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Skylar Perfume Guide: A Natural, Clean Alternative For You

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A Skylar Perfume Guide is just the right thing for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies who still wants to smell fresh, angelic, and fabulous. I also have sensitive skin, but this range of natural perfumes helps me through the days my skin declares war on me, always at the most random and inconvenient times.

Do you know what Skylar means? The English roots of Skylar translate to eternal life, beauty, love, and strength. The Danish roots translate to a fugitive, scholar, or providing shelter. Agreed, I love the English origins more than the Danish roots. Skin problems can make you feel like a fugitive harboring an annoying pest.

The English origins are what define Skylar perfumes better. They’re a pathway to a beautiful and compassionate technique for women to feel like the feminine ladies they deserve to be. They also encourage eternal life, especially when skin problems make you feel like you have hellfire seeping through your pores.

Skylar perfumes bring nature to the rescue, and they have a lovely range of feminine and unisex fragrances that tickle everyone’s fancy. Moreover, they last as they’re all EDP perfumes. That’s a double win!

Brand History

Skylar Perfume

Los Angeles-born and raised Cat Chen is the CEO of Skylar perfumes. Cat founded Skylar in 2017, and she was inspired by two factors: the zero makeup movement and her daughter’s battle with fragrances. Cat wanted to design cosmetics and beauty products that allowed women to look natural while being natural.

Cat has no fear of wearing zero makeup because there’s nothing more gorgeous than natural skin. You often see her without makeup, and that wins her a star from me. I only use makeup when I absolutely have to. However, it was her daughter’s battle with allergies and sensitive skin that pushed her brand forward.

Her daughter constantly had allergic reactions to the perfumes she bought. Cat couldn’t find a fragrance that was both hypoallergenic and exuded a sophisticated wake. She’s a professional woman who loves expressing her femininity as much as the next Californian, but it was an uphill battle to achieve that.

The thing about Cat is she never gave up. She manufactured her own line of perfumes instead. She was working for The Honest Company at the time, giving her the knowledge of the ingredients she required. She spent months testing ingredients and working with renowned perfumers to create a clean fragrance line.

Skylar perfume became a philosophy targeting the sensitive skin of women like her daughter.

How Uniquely Special is Skylar Perfume?

Skylar Perfume

Cat’s inspiration for creating her perfume range is a remarkable story on its own, but her ambitions were clear and concise: her perfumes had to meet all the standards of clean fragrances. Cat designed her perfume range based on four factors.

Approachable and Dreamy

Skylar perfumes are dreamy and approachable in the sense that they aren’t overwhelming. They use natural products with delicate scents, allowing women and modern men to wear them as signature fragrances without drawing too much attention.


Cat loves California and all the natural beauties surrounding it. She used these natural ingredients, lifestyle trends, and landscapes to inspire each perfume. You can call Skylar perfumes a hint of California in a bottle.

Sustainable and Conscious

Each perfume is a promise against animal cruelty and testing. She manufactures vegan perfumes and bottles them in eco-friendly and sustainable containers to protect the environment. Cat is a deeply conscious woman, loving all that lives and breathes, including animals and the environment.

Hypoallergenic and Clean

After endless testing, Skylar perfumes brought a range of fragrances that promise to cause fewer allergic reactions and skin irritations. These hypoallergenic perfumes are also clean because they use natural ingredients without added chemicals and allergens.

The Beauty of EDP

Skylar Perfumes

If Cat’s ambitions and inspirations don’t make you fall in love with her perfumes, the fact that they’re all EDPs can finish the job. According to Yves Saint Laurent, some differences between Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilette are:

  • EDP has a higher perfume oil concentration, whereas EDT has a higher concentration of alcohol
  • EDP lasts longer (between eight and 10 hours) due to the higher oil concentrations, whereas EDT lasts about four hours less
  • EDP carries a more robust sillage, whereas EDT has a weaker sillage
  • EDP can cost more, whereas EDT is a cheaper fragrance

If the exciting facts about Cat’s Skylar perfume range don’t convince you to try one of her fragrances, nothing will. She’s ambitious, inspired, and focused on quality.

