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Best Valentino Perfumes Guide: Italian Luxury Revealed

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Rome, Italy, is one of my bucket-list locations, and I’ll get there soon enough. Meanwhile, I can enjoy the luxurious smells I found while writing the best Valentino perfumes guide. My senses took a journey into Rome, and I’m here to share my findings. I don’t play games with perfumes and colognes.

Instead, I’m a serious “snob,” to be straightforward. So, I break each perfume down to the core, hoping to find its best elements. The notes, accords, and personalities can reveal a realm of luxurious opportunities for a couture brand from Italy. So, would you like to see how elegant each Valentino perfume smells?

Revealing Valentino’s Ultimate Perfume for Elegance

Valentino perfumes are a couture brand, meaning they fit unique women who want to smell as luxurious as their nature’s desire. Therefore, the Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy EDP is the best scent from the couture brand. It contains many notes I love, including sweet and tropical sensual adventures.

However, the perfume takes you on a journey across continents, and my dream is to travel the world. I firmly believe well-traveled women have a sense of elegance about them. I’d love to see Brazil, India, and Texas, so why shouldn’t I venture the journey through my senses? Valentino perfumes can take you to unknown luxury.

I have a few more favorites. So, check them out before learning more about the couture brand.


More of the Best Valentino Perfumes at a Glance

  1. Valentino Born in Roma EDP
  2. Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy EDP
  3. Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream EDP
  4. Valentino Donna EDP
  5. Valentino Donna Rosa Verda EDT
  6. Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence EDP
  7. Valentino Valentina EDP
  8. Valentino Valentina Aqua Floreale EDT
  9. Valentino Valentina Blush EDP
  10. Valentino Valentina Pink EDP
  11. Valentino Valentina Poudre EDP
  12. Valentino Voce Viva EDP
  13. Valentino Voce Viva Intensa EDP
  14. Very Valentino by Valentino EDP

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Valentino Perfumes

Wearing luxury isn’t as straightforward as you may think. There’s a process to smelling like a Roman goddess, and it starts by knowing how some key ingredients emphasize the right personality. I’ll share a few beautiful notes and how they relate to different women, and I’ll show you how I picked a variety of Valentino scents.

Valentino, the Master of Luxury

Forget about France regarding luxury. Italy is the heart of where Valentino perfumes originate. Creator and founder Valentino Garavani birthed a fashion range that led to the evolution of fragrances with the help of a creative designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli. As a result, the Valentino couture brand embraced the world with elegance.

The designers focused on fashion that changed how people see themselves with individual designs and unusual outfits, eventually moving to fragrances that changed how people feel about themselves. It all began in Rome, Italy. So, let’s take a trip down the elegant lane of a beautiful city with a life unlike others.

I love Piccioli’s creative direction. The man intends to make every woman feel like she stepped into a universe of everything beautiful and glamorous. The Atelier of Couture brand enables women to embrace every detail of luxury and their inner excellence through aromas that wrap them in fashionable notes.

Luxury Tips for Valentino Perfumes

Piccioli has more creative incentives than most perfume designers. He touches every element of luxury with insanely particular notes and ingredients. Before breaking into the scene with a beautiful Valentino perfume, know how each unusual note relates to specific types of women. Here’s a peek at the top ingredients:

  • African orange flower has an elegant touch with unexpected twists and a hint of cheekiness
  • Agarwood (Oud) has a luxurious scent with influential and successful touches
  • Bourbon vanilla is a classy ingredient with soft, humble, caring, and successful characteristics
  • Bulgarian rose absolute is a grand note with gracefully sweet accents and a gorgeous nature
  • Crystal moss is a uniquely classy scent with leadership and mentorship qualities
  • Damask rose absolute is an exquisite note that emphasizes luxury and class
  • Golden gardenia extract is a glamorous, hopeful, and pure form of luxury
  • Indian jasmine essence is a beautifully exotic form of elegance with decisive and determined roots
  • Italian primofiore lemon is an expensive ingredient with touches of grace, beauty, and pride
  • May rose notes have the luxury that covers a deeply hidden beast
  • Paraguay petitgrain is an ingredient with classically wholesome elegance
  • Praline notes hide a beautiful appeal under a shimmering state of luxury
  • Truffle ingredients offer a robust and determined pursuit of luxury in the most unusual places
  • Vanilla absolute is similar to bourbon vanilla with success, pride, and humble qualities

How do the notes relate to you? Quite simply, the notes appeal to different personalities. Luxury wears various faces and characteristics. Pick a perfume with the right notes to engage with the type of luxury you wish to embrace. I added a few key notes to help you find your elegant excellence from each Valentino scent.

