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Riddle Perfume Guide: Are These Scented Oils Good Perfume Alternatives & Should You Buy Them?

Today I want to tackle a different kind of perfume-related topic. So instead of reviewing a traditional perfume, I’ve chosen to talk about oil-based roll-on fragrances in this Riddle perfume guide. This is a relatively new brand of luxury skincare products and scented oils. The company helps its clients find their signature scent.

The following Riddle oil-based scents are supposed to help you to allow your life to unfold and let go of the things you dragged along the way. It connects you with your spiritual self through your dharma which means “calling.”

poppy riddle

Bottom Line Up Front!

I was intrigued and skeptical when I first heard about these unusual and unconventional perfumes. However, if you prefer applying essential oils on your skin and would use a roll-on perfume instead of a spray alternative, these scents should be great for you. I’m using essential oils made with pure ingredients to tackle specific issues.

The Riddle scented oils are slightly different from the traditional ones I use on my skin, such as lavender and citrus oil. The products I’m reviewing today are made solely as perfume alternatives. I couldn’t decide on only one single choice since I fell in love with three of the Riddle oils. Here they are, listed from the most to the least favorite scent:

  • Muse – my absolute favorite one due to its floral and coconut notes. I love sweet perfumes, and Muse is one of them;
  • Poppy – this is my second favorite Riddle oil due to its citrus notes. It’s refreshing and gives me a cheerful vibe;
  • Voyeur – my third favorite Riddle scent contains vanilla, making it warm and sweet without overpowering.

A Few Words about Riddle

Riddle was founded in 2013, and it’s located in Venice Beach, California. Its founder, Chelsea Voge, wanted to market something unique and original in the form of scented oils that clients could apply directly on their skin through a roll-on type of container. The company’s primary focus is to help people feel better in their skin and become more confident while wearing their signature fragrance.

There are only seven available scents, but each features its own notes and personality. Some of these roll-on perfumes are suitable for everyday wear, being more subtle. Others are great for special occasions, having a more playful and sensual sillage. Instead of being overwhelming, Riddle perfumes are pleasant and inviting discreetly.

The most popular Riddle products are roll-on, oil-based perfumes. But the company also sells oils, spray lotions for the whole body, and scented candles. When they created these signature scents, they focused primarily on intuition and emotions rather than memory.

Riddle Perfume Guide – The 7 Available Scents

Riddle Oil - High Quality Perfume Oils + Skin Care
Image source: Riddle’s official website

Here are the seven Riddle scents you can choose from. Or why not? You could try all of them.


original riddle fragrance

The Original Riddle fragrance is clean and subtle. It contains amber and musk as its primary notes. It’s long-lasting, and it smells fantastic. They say you’ll be forever hooked once you smell the Original scent. It smelled like freshly-washed skin to me. They say it features subtle pheromone hints.


santal riddle

For those who love spicy perfumes with woody notes, Santal is an excellent choice, with its cardamom and sandalwood notes. It’s also formulated with casis, amber, and orchids. I found this scented oil in two available sizes: small (eight ml.) and large (20 ml.). Santal is aromatic and earthy with a sensual vibe.


muse riddle oil

This is my favorite Riddle scented oil due to its floral and sweet fragrance. I love its coconut, magnolia, and peony notes. Muse is also made with sandalwood, bergamot, and amber. It’s a fruity scent with a fantastic smell. Still, it could be a bit too sweet for some people.


poppy riddle oil

Another wonderful Riddle fragrance is Poppy which will enchant you with its floral and citrus notes. The formula consists of Ylang-Ylang, orange blossom, rose, and lemon. It has a bright and fresh fragrance. I applied it just the other day, and my wrists smelled terrific the entire day.