Skylar Perfume Range: A Natural Touch of Class

You’re as intrigued as I was when I first learned about Skylar perfumes if you made it this far. That’s a good thing, so don’t back away. Natural perfume doesn’t mean boring, bland, or weak. The EDP factor already makes the perfumes evolve beautifully on the skin.

Skylar’s chosen ingredients are also to die for, and you won’t be sorry. The bonuses keep adding up when you realize Skylar offers free shipping on all their perfumes to American states. Hell yeah!

Skylar Vanilla Sky

Skylar Vanilla Sky

Skylar released Vanilla Sky in 2020, and it uses one of the most popular ingredients for women, vanilla. It’s a warmer fragrance that teases your senses in cooler months. Even California has sub-par weather from time to time. The richness of coffee and caramel undertones matches a common lifestyle factor in the state: Starbucks!

Unfolding Accords: Vanilla, caramel, coffee, woody, sweet, powdery, cinnamon, warm spicy, lactonic, and balsamic

First Notes: Sweet orange, cappuccino, and bergamot zest

Second Notes: Jasmine grandiflorum, cinnamon bark, and natural vanilla

Final Notes: Sheer amber, sandalwood, and caramelized cedar

Wearable: Winter, fall, and day


  • Unisex
  • Intimate to moderate sillage
  • It lasts about seven to eight hours
  • It also comes as a candle or rollerball (perfect for layering)
  • It’s a spicy fragrance for young and mature users
  • It’s a delicious scent that makes you crave your fave latte
  • It has that comforting feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket in front of the TV


  • It doesn’t work well in warmer months
  • The only tie to California life is the coffee notes

Skylar Salt Air

Skylar Salt Air

Skylar launched Salt Air in 2020, and it perfectly denotes the Californian vibes with oceanic breezes. It’s the epitome of what California living smells like, and it leaves that beach wake with salty senses to massage the senses. It’s a fresh, liberating, local smell that makes everyone know you’re from the area.

Unfolding Accords: Marine, mineral, salty, aromatic, coconut, tropical, aquatic, floral, lactonic, and sand

First Notes: Sea salt, seaweed, and Italian bergamot

Second Notes: Water lily, cotton blossom, and cyclamen

Final Notes: Driftwood, vanilla, and musk

Wearable: Summer and day


  • Unisex
  • Intimate to moderate sillage
  • It lasts about eight hours
  • It also comes in a candle and rollerball
  • It’s a vibrant and young fragrance
  • It’s a fresh smell that makes you think of breezy and endless summer days
  • It’s a clean wake that gives the impression of a new mind


  • It doesn’t work well in cooler weather
  • It doesn’t suit mature men and women

Skylar Fall Cashmere

Skylar Fall Cashmere

Skylar Fall Cashmere is a newer addition to Cat’s organic fragrance range. It gives a sense of having warm cocoa in front of the fireplace on a fall night, and it’s a beautifully traditional scent that enhances the woody undertones beneath the spicy notes with just an embrace of almond sweetness.

Unfolding Accords: Warm spicy, aromatic, sweet, herbal, and woody

First Notes: Spiced ginger and roasted almond

Second Notes: Clove, matcha tea, and cinnamon bark

Final Notes: Caramelized vanilla, white musk, golden amber, and creamy sandalwood

Wearable: Fall, winter, and night


  • Unisex
  • Moderate sillage
  • It lasts about eight hours
  • It also comes as a rollerball or candle
  • It’s a spicy bite of subtle sweetness for mature users
  • It feels like being wrapped by your favorite fall sweater
  • It’s an old-factory experience for users who love a woody undertone


  • It doesn’t work in warmer months
  • It doesn’t work for younger users

Skylar Capri Summer

Skylar Capri Summer

Capri Summer is a return to the tropical and oceanic vibes of the West Coast. It’s a burst of citrus freshness that dries down to a delicate sweetness combined with woody undertones. It’s the perfect balance between California living and feminine lifestyles, especially for younger women.

