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Bottega Veneta Perfume Review: What I Think About Illusione for Her After Testing It

I will discuss the brand’s Illusione for Her fragrance in today’s Bottega Veneta perfume review. There are over 30 different perfumes in the company’s portfolio. I love how these perfumes are grouped in several unique collections, which I will detail further. I confess I was initially skeptical since I’ve never tried Bottega Veneta perfumes until now.

But, Illusione managed to win my heart with its warm and sweet notes that I love so much. It smells incredible and makes me reminisce about those hot summer evenings by the pool or at the seaside. I believe this perfume screams holidays and vacations through all its notes.

Bottom Line Up Front!

I love the bottle, and I like how it smells. It’s sweet but doesn’t overwhelm you. Illusione seems to be a good match for my skin, and it’s gentle so that it won’t cause rashes or irritations. I was lucky enough to find a discounted price, so I bought a larger bottle than I had initially planned. The only thing that bugs me is its poor sillage and the fact that it’s not as durable as I wish.

Bottega Veneta Perfume Review A Few Words About the Brand

At first, the brand sold leather items and was an important fashion design company. Bottega Veneta started its activity in 1966. They made traditional and artisanal items with hand-woven leather. Right from the beginning, the brand was about high-quality and luxurious products.

Bottega Veneta means Venetian Shop, and the company’s headquarters are located in Milan, Italy.

In terms of perfumes, they’re relatively new on the market; their first fragrance appeared in 2011. The latest perfume was created in 2021. The business is based in Italy and has collaborated with numerous parfumiers and chemist experts to develop these wonderful scents.

All Bottega Veneta fragrances target courageous men and exceptional women. Their scents are timeless, which can also be seen in the bottles. The bottle’s design, which I like very much, reminds us of old Venetian glass.

Bottega Veneta’s main activity remains fashion production. The parent company that owns the brand is Coty.

Bottega Veneta Illusione Main Features

illusione perfume bottle and box
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

After browsing through the brand’s women’s perfumes, I opted for the Illusione for Her fragrance. Its bottle and elegant design caught my attention.

  • Bottle: it has a nice-looking bottle with a geometric shape and a rounded lid. The bottle is transparent, while the top is a mix of wood, red, and brown hues. I like its design and the minimalistic yet elegant fonts that feature the perfume’s name and brand;
  • Scent: I enjoy Illusione’s scent. The combination of floral, woody and fruity notes is dreamy. It’s noticeable without being overwhelming. I’m a fan of sweet and warm fragrances, and Illusione checks those boxes; I only wish it were more long-lasting;
  • Made for elegant women who’re not afraid to show their sensual side;
  • The bottle and the scent make me think of a young and stylish romantic couple, somewhere on an Italian beach, wearing white flowy summer clothes. This perfume paints a picture in my head, the one of a luxurious yet relaxed scene by the pool, enjoying a prosecco.


Although Illusione was released in 2019, the bottle looks timeless to me. It’s a successful mix of modern and classic elements. It features the shape of a geometric cube with a thick bottom and transparent sides. The perfume’s color reminds me of a premium scotch or light-shade whisky, while the round-shaped top makes me think of a wheel.

What’s interesting about the round lid is its open center through which I can see the application button, which I have to press to spray the perfume. I also like the fonts; the brand and the perfume’s names have minimalistic designs and look elegant and classy.

Bottega Veneta Perfume Notes

Illusione perfume ingredients notes
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

The first notes I smelled when I used this perfume were the green, citrus, and woody ones. I was pleasantly surprised with Illusione’s scent. I would’ve liked the floral and sweet notes to be more prominent. This breezy perfume is great for summer, spring, and the beginning of autumn. It’s best suited for daytime wear because it doesn’t last very long.

Top Notes

  • Blackcurrant: a mix of red fruit scent, forestry elements, and a few floral tones; sweet and acid;
  • Bergamot: citrus vibes; fresh yet spicy; summery; rounded and deep aroma – these things came to my mind when I felt it in the Illusione perfume.

Core Notes

  • Orange blossom: bewitching scent with fresh and floral notes; orange flowers smell like clean, luxurious soaps to me; it resembles Jasmine flowers a bit;
  • Fig leaf: green and cool fragrances; it resembles the smell of grass in a way, and it’s excellent for summer perfumes.

Base Notes

  • Tonka beans: this ingredient is very similar to the vanilla aroma, and it’s said to prolong the fragrance’s lifetime; some use Tonka beans as musk substitutes; creamy undertones;
  • Olive tree leaf: a smoky green scent that’s a tad bitter; viscous, soothing, and earthy undertones.

Scent and Longevity

While the scent is lovely, its longevity disappointed me. I could feel it at first for about an hour. After two hours or so, the perfume faded away almost completely. I went out wearing Illusione and asked my friends if they could sense it, and they said no :(. So, I guess the perfume’s sillage isn’t great either.