One thing I liked less was the after-scent. After several hours, Poppy features slight hints of a laundry detergent smell. But that could be part of how the oil reacted with my skin, in a chemical sense. My cousin also used it, and she told me that Poppy was too strong for her, at least at first.


ex riddle oil

Deep and green, the Ex Riddle perfume has cardamom, violet, musk, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and moss as its scented notes. It’s a combination of floral and woody notes. Moreover, I liked its earthy and sophisticated fragrance that lasted for hours on my skin.


sphinx riddle oil

Sphinx is woody yet light and contains a blend of two fragrances: sandalwood and Egyptian musk. You might think this scent is powerful, but it’s soft and pleasant. I couldn’t feel the smell of this scented oil when I first tried it. So, I kept it in one of my desk’s drawers, away from direct sunlight. It eventually turned out fine, and I was able to use it.


voyeur riddle oil

Voyeur is my third favorite Riddle perfume due to its vanilla note. It’s soft and warm. This scented oil also has woody notes such as sandalwood and amber. This Riddle oil should do the trick if you like sweet and powdery perfumes as much as I do. It features a delicious and remarkable fragrance that won’t remain unnoticed. It’s subtle yet sensual.

Packaging & Subscription

All Riddle scented oils come in two bottle sizes:

  • Small containers of eight ml.;
  • Larger containers of 20 ml. 

These containers look basic and simple, with specific branding elements like the Riddle question mark logo and the scent’s name. They have black bottle lids, while the rest of the container is transparent. The oil is colorless except for the Ex fragrance, which has yellow hues.

The small bottles cost $50, while the large ones are $95 a piece. These price tags are applicable for one-time clients. However, if you subscribe, you’ll get either a 5% or 10% discount, based on the length of your subscription.


  • Although most of Riddle’s clients are women, some of these scents seem gender-neutral to me, like Sphinx;
  • Riddle scents are long-lasting and versatile;
  • Most of them have great fragrances;
  • The Riddle oils are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic;
  • All Riddle products are manufactured in the US;
  • These are vegan formulas.


  • The Riddle-scented oils are costly, especially for one-time buyers;
  • Sometimes, you can’t feel the smell right from the start. If that occurs, you should keep the oil somewhere dark and dry to help the oil molecules regain their freshness. Also, avoid keeping the bottles in hot places because the oil could become rancid;
  • These oils could feel greasy on your skin, and not all people are fans of that sensation;
  • Sometimes, the bottle leaks, which is annoying.

Other Riddle Products

Besides scented oils, Riddle sells other items, such as spray lotions, body oils, and candles.

original milky spray lotion
Image source: Riddle’s official site

Body lotions are milky spray lotions, and the collection contains seven items that bear the same names as the scented oils; these seven names can be found in all Riddle collections. Riddle body lotions are formulated with moisturizing ingredients, including organic Aloe Vera leaf juice, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and glycerin.

original boujee body oil
Image source: Riddle’s official website

Body oils are included in the Boujee sub-brand, and they’re highly nourishing, being made with high-quality ingredients such as safflower oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, and sunflower oil. They are delivered in glass containers with pumps. Apply this oil on your body, but avoid the face area.

scented candle
Image source: Pinterest

Riddle’s Light My Fire candles can be an excellent gift for yourself or someone dear to you. Each candle comes in a durable glass container that features minimal design elements. The outside of the vessel is painted in a matte white finish. Riddle-scented candles last long and burn slowly due to their low melting point. They’re clean and only contain a few safe ingredients like soybean wax, coconut oil, and fragrance oil.

Main Alternatives to Riddle Perfumes

The following perfumes reminded me of some of the Riddle fragrances listed above. But I’ve also included another type of unconventional perfume.

Other Oil-Based Perfumes

Here are some other popular scented oil brands.

Kalpana NYC Essential Oils

kalpana nyc essential oils

Kalpana sells essential and chakra oils and other products, such as fake masks, herbal tinctures, candles, diffusers, and other skincare items. This aromatherapy brand is smaller than Riddle but offers pure essential oils that are less expensive than Riddle fragrances. In addition, unlike Riddle, Kalpana offers free return policies to all its clients.

Kalpana oils are multi-purpose. By comparison, they also have therapeutic purposes, while Riddle markets scented oils that can replace a classic perfume.