Unfolding Accords: Citrus, fresh spicy, sweet, aromatic, white floral, and woody

First Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, and blood orange

Second Notes: Muguet, neroli, and dewy rose

Final Notes: Sheer vetiver, teakwood, and crystal musk

Wearable: Day, summer, and spring


  • Unisex
  • Strong sillage at first but intimate when it dries down
  • It also comes as a rollerball
  • It’s a tenacious fragrance for young men and women
  • It feels like the sun kissing your skin with citrus rays
  • It’s an uplifting, grounded perfume once it dries down


  • It only lasts about six hours
  • It doesn’t suit mature users

Skylar Isle Escape

Skylar Isle Escape

Skylar Isle Escape is a beautiful blend of ocean life combined with a hint of spiciness to make it versatile enough for fall wear. The zestiness of the first notes opens to a soft floral and aquatic aroma before the subtle hues of spicy notes breakthrough. This perfume encourages users to defy the weather and hit those waves.

Unfolding Accords: Citrus, fresh, aquatic, soft floral, fresh spicy, musk, and woody

First Notes: French quince, orange mist, and bergamot

Second Notes: Peony caress, ginger root, and cardamom

Final Notes: Subtle musk, golden amber, and sandalwood

Wearable: Day, summer, spring, fall


  • Unisex
  • Strong sillage in the first hour that dries down to an intimate wake
  • It also comes as a rollerball
  • It’s a bold organic perfume that encourages you to drop everything and hit the beach
  • It has an effervescent illumination of zest in the first hour
  • It smells like it would smell great for younger users


  • It doesn’t have a mature element, even with the traditional notes
  • It can smell confusing when the aquatic accord dries into a spicy undertone

Skylar Pink Canyon

Skylar Pink Canyon

Pink Canyon reminds you of a visit to the gorgeous Mecca Hills Wilderness, specifically the Ladder Canyon Trail, where the walls often bounce a subtle pink hue. It’s a serene fragrance that promotes a hint of feminine beauty, matching the legendary magic hour of the West Coast as the sun hits the horizon and paints the sky.

Unfolding Accords: Sweet, citrus, soft spicy, white floral, floral, salty, and woody

First Notes: Grapefruit, sage leaves, and dewy lemon

Second Notes: Tiare petals, lily of the valley, and magnolia

Final Notes: Pink salt, musk, cedar, and sheer amber

Wearable: Night, day, summer, spring, fall


  • Unisex
  • Intimately moderate sillage
  • It’s also available as a rollerball and candle
  • It’s a beautiful and delicate fragrance for young and mature users
  • It’s a magical diffusion of an awe moment as the grapefruit breaks into the saltiness
  • It leaves an unforgettable sensory experience


  • It doesn’t work well in winter or cold weather
  • It might feel a little young for some mature users

Skylar Willow Woods

Skylar Willow Woods

Willow Woods is a salute to the gorgeous forests stretching along the coast with giant, ancient redwood trees, notably the Willow Woods Park in Skyforest, California. The fresh and crisp smell of wooded camps and trails can leave a lasting impression on anyone who uses this fantastic perfume.

Unfolding Accords: Woody, amber, green, balsamic, aromatic, warm spicy, and vanilla

First Notes: Willow and heliotrope

Second Notes: Fir balsam and pine

Final Notes: Wood notes and incense

Wearable: Day, fall, and spring


  • Unisex
  • It has an intimate sillage
  • It’s also available as a rollerball
  • It’s an amazingly organic fragrance for mature users
  • It smells like a peaceful walk through a forest with overhanging trees protecting you from the sun
  • It’s a robust woody fragrance with gentle floral notes


  • It doesn’t smell great on younger users
  • The woody undertone is too prominent for some users

Skylar Sun Shower

Skylar Sun Shower

Sun Shower is a salute to the famous sunshine along the West Coast. It’s a versatile fragrance that wears well in most weather, thanks to the balance of natural ingredients found in the region. It’s a joyful scent that encourages you to feel like you have a renewed mind each morning, just like the sun promotes smiles.

Unfolding Accords: Fresh, herbal, citrus, floral, white floral, soft spicy, and woody

First Notes: Italian bergamot, jasmine tea, and lemon leaves

Second Notes: Meadow greens, lily, and ginger flower

Final Notes: Cypress, cedarwood, and guaiac wood

Wearable: Day, night, summer, spring, fall, and winter


  • Unisex
  • It has a moderate sillage
  • It also comes as a rollerball
  • It’s a great signature fragrance for mature users
  • It smells like a walk on the beach while the sun caresses your skin
  • The woody undertone balances well with the freshness of the top notes


  • It’s not an extraordinary perfume for younger users
  • The subtle spicy hues are surprising

Skylar Magic Bloom

Skylar Magic Bloom

Magic Bloom explodes with the West Coast enchantment. It feels feminine, but guys are also into the fruity aromas in our new world, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Beneath the delicate but fantastic undertones of sweetness and fruity bliss lies the salty flavor we love. Think about the smell of salted caramel.

