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Sadly, Italy remains on my bucket list, but I’m hoping it might be an option for my coming honeymoon. Meanwhile, I’ll dive into Italian men’s deepest cores and gorgeous smells while writing the best Valentino cologne guide. Don’t worry, my fiancé doesn’t mind because he knows I’m a scent snob.

In addition, he would likely expect a Valentino cologne as a gift, knowing that I’ll find the one that suits his Italian-styled man the best. He loves how I source incredible perfumes and colognes for our collection. As a result, he encourages me to use any means necessary, even if that means I must transcend into the scent’s soul.

So, are you ready to embrace the Valentino cologne’s soul to find the core of how it smells and whether it works for you?

The Ultimate Valentino Cologne Upfront

Valentino colognes are undoubtedly luxurious, with unique ingredients sourced in unusual places to create unfathomable scents. These fragrances have to best suit five types of sophisticated Italian men. Indeed, they all begin with elegance, but the characteristics of each will unfold in unique ways.

But first, let me share my favorite because it captivates the essence of my fiancé. My fiancé is a hardcore biker with a gentle spirit. He’s the kindest man I’ve ever met, but he draws the line when anyone crosses his boundaries. My fiancé is a stronghold, and his sweet nature blended with the hardcore biker is unique.

However, it suits a specific type of Italian man, who would also wear Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy, my ultimate Valentino cologne. Furthermore, I have five Valentino fragrances that work best for specific men. See which ones carry the right essence briefly before learning more about the brand and details of each cologne.

Five Best Valentino Colognes at a Glance

  1. Valentino Born in Roma for Him EDT is the best cologne for young, spirited, adventurous, and down-to-earth men.
  2. Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy for Him EDT is the best cologne for more youthful, modern, ambitious, and slightly exotic men.
  3. Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dreams for Him EDT is the best cologne for sweet yet hardcore men of all ages with mysterious tendencies.
  4. Valentino Uomo For Him EDT is the best cologne for mature men in leadership roles who feel ambitious, modern, and wild.
  5. Valentino Uomo Intense for Him EDP is the best cologne for mature men with beast-like, unstoppable, successful, and undying characteristics.

A Complete Guide to the Top Valentino Colognes

Valentino Men Perfume

Valentino is another of my many favorite perfume and cologne brands. I already wrote about the perfumes because they impressed me. However, the time came to write about the colognes that make men feel like Italian gods. Elegance, sophistication, modernism, and Italian nostalgia make the brand exceptional.

A Brief Valentino Story

The Valentino fashion house is a luxury range of fashion, accessories, and beauty products, including men’s fragrances. Italian designer Valentino Garavani founded the fashion brand that superstars and legends would turn to for red-carpet moments. Valentino’s fashion lines still embrace the red carpet and see many stars.

However, another creative designer called Pierpaolo Piccioli helped him perfect the gorgeous fragrances and colognes we find today. Piccioli and Valentino desired a chic fashion brand to suit every man who wishes to smell like little Italy, with refreshing scents, spices, citruses, florals, and luxury ingredients.

Rome is a place of wonder, dreams, romance, masculinity, and a luxurious yet simple life. As a result, the colognes became a refreshing take on modern Italian men. Blend these impressive aromas in a designer cologne flacon to sit on a gorgeous perfume tray. Then, you’ve made a man feel what he desired.

Would you love to feel how your dreams unfold? In that case, dive into my tips about recognizing luxury ingredients.

Pro Tips for Smelling Like an Italian Man

There’s nothing more pivotal to smelling like an Italian than using Rome’s creative fashion minds and glorious scents to help you get there. Smelling like luxury and a Mediterranean dream starts by learning to recognize what makes Valentino colognes stand out against others. What makes them more luxurious than other brands?

Valentino loves using ingredients beyond the standard notes everyone uses. For example, they use bourbon vanilla in some perfumes instead of using vanilla absolute. As a result, the fragrances have a bolder, sophisticated smell that emphasizes Italian designers’ luxury touches and wealthy statuses.

