Taylor Swift Perfume Guide

Taylor Swift Perfume Guide: Best Fragrances Ranked

Taylor Swift joined the perfume game in the early 2010s and made a big impact.

With the clever branding of using her music to link with these fragrances, fans were eager to buy her perfumes. In this Taylor Swift Perfume Guide, I will be going through all of Swift’s perfumes and deciding which one is the best and which performed the least.

Now I will say first off that Swift has unfortunately discontinued most of her perfume ranges.

Discontinued? Yes, now before you feel heartbroken (I am a bit!) there are still many ways to grab these iconic perfumes; through second-hand sellers such as eBay, or fragrance sites still offering her unboxed perfumes.

However, you will struggle to find her perfumes on seller sites such as Amazon. But strangely Swift’s perfume pencil is still easy to buy. Let’s time-hop back to 2011, shall we? 

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume

Taylor Swift Perfume Guide

“I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.” Enchanted, Speak Now Album (2010) – Taylor Swift 

Now Wonderstruck has such a special place in my heart, I specifically remember ordering it for my prom night (back when I was 16!) and was so excited to get it. My mum drove me to the post office to pick it up and I wore it all summer. To put it plainly, I was ‘wonderstruck’ by this perfume. 

Wonderstruck was the first perfume Swift released back in 2011. It was named after the lyrics of her song ‘Enchanted’ off Swift’s sophomore Speak Now album. Swift describes being ‘wonderstruck’ after meeting someone she liked. It describes the feeling of first love, first meetings, and excitement. 

The nose behind this signature scent was Oliver Gillotin, who created famous scents like Beyoncé’s Midnight Heat (2012), 5th Avenue Gold by Elizabeth Arden (2010), and the cologne Polo Red Extreme (2017). 

Wonderstruck – a Quick-fire review

  • Longevity: 3 hours  
  • Best season to wear: Summer and Winter 
  • Scent type: Feminine combination of berries, flowers and blissful vanilla 
  • Best worn: Anytime during the day
  • Price: The price varies, 100ml can go up to £60.00 (Direct Cosmetics
  • Top Notes: Raspberry, Dewberry, Green Tea, Fressia, Apple Blossom
  • Heart Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Sun Drenched Honeysuckle, and White Hibiscus
  • Base Notes: Golden Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Peach

Wonderstruck | Amazon
$364.99 ($107.35 / Fl Oz)

A charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet of soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence.

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What Wonderstruck Perfume Does it Look Like?

This perfume is beautifully presented, which is why it is such a fan favorite. Inspired by Swift’s Speak Now image of fairy tales, innocence, and imagination, Wonderstruck’s bottle is covered in a deep purple with its name in Swift’s Speak Now era font on the front.

What makes this bottle stand out is its gold lid, with detailed etchings on it, making it elegant and luxurious. A charm is attached to her perfume lid with a star, a bird, and a cage – telling us a story and whisking us off into Swift’s fairytale. 

How Was it Advertised?

I remember when the advert for her first perfume came out. Swift used the song ‘Enchanted’ throughout and teased fans of a possible music video (sadly this did not come out).  Starting off with red-lipped Swift (her signature lipstick at the time) looking into a plain mirror, Swift spritzes on the perfume and walks into a fairytale-like land.

Her clothes change into an elegant puffy gown, which was similar to the one she used to wear during her Speak Now tour set when she performed Enchanted. At the end of the advert, Taylor Swift describes the perfume as “the beginning of something magical.” 

The Scent – “Beginning Of Something Magical”

Wonderstruck packs a punch of tones into one bottle. This Taylor Swift fragrance opens with sweet and floral tones of raspberry and apple blossom and the scent then deepens into sweet vanilla and honeysuckle (dreamy!). Wonderstruck then leaves a musky scent of peach, sandalwood, and amber. 

Wonderstruck has such a sweet hit to it that it’s perfect to wear during the day in the summer while out with friends or dressed to the occasion on cold winter nights. But it can be worn all year round due to its sweet but musky scent. 

Sadly the longevity of this perfume isn’t great – with it lasting around 3 hours, it will need to be used frequently. However, at the time the price was low enough to not upset fans of the product and remained a favorite. 

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume

wonderstruck enchanted

“I was enchanted to meet you.” Enchanted, Speak Now Album (2010) – Taylor Swift 

By 2012, Swift’s first perfume Wonderstruck had been a huge success. Swift worked alongside Elizabeth Arden Company to create this sister perfume.

Elizabeth Arden is a major American cosmetics company and this collaboration clearly showed Swift’s commitment to creating her second perfume. So what did Swift have to say about Wonderstruck Enchanted?