Selecting the Best Valentino Perfumes

Valentino launched countless couture perfumes to date, but I’ll stick to the longer-lasting EDT and EDP variants you can still find. In addition, the brand discontinued many fragrances, so there’s no point in getting your luxurious hopes up with unavailable scents.

Finally, I’ll add variety to ensure every type of woman can wear her excellence.

Best Valentino Perfumes Guide: Every Touch of Elegance

How luxurious do you want to feel? I can’t get enough of my favorite elegant brand from Rome, and I’m here to share the secrets within each perfume. Valentino’s perfumes are something from another realm. Each has a crucial ingredient I’ll highlight for reference with the personality match. So, let’s dive into things.

Valentino Born in Roma EDP

Valentino Born in Roma EDP

How I wish I were born in Roma. Still, this perfume utilizes a beautiful ingredient that makes you feel like a Roman goddess. Bourbon vanilla strikes the ideal balance of luxury and well-deserved success to prevent elegance from falling into too much pride. The smell is unusual and leaves a lasting impression on you.

Valentino Born in Roma Facts

  • Descending Notes: Italian bergamot, pink pepper, black currant, jasmine, jasmine tea, jasmine sambac, bourbon vanilla, Guaiac wood, and cashmere wood
  • Evolving Accords: Vanilla, woody, soft spicy, fruity, white floral, powdery, floral, green, musky, and sweet
  • Sillage and Longevity: Strong for around 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: A professional woman with a humble and soft nature

Valentino Born in Roma Pros

  • Valentino Born in Roma perfume starts with gorgeous sweet woods that quickly turn spicy and fruity before you get a powdery, feminine element and ends with a traditional feminine finale
  • The scent is a classic touch of elegance that smells gorgeous on mature women with a humble personality and well-deserved pride

Valentino Born in Roma Cons

  • Getting used to the spicy touches between the modern florals and sweet notes takes time

Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy EDP

Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy EDP

The next perfume makes me think of a woman traveling the world because it contains beautiful ingredients from various continents. Your senses will travel from Brazil to India and back to Texas on one fragrant day. The sensual travel also reminds me of a luxury lifestyle because who can afford to travel so much today?

Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Facts

  • Descending Notes: Brazilian orange, kiwi, musk mallow, rose, Indian jasmine, Texas cedarwood, and white musk
  • Evolving Accords: Fruity, musky, citrus, floral, rose, sweet, tropical, powdery, fresh, and white floral
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 6 to 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: An exotic woman who feels proud of herself

Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Pros

  • Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy perfume strikes you with fruity and musky notes before drying into a beautiful floral and tropical heart and ending with a powdery, feminine touch
  • The scent unravels a mysterious element in the notes, and it smells like a tropical paradise with an elegant kiss from the sun

Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Cons

  • The fragrance won’t smell excellent on shy, soft-spoken women afraid of their excellence

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream EDP

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream EDP

There’s nothing more impressive than a perfume brand that turns three ingredients into a journey through the most classy realm on earth. So naturally, the exotic lemon note undoubtedly represents a lady who wants her dreams to come true. The name isn’t the most elegant part of the scent, but the smell works perfectly.

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream Facts

  • Descending Notes: Italian primofiore lemon, Damask rose, and white musk
  • Evolving Accords: Citrus, musky, rose, aromatic, powdery, and floral
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 6 to 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: A dreamer who wants everything gorgeous and elegant

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream Pros

  • Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream perfume starts with a refreshingly exotic twist of musk and rose notes before it turns aromatic and powdery with a floral finale
  • I imagine a dreamer wearing this scent to showcase her passionate pursuit of everything beautiful and luxurious, and dreaming leads to the manifestation

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream Cons

  • The citrus burst is potent at first, but the dry-down will quickly balance the fragrance

Valentino Donna EDP

Valentino Donna EDP

Donna is what the Italians call a lady, and a lady exudes confident elegance through everyday living. However, she remains graceful without falling into pride and undeserved success. Valentino Donna perfume makes me think of an Italian lady with everything going her way and earned every bit of success and luxury.