Still, I’ll continue wearing this perfume since I like the way it smells; so refreshing and calming. It’s like a soothing bath with aromatic oils or scented candles, just not as strong.

testing the illusione for her perfume
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

What I Liked

  • The bottle is classy and features a timeless design.
  • Decent value for the money.
  • A lovely scent that’s sweet and aromatic.
  • Fresh and soothing, almost calming scent effects.

What I Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t last longer than 2-3 hours which is a pitty.
  • It’s not suitable for nighttime or winter since it has poor longevity.
  • Moderate to low sillage.
  • Some could consider it a tad overpriced when you think about its wearability.

Other Bottega Veneta Perfumes

Let’s take a look at some other perfumes marketed by Bottega Veneta. I love how the company launched several perfume collections, each with various fragrances.

1. Bottega Veneta Collection

Bottega Veneta perfume collection
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

This is the first perfume collection of the brand

  • Eau de Velours: This is a women’s perfume with warm and spicy notes and leather and fruity undertones. It was launched in 2017 and contains pink pepper, bergamot, spices, rose, Jasmine, plum, patchouli, and leather. It’s long-lasting and has a moderate sillage;
  • Essence Aromatique: A highly aromatic perfume with citrus, vanilla, and woody tones. Released in 2014, this perfume is formulated with coriander, vanilla, Tonka beans, and sandalwood. It has moderate sillage and wearability;
  • L’Absolu: A mix of leather, white flowers, and citrus notes that’s simply breathtaking. It’s one of the newer perfumes, being launched in 2018. L’Absolu contains notes such as Jasmine, patchouli, leather, bergamot, and vanilla. Long-lasting yet moderate sillage;
  • Pour Homme: This is a men’s perfume with woody, aromatic notes, launched in 2013. Among its notes, there are Juniper, Canadian fir, Siberian pine, leather, and labdanum. So, it’s a fresh and spicy fragrance;
  • Eau Sensuelle: White floral notes, leather, and animal extracts are part of this perfume’s formulation. Released in 2016, this perfume is great for spring and autumn. It has peach, Jasmine, vanilla, leather, and Gardenia as its notes.

2. Illusione Collection

Illusione collection
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

Besides the one I reviewed today, which is Illusione for Her, this collection also comprises the following perfumes:

  • Bois Nu: A citrus and woody perfume made for men and launched in 2021. Lemon, bitter orange, Monoi oil, and woody notes make this fragrance irresistible. Still, it could be improved in terms of sillage and longevity;
  • Illusione for Him: An aromatic men’s fragrance with citrus and woody notes, including conifer resin, cedar extract, lemon, and vetiver. It’s a masculine perfume launched in 2019;
  • Tonka Solaire: Another citrus and woody perfume released in 2021; Tonka Solaire has fig leaf, lemon, cedar, and olive tree leaf as part of its notes.

3. Knot Collection

Bottega Veneta Knot collection
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

The name has a lot to do with the bottle’s design that features a knot on the lid:

  • Knot: Citruses and white floral notes make this Bottega Veneta perfume light, fresh, and great for spring and summer. It’s a women’s perfume launched in 2014. It features clementine, neroli, peony, lavender, and musk as part of its notes;
  • Eau Absolue: This perfume has a balsamic scent with powdery and warm spicy undertones. It appeared in 2018 and is suitable for chilly autumn days and cold winter months. Among its most original components, I couldn’t help but notice lavender, heliotrope, and myrrh;
  • Eau Florale: This refreshing perfume contains lavender, mandarin orange, rose, and cedar as some of its notes. It’s easy and breezy, like a spring day.

4. Parco Palladiano Collection

paco palladino collection
Image From Alexandra Gavrilescu

Each of these Bottega Veneta perfumes focuses primarily on one single note. The collection is luxurious and exclusive, and it was inspired by a walk through a Palladin garden, an olfactive paradise:

  • Magnolia: Launched in 2016, Magnolia is a unisex floral perfume with citrus top notes, floral core notes, and musk and green base notes;
  • Cipresso: This is a woody and aromatic fragrance with amber wood, ginger, and patchouli notes. It’s suitable for spring and summer;
  • Violetta: It’s a powdery fragrance with floral, woody, and musky notes. Another unisex perfume that was released in 2017;
  • Rosa: Rose and peony are the middle notes, while cinnamon is the top note of this perfume. Its base notes are sandalwood and patchouli. It has a strong sillage;
  • Lauro: Fresh yet aromatic and spicy, Lauro is based on mint and labdanum notes. It also consists of sage, vetiver, tea leaves, and rosemary notes;
  • Neroli: The most intense notes are citrus and white flowers. It smells spicy, soapy, fresh, and aromatic;
  • Castagno: Woody, spicy, and warm, this unisex perfume has ginger, chestnut, cumin, and green notes;
  • Quercia: A more potent scent that relies on the perfume’s woody, spicy, and musky notes. Released in 2018, it contains cardamom, cashmere wood, oak, and pink pepper;
  • Olivo: It’s green, woody, and aromatic. Olivo was launched in 2018 and consists of notes like galbanum, olive, violet leaf, and Tonka beans;
  • Salvia Blu: I like this one due to its fruity and aromatic fragrance. It features sage, pear, apple, rose, lavender, magnolia, freesia, and woody notes. I love this perfume’s floral middle notes, mainly because of the freesia content.

