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Florida Water Cologne Review: Fountain of Youth?

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Renowned perfumer Robert Murray founded a strange brand in New York in 1808, and this Florida Water Cologne Review will show you the ins and outs of what some people call a scent made from the waters found in the fountain of youth. It won’t reverse age, but it has benefits.

Before I create confusion, there’s no such thing as a fountain of youth, but the cologne brand claims that the cologne water fis ound in Florida, used for one of the first American Eau de Colognes, has many benefits on the mind and body. The fountain, of course, is merely a fabled fantasy. But, it’s still one of my favorite parts of my personal care routine. 

Murray created a cologne so iconically New Yorker scent that it still withstands the test of time and trends. David Lanman was the second brilliant mind who joined the company in 1832, and George Kemp joined in 1953, explaining why the company is now called Lanman and Kemp.

However, the cologne has many fairytales and myths attached to it, and I’ll use this review to clarify what the cologne is, how it smells, what tangible benefits you get, and whether it suits you or not. My partner tried it and didn’t mind the unusual tonic-style cologne, and neither did I.

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Refreshing and leaves the skin fragrant faint and elusive, yet delightful scent Gives a delightful glow to the skin.

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How to Know Whether it Works for You

Florida Water Cologne

The Lanman Florida Water cologne is one of the oldest American fragrances for men, and you assume it’s worth a try because of its age, but a few factors determine whether a cologne suits you or not. Sure, the smell is a great start to decide whether you love or hate a cologne.

Secondly, some colognes smell better on certain men and not others, depending on age, the expression of the scent, and how long it stays on the skin. The skin care benefits are the final factor I want you to consider before deciding that Florida Water scent cologne is a magically sensual journey for you (full of “spiritual cleansing”).

Too many myths exist about the cologne, and some people claim it to have mental and physical benefit, bordering on holy water. Soothing the mind is part of any fragrance, and that doesn’t make it unique. I’ll show you the facts, and you can determine whether you want the benefits versus the risks if they exist.

Choosing to use Lanman Florida Water cologne as your sensual antiquity is about busting myths and proving the actual benefits. Then you decide whether you love the smell, suit the age range, or have the right kind of attitude to wear the sensual expression.

Florida Water Cologne Review: Key Features and Facts

I also sighed when I realized the fountain of youth wasn’t real, but life wouldn’t be that simple, or it would be boring. Can you imagine living 200 years? The things you see and the experiences you survive are insurmountable. Florida Water cologne has lived even longer, so let’s see its grit.

Unraveling the Smell

Florida Water Cologne

A few key factors create a perfume smell, including the accords, notes, and how they evolve. Florida Water cologne is slightly different from most fragrances you find for men, and the base notes once consisted of alcohol combined with diluted essential oils.

The base changed to Agua de Florida, better known as the Florida Water scent. Blended with the water, you have rose, cinnamon, lemon, neroli, bergamot, nutmeg, cloves, and orange flower essential oils. The cologne is often compared to 4711 Eau de Cologne, but it has notable aromatic differences.

The 4711 cologne accords unfold as citrus and fresh bursts, whereas Florida Water cologne starts with a gentler, more aromatic smell before the heart opens to a soft lavender floral note, and it ends with the scent of sweet orange teasing your nose while nutmeg and cloves spice things up in this revitalizing scent.

They’re entirely different in scent, but they have something in common. Both icons are Eau de Colognes, which makes their longevity as poor as it comes. You get about two hours from Florida Water cologne, and it has an intimate wake, not too notable by others.

I love stronger smells, but it’s a great ode to the period it was created. Men didn’t smell like floral and fruity notes in the 1800s. Loving the smell depends on whether you like a classically soft fragrance or a bold statement, with Florida Water cologne being the first choice.

The smell is also so subtle that it works better in summer and spring, and it wears well during the day. However, the fragrance is good for more than cologne, which I’ll get to soon enough. The bottom line is I’m not crazy about soft colognes, so it’s not my favorite, but it depends on you.

Myth Versus Fact

The most common myth is that Florida Water cologne is toxic. Hold it! Please don’t run away now because I’m about to bust the myth! I almost felt you reaching for the X in the corner. EWG is an environmental research team that investigates claims like toxicity against colognes.