Here are some luxury ingredients Valentino uses in colognes and how they differ:

  • Bourbon geranium is more robust than standard geranium, giving a deeper and more masculine floral element.
  • Brazilian rosewood, cedar essence, and Haitian vetiver are more intense woody elements, with warmer, more profound evolutions throughout the other ingredients.
  • Calabrian and Sicilian bergamot comes straight from the Mediterranean to enhance the refreshing touches in your scent.
  • Dark chocolate creates a sensually masculine sweetness with a bite of bitterness for men compared to other chocolate used in women’s fragrances.
  • Gingerbread is one of the most unusual ingredients in men’s colognes, but it marries spicy elements with a masculine sweetness.
  • Ginger root extract is more potent than regular ginger notes, amplifying the accords in Valentino colognes.
  • Hazelnuts and roasted coffee beans provide a depth unlike other ingredients, similar to leather, another masculine luxury note.
  • Mineral notes are more robust than ocean notes and seawater, providing a crisp freshness in your scent.
  • Myrtle is an ingredient from the Bible, an unusual luxury note in colognes.
  • Vanilla absolute provides a better sweetness for men compared to standard vanilla notes.
  • Violet leaf and iris are as masculine as lavender. Still, they have a more profound floral quality that blends well with leather, rosewood, and bourbon ingredients.

Once you recognize luxury ingredients, you should determine the characteristics better suited to your dream Italian-styled persona. For example, which type of Italian man would you love to exude? I’ll include the attributes of each cologne to help you pick one that smells like the man you dream of becoming.

How I Selected the Best Valentino Colognes

Unfortunately, there are only five exceptional Valentino colognes available in 2022. You could easily find them at Nordstrom, Sephora, or Macy’s. But sadly, they’re the only options. However, only five exist because Valentino thought there were five types of Italian men. Therefore, I’ll show you why each one is the best instead.

The top five Valentino colognes are vastly unique from each other. My criteria for each one is that it must encumber a remarkable Italian man and include some of the luxury ingredients I shared above. Finally, I’ll only share the 3.4-ounce bottles because they come in various sizes, but anything smaller will only disappoint you.

Best Valentino Cologne Guide: My Top Picks

The top five Valentino colognes each offer the best choice for a different kind of Italian man. You had a peek at my fiancé’s personality, but it’s more layered than that. So, let me share the secrets behind each Valentino fragrance that will help you match your signature cologne from a luxury brand.

#01 Valentino Born in Roma for Him EDT

Valentino Born in Roma for Him EDT

Valentino’s Born in Roma cologne is a shift toward younger men with vibrant and soulful personalities. The aquatic touches and green elements smell incredible on men who feel in harmony with the earth. The cologne has a wild evolution, feeling more adventurous than most Valentino fragrances. Even the bottle matches it.

The scent contains a dynamic nature without forgetting the sophisticated roots, bringing modernism and Italian flair to a single spray. The floral notes don’t remove any masculinity from this exceptional aroma. Instead, the lasting impression is earthy and herbal after a long journey through a mineral experience.

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Facts:

  • Cologne Type: Woody, spicy blend
  • Evolution: Woody, aromatic, mineral, ozonic, aquatic, warm spicy, salty, green, herbal, and earthy
  • Seasons: Summer, spring, and fall
  • Top Notes: Violet leaf, salt, and mineral notes
  • Middle Notes: Clary sage and ginger root extract
  • Last Notes: Vetiver and Brazilian rosewood
  • Sillage & Longevity: Moderate for about 6 hours
  • Characteristics: Vibrant, spirited, adventurous, unafraid, sophisticated, intelligent, loving, and down to earth

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Pros:

  • Valentino Men’s Born in Roma begins with deep woody notes that turn aromatic before the mineral and salty elements surface, and the finale has spicy, herbal, and earthy undertones
  • The fragrance has an element of adventure for a young Italian man who wants to smell like the Mediterranean sea on a hot summer’s day

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Cons:

  • The cologne has limits to the seasons you can enjoy it, and it doesn’t evolve well or last long in the cold

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Alternative:

The closest smell you’ll find to Valentino Born in Roma is Invictus by Paco Rabanne. Both have the same evolution touches. However, they come in different orders. For example, Invictus evolves as marine, citrus, aromatic, fresh spicy, amber, woody, salty, aquatic, and camphor. The order changes, but they smell similar.

#02 Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy for Him EDT

Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy for Him EDT

Valentino’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy cologne shifts the characteristics to a deeper element with more masculine qualities. However, it remains a refreshingly vibrant choice with some youthful attributes you won’t find in every fragrance from Valentino. In contrast, the bottle looks less masculine compared to the last one.

A younger man with modern Italian desires would wear this cologne well. It smells somewhat chic, which fits the fashion brand. However, the bourbon and tobacco leaf notes change things to make this scent feel more demanding and ambitious than the adventurous alternative. In addition, you’ll need to wear confidence.