Unfolding Accords: Sweet, caramel, fruity, citrus, floral, honey, salty, and woody

First Notes: Asian pear, Mandarin leaf, and yuzu

Second Notes: Apple blossom, honeysuckle, and magnolia

Final Notes: Sea salt, cedar, musk, and sheer amber

Wearable: Day, night, summer, spring, and fall


  • Unisex (more feminine, though)
  • It has a moderate sillage
  • It’s also available as a rollerball
  • It’s a young, vibrant, and contemporary scent
  • It smells like the freedom of rolling in a field of flowers with sweet, solid hues
  • It’s like bringing the fresh, fruity, and sweetness of spring with you all year


  • It doesn’t smell good on mature users
  • It might not work for men resistant to fruity and sweet scents

Bonus: Discovery Set

Cat is a woman who wants everyone to find their inner beauty with her fragrances. She wants you to exude your fabulosity while using harmless products. Therefore, Skylar offers a Discovery Set, which only costs $25. You get five samples, including Ilse Escape, Pink Canyon, Vanilla Sky, Capri Summer, and Salt Air.

The discovery set allows you to test the fragrances and how they evolve on your skin before purchasing your signature scent. Secondly, you get to try the true hypoallergenic and clean qualities of the perfumes before committing to them. The price is a worthy investment to test the product on your skin.

Layering Skylar Perfume

Skylar perfume focuses on singular points of inspiration, in most cases, but there are ways to be creative and unique while wearing this range. Layering the fragrances can create authentic blends inspired by your mind. Each perfume layers well with another from the Skylar range, and the rollerballs are there for a reason.

The perfumes that match each other are as follows:

  • Salt Air works with Capri Summer and Pink Canyon
  • Isle Escape works with Vanilla Sky and Capri Summer
  • Vanilla Sky works with Salt Air and Fall Cashmere
  • Pink Canyon works with Magic Bloom and Sun Shower
  • Capri Summer works with Salt Air and Pink Canyon
  • Sun Shower works with Isle Escape and Capri Summer
  • Magic Bloom works with Sun Shower and Ilse Escape
  • Fall Cashmere works with Willow Woods and Isle Escape
  • Willow Woods works with Vanilla Sky and Capri Summer

Skylar perfumes don’t follow the rules, so neither should you. You can layer two scents if you want to experiment with the evolution on your skin. Layering also works with the rollerballs, which you’ll see come with every perfume mentioned. Use these tips to layer multiple fragrances or to use the rollerball with the scent:

  1. Apply your perfume to a pulse point like behind the ears, over the heart, on your wrists, or against your neck. Gently tap your wrists together or tap against the perfume with a finger. Don’t rub it in, or it won’t last as long. Your heartbeat will make it last longer, much like the beat of California keeps you moving.
  2. Choose your Skylar scent by matching your mood to the notes and accords you wish to exude in your wake. Maybe you want a combination of ocean and sweetness. You can combine Salt Air with Vanilla Sky.
  3. Choose one scent as your anchor. Saltiness can promote sweetness, so spray your wrists with Salt Air as your anchor perfume. Only add a single or double spritz of the complementary scent over it.
  4. To layer with a rollerball, always use the rollerball first. Never roll over the sprayed scent as it might pick it up. Roll elsewhere on your body, or roll onto your pulse before spraying once or twice.
  5. Whichever layering you use, always spray the perfume you want to be the most prominent last. The anchor perfume will enhance it, but let the sweetness of vanilla lay over the saltiness.

Skylar Reminder

Skylar uses recyclable bottles, so remember to dispose of the bottle correctly. Remove the rollerball and cap to trash them. Recycle the glass bottle and the packaging that’s made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Paper. Cat’s ambitions are clean all-around, including encouraging people to keep the coast clean.

