Tommy Girl Perfume Guide

Tommy Girl Perfume Guide: All About This Floral Millennial Perfume

In this Tommy Girl Perfume review, I’ll tell you why this perfume is still a Christmas present favorite since its 1996 release, and how it was celebrated for its famous ‘tea floral’ scent. From being marketed as the scent of the ‘all-American girl, to emerging as a classic scent for anyone – this perfume still comes out when the sun shines and life begins to blossom. 

Tommy Girl Quick-Fire Review

Tommy Girl Perfume Guide

  • Longevity: Three to five hours 
  • Best season to wear: Spring and summer 
  • Scent type: Light, flowery with citrus tones
  • Age recommendation: 13+
  • Best worn: Day, casual, dressed up
  • Price: Affordable
  • Top notes: Camellia Flowers, Apple Blossoms, Blackcurrant, and Mandarin. 
  • Middle notes: Honeysuckle, Lily, Violet, Mint, Grape fruit, Citruses, and Rose.
  • Base notes: Magnolia, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Cedar, and Wild Heather.

A brief history of ‘Tommy Girl’

Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette

“Evelyn Lauder, who is the wife of Leonard Lauder of Estée Lauder and is no longer with us, she really, really helped me do that. We had created the fragrance and we were going back and forth. I was like, ‘What should we call this?’ and she said—’What do you mean? We should call it Tommy Girl!'”  

Tommy Hilger (founder of Tommy Hilfiger)

Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette perfume by Tommy Hilfiger was launched in 1996 – that’s right, this iconic perfume is 25 years old. It is now the same age as its average buyer – which is why it’s as popular as ever. This is a perfume that I have seen on the shelves of girls’ bathrooms or quickly spritzed on before a brunch.  

While this perfume is a classic, in 1996 Tommy Hilfiger was already a household brand. Tommy Hilfiger founded his luxurious brand in 1985 but only ventured into perfumes in 1995 when the company launched their first male cologne, Tommy Hilfiger, for Men, a citrusy fragrance for men. 

Tommy Hilfiger for Men became a big success, Hilfiger then launched their first female fragrance, Tommy Girl, in 1996. In the same year, Tommy Hilfiger launched their women’s clothing line and the rest is history

What made this fragrance even more exciting, is that it was created by French Perfumer Calice Becker (known for powerhouse perfume brands such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, etc). Tommy Girl launched Calice’s career and led to even more iconic fragrances over the decades (thank you Calice!). 

Haven’t heard of Tommy Hilfiger? Tommy Hilfiger is an American premium clothing brand that manufactures apparel, footwear, accessories, and fragrances.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Iconic Branding of Tommy Girl 

While Calice Becker made the smell of Tommy Girl a hit, its iconic advertisement and minimalist bottle design have kept this perfume trendy throughout the decades. 

This perfume has been a hit with women of all ages, it’s fun, youthful yet still has a classic vibe. The glass bottle is simply clear with “Tommy girl” clearly branded on the front of the bottle with the iconic red Hilfiger brand color. The box features the red, blue, and white stripes running down vertically with the name “Tommy girl” in its brand lowercase style. 

But what does it smell like?

Tommy Girl has citrus tones balanced with the sweetness of rose and magnolia.

  • The top notes for this fragrance are: Camellia Flowers, Apple Blossoms, Blackcurrant, and Mandarin. 
  • The middle notes are a mix of: Honeysuckle, Lily, Violet, Mint, Grapefruit, Citruses, and Rose.
  • The base notes are made up of the following: Magnolia, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Cedar, and Wild Heather.

No…but what does it smell like?

While that list above is long, Tommy Girl is best known for freshness, light, and floral. Something that can be used for a lunch out or Netflix date night with your partner. Something that won’t overwhelm but a smell that leaves a lingering taste. The reason why this 25-year-old perfume is still a Christmas present favorite is that it is floral and feminine, without it being overwhelmingly sweet. 