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Facts:

  • Cologne Type: Aromatic, woody blend
  • Evolution: Aromatic, fresh spicy, warm spicy, tobacco, patchouli, sweet, fruity, woody, and citrus
  • Seasons: All seasons
  • Top Notes: Red apple, Calabrian bergamot, and cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Lavender, bourbon geranium, and clary sage
  • Last Notes: Haitian vetiver, tobacco leaf, and patchouli
  • Sillage & Longevity: Strong for up to 7 hours
  • Characteristics: Modern, optimistic, confident, chic, masculine, exotic, demanding, ambitious, and slightly oriental

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Pros:

  • Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy starts with refreshing aromatics that turn into a warm tobacco heart before coming to a sweet, fruity, and masculine woody finale
  • The fragrance has modern qualities that go beyond the norms of Italian wealth, demanding a younger man who won’t allow anything to stop him from achieving what he desires

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Cons:

  • Some men are still against fruity and sweet notes, but the brand carefully created these notes to enhance the cologne in a masculine way

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Alternative:

The closest smell to Valentino’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy is Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb Night Vision. Both colognes have sweet and fruity teasers among the masculine accords. However, Spicebomb Night Vision adds herbal undertones that slightly change the evolution. Otherwise, they smell pretty similar.

#03 Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dreams for Him EDT

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dreams for Him EDT

Valentino’s Born in Roma Yellow Dreams will make the ideal gift for my fiancé, and I already know he loves the smell. We’re not the same, and I tend to connect deeper with the soul of fragrances, allowing me to devise characters. Often, my matches are perfect when choosing one for people I know.

However, this cologne is ideally my fiancé’s sensual match. It has a mysterious element that surprises many people. My fiancé is a quiet soul with humble and conscious ways, but the beast comes out when he must protect his family. Then, people see a side they never thought possible. He becomes animalistic, in a good way.

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Yellow Dreams Facts:

  • Cologne Type: Spicy, amber blend
  • Evolution: Sweet, warm spicy, fruity, vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, fresh, tropical, powdery, and woody
  • Seasons: All seasons
  • Top Notes: Pineapple and orange blossom
  • Middle Notes: Spices, ginger root extract, and gingerbread
  • Last Notes: Cedar essence and vanilla absolute
  • Sillage & Longevity: Moderate for about 6 hours
  • Characteristics: Humble, quiet, sweet, caring, sexy, dreamy, family-orientated, and mysterious with a hidden beast

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Yellow Dreams Pros:

  • Valentino’s Born in Roma Yellow Dreams begins with sweet and spicy elements dancing with fruity vanilla before turning into a refreshing cinnamon undertone with tropical qualities, and it ends with a woody bang
  • This fragrance suits versatile ages, as long as you have the same characteristics, which feel appealing, mysterious, loving, and ultimately humble

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Yellow Dreams Cons:

  • Tropical, fruity, and sweet notes aren’t every man’s cup of tea, but they’re modern notes that work well with the Italian dream

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Yellow Dreams Alternative:

The closest smell to Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dreams is Versace Eros, Pour Homme. Both colognes share an intense exchange of fruity and sweet elements around similar accords that lead to a banging woody finale. However, Versace Eros has a greener feeling without the tropical quality.

#04 Valentino Uomo For Him EDT

Valentino Uomo For Him EDT

Valentino’s Uomo men’s colognes touch deeper on the masculine element, adding olfactory scents to enhance the core ingredients. Profound olfactory notes smell like a man with leadership qualities, someone other guys and women will look up to. However, sweet masculine teasers tame the wildness a touch to balance the scent.

In addition, the myrtle and roasted coffee bean notes unfold unusually exotic accords in the evolution, bringing the perfect balance to the unstoppable leather undertone. I also get a hint of eccentricity in this cologne, which oddly suits the leadership qualities. This cologne is a benchmark Valentino fragrance for mature men.