Valentino Donna Facts

  • Descending Notes: Italian bergamot, Bulgarian rose absolute, iris, patchouli, vanilla absolute, and leather
  • Evolving Accords: Rose, iris, vanilla, powdery, earthy, leather, patchouli, violet, woody, and floral
  • Sillage and Longevity: Strong for around 8 to 10 hours
  • Luxury Type: A graceful, successful, and intelligent lady

Valentino Donna Pros

  • Valentino Donna perfume begins with gorgeous floral notes intertwined with powdery vanilla before an earthy and robust heart opens, and it becomes a floral, woody finale
  • There’s nothing more beautiful than grace and intelligence, and this luxurious scent exudes everything you need when you deserve success

Valentino Donna Cons

  • The solid woody and leather feels can become masculine if the powdery element doesn’t evolve well

Valentino Donna Rosa Verda EDT

Valentino Donna Rose Verde for Women Eau De Toilette Spray, 4.2 Ounce

Rosa Verda means green rose, and lending an unusual note to Italian-style donnas exudes a strong sense of elegance. However, the petitgrain makes this perfume stand out from others. The ingredient comes from Paraguay, and the couture brand undoubtedly turned it into a luxury note.

Valentino Donna Rosa Verda Facts

  • Descending Notes: Sparkling Italian lemon, ginger, Paraguay petitgrain, osmanthus, rose, magnolia, musk mallow, mate, and Akigalawood
  • Evolving Accords: Aromatic, citrus, floral, rose, fresh spicy, warm spicy, woody, green, and fresh
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 4 hours
  • Luxury Type: Wholehearted women with elegant touches

Valentino Donna Rosa Verda Pros

  • Valentino Donna Rosa Verda perfume strikes you with intense aromatics and refreshing florals before the heart becomes spicier and warmer, and it ends with a refreshing finale
  • Petitgrain is a beautifully wholesome ingredient that fits naturally elegant women with a wholesome attitude, and it smells gorgeous on mature ladies

Valentino Donna Rosa Verda Cons

  • The saddest part of this fragrance is the short-lived smell because you can’t wear it to work

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence EDP

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray

Oud is a magnificently luxurious perfume ingredient, albeit it’s not my cup of tea. The olfactory scents blended into this fragrance can feel masculine, perfectly fitting elegant women with a powerful mindset. I love being more feminine and less masculine. However, the perfume works for ladies with relentless prowess.

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence Facts

  • Descending Notes: Saffron, myrtle, leather, sandalwood, cedarwood, and agarwood (oud)
  • Evolving Accords: Oud, woody, leather, warm spicy, aromatic, fresh spicy, animalistic, powdery, metallic, and herbal
  • Sillage and Longevity: Strong for around 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: Powerful and successful women

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence Pros

  • Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence perfume smashes your senses with intense woody notes and oud elements before turning into a leather heart with aromatic touches, ending in a beast-like finale
  • The intensity of this scent is above my luxury intentions, but it works beautifully for a tigress in the workplace, someone who wants to own her success

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence Cons

  • A powerfully masculine scent doesn’t always define luxury for an elegant woman

Valentino Valentina EDP

Valentino Valentina EDP

Valentina is a beautiful, alluring lady with a touch of class in Italy. It’s a passionate essence with a perfume to match. I love many of the ingredients in this scent, but I’m not the truffle elegance type of woman. I always think of the pigs who sniff them out, albeit they’re a luxury food source and perfume ingredient.

Valentino Valentina Facts

  • Descending Notes: Sparkling Italian bergamot, truffle, jasmine tea, strawberry, tuberose, African orange flower, Virginia cedarwood, amber, and vanilla
  • Evolving Accords: Fruity, white floral, sweet, earthy, animalistic, vanilla, tuberose, powdery, citrus, and amber
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: Women firmly determined to show luxury

Valentino Valentina Pros

  • Valentino Valentina perfume gorgeously strikes you with florals and fruity sweetness before the heart opens with an earthy, beast-like essence, and it comes to a refreshing and powdery final
  • This scent is the pinnacle perfume for women who want to exude luxury in an unusual sillage, and it works for ladies with a passionate desire and unkindled elegance

Valentino Valentina Cons

  • Truffle creates an unusual dry-down that doesn’t work for every woman, luxurious or not

Valentino Valentina Aqua Floreale EDT

Valentina Acqua Floreale by Valentino for Women 2.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

The aquatic and floral Valentina works better for me. It feels classically elegant with touches of feminine prowess that won’t overwhelm the senses. I love that it hides a slightly cheeky nature with African orange flowers, which also smells a little exotic. The smell isn’t strong for long, but it’s a beautifully feminine scent.