Tommy Girl represents the classic and preppy American girl spirit. Its various citrus extracts balance out its sweet tones to make a perfume that smells refreshing. This is known as citrus, white floral fragrance – it reminds its buyers of coming fresh out of the shower, clean sheets or the smell of a bouquet. 

When and where should it be worn? 

Now any perfume can be worn all year round, many fans of this perfume take it out of their shelves in springtime. Spring and summer is where this perfume comes into its own. While it could be easily overlooked on a cozy winter night, in a fresh meadow with friends is where Tommy Girl really stands out. 

Keep in mind, this perfume lasts around three to five hours – so it is handy to keep it in your handbag! 

Fragrance Performance

Tommy Girl is an Eau de Toilette not an Eau du Parfum. But what does this mean? 

Eau de Toilette means it will last between three to five hours, whereas Eau du Parfum typically lasts up to five hours and sometimes even eight. With Tommy Girl being a daytime perfume, it settles in well on the body. However, perfumes perform differently on people due to our body chemistry. If you want to test this perfume out, head over to your local department store and get a test spray and then walk around for 10-15 minutes and see how Tommy Girl develops on you.  

How does Tommy Girl compare to the other Tommy Hilfiger perfumes?

tommy hilfiger the girl perfume

Following on from this hit perfume, The Girl Eau de Toilette was introduced in 2006 as the new “It” girl of the 2000s. This perfume can be used in Autumn too however only lasts three hours in longevity. The bottle has a very similar style to Tommy Girl but has a red anchor included. With a sweet but woody scent, it can be used year-round.

Pear Blossom Eau de Parfum was launched in 2012 and delivers a feminine scent of tonka bean, cinnamon, and artemisia. This simple bottle has a dark blue, lime and white bow on it with a simple Hilfiger on the bottle. While this lasts five hours, Pear Blossom lacks the classic branding that Tommy Girl has and less sweet tones.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud Eau de Toilette is a stark change to Tommy Girl, with a modern, playful and bright fragrance with tones of rose and patchouli. Loud is the go-to summer fragrance in a bright pink bottle with Loud clearly labeled across the bottle. This is a change from Hilger’s usual branding but offers a summer smell that leaves an impact.

While these perfumes have all been hits with avid Hilfiger fans, Tommy Girl still managed to represent today’s modern woman while giving a natural feel and representing Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy style of America. 

Still not convinced?

Tommy Girl has even been critiqued by famous perfume critic Luca Turin. In his bestseller which he co-wrote with his wife (and avid perfume collector), Tania Sanchez, Perfumes, the A-Z guide gives Tommy Girl an honorable mention. He called the perfume “tea floral” and gave it 5 stars. 

Tea Floral? Yes, Turin complimented the fragrance use of tea leaves (I guessed green tea!) in its signature smell. If Turin hasn’t convinced you yet, Tommy Girl gives a whiff of nostalgia to its wearers, it was the perfume on everyone’s shelves in the 2000s and now represents fresh innocence. 

This fragrance keeps millennials coming back for more and is still marketed to younger audiences as a classic perfume. This perfume is a best-seller once the heat picks up and can be spritzed on for any occasion. 


Is the Tommy Girl Perfume long lasting? 

Yes, I do believe this perfume is long lasting! I would say it’s a lighter fragrance, so don’t expect the scent to be a heavy hitter as you’re wearing it all day long. But, when people get close to me I get compliments on the way I smell!

Is the Tommy Girl Perfume for women?

Yes, the Tommy Girl fragrance was made for women!

Is the Tommy Girl Perfume nice?

When I think about a fragrance I want to smell flirtatious with, I always wear this perfume! It’s young, fun, and flirty.

Tommy Girl Perfume Guide: Final Thoughts 

This fun, flirty fragrance is bound to leave a lasting impression on those around you. Handy for when you’ve got a fun day out with the girls or when the sun starts to shine – Tommy Girl has been around long enough to be a staple perfume that its buyers keep coming back to. Smelling sweet but enough kick to leave a refreshing aura around you – Tommy Girl still has it. 

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