Main Alternatives to Bottega Veneta Perfumes

Here are some popular perfumes that remind me of the Illusione fragrance.

1. Balade Sauvage by Dior

Balade Sauvage

I love Dior perfumes, especially Miss Dior (I wore this perfume on my wedding day). But, I picked Balade Sauvage today since it has certain similarities with Illusione for Her.

It’s a unisex scent launched in 2018, and it contains citrus, fruity, floral, and woody notes. Also, I find it intriguing that this perfume has pebbles among its base notes. I mean, how can you extract the scent of a stone?!


  • It contains sea notes, which I love.
  • I like the perfume’s color because it reminds me of sun rays.
  • The citrus notes are vibrant and refreshing, while the scent is quite sensual.


  • I’m not too fond of the bottle’s appearance. It’s bulky.
  • It’s not that long-lasting.
  • It only has a moderate sillage.
  • Expensive.

2. Figuier Eden by Giorgio Armani

Figuier Eden

Figuier Eden has green, citrus, and fruity notes. It was released in 2012, and the creators’ inspiration was pristine nature and Mediterranean gardens. It has spicy and citrus top notes, including mandarin, bergamot, and pink pepper. Fig, tea, and grass are its core notes, while amber and iris create the base notes.


  • I like its fresh composition and iris base note.
  • Attractive packaging with an intriguing and unique lid – its shape makes me think of a mineral rock like an Onyx that’s asymmetrical; it also resembles the color and shape of those well-known massage stones or even a UFO.


  • Moderate sillage and longevity.
  • Too light.
  • Pretty expensive.

3. Alien Aqua Chic by Mugler

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic EDT 60ml Preturi Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic EDT 60ml Magazine

I first heard about Mugler a couple of years ago, after Kim Kardashian’s dripping tight dress that took media by storm at the time. But I’m not surprised that the brand also designs perfumes since many fashion companies do that.

It contains orange blossom, amber, pink grapefruit, lemon blossom, and woody notes. The Aqua Chic perfume was released in 2013 and has a sensual fragrance.


  • I love the smell.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good value for the money.


  • Moderate lasting but not what I expected.
  • Interesting-looking bottle, but not my style.
  • The scent is too light for my taste.

4. One Gold by Calvin Klein

One Gold by Calvin Klein

One Gold by CK is a unisex fragrance that smells like sage, bergamot, fig, violet, Jasmine, patchouli, and neroli. It sends the message Be Brave to everyone who wants to wear it. This perfume is a modern and more luxurious reinterpretation of CK’s One Eau fragrance. It features a woody and aromatic scent suitable for daytime and summer days. This Calvin Klein perfume was created in 2016.

This perfume reminds me of La Vie Est Belle by Lancome, which I’ve used many times in the past and am deeply in love with.


  • I like the golden dripping effect on the bottle and the box.
  • It has a juicy, fresh, and woody scent that’s invigorating.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Affordable for a high-end perfume.


  • It was meant to be a seasonal type of perfume, so it might not be suitable to wear all year round.
  • Weak sillage and moderate longevity.
  • The after-smell makes me think of clothes detergent


Question: How Much Do Bottega Veneta Perfumes Last?

Answer: It depends on which Bottega Veneta perfume you’re wearing. I tested Illusione for Her. This perfume lasts around 2-3 hours. Then, it starts to fade away. After a couple of hours, I must take my wrist to my nose to be able to smell the perfume. Based on their intensity, Bottega Veneta fragrances can last from two hours up to five or six hours.

Question: What’s the Longest-Lasting Bottega Veneta Perfume?

Answer: Generally, perfumes with strong woody notes last longer than fresh and floral fragrances. Secondly, Eau de parfum is more intense and longer-lasting than Eau de toilette. Finally, two BV perfumes last for hours: Eau de Velours and L’Absolu.

Question: What’s the Most Expensive Perfume of All Bottega Veneta Fragrances? 

Answer: Illusione Tonka Solaire is a more expensive BV perfume. It has fruity, woody, and floral notes. I like its lovely romantic smell that’s fresh and suitable for daily use.

Botega Veneta Perfume Review: Final Notes

Bottega Veneta is a reputable brand with a long history. Illusione for Her is a decent perfume that lasts a couple of hours. While its longevity and sillage could be improved, I really like how this perfume smells and the fact that it’s not overwhelming. In fact, it features a soothing, almost calming scent. I’m not sure I’ll repurchase it soon, but I’ll gladly use the one I have now.

Researching for today’s review got me curious about the brand and its products, and I’m open to trying other BV perfumes in the future.

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