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Jessica Simpson Perfume Guide: Fancy Scents for Modern Women

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Whether Jessica brushes her teeth or not doesn’t impact the sensual charm of her gorgeous perfumes. Admittedly, she has some unusual and questionable fragrances. Still, I’ll show you everything you need to know in my Jessica Simpson Perfume Guide. That way, you can decide which modern fragrance is yours to keep.

I’m a sucker for every sensually charming cologne and perfume I can try on myself or my partner. The right scent can take you on a journey to a beautiful realm of sensual pleasures. I try so many, and I dig into the most bottomless well of notes and accords to ensure I would love them before trying them.

Would you like to know what I found among Jessica Simpson perfumes? If so, welcome to my sensual realm.

Jessica Simpson’s Boldest, Best, and Most Fabulous Perfume Revealed

Honestly, I believe Jessica Simpson occasionally loses sight of her scent goals. However, her fragrances tell the tale of an artist who wants every woman to feel as glamorous, fancy, and beautiful as the most famous stars. The perfume names alone tell the story, but there are excellent fragrances and some unusual ones.

My ultimate Jessica Simpson perfume is the Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever EDP because it hits every note I love. I’m a Millennial woman who loves smelling sweet and fruity more than floral and botanical. Modern smells evolved from the extreme botanicals women once wore. Add a splash of tropical notes, and you got me.

My top perfume from Jessica Simpson undoubtedly makes me feel how her fragrance names intend. It takes me on that incredible journey to a sensual realm of everything beautiful. In addition, she has ten gorgeously modern fragrances available. Look at my top picks before jumping into the Jessica scent pool.

A Glance at More of the Best Jessica Simpson Perfumes

  1. Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever EDP
  2. Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl EDP
  3. Jessica Simpson, I Fancy You EDP
  4. Jessica Simpson Fancy Love EDP
  5. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights EDP
  6. Jessica Simpson Fancy Original EDP
  7. Jessica Simpson Ten for Women EDP
  8. Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom EDP
  9. Signature by Jessica Simpson EDP
  10. Taste by Jessica Simpson EDP

Exploring the Ultimate Guide to Jessica Simpson Perfume

Jessica Simpson
Image from Fandom

Jessica Simpson has lived one of the most peculiar lives, but we know her well for the music she threw into our world. In addition, Jessica brought gorgeous fragrances to market, and I’m here to understand her intentions first. Then, I’ll give you expert tips on how to use her perfumes before sharing how I picked them.

Briefly Understanding the Somewhat Controversial Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a vigorous American singer with an edge unlike most. Sometimes, I see beyond the veil put up by the spotlight by looking deeper into the soul of an artist’s music. Jessica might have a few controversies and odd facts behind her, including the dental hygiene incident of 2010, but she’s still a bright-shining star.

I love “These Boots Are Made for Walking” more than Jessica’s other songs. Why may you ask? I love it because she sings from her core while strutting around like a woman with determination and prowess. Jessica is an American star unafraid to be herself and showcase her unique but powerful feminine spirit.

In a sense, I see Jessica’s same passion for music in her perfumes. I recommend never judging her perfumes by their covers. Jessica wants women to show their fanciest, most glamorous cores while sacrificing nothing. I’m a supporter of women strutting their inner beasts, sex appeal, and sophistication, whichever one they want.

Jessica’s perfumes allow me to be the woman I want. They allow me to charm everyone with my modern, sweet, somewhat glamorous, and feminine smells. Whether I like the unusual or sweet, modern, Jessica’s perfumes entice me to be exactly who I want to be, and no controversies or fame can change that.

As Jessica intends from her perfume fans, I’ll walk in my “scentual” boots and strut my stuff. I’ll also turn my nose away from the ones I don’t love because it’s all about authenticity.

Advice for Jessica Simpson Perfumes

Jessica Simpson
Image from Fandom

Jessica has beautiful and questionable perfumes, but it’s your choice to pick one that works for you. Perhaps you’ll love the unusual fragrances, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The first thing you do with any perfume brand is to pick a fragrance that resonates with your personality. Don’t pick a beast-like scent if you’re shy.