“Wonderstruck Enchanted” is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance. Wonderstruck is about that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone, but then there’s that feeling of being completely enamored — enchanted — when you know a little more about that someone and still feel that strong connection,” Taylor Swift 

Swift’s next chapter to her fragrance had perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan (the mastermind behind many Calvin Klein perfumes) and Loc Dong (Calvin Klein, Mariah Carey & Yves Saint Lauren perfumes) create this luxurious but fruity scent. 

Wonderstruck Enchanted – a Quick-Fire Review

  • Longevity: 3 hours  
  • Best season to wear: Autumn or Winter 
  • Scent type: A sweet vibrant fruit scent that then settles into a vanilla and berry fragrance
  • Best worn: Fancy lunches, dinners, or nights out
  • Price: The price varies but is cheaper than Wonderstruck, 100ml can go up to £50 (Direct Cosmetics
  • Top Notes: Luscious Wild Berries, Passionfruit, and Poppy 
  • Heart Notes: Sugar Notes, Peony, Champaca, and Freesia
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Woody Notes, and White Musk

Wonderstruck Enchanted | Amazon
$199.99 ($117.64 / Fl Oz)

An irresistible blend of luscious wild berries and sugar-glazed petals are wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature.

Buy at Amazon
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11/28/2023 02:23 pm GMT

What Does it Look Like?

Presented in the same oval-shaped glitter bottle, Wonderstruck Enchanted instead is covered in a deep red color (a link to Swift’s love story for red lipsticks perhaps?).

The bottle once again has a gold lid, with detailed etchings and cute charms attached to it. This time the charms include a bird, a flower, a leaf, and a sparkling crystal. 

How Was it Advertised?

Swift released more ‘chapters’ of her new fragrance in short 30 second adverts. Chapter 3 introduces Wonderstruck Enchanted with Swift still in her stunning gown, passing a mysterious man and giving a look of romance and excitement.

As Swift said, Wonderstruck Enchanted was the next chapter to Wonderstruck, and describes the perfume as feeling an instant connection with someone and feeling “enchanted.”

The Scent – is it Enchanting?

This perfume has a sweeter, fruitier scent compared to Wonderstruck. With its top notes being wild berries, passionfruit, and a hint of poppy, this really hits you once you put it on.

Due to the perfume being packed with berries, it is best worn in the Autumn and Winter for really special occasions (date night!). This exotically sweet fragrance settles into vanilla and musky tones. I’d say it hits the spot of being an enchanting perfume, ready to be worn on a first date.

Again, a fallback of this fragrance is its 3 hours of longevity – so keep it close by. Wonderstruck Enchanted is a magical fragrance and a top contender in Swift’s lines of fragrances. 

Taylor Perfume by Taylor Swift

tatlor by taylor swift

Now by 2013 Swift had a complete image change and music genre change too. Her pop album Red came out in October 2012 and showed that Swift was ready to leave her country roots behind.

With hit songs like “I knew you were trouble” and “22” reaching number one in the charts, Swift’s gamble paid off as fans loved her new pop image. 

Taylor’s new perfume was released in 2013 and took a new direction from her Wonderstruck perfumes. While Wonderstruck was inspired by fairytales, Taylor came from Swift’s new style and was more personal to Swift’s image at the time. 

Taylor by Taylor Swift – a Quick-Fire Review

  • Longevity: 5 hours 
  • Best season to wear: Spring or summer 
  • Scent type: A sweet blend of fruits and feminine floral notes 
  • Best worn: Daytime, errands, relaxed evenings
  • Price: Varies and hard to find as it is discontinued (maximum £150!) However, you can buy her perfume pencil for a very cheap price (£4.01 Amazon
  • Top Notes: Litchi, Tangerine, and Magnolia Petals
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Peony and Hortensia 
  • Base Notes: Apricot, Sandalwood, Cashmere, Musk and Woody Notes. 

What Does it Look Like?

Fairytale bottles no more! Taylor is presented in an elegant, clear bottle. The lid has a colorful pattern of swirls and a set of pearls around the neck with a lid shaped like a diamond.

This simple but elegant design really resonated with Swift’s street fashion at the time of its release. Swift loved 1920s fashion and elegant looks. As a reviewer, I am sad to see how little this perfume resonates with her 2012 album, Red. However, Taylor shows Swift changing from country bumpkin to elegant pop superstar. 

How Was it Advertised?

“From me to you, my new fragrance, Taylor.” Taylor Swift’s 2013 Advert for Taylor by Taylor Swift 

In her favorite polaroid filter, Swift looks magical in her perfume advert for Taylor. Using the song, “Starlight” from her Red album, Swift is smiling and hanging out with friends.

