Pacifica Perfume Guide

Pacifica Perfume Guide: Which Is The Perfect Scent For You?

If you’ve been keeping up with the clean beauty scene lately, then no doubt you have at least seen or heard of the Pacifica brand. If not, I’m going to give you a look at all that this wonderful brand has to offer as far as perfumes all in this Pacifica perfume guide.

The Brand

Pacifica is a brand that prides itself on offering clean, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products across the entire spectrum of beauty. Along with their many fragrances, they offer makeup, skincare, haircare, and bath & body products.

Each of these is formulated to bring the best in raw, clean ingredients for your skin, hair, and nails. The perfumes are no different. Let’s take a look at all the yummy perfumes Pacifica has to offer! 

How To Find the Right Scent 

Of course, the best way to find your perfect Pacifica scent match is by sampling and wearing them on your skin to see how the scents mingle with your natural body chemistry.

It is always super fun to go on a scent-chasing mission to find your favorite scent, but it can be time-consuming – after all, there are only so many places on your skin that you can test perfume and without letting it settle for a few hours, you won’t have any idea of the true wear of the perfume. 

Pacifica also offers a super handy scent finder quiz for their Natural Origins line on their website. The great thing about Pacifica perfume is that its fragrances are simple – if you know what you like, it is easy to choose the perfect scent simply based on the notes. Some may even surprise you! 

Check out the following guide to find your Pacifica scent soulmate.

Pacifica Perfume Collections

One thing Pacifica doesn’t skimp on is variety. Even in their other beauty products, there is plenty to choose from, and the perfumes are no different. Pacifica offers three collections of unique perfumes to choose from.

Moon Moods

Moon Moods is the newest collection offered by Pacifica. They are all dreamy scents with moody top notes inspired by the phases of the moon. 

Dream Moon

Pacifica Perfume Guide

The Dream Moon scent is a dreamy fantasy of a perfume elevated by pink rose floral notes and yet grounded with velvety sandalwood and earthy patchouli. This perfume brings to mind the vividness of dreams during the full moon.

Flower Moon

Inspired by the Full Flower Moon in May, this euphoric blend of jasmine, peach, and vanilla pulls you into a sultry, delicious haze and the culmination of your most sensuous fantasies. 

Cherry Moon

Looking for love? You may find it when wearing this tart yet sweet, syrupy, and beguiling Cherry Moon scent. Inspired by the Pink New Moon, which takes place in April, this is a perfect spring scent for new beginnings. 

Blue Moon

Inspired by the clarity bringing, illuminating, and rare Blue Moon, this unisex fragrance features notes of water, lavender, and currant. This is a bold, graceful blend of clean, woody, and fruity notes. 

Silver Moon

Full-bodied and bold, the playful silver moon features a voluptuous, creamy top note of vanilla that persists while being grounded by warm spice and almond scents weaving within and through. Feel a shift in your own power as you trail this complex scent behind you. 

Natural Origins

The Natural Origins collection is a high-vibrational mix of natural fragrances made with 100% raw ingredients. These fragrances are simple yet profound, featuring only a few notes guaranteed to transcend you through space and time.


Creamy vanilla vibes with ash and ozonic notes bring to mind a starry night sky. This is for you if you love vanilla united with a warm, resinous body.

High Vibrations

White jasmine explodes over a base of syrupy, woody sandalwood and smoky vetiver. These high vibrations will surely bring a positive spin to your day, whether you live in the city or deep in the woods. 

Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit is for anyone who resonates with warm and woodsy yet bright scents. Grounded by myrrh and a hint of dusty, crushed rose dust and elevated by the bright pine and lemon scents of palo santo, this fragrance is a love note in a bottle. 

Tomboy Vibes

This scent is perfect for those who enjoy a complex earthy scent. No powdery florals here; Tomboy Vibes is rooted in the complex scents of orange and cannabis flower. This is one scent that will keep your feet firmly on the ground, despite the psychedelic properties of its base note. 

Sage Me

If you like herbaceous and smoky, then Sage Me is the scent for you, calling to mind a warm summer day on the vast sagebrush steppes, woven through with distant smoke and juniper berries. You don’t even need your hiking shoes! 