EWG also conveniently breaks the details down for you to see which risks exist and which don’t. The claim is often that Florida Water itself is toxic, which they proved wrong, and the water earned a single point, making it perfectly healthy and safe.

Interestingly, EWG also found that Florida Water cologne had a low skin absorption rate, which explains the poor longevity but also that it can’t affect you easily. Honestly, some of the ingredients never came back clean, and the concerns involved skin allergies and eye irritations.

However, you’ll find that most colognes not classified as clean products have the same concerns. Skin allergies are a beast, ask me, and you should always test a fragrance on your skin before buying the product. You can find Florida Water Cologne in many stores, even Walmart, so try it.

On the flip side, Florida Water cologne is paraben and cruelty-free, but it’s not a clean cologne, which is the case in most fragrances found today. The risk of skin allergies is a simple matter of testing the cologne before buying it, and you should do it with all of them.

Real Benefits and Versatility

Cologne Florida

All colognes have a calming effect on the mind because the senses connect to your emotional state. Still, Florida Water cologne has some exciting benefits if you use it for other reasons, some including:

  • Rubbing down counters in your home for a refreshing smell
  • Dabbing some on a bug bite to ease the itch
  • Repelling insects on a camping trip
  • Using it in bathwater to soak and soothe at the same time.
  • Raising the acidity of your skin by using it as a splash (which could help you layer another cologne and maintain its smell)
  • Using it as an astringent aftershave to close pores and reduce facial swelling (please, check your allergies first)
  • Mixing it with iced water for a towel you can place over painful muscles to relax them
  • Rinsing your laundry for an extra fresh result
  • Promoting good energy and mood in your home by leaving a few drops in a diffuser or bowl (I do this when I meditate)
  • Rubbing yourself down as you would with a massage (it has aromatherapeutic qualities)
  • Adding some to your shampoo to get the refreshing smell on your hair

Who Should Wear It?

Florida Water Cologne

Every cologne has an expression, much like you express your personality and habits. Match yours to the cologne. Florida Water cologne depicts gentle, kind, passionate, soft-spoken, traditional-masculine, old-school, protective, romantic, classic-sexy, and self-made elements for men.

Weighing Options


  • It’s one of the oldest colognes in the world
  • It has a large fan base (with as many uneducated critics echoing myths)
  • The bottle looks stunning with an intricate design on the label
  • It has a soft nature, and you can use it for a long list of things
  • It smells fantastic on mature men with gentleman qualities
  • It’s romantic and nostalgic (some women love it)
  • It’s super affordable
  • It’s cruelty and paraben-free
  • It’s a refreshingly classic smell with soft florals
  • It can soothe the mind as other colognes do


  • It might cause an allergic reaction
  • The bottle is plastic (remains a beautiful design, though)
  • It doesn’t last long on your skin
  • The wake is hardly noticeable by other people
  • It’s not for a bold man
  • It doesn’t smell good on young guys
  • The clove note can be overwhelming (it’s the only one that comes on strong)
  • The fountain of youth story is a myth
  • It has many haters among the uneducated crowd who don’t care to research facts

The pros and cons aren’t pretty on this cologne, but it has a few outstanding qualities that inspired me to use it as a cleaning agent around the house. I suffer from skin allergies, and I mean all of them, so this cologne is a bad experience for me, even when my partner wears it.

I also don’t love soft smells, but I admire the gentleness that invokes a nostalgic feeling. My partner also loves bold scents, so the cologne didn’t go well with him, but he said the same as me. It will work for the right man! Every cologne does, and only you can decide whether it works.

Florida Water cologne is one of the most challenging fragrances I’ve had to match to another available scent on today’s market.

There are many similar colognes from years gone by, but they’re not always available anymore. Fortunately, I found three increasingly modern options.

Perfect Match: Alvarez Gomez Agua De Colonia

Alvarez Gomez Agua De Colonia

Agua De Colonia is a citrus, aromatic fragrance that closely matches Florida Water cologne. It begins with solid aromatics from rosemary and thyme before it dries into bergamot and lemon citruses, and it ends with a fresh but soft floral from the lavender note.


  • It’s easy to find
  • It smells the same and has similar fragrance expressions for gentlemen who want a classic smell


  • It’s too classically soft, suiting mature men with traditional roots
  • It only lasts around four hours (still better than Florida Water cologne)

Alvarez Gomez Agua De Colonia | Amazon

Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Concentrada floats crisp notes of lemon and eucalyptus on a lush and spicy herbal and floral base, invoking the warm and sunny Mediterranean.