Next, you must learn to wear the perfume like an expert to make the most of it. I have three tips to help you achieve expert perfume wear:

  1. Always spray perfume where it matters. Avoid spraying it on your outfit. Instead, spray the scent behind your ears, on your hair, or over pulse points to magnify the smell.
  2. Don’t ruin the perfume before it dries. Rubbing scent into your skin can affect the construct of theh ingredients and the dry-down. Instead, pat the skin gently once or twice, no more.
  3. Wear perfume in the recommended weather. Don’t wear cold-weather fragrances when scorching outside because the ingredients won’t last as long as hot-weather notes.

Finally, I want to share tips about layering your products to extend the time and strength of your fragrance. I’ll share bonus products later in this article, which you can use to layer similar smells. Never layer contrasting aromas. For example, don’t put a sweet lotion under an oriental fragrance. Instead, use these tips to layer:

  1. Choose a Jessica Simpson bonus product that suits the smell of your favorite scent. Sweet, fruity, and floral work together. However, woody, citrus, and spicy work better as layering combinations. Use the dry-down accords to determine which Jessica scents smell similar.
  2. Always shower before applying lotion to your wrists if you’re layering it with EDP perfume. Let your skin dry for two minutes before applying cream, and wait two more minutes before spraying over it. Moisturized skin maintains a smell longer than dry skin.
  3. Don’t apply rollerballs, travel sprays, or body mists directly after an EDP perfume for layering techniques. Instead, allow the initial dry-down to evolve for an hour before spraying additional scents over it. An EDP lasts longer and takes longer to dry than body mists and rollerballs.

How I Pick the Diamonds in the Rough for Jessica Simpson Perfumes

I love Jessica Simpson’s perfumes because she wants every woman to feel like a glamorous goddess. Therefore, I’ll show you every Eau de Parfum she offers to ensure you have a variety of wears and personalities. I won’t consider travel sprays or rollerballs, only EDP perfumes. I’ll add the layering products as a bonus later.

Jessica Simpson Perfume Guide: Every Gorgeous Smell Revealed

Jessica’s perfumes offer a dance of modernism and unique qualities, embracing the world with unusual ingredients and notes. Perhaps the perfume ingredients also represent her sweet yet unique nature. Either way, I’m here to dive into each perfume’s structure, how it smells, and what makes it work or not.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever EDP

Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever EDP

My top Jessica Simpson perfume also comes in a bottle that makes me feel more glamorous and feminine. The diamond-studded cap looks gorgeous and would beautify your perfume holders. Pretty packaging, or fancy, is the foundation for completing a magnificent fragrance. The modern-feminine smell is merely a bonus for me.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Fruity, floral perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Fruity, vanilla, sweet, floral, musky, powdery, tropical, amber, citrus, and aromatic
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange, litchi, and apricot
  • Heart Notes: Sweet pea, blackberry, and magnolia
  • Base Notes: Tonka bean, vanilla absolute, and musk
  • Seasons: Warmer weather and daytime
  • Wake: Beautifully moderate
  • Longevity: between 6 and 8 hours
  • Wear: Romantic, vibrant, confident, and alluring

Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever Perfume Pros

  • I love scents that make me feel sexy while teasing my partner’s romantic side, and the vibrancy of tropical undertones brings a surprisingly modern twist
  • The initial smell bursts through with sweet and fruity accents before you dive into a gentle heart, quickly turned tropical and fresh by unusual notes, and the finale brings a gorgeous refreshing spiciness

Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever Perfume Cons

  • Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever won’t suit women with a shy personality, and the moderate wake could feel more intimidating for classical women

Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl EDP

Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl

Jessica’s Fancy Girl perfume kicks things down a notch and would smell incredible on Gen Z ladies. Of course, my Millennialism means I also need to balance my sweet, fruity, and tropical notes. However, the younger generation prefers warmer touches of amber and musk underneath the adventurous aromas at the top.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Fruity, floral perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Fruity, sweet, floral, powdery, fresh, vanilla, and musky
  • Top Notes: Raspberry, pear, and nectarine
  • Heart Notes: Cyclamen, freesia, and orchid
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and musk
  • Seasons: Warmer weather and daytime
  • Wake: Gorgeously moderate to powerful
  • Longevity: Between 6 and 8 hours
  • Wear: Cheeky, modern, vibrant, and adventurous

Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl Perfume Pros

  • Imagine wearing this gorgeously vibrant and adventurous perfume on a daytime excursion with friends, or it would smell fantastic on a young woman entering the workplace
  • The smell begins with an overly bold tease of sweet and fruity notes before gentle florals start balancing the elements, and the heart opens to a near-traditional smell before the scent ends with warmer musky notes

Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl Perfume Cons

  • The Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl bottle isn’t as pretty as the last one, and the initial accords can be too young for older women unless you willing to wait

Jessica Simpson, I Fancy You EDP

Jessica Simpson I Fancy You EDP

I mentioned that some Jessica Simpson perfumes were odd, to use a positive word. However, every woman prefers a different smell. Therefore, I can’t exclude one of her signature EDP fragrances because of biased preferences. I can only say I don’t love it. Although, I’ll admit that the bottle is a prettier design for women.

Jessica Simpson, I Fancy You Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Woody, musky, floral perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Fruity, white floral, green, fresh, musky, sweet, fresh spicy, citrus, and powdery
  • Top Notes: Red apple, bergamot, and pear
  • Heart Notes: Tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, and hyacinth
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood and musk
  • Seasons: Warmer weather and daytime
  • Wake: Strangely intimate before turning moderate
  • Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Wear: Beast-like, cheeky, sexy, and professional

Jessica Simpson, I Fancy You Perfume Pros

  • This perfume would smell like heaven on a woman who prides herself in work and professionalism because it has classic touches hidden beneath simple modern notes
  • The smell gently touches fruity and floral notes before drying into a heart of refreshingly traditional aromas, and the scent ends with a fresh but powdery element

Jessica Simpson, I Fancy You Perfume Cons

  • The perfume doesn’t last long enough for an EDP compared to others, and it’s best suited to fierce, professional women

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love EDP

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

Fortunately, Fancy Love falls right back into the modern smells that appeal to luxury-minded women who want touches of romance. It’s a beautifully feminine fragrance, even though it’s highly unusual. Sophistication is likely the main target of this scent, and the bottle shows a simple style for luxury women. It’s also weather-versatile.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Floral, amber perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Floral, champagne, citrus, musky, amber, fruity, aldehydic, fresh, and woody
  • Top Notes: Champagne, peach blossom, and bergamot
  • Heart Notes: Lotus, peony, rose, frangipani, and jasmine
  • Base Notes: Musk, patchouli, woodsy notes, and amber
  • Seasons: All-weather and day or night
  • Wake: Brilliantly moderate
  • Longevity: Between 6 and 8 hours
  • Wear: Unconventional, modern, romantic, and sophisticated

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Perfume Pros

  • Imagine an unconventional woman who wants a romantic teaser for the senses while she struts her sophistication with a hint of modernism
  • The top notes burst through with gorgeous champagne qualities and a refreshing floral element before the heart opens to warmer mild florals and ends with a woody finale

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Perfume Cons

  • Not all women can pull off the champagne smell, and it won’t suit shy, sweet, or classically feminine ladies

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights EDP

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson has the most off-putting bottle from her range, but the scent is beautiful for a night on the town. I’m also not into the modern twist of adding masculine notes to female fragrances, but some women love it. It undoubtedly works if you want to flaunt your independence and confidence.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Oriental, woody perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Woody, earthy, patchouli, amber, spicy, vanilla, balsamic, powdery, and mossy
  • Top Notes: Bergamot and papyrus
  • Heart Notes: Rose, jasmine, patchouli
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, oakmoss, and amber
  • Seasons: Colder weather and nighttime
  • Wake: Outrageously powerful
  • Longevity: About 8 hours
  • Wear: Modern-professional, bold, beastly, and slightly masculine

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights Perfume Pros

  • Imagine a woman strongly showcasing her ability to do anything she can imagine, and you’ll find the right impression for this perfume
  • The smell begins with an unusual woody and earthy feel for women before the dry-down takes you to the subtlest sweetness hidden in a spicy heart, and it ends with a weirdly masculine element

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights Perfume Cons

  • The wake is far too strong at first and doesn’t get much better with time, and the bottle is outright hideous