Hardcore Happy 

Coconut, tuberose, and vanilla join in a happy union to create a scent that is sure to lift your mood no matter what. This scent is for fans of vanilla elevated by florals.

Clean Heritage

The foundation of Pacifica’s scents, the Clean Heritage collection, features delicious fragrances inspired by ingredients from various locations around the world. These perfumes are all made in micro-batches with natural and essential oils and feature intricately layered yet straightforward scents to wear for every occasion.

Tuscan Blood Orange

For fans of orange, juicy, spicy blood, orange mingles with mandarin and Italian sweet orange and is offset by strawberry and raspberry notes. This blend will surely make you smell good enough to eat! 

Tahitian Gardenia

Reminiscent of jasmine, tea leaves, and sweet orange, with a light gardenia scent that lasts all day. This heady scent is vintage-inspired and sure to call to mind a relaxing day on these luscious, lovely islands. 

Persian Rose 

Perhaps one of the most straightforward of all scents, Persian rose is simply that – a delicious fragrance of pure rose. The essence of the symbol of love and beauty is sure to draw love to you when you wear it. 

Island Vanilla 

This fragrance is inspired by the Tahitian islands, where the best vanilla in the world is sourced. This is a fruity and floral aroma that is anchored by the purest bourbon vanilla scent and will whisk you away on a luscious adventure without having to leave the country. 

Indian Coconut Nectar

For those who enjoy trips to the beach, coconut water, vanilla, and vetiver blend together for a scent that is ambrosial and exotic. Let yourself dream of summer days with this heady scent. 

Himalayan Patchouli 

Inspired by the Festival of Colors in Nepal, this colorful explosion of scents includes grapefruit, sugar, and geranium notes – all balanced by earthy and seductive white patchouli. Sweeter than some patchouli fragrances, this scent is sure to be a hit for those who enjoy the smell of patchouli elevated by fruit and sugar. 

Hawaiian Ruby Guava 

For those who love tropical and fruity scents, comes this luscious blend of sweet, juicy guava and pomelo, nestled in a bed of subtle coconut. Reminiscent of time spent in the South Pacific and much cheaper than a full Hawaiian vacation!

French Lilac

This fresh, lilac-forward floral is heavily reminiscent of traditional perfumes made by the best perfumers in the world – the French! 

Moon Ray Bloom 

Inspired by night-blooming moonflowers, this is a warm floral topped with bright citrus that will transport you to the stratosphere with its high vibrational goodness. 

Top Picks

So, now we’ve gone through all of the fragrances that Pacifica has to offer. Although each scent has something to recommend it, and all are delicious and yummy in their own right, of course, I have a few top contenders.

My criteria for perfume is a bit ephemeral – while I am generally a fan of earthy scents and stay away from lighter florals, I always let my nose guide me and don’t judge a perfume until I’ve sniffed it. What I look for outside of notes is the longevity of wear, strength, and how it interacts with my skin chemistry. Of course, this is all subjective, so be sure to use your discernment as well when choosing a Pacifica fragrance. 

Moon Ray Bloom

I am not generally a fan of pure florals, but something about Moon Ray Bloom was unlike any floral I have smelled before. Perhaps it is the citrus note that elevates it and the fact that these are warm florals rather than the lighter, fresher floral scents. I was captivated and am definitely going to add this to my collection.

Flower Moon

I was entranced by the scent of the Flower Moon perfume and could not stop smelling it. It almost smells good enough to eat! I would recommend this for anyone who wants to smell delicious in a literal sense. While it is characterized by flowers, I found this to smell more fruity, like a delicious dessert. 

Himalayan Patchouli

I must admit that I knew I was going to like Himalayan Patchouli before I even tested it. Patchouli is my all-time favorite scent, and it is used to amazing effect here. If you shy away from patchouli because it tends to smell like a metaphysical store, I suggest you give this a try. The patchouli is rather subtle and a perfect underscore to the lighter berry and geranium notes. This is also going into my personal collection. 