Valentino Valentina Aqua FlorealeFacts

  • Descending Notes: African orange flower, Italian bergamot, tuberose, neroli, mimosa, jasmine tea, amber, and patchouli
  • Evolving Accords: Citrus, white floral, floral, yellow floral, and tuberose
  • Sillage and Longevity: Intimate for around 6 hours
  • Luxury Type: Unexpected elegance with a cheeky nature

Valentino Valentina Aqua Floreale Pros

  • Valentino Valentina Aqua Floreale perfume engulfs the senses with refreshing florals that dry into varying versions of the botanical elements before turning into a rosy finale
  • The scent makes me think of a woman who doesn’t want to rub her luxury in everyone’s face, but she has a sassy desire to show it a little

Valentino Valentina Aqua Floreale Cons

  • The smell might be too weak for some women, and it doesn’t last all day

Valentino Valentina Blush EDP

Valentino Valentina Blush By Valentino for Women

I never mentioned it yet, but I love the Valentina bottles with a beautiful rose around the neck. It gives the style a touch of luxury with floral beauty. Nonetheless, Valentina Blush is a blushing fragrance that leaves everyone wondering what your secret is beneath your luxurious exterior. It has hints of mischief and sass.

Valentino Valentina Blush Facts

  • Descending Notes: Sour cherries, pink pepper, orange blossom, vanilla, and praline
  • Evolving Accords: Vanilla, sweet, cherry, nutty, white floral, and soft spicy
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: An elegant woman with a naughty secret

Valentino Valentina Blush Pros

  • Valentino Valentina Blush perfume strikes you with sweet vanilla and cherry before turning into a softer, nuttier heart and ending with a beautifully spicy floral finale
  • The twist in the heart brings the naughty nature through the elegance for a brief moment, and it makes sophisticated women seem more in touch with the world

Valentino Valentina Blush Cons

  • Not all women have a positive reaction to the twisted heart, and it could momentarily put aside the elegance

Valentino Valentina Pink EDP

Valentino Valentina Pink By Valentino For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7 oz

I always think of young and vibrant thoughts when I read about perfumes named Pink. However, there’s nothing innocent about this scent. It has a wild nature underneath the subtle and sophisticated upper notes. You’ll be surprised at the beast-like element hidden within this scent’s gorgeous elegance and silky feel.

Valentino Valentina Pink Facts

  • Descending Notes: Blackberry, musk, succulent strawberry, rose, peony, May rose, praline, amber, and cashmere wood
  • Evolving Accords: Sweet, fruity, rose, floral, amber, and musky
  • Sillage and Longevity: Strong for around 6 to 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: An elegant woman with a beast-like nature deep down

Valentino Valentina Pink Pros

  • Valentino Valentina Pink perfume starts boldly with fruity sweetness before entering a floral heart with a sudden twist that turns hot and ends with a musky beast finale
  • I imagine a sudden surprise when the perfume turns, but it doesn’t take away from the luxurious couture that works for wild women

Valentino Valentina Pink Cons

  • Innocent, sweet, and classically elegant ladies should avoid this beastly perfume

Valentino Valentina Poudre EDP

Valentino Valentina Poudre, 1.7 oz

Absolute sensual power lies within the absolute vanilla extract. It’s a gorgeous dance for the senses and feels like silk wrapping itself into your soul. I’m always impressed by scents with few dry-down accords compared to the long list of ingredients. The Valentino brand “coutured” the fragrance down to specific qualities.

Valentino Valentina Poudre Facts

  • Descending Notes: Musk mallow, powdery notes, tuberose, iris, sandalwood, Tonka bean, and vanilla absolute
  • Evolving Accords: Vanilla, powdery, iris, and woody
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 6 to 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: A successful woman proud of her achievements

Valentino Valentina Poudre Pros

  • Valentino Valentina Poudre perfume starts with slow-drying vanilla that eventually turns powdery before reaching an iris element, and it ends with balanced, feminine woody touches
  • You have to be a proud woman to wear this unexpected scent that evolves like a masterpiece, and it has zero arrogance in the luxury formula

Valentino Valentina Poudre Cons

  • Some women prefer perfumes that develop in more complicated ways

Valentino Voce Viva EDP

Valentino Voce Viva EDP

Valentino doesn’t merely use beautiful floral notes. The couture brand loves digging deeper for the golden nuggets among the gardenia flowers, pun intended. The scent contains various key ingredients for luxury wear. Still, I’m focused on how the gorgeous golden gardenia reveals a new personality in elegance.