Taylor is shown a few times while her friends snap pictures of Swift using a polaroid camera. Swift continues this polaroid theme with her music video “22”, which has over 550 million views, so it’s no wonder she used a polaroid filter for this advert. 

Is This Swift’s Most Personal Fragrance Yet?

With its zesty tangerine tones, this fragrance takes a leap in the other direction to Swift’s Wonderstruck perfumes. Its bold fruity notes stand out while tones of apricot and sandalwood settle over time.

This elegant perfume hits the mark for Swift’s more mature audience. It is best suited for spring and summertime due to its fruity fragrance with vanilla orchid playing a dominant role in the fragrance.

However it can be worn whenever you want and its longevity is up to five hours – a huge improvement from Swift’s older perfumes. This is a versatile fragrance but remains youthful with its retro bottle design and sweet tones of berries and apricot. 

Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight Perfume

Taylor by Taylor Swift - Made of Starlight

2014 was a big year for Swift, with her pop album 1989 ready to be released, Swift managed to get not one but two perfumes released. In early 2014, Swift released Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight – sound familiar? 

This is a new edition to Swift’s earlier perfume, Taylor by Taylor Swift. Adding the phrase “Made of Starlight” excited fans of her Red album as one of the songs is called “Starlight”. 

Presented in a beautiful music box that actually plays the song “Starlight” – this perfume has a fruity blend of apricot and passionfruit. 

Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight – a Quick-Fire Review

  • Longevity: 6 hours
  • Best season to wear: Spring or summer
  • Scent type: A fruity blend of citrus fruit and woody notes that settle smoothly
  • Best worn: During the day, special occasions in the evening
  • Price: Cheapest and easier to buy (£18.99 on Direct Cosmetics
  • Top Notes: Apricot, Passionfruit, and Mandarin Leaf
  • Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Honeysuckle, and Osmanthus
  • Base Notes: Peach, Musk, and Woody Notes

Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight | Amazon

Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight by Taylor Swift is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight was launched in 2014. Top notes are Apricot, Passionfruit and Mandarin Leaf; middle notes are Orange Blossom, Honeysuckle and Osmanthus; base notes are Peach, Musk and Woodsy Notes.

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What Does it Look Like?

What made this perfume stand out is the musical box that it was presented in. As you open the box it plays the song “Starlight” – a fan favorite from the album Red.

In a warm pink/purple-colored box and retro shapes outlined on the box, Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight edition has close similarities to her original Taylor fragrance. The bottle is clear and elegant and the top of the bottle has the same 1920s retro design as her Taylor perfume.

However, it is more simple (no pearls in sight!) and has the same artistic swirls on the lid as it does on the box. With its diamond-shaped lid – this looks fabulous. 

How Was it Advertised?

Again, Swift uses her favorite polaroid filter in the advert. Immediately labeling this perfume as “Part Two”, it is clear that Made of Starlight is Taylor’s sister perfume (similar to Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted.)

With the song “Starlight” played throughout the advert, Swift is outside in the summer with friends using her perfume. As the lyrics “dancing, like we’re made of starlight” plays, Swift is dancing with friends, lighting up sparklers in the evening. 

Does it Smell of Starlight?

While the presentation of this perfume is fantastic, the actual scent is a letdown and my least favorite of Swift’s perfumes. This could be due to personal preference as I am not a big apricot fan but I found the tone of apricot way too overpowering and I lost the other tones in the process.

Its longevity of 6 hours keeps this citrus perfume in place and the tones of apricot, passionfruit, and peach make this perfume work best in the spring or summertime. If you’re an apricot fan then this one is for you. 

Taylor Swift Incredible Things Perfume

incredible things taylor swift

“I can show you incredible things.” Blank Space from 1989 Album (2014) – Taylor Swift 

Swift’s 1989 pop album is one of Swift’s most successful albums, with multiple grammy’s under her belt from this powerhouse album, it made Swift an established superstar.  The tune ‘Blank Space’ was on every radio and naturally Swift used the term “incredible things” as the title for her next 2014 perfume release (smart move!).

This is one of my favorite Swift perfumes and is definitely one to buy if you can. With tones of pink berry, grapefruit, and vanilla orchid, its sweet scent has long longevity and is one to keep. 