Tomboy Vibes

This smelled reminiscent of a body wash I have by Pacifica that is now sadly discontinued that had this same scent profile of orange and cannabis flower. Not for the faint of heart – this is a VERY earthy scent. It reminds me of handmade soap you would buy from a barefoot hippie woman at a farmer’s market. If you are liable to have your head in the clouds, this scent will surely bring you back down to earth. I love it! 

My Favorite

Silver Moon While each of my top picks will have their place in my perfume rotation, the one I was most surprised and delighted by was Silver Moon. None of the notes are on my normal list of favorites, and yet the blend of vanilla, almond, and spice married so beautifully with my skin.

The top notes of spice dry down to a delicious vanilla scent while still weaving in and out of notice hours later. I found the almond note to be very light and almost undetectable – shyly peeking out here and there to add its warmth. This scent is sweet, but not too sweet, and warm, but not too warm. 

Where Can You Buy Pacifica Perfumes?

I know these descriptions have made you eager to go out and try these perfumes for yourself. Luckily, Pacifica perfumes are very accessible. I found all of these scents available for test and purchase at my local Target. They are also to be found at Ulta Beauty stores. As for online, they, of course, can be purchased directly through the website and are also available on Amazon.

Pacifica Packaging 

One of the best things about the Pacifica brand is its use of fully recyclable packaging. All perfumes come in a pretty glass bottle that you can recycle (just be sure to remove the top!) to give it another life. 

Price Point

In line with their amazing accessibility, the price point on all of these Pacifica perfumes is quite affordable compared to other luxury perfume brands. They are as follows:

  • 1oz Spray Bottles – $22
  • 6.9 oz Hair and Body Mist – $12 for Clean Heritage scents, $14 for Natural Origins
  • .33 oz Roll-On Perfume – $12

As you can see, Pacifica Perfume is affordable at any price point, and when you find your signature Pacifica scent, you’ll be able to repurchase many times without breaking the bank.


If you’re a fan of clean beauty and simple fragrances and want to try out an indie perfume brand, Skylar Clean Beauty is a comparable brand to Pacifica. They have many delicious and simple scents to choose from and follow a similar ethos to Pacifica as far as sustainability, clean ingredients, and commitment to being vegan and cruelty-free.

If you are looking for an indie brand that is similar to Pacifica in ethos as well as price point, check out Good Chemistry and their clean, personality-driven fragrances.

The Impact of Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is a growing trend in the fragrance market today. While many of the scents we are familiar with were developed through the use of animal products like musk, civet, and castoreum, technology has advanced so that we no longer need to be reliant on these animals to produce the same scents.

By choosing cruelty-free and vegan fragrance – and indeed, all beauty – products, you are not engaging in animal agriculture, an industry that is responsible for one of the largest carbon footprints on the planet, which is harmful not only to the animals but also to us humans, in the long run.

Choosing vegan, cruelty-free beauty products is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and send a message to the beauty industry as a whole that sustainable practices are what we as consumers consider when making purchases.


Question: Who is Pacifica perfume for? 

Answer: Pacifica perfume is for anyone from perfume connoisseurs to those new to the world of scents. All of the scents are simple enough to be recognizable to those who aren’t well-versed in perfumery while complex enough to appeal to scent snobs as well. Pacifica is also for those who want to be sure that their perfume is made from clean, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients by a company that is committed to sustainability. 

Question: How long does Pacifica perfume last? 

Answer: Like all perfumes, Pacifica perfumes’ longevity depends on ingredients and your personal skin chemistry. All of the samples I tried on my skin were still going strong after many hours. According to reviews on the website, some of the scents don’t last for very long. Again, it depends on the scent!

Question: Are any of Pacifica perfumes unisex? 

Answer: While only Blue Moon is specifically marketed as a unisex fragrance, I think that Tomboy Vibes would also work for any gender due to its strong earthiness. Silver Moon, while vanillic, also has notes of spice that would work on any gender as well. 

Pacifica Perfume Guide: In Conclusion

Pacifica perfumes are perfect for anybody new to the world of scents, as well as those who are long-time perfume mavens. With scent profiles ranging from light and flowery to woody and earthy, you are sure to find the perfect scent for you among any of their three collections. Which one are you most excited to try?

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