Valentino Voce Viva Facts

  • Descending Notes: Sparkling Italian bergamot, Mandarin orange, ginger, orange blossom, golden gardenia, sandalwood, oakmoss, white musk, and vanilla absolute
  • Evolving Accords: Vanilla, citrus, sweet, white floral, warm spicy, powdery, musky, woody, and aromatic
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 6 hours
  • Luxury Type: A pure luxury woman with high hopes

Valentino Voce Viva Pros

  • Valentino Voce Viva smells alive with intense citruses and vanilla absolute before turning sweet and floral with a touch of aromatics in the heart, and it ends with a beautiful aromatic finale
  • I define this scent as the ideal smell for a woman of pure luxury, one who doesn’t fear showing her exceptional dreams and hopes

Valentino Voce Viva Cons

  • The perfume is an extreme form of confidence, which doesn’t work for shy or soft-spoken ladies

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa EDP

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa EDP

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa is the wildest perfume in the range, and it uses an unexpected note: crystal moss. Oakmoss isn’t the most fabulous perfume ingredient. Instead, it typically enhances the upper notes, but crystal moss is entirely different. It has a unique twist that feels luxurious more than oakmoss ever could.

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa Facts

  • Descending Notes: Sparkling Italian bergamot, Mandarin orange, jasmine sambac, orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, and crystal moss
  • Evolving Accords: Citrus, white floral, vanilla, sweet, mossy, and earthy
  • Sillage and Longevity: Strong for around 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: A successful and elegant mentor

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa Pros

  • Valentino Voce Viva Intensa perfume breaks the senses with solid citruses that blend into florals and a sweet vanilla element before turning sweeter, and it ends with an indescribable mossy finale
  • This scent works for elegant women who lead because the crystal moss is a potent tool, and it exudes success and envy from those around you

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa Cons

  • The smell can be extreme for the first hour or so, and the mossy finale doesn’t suit everyone

Very Valentino by Valentino EDP

very valentino

Very Valentino by Valentino is one of the oldest perfumes you can find from the luxury couture brand. It’s a 1999 release with a beautiful Damask rose heart, perfectly fitting boldly elegant ladies with excellence as their primary desire. The scent is more intense as an evolution, but the sillage isn’t too overwhelming.

Very Valentino by Valentino Facts

  • Descending Notes: Sparkling Italian bergamot, Mandarin orange, Italian primofiore lemon, orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, tarragon, violet, jasmine absolute, rosemary, Damask rose, white musk, vanilla absolute, amber, and sandalwood
  • Evolving Accords: Floral, powdery, white floral, woody, citrus, violet, aromatic, fresh, musky, and fresh spicy
  • Sillage and Longevity: Medium for around 6 to 8 hours
  • Luxury Type: A woman who confidently wears her luxury and excellence

Very Valentino by Valentino Pros

  • Very Valentino by Valentino perfume blows you away with intense florals with warm woody undertones before the heart opens to refreshing violet with a spicy touch, and it ends with a fresh finale
  • This scent works best for women who already own their elegance and pursue their excellence in every goal, and it smells like pure confidence

Very Valentino by Valentino Cons

  • The intensity of the fragrance can overwhelm some women, and it doesn’t work for shy ladies


Question:What Notes Are in Valentino Donna Born in Roma?

Answer: Valentino Donna Born in Roma is a beautiful amber and floral blend. The notes begin with a sparkling and refreshing Italian bergamot followed by the unique Bulgarian rose absolute. The heart notes open with iris and patchouli, and the base enhances the aromas with gorgeous vanilla absolute and leather ingredients.

Question:What Does Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream Smell Like?

Answer: Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream is a dream waiting for your senses. The musky, floral scent opens with gorgeously exotic citruses and a musky touch. Next, the heart brings an elegant rose element with a touch of aromatic teasers. Finally, the powdery element ends with a kiss of floral notes as a luxury finale.

Question: What Does the Latest Valentino Perfume Smell Like?

Answer: Valentino Voce Viva is the latest perfume, and it’s a beautiful woody, musky, and floral blend. The upper notes blend beautiful vanilla accords with sweet citruses and exotic elements before the heart bursts with spicy and powdery musks. It ends with a gorgeously woody, aromatic luxury feeling on your skin and nose.

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