question: Is Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne a Good Brand?

Answer: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male entered the Men’s Fragrance Hall of Fame in 2011 at the Beautè Prestige International. Gaultier’s passion for combining street styles with haute couture allowed people to wear his fabulous designs without paying the price of his fashion lines. Who knew I was a poet? But the answer is

Gaultier’s cologne brand will stand among the greats, even when a handful of people will criticize his eccentric creations. Haters criticize even the most famous actors, historical figures, and food. That’s the beautiful free will of the opinion everyone possesses coming to light again.


Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne Guide: Final Thoughts

Jean Paul Gaultier built an empire among the fragrance giants because he has the most creative edge anyone can possess: eccentricity. He wasn’t afraid to try new things, blend ideas, and create colognes no one else would dare. One of the critical factors of success in any industry is the ability to ignore the norms of society.

Why must a man only smell like he walks the streets of London? Why should he only smell like he surfs the waves of California? Should a man not be seductive and professional in the same waft of aromas? Once you learn to break through the linear trends, the world becomes yours.

Ask yourself whether you want to be the man who steps out of the bubble? Do you want to do something so outrageous that haters will criticize you? If you said yes, then it’s time you try the Gaultier cologne that tugged your mind. I highly recommend trying the original Le Male, but all of them have a unique edge.

For more cologne options:


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