Plant Therapy

plant therapy

Another clean brand that sells multi-purpose oils is Plant Therapy. It markets organic and pure oils, face serums, and more. My favorite blend (because I always opt for brands rather than pure oils with one single ingredient) is Citrus Burst. It helps me when I’m down by making me feel more joyful. I also like how affordable these oils are.

doTERRA Oils

Our Story | doTERRA Essential Oils

Now we’re getting somewhere. I’m such a huge fan of doTerra essential oils. I’ve been using them for a while now and am increasingly obsessed with them. Right now, I’m using Cheer to improve my mood, Adaptive to make me adapt easier to whatever life throws at me, and Zengest for my tummy.

They’re super expensive, but I can’t help myself, and I always end up buying some more. My friend, who introduced me to doTerra world, uses single oils and mixes them as she pleases. But I’m pretty lazy, and I always purchase the proprietary roll-on blends. You can also order the doTerra kit with small samples of the newest products launched by the brand.

Besides essential oils, the company also produces hair care items, skincare products, health and nutrition supplements, diffusers, accessories, and even wellness programs. What’s not to love, am I right?!

Solid Perfumes

When I first heard about solid perfumes, I was a bit skeptical, not knowing what to think of them. But, after quick research and a few tests and trials, here are my top favorite solid perfumes on the market. They could be a wonderful alternative to Riddle’s oil-based perfumes.

Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone

jo malone solid perfume

This Jo Malone solid perfume features enchanting honey, citrus, peach, and spring flower notes. It comes in a small, portable container, so you can take it with you when you’re on the go. The succulent and refreshing floral and citrus notes melt into the acacia honey infusion. I bet I would love it since I’m a sucker for sweet, floral, and powdery perfumes.

I enjoy this perfume’s light texture and the way it makes my skin feel smoother where I apply it. You can customize it by adding other fresher or warmer perfume layers, whichever matches your preference.

L’Interdit Solid Perfume by Givenchy

linterdit solid perfume by givenchy

OMG, I never knew that L’Interdit also comes in a solid form till now. I will put it on my wishlist since I’m a brand fan. Moreover, after a purchase, I received a tiny sample of the L’Interdit liquid perfume from Sephora, and I have been hooked ever since. I like the lipstick shape of the container, which makes the application so easy.

The scent is to die for, featuring orange blossom, jasmine, ginger, tuberose, and patchouli notes.

Pleasures Lollipop Perfume by Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder Lollipop Compact Perfume Womens Perfume -Diptyque online Store estee lauder lollipop compact perfume 17435925 36363029 1000

This Estee Lauder solid perfume is expensive but has stellar reviews. The packaging is limited edition and simply stunning. It really hit the mark with me since I have a huge sweet tooth. The main notes of this perfume are jasmine, lilies, baie rose, and white peonies. Lauder created this scent a long time ago, in 1995.


Answer: The brand’s bestseller is the Original scent which has a musky base and amber resin notes. It’s subtle, and the company markets it as a second layer of skin, only better and fresher.

Question: Are Riddle Perfumes Safe?

Answer: Yes, they are. In fact, Riddle products, including their fragranced oils, are hypoallergenic, vegan, and free of any toxic ingredients.

Question: How Long-Lasting Are the Riddle Oils?

Answer: Their base is made of oil, meaning these perfume alternatives are less volatile and more long-lasting than your regular perfume. Due to their reaction on your skin and their blending power, Riddle oils have boosted longevity, and can last for hours, if not for the entire day.

Final Notes

I’m so glad I decided to offer you today’s review since it opened a whole new world for me in terms of perfume variety and its wonderful forms. Riddle oils smell great, and they last long on your skin. I like to apply them on my wrists and my neck, right under my ears. Still, oil-based perfumes aren’t better or worse than regular liquid fragrances. They’re just different, and because of their oil content, these scents are long-lasting and less volatile.

My top three favorite Riddle scents are Muse, Poppy, and Voyeur. The first one is sweet and has coconut notes. The second choice is refreshing due to its citrus content, while the last scent gives me a sense of warmth and coziness due to its vanilla notes.

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