Valentino Men’s Uomo Facts:

  • Cologne Type: Leather fragrance
  • Evolution: Nutty, woody, warm spicy, chocolate, leather, sweet, coffee, aromatic, citrus, and fresh spicy
  • Seasons: Winter and fall
  • Top Notes: Sicilian bergamot and myrtle
  • Middle Notes: Roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, and hazelnuts
  • Last Notes: Leather and cedarwood
  • Sillage & Longevity: Moderate for about 6 hours
  • Characteristics: Ambitious, mature, contemporary, wild, sexy, gentleman, slightly mysterious, and with leadership qualities

Valentino Men’s Uomo Pros:

  • Valentino Uomo starts with intense nutty and woody exchanges before turning to a masculine sweetness with deep layers of leather accords, bringing the roasted coffee and refreshing spices to the finale
  • This fragrance is a wild journey for the senses, including olfactory and modern twists, and it smells like a feral beast until the sweet masculine elements tame the animal

Valentino Men’s Uomo Cons:

  • The Valentino cologne is intense and works best in colder weather, and it doesn’t suit young men well

Valentino Men’s Uomo Alternative:

The closest smell to Valentino’s Uomo is the 2005 Dior Homme. Both colognes share the intense leather undertone with softer, modern twists that balance them well. However, Dior Homme uses violet and iris notes combined with a cacao touch instead of coffee, dark chocolate, and hazelnuts to achieve tameness.

#05 Valentino Uomo Intense for Him EDP

Valentino Uomo Intense for Him EDP

Valentino’s Uomo Intense appears to match well with Dior Homme, more than the regular Uomo cologne. However, this scent’s violet leaf and iris don’t tame it nearly as much. Instead, the timidness gives way to a wild, unstoppable masculine fragrance that jumps ten steps ahead of other mature colognes.

It’s the type of cologne I imagine when thinking about wealthy, well-deserved Italian men who worked hard for everything they own. The evolution is wild, but it’s less complicated than the last one because the balance wasn’t a factor in this modern, animalistic masculine choice. As a result, this cologne is far bolder than others.

Valentino Men’s Uomo Intense Facts:

  • Cologne Type: Leather fragrance
  • Evolution: Iris, vanilla, powdery, leather, sweet, violet, earthy, animalistic, aromatic, and amber
  • Seasons: Winter and fall
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange and clary sage
  • Middle Notes: Tonka bean and iris
  • Last Notes: Leather and vanilla absolute
  • Sillage & Longevity: Strong for up to 8 hours
  • Characteristics: Beast-like, unstoppable, demanding, successful, wealthy, handsome, elegant, and with a touch of arrogance (the good kind)

Valentino Men’s Uomo Intense Pros:

  • Valentino Uomo Intense starts with masculine iris notes that blend into a powdery vanilla element before surprising you with intense leather and sweet touch, and the finale has a warm, animalistic quality
  • This fragrance is undoubtedly suited to men with unstoppable personalities, preferably in leadership roles at home or work, and it smells wealthy and sophisticated

Valentino Men’s Uomo Intense Cons:

  • Only mature men can pull this intense cologne off with a smile, and it doesn’t like cold weather

Valentino Men’s Uomo Intense Alternative:

The closest smell to Valentino’s Uomo Intense is the 2011 Dior Homme Intense. Both colognes deceive you with soft violet and iris notes before turning into animalistic aromas. However, Dior Homme Intense uses a fruity element to entice the beast inside you compared to the sweet touches of Valentino’s scent.


Question: Which Valentino Cologne Is the Best?

Answer: Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the best choice for every man because there are five colognes with entirely different personalities. However, the best option would be Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dreams if you’re like my fiancé. He’s a hardcore biker with a humble soul and a hidden beast to protect his loved ones.

Question: Is Valentino Men’s Uomo Intense Cologne Discontinued?

Answer: No, Valentino’s Uomo Intense for Men is still available and soaring in popularity. You can find it at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and even Walmart, not to mention Valentino’s official online store. The beast-like leather fragrance isn’t going anywhere because it’s one of the top mature luxury colognes that smell Italian.

Question: How Long Does Valentino Cologne Last?

Answer: Valentino’s colognes are luxury choices, but they come in two types of fragrances. Four Valentino colognes are Eau De Toilettes that last around six hours. One cologne is an Eay De Parfum, lasting up to eight hours. The Eau De Parfum has a higher fragrance oil concentration to stick to the skin longer.

Best Valentino Cologne Guide: Conclusion

The best Valentino cologne matches your personality to one of the top five Italian-style men created by the luxury brand. I dug deep into how each man’s personality would fit the various colognes, making each one the best choice for the right man. My fiancé undoubtedly suits Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dreams.

As a result, I would recommend it to any man with similar qualities and characteristics. Every man’s attributes are unique and outstanding. So, buy your mature leather cologne today if you’re a leader with a beastly nature. However, purchase your spicy, mineral blend Valentino cologne immediately if you’re a vibrant young man.

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