Buy at Amazon
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Step It Up: Eau De Guerlain

Eau De Guerlain

Eau De Guerlain introduces some modern notes to the aromatic citrus blend found in Florida Water cologne. It begins with refreshing aromatics and citrus accords before the heart brings green, floral, and woody notes, and it ends with a fresh but slightly mossy white floral finale.


  • It steps up the modernity of Florida Water cologne
  • It’s more versatile, suiting all age groups
  • It smells masculine but slightly softer
  • It has a beautiful dry-down of aromatics and citrus notes
  • It has similar fragrance expressions, but it adds a hint of confidence with a side of daring
  • It has a more robust sillage and lasts around six hours


  • It has a slight feminine feeling to it
  • It’s not great for traditional men as it has a subtly cheeky nature

Modern Alternative: The Banana Republic Neroli Woods

The Banana Republic Neroli Woods

Neroli Woods is similar in some ways and not others. It starts with woody, floral, and citrus exchanges in the top notes before drying into a refreshingly green aromatic heart. It ends with a powdery effect that surfaces modern notes like tropical fruits and coconut.


  • It’s a much more modern take on the Florida Water smell, even using fruity accents
  • It smells young enough to suit Gen Z and Millennials
  • It has a vibrant expression above the gentlemen undertone, feeling confident, sophisticated, energetic, and modern-sexy
  • It’s easy to find anywhere
  • It has a more substantial wake and lasts around six hours
  • It has a fun brand name (who doesn’t love The Banana Republic?)


  • It’s too modern for men looking at Florida Water cologne for traditional reasons
  • It’s bolder and doesn’t sit well with mature men

Banana Republic Neroli Woods | Amazon
$42.57 ($17.03 / Fl Oz)

This citrus aromatic fragrance has a blend of mandarin leaf, neroli, coconut nectar, peony, orange blossom, frangipani, solar notes, ebony, amber, sandalwood and cedar.

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Question: Does Florida Water Cologne Smell Nice?

Answer: It smells like a gentle introduction to soft aromatics blended into refreshing citrus and a base for the right man. The most notable note is cloves at the end, but you also notice the nutmeg and lavender in the drydown. It’s a beautiful fragrance for old-school gentlemen.

Answer: Apart from the myths and gentle smell, it has many fans. It maintains an 89% approval rating on Amazon after more than 2,500 people gave feedback. That’s a significant number! Additionally, the cologne has been around for more than 200 years, and that says enough.

Question: Is Florida Water Cologne Toxic or Not?

Answer: I’d have to break your faith in all colognes, to be honest with you. Indeed, the environmental researchers at EWG found that Florida Water cologne has properties that cause allergic reactions, but all non-clean fragrances pose the same risk. Testing scent first is advised.

Florida Water Cologne Review: Final Splash

Florida Water Cologne | Amazon
$21.00 ($0.47 / Fl Oz)

Refreshing and leaves the skin fragrant faint and elusive, yet delightful scent Gives a delightful glow to the skin.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 03:55 am GMT

I can’t lie and say that Florida Water cologne has miraculous properties because it comes from Florida’s so-called fountain of youth. My first question is, why is the state filled with retirees if they found the fountain of youth? It makes no sense, and I don’t speak nonsense.

I tell you the truth about colognes, and I’ve given you all the facts, including how the myths are blown out of proportion. The cologne has incredible benefits with its wide range of applications, but it’s not a miracle cure for the natural aging process.

I’m also not going to sugarcoat my partner’s opinion about the cologne. He didn’t love it, and neither did I, but we both agreed that it would smell amazing on the right man, a gentleman. Its soft nature and gentle expression are perfect for you if you’re a kind and soft-spoken soul.

Maybe you love traditional scents, albeit this cologne has no woody undertones, but it has a beautiful lavender base, and that makes it iconic. Should you fit the description of the man who wears Florida Water cologne, I recommend you try it on your skin at your nearest Walmart now.

Once you know you’re not allergic, you can quickly source it from home by visiting Amazon. No one has loved shopping the traditional way since the pandemic came, and you should have the luxury of online shopping as soon as you test the cologne on your skin.

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