Jessica Simpson Fancy Original EDP


Fancy by Jessica Simpson touches on elegance and luxury with the bottle design. Still, it isn’t the prettiest, most modern one I’ve seen. It’s another unusual smell, which is weird because of the notes. I love caramel and almond notes, but the wrong ingredients balanced them. However, it smells good to women who prefer it.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Vanilla, amber perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Fruity, sweet, caramel, vanilla, almond, powdery, white floral, amber, fresh, and nutty
  • Top Notes: Red berries, apricot, and pear
  • Heart Notes: Almond, caramel, jasmine, and gardenia
  • Base Notes: Amber, sandalwood, and vanilla
  • Seasons: Colder weather and day or night
  • Wake: Moderate at first, but then it turns overpoweringly strong
  • Longevity: Between 6 and 8 hours
  • Wear: Cat-like, empowered, bold, and sexy

Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume Pros

  • The perfume starts with an intimate wake that deceives the senses before it becomes overpowering, which suits a professional, confident, and catty woman
  • The initial blend of caramel, almond, fruit, and pear notes come through beautifully before the heart deepens the accords with warm florals, and it ends with a nutty touch

Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume Cons

  • Some perfumes are too unconventional, and I wouldn’t wear this one because of the overly unique accords

Jessica Simpson Ten for Women EDP

Jessica Simpson Ten

Ten by Jessica Simpson takes a new form with traditional notes blended into modern smells. I love the feather around the bottleneck, which makes it feel more exotic than it smells. Exotic is the right word. The perfume is an experimental evolution of traditional notes unfolding into modern accords with the right ingredients.

Jessica Simpson Ten Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Fruity, floral perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Fruity, sweet, citrus, white floral, tropical, vanilla, floral, woody, and powdery
  • Top Notes: Starfruit, clementine, nectarine, plum, and water fruit
  • Heart Notes: Orange blossom, frangipani, Tyger lily, and jasmine
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, white chocolate, Tonka bean, driftwood, and sandalwood
  • Seasons: Warmer weather and daytime
  • Wake: Oddly intimate until it turns moderate later
  • Longevity: Between 6 and 8 hours
  • Wear: Exotic, sexy, romantic, and modern

Jessica Simpson Ten Perfume Pros

  • This perfume would make an exotic, unique, slightly romantic, and appealing woman smell like a goddess, and it evolves ideally without overwhelming anyone
  • The aroma sets off with exotically fruity notes and sweet elements before the heart brings refreshing tropicals and florals out, and it ends with a gorgeous blend of feminine woody and powdery notes

Jessica Simpson Ten Perfume Cons

  • Some perfumes can smell too modern for classic women, and this one experiments a lot with exotic notes

Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom EDP

Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

Vintage Bloom by Jessica Simpson is likely her least modern fragrance. It doesn’t experiment with unusual ingredients or exotic fruity notes. However, Jessica probably targeted the one group of ladies she didn’t with other scents. I love that she tried to be versatile for every woman. The bottle is gorgeous enough.

Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Fresh, floral perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Floral, citrus, fresh, musky, rose, powdery, fruity, woody, and aromatic
  • Top Notes: Lime and lemon
  • Heart Notes: Raspberry bloom and peony
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood and musk
  • Seasons: Warmer weather and daytime
  • Wake: Classically intimate
  • Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Wear: Romantic, innocent, sweet, and alluring

Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom Perfume Pros

  • This perfume is ideal for classically feminine women with shy natures, and it would turn heads on a romantic date or at work
  • The fragrance begins with a touch of florals freshened by citruses before the heart brings balanced powdery and fruity elements, and it ends with a slight snap of spicy woods

Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom Perfume Cons

  • The wake isn’t powerful if you want something more noticeable, and the perfume only lasts around six hours

Signature by Jessica Simpson EDP

Signature by Jessica Simpson EDP

The Signature by Jessica Simpson is a luxuriously modern perfume for everyday women. It isn’t the best scent at night but can endure different weather conditions. It’s my second favorite perfume from Jessica, and the bottle has an exotic feather wrapped around the neck. This perfume is ideal for modern sophistication.