Should Skylar perfumes or the magic of the West Coast region not entice you, some natural alternatives will help keep your skin under control and away from the hellfire that is allergies.

Maison Louis Marie

bis de balincourt

Maison Louis Marie is a French perfumer who also manufactures clean, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic fragrances. No. 4 from the range is a woody, earthy perfume oil you can use on your skin. It smells like earth after a refreshing downpour, and you can almost imagine the wet sandalwood and soil.

Pour Le Monde Envision

Pour Le Monde Envision

Pour Le Monde Envision is another clean and organic alternative that comes in FSC packaging for recycling purposes. It’s an exotic, sensual gourmand fragrance from France. It’s vegan and cruelty-free, and it makes a powerful statement if you want something more potent.

Leila Lou

Leila Lou

Leila Lou by Rosy Jane is another alternative to consider. It has no parabens or phthalates, and it’s cruelty-free and vegan for a clean fragrance. It’s inspired by the scents of spring, encumbering notes of pear and freshly cut grass. Additionally, it’s made in California if you want West Coast without Skylar fragrances.

Invaluable Secrets for Sensitive Skin

I have such sensitive skin that I have to layer multiple products before spraying perfume, but I use regular brand perfumes as long as I follow a golden rule if I’m in a rush. The rule is that you shouldn’t apply it directly to your skin if you’re allergic or have skin sensitivities.

Perfume wearers oppose the mist cloud strategy, but it can work for people like us. Spray a cloud of mist, count to three, and then walk through it, so it latches onto your clothes. Avoid spraying directly on your skin or clothes. The three-second rule also allows the fragrance to evolve in the air before it touches you.

Some products I use to protect my skin from regular perfume brands include:

Bonus Tip: The reason many organic perfumers use EDP is that people with sensitive skin may react to alcohol, so sticking to perfumes with EDP or higher perfume oil concentrations can prevent the never-ending reactions.

I use natural and clean perfume every other day, but I also learned to use the big brands on my skin. Funny story, I’m so allergic to everything that even petroleum jelly gets a reaction. Chapstick is a nightmare for me in summer. With time, you learn what works and what doesn’t. My favorite brands I manage with my tricks are:

Don’t go ape. Always test a perfume first, using the cloud and three-second rule. Keep your skin protected with natural products. The last secret I can share is that you can always use hair perfume to avoid too much contact with your skin. Don’t spray too much hair perfume, but it’s another trick to smell fantastic with allergies.


Question: Is Skylar Truly an Organic, Clean Perfume Brand?

Answer: CEO Cat Chen dedicates her perfume range to people like her daughter, who react to most other perfumes. The Skylar brand promises to be free of parabens, toxins, chemicals, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, and synthetic ingredients. It’s also a hypoallergenic brand that’s safe to use while being vegan and cruelty-free.

Question: Are Skylar Perfumes Sold in Sephora Stores?

Answer: Skylar perfume is readily available on the official website, which includes free shipping and returns. However, Sephora began the accelerated clean fragrance program in 2018, and they have Skylar perfume stocked in over 200 U.S. and 15 Canadian stores now. You can also buy it from Sephora online.

Question: Does Skylar Perfume Last Long on Your Skin?

Answer: Thanks to Skylar’s EDP perfumes, which are high oil concentrations, they last longer than EDT, which has a higher alcohol content and may cause skin irritations. Skylar perfumes last around eight to ten hours on your skin. Best of all is the sillage isn’t overwhelming, making them incredible signature fragrances.

Skylar Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts

Skylar perfumes began as an idea to help women and men smell like delicate coastal vibes without suffering the itch and rash that matches a third-degree sunburn. The brand offers organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic perfumes to suit every skin type and lifestyle, especially if you love the West Coast.

Having sensitive skin myself, I’ve tried all of Skylar’s perfumes, and the scents are something from another world. Well, the world of Hollywood, Los Angeles beaches, forests, and canyons. I love layering my Skylar perfume, but I’d have to say Vanilla Sky is my ultimate favorite from the brand.

If you’re tired of relying on your natural body odor to mask the expected sweat of a day’s hard work, or you want to stop itching and scratching after spraying perfume, you need to try one of Skylar’s perfumes now. In the least, try her Discovery Set before choosing your favorites.

For more gorgeous perfumes:


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