Incredible Things – a Quick-Fire Review

  • Longevity: 6 hours
  • Best season to wear: All year round
  • Scent type: Intense sweet notes with a suede/vanilla fragrance that settles nicely
  • Best worn: Daytime, brunch, casual evenings
  • Price: Varies and hard to find (£49.00 on Storkz
  • Top Notes: Pink Pepper and Grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Suede, Passion Flower and Vanilla Orchid
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Musk and Amber

Taylor Swift Incredible Things | Amazon

Taylor Swift Incredible Things is an intriguing fragrance that is fresh, feminine, modern and unforgettable.

Buy at Amazon Buy at FragranceNet
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11/29/2023 02:29 am GMT

What Does it Look Like?

In a tall, white bottle, Incredible Things is presented in a beautiful watercolor design on the bottle, with Swift’s headshot as a portrait on the bottle. A gold cap finishes the perfume off elegantly. 

How Was it Advertised?

“The fragrance represents life…” Swift describes her perfume in her behind-the-scenes video of the advert for Incredible Things. Swift then describes her older fragrances as representing “love” whereas this perfume is bold and represents life. In the advert, Swift is dressed casually with a watercolored hand-painted on her, which represents the perfume bottle design. 

Now Incredible Things lacked in marketing and is one of Swift’s lesser-known perfumes. With limited advertising and the bottle not relating to Swift’s image at the time, it is easily forgotten. Swift’s next perfume, Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight was released in the same year and took center stage due to its musical box and link to Taylor by Taylor Swift

But Does it Smell Good?

This is a girly but soft fragrance with tones of pink pepper, grapefruit, vanilla orchid (Swift’s favorite), and musk. The vanilla tones are an excellent mix with pink pepper and grapefruit, equalling a delicious scent. While you can immediately sense its floral tones, its creamy woody scent settles in perfectly. 

This perfume can be suitable to wear throughout the day or evening, whether you are getting dressed up or keeping things casual. Incredible Things also has incredible value, with up to 6 hours of longevity.  I would really recommend trying to get your hands on this perfume as it will stick by you all day long. This is one of my favorite perfumes due to its floral but not too overpowering scent and its excellent projection. 

Taylor Swift Perfume Alternatives to Consider


Want a perfume that isn’t discontinued but is similar to Swift’s perfumes? 

  • Wonderstruck – Try Dolce & Gabanna Pour Femme for similar raspberry tones and tones of marshmallow and vanilla – a sweet delight! 
  • Enchanted Wonderstruck – Try Fantasy by Britney Spears. Another celebrity fragrance that has tones of kiwi, orchid and cupcake. 
  • Taylor by Taylor Swift – Try Burberry Woman by Burberry. This simple but charming fragrance has tones of lush peach, apricot and sandalwood – a close comparison to Taylor
  • Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight – Try Estee Lauder’s Cinnabar if you want a powerful fragrance of rich amber notes. 
  • Incredible Things – Try Elixr by Shakira for tones of white pepper, peony and musk. 


Question: Which Taylor Swift Perfume Should I Buy?

Answer: The easiest perfume to buy is Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight (and the cheapest!) or Taylor by Taylor Swift if you want it as a perfume pencil instead.
As these are discontinued it is hard to find the others for a decent price, but have a look at second-hand sites like eBay. My personal favorites are Wonderstruck and Incredible Things but both are hard to find. 

Question: Which Taylor Swift Perfume Smells the Best?

Answer: Now this is subjective. Both Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted are fan favourites due to their alluring, fruity scents. However, if you are an apricot fan then Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight should be your go-to perfume. 
Personally, I would pick Incredible Things like the best smell due to it being such a versatile fragrance with tones of pink pepper, vanilla, and suede. 

Question: What are all of Taylor Swift’s Perfumes?

• Wonderstruck 2011
• Wonderstruck Enchanted 2012
• Taylor by Taylor Swift 2013
• Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight 2014
• Incredible Things 2014

Question: Does Taylor Swift Still Make Perfume?

Answer: Sadly not! Incredible Things was Swift’s last perfume in 2014. 

Final Thoughts on Taylor Swift Perfume

Swift was leading the perfume market in the early 2010s with scents of apricot, luscious wild berries, and vanilla orchid. Fans have been left disappointed trying to find her perfumes to buy.Some retail sites are still selling her older perfumes but it can come at a cost for fans. Swift paved the way for the collectible celebrity perfume sphere, something that popstar’s like Ariana Grande use for their perfumes (hello collectible bottles?).

If you can get your hands on a Swift perfume don’t let it go! Her scents are delicious and really stand out with her favorite tone of vanilla orchid staying throughout her perfume ranges. 

If you can, try and buy Incredible Things and Wonderstruck for their gorgeous scents and beautiful bottles and if you’re not an apricot fan then stay well clear of Taylor by Taylor Swift and Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight.

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