Signature by Jessica Simpson Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Fruity, floral Gourmand perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Sweet, fruity, vanilla, chocolate, and powdery
  • Top Notes: Pomegranate, citruses, clementine, nectarine, and apricot
  • Heart Notes: Tyger lily, orange blossom, and jasmine
  • Base Notes: Tonka bean, white chocolate, sandalwood, driftwood, and vanilla
  • Seasons: All-weather and daytime
  • Wake: Perfectly balanced between intimate and moderate
  • Longevity: About 6 hours
  • Wear: Beastly, feminine, sexy, and bold

Signature by Jessica Simpson Perfume Pros

  • The Gourmand fragrance from Jessica Simpson would work for sophisticated women with a beastly and appealing nature who lack no confidence
  • The fragrance opens with beautiful fruity and sweet sensory dances before the heart reveals a gorgeous hint of luxurious chocolate, and the ending brings a solid feminine element

Signature by Jessica Simpson Perfume Cons

  • It only lasts around six hours and smells too strong on traditional, shy women

Taste by Jessica Simpson EDP

Taste by Jessica Simpson

Taste by Jessica Simpson is another excellent perfume for young women with adventurous spirits. I recommend it for Gen Z ladies who want to make not-too-bold statements about their modern feminism. I like the kiss on the bottle, but the design undoubtedly falls shy of my pretty wishes.

Taste by Jessica Simpson Perfume Facts

  • Fragrance Type: Vanilla, amber perfume
  • Drydown Accords: Sweet, coconut, vanilla, honey, chocolate, powdery, and lactonic
  • Top Notes: Apricot and white honey
  • Heart Notes: Coconut essence
  • Base Notes: Vanilla and white chocolate
  • Seasons: Hot weather and daytime
  • Wake: Beautifully intimate
  • Longevity: Sadly, about 2 to 4 hours
  • Wear: Vibrant, youthful, unusual, and feminine

Taste by Jessica Simpson Perfume Pros

  • This fragrance is beautiful for younger ladies with a soulful spirit and a kick in their step, but it won’t overwhelm anyone to take away the femininity
  • The scent gently brings gorgeous sweet and vanilla notes to the front before the heart warms into a luxurious chocolate element, and it ends with a near-classical powdery finale

Taste by Jessica Simpson Perfume Cons

  • This perfume is likely Jessica’s biggest failure regarding longevity because it must last longer as an EDP

Bonus Jessica Simpson Layering Products

My tips mentioned how you can layer your Jessica Simpson scent products to enjoy the smell longer while they wake air through the entire room. You could use multiple products, including body mists, rollerballs, travel sprays, lotions, and shower gels. Let me break down the importance of each product type.

Body Mists

Body mists are the same as deodorants, meaning they don’t last long. The deodorant-style Jessica Simpson fragrances work as on-the-go top-ups when your fragrance begins to fade. They also work fine on your clothes if you’re topping up your favorite smell. Only three body mists are available, including:


Rollerballs are another excellent way to top up your favorite Jessica Simpson scent. Fortunately, they last longer because they include the same EDP balance that stays on your skin for hours. Add a touch to your wrists when your fragrance starts fading. The only rollerballs available are:

Lotions & Gels

Before spraying perfume on your skin, lotions and shower gels are the initial layering products. A matching shower gel already allows the smell to absorb into your skin. Putting some cream on the sides of your neck and allowing it to dry first will make the scent stay longer. The available choices include:


Question: Does Jessica Simpson Really Not Brush Her Teeth?

Answer: Jessica made the mistake of commenting about her dental hygiene on Ellen Degeneres years ago. She claimed only to brush her teeth three times weekly because they’re so white. However, she confessed to following other strict dental hygiene practices, so don’t allow this rumor to ruin your idea of your perfumes.

Question: Which Jessica Simpson Perfumes Are Discontinued?

Answer: I’m not that sad about the first one because of the hideous bottle. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights perfume is discontinued, but you can still find it for now. In addition, Jessica Simpson Fancy Original perfume is sadly discontinued. Fortunately, you can still get the Fancy by Jessica Simpson for now.

Question: What Does Signature by Jessica Simpson Smell Like?

Answer: The American singer’s Signature by Jessica Simpson is a 2014 fragrance that doesn’t disappoint. It’s her only Gourmand fragrance and starts with beautifully sweet notes blended into fruity elements. Then, it dries into a gorgeously luxurious heart of chocolate and vanilla before ending with a feminine powdery touch.

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