Best True Religion Perfumes

Best True Religion Perfumes: Memories for Her & Him

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You’ve come to the right place if you love super niche perfumes that target specific smells, people, and sensual experiences. The best True Religion perfumes for her and him are about finding something uniquely memorable and ultra-niche. The brand doesn’t offer variety, but they bring the senses to life in a new way.

True religions colognes for men and perfumes for women are truly remarkable. My nose led me down a path of memories from a time long gone. The aromas remind you of times and unique places other perfumes don’t. So, welcome to one of the most memorable journeys your senses will ever take.

The Ultimate True Religion Perfume for a Memorable Experience

True Religion is genuinely a unique brand from Los Angeles, and I’m profoundly impressed by their take on fragrances. Each of the top five scents for men and women has individual elements that suit specific personalities and are versatile. However, I have a favorite men’s and women’s fragrance from True Religion.

True Religion Hippie Chic for Her EDP is the ideal perfume for my Millennial passions. It suits my modern hippie-styled eccentricity to the tee. It has sweet and fruity notes that drive me wild, and that’s what I love in a fragrance. In contrast, True Religion Drifter for Him EDT is my main pick for men.

My masculine recommendation is a dance between masculine and slight touches of feminine notes that turn colognes into modern bliss. My fiancé is also a Millennial and loves the same elements as I do in fragrances. But, first, check out the top five fragrances for men and women before learning more about the brand.

More of the Best True Religion for Her Perfumes at a Glance

  1. True Religion by True Religion for Her EDP
  2. True Religion Hippie Chic for Her EDP
  3. True Religion Love Hope Denim for Her EDP

More of the Best True Religion Fragrances for Him at a Glance

  1. True Religion by True Religion for Him EDT
  2. True Religion Drifter for Him EDT

Quick Tips for Wearing True Religion Perfume

True Religion began as a denim brand in Los Angeles. The company’s theme was to help its consumers stand out by religiously being themselves, irrespective of what that meant. So, for example, True Religion tested the faith of denim wearers by changing the five-pocket denim into Super-T stitch and Buddha’s horseshoe.

The brand started something unusual by inviting fans to wear and religiously emphasize their uniqueness. The bold styles and swagger names for denim, perfume, cologne, and other accessories quickly became iconic. The foundation of loving the True Religion brand is simple. You must religiously invest in your unique self.

The perfumes and colognes have unusual names like Hippie Chic and Drifter because the scents allow wearers to absorb the unique personalities within each bottle. So, are you a hippie or a drifter? Unfortunately, the other three fragrances are harder to recognize their unusual characteristics, and that’s where I’ve come to help.

Each perfume and fragrance is a statement waiting to happen. The scents are bold, eccentric, and memorable. Hippie Chic has a classic touch of Woodstock if you can imagine what the women smelled at the music festivals. Drifter has a unique element that smells like a hot guy with beads of alluring sweat running down his face.

I’ll share the type of people who would religiously wear, own, and flaunt each fragrance. But, then, you merely have to choose your bold statement and wear it like a boss.

How to Select the Best True Religion Perfumes

The best True Religion perfume or cologne leaves you with a profound impression. The sillage or wake should be solid, and it has to last six or more hours. In addition, the aroma must twist your senses into submission, making you believe you’ve adopted the wearer’s personality.

True Religion only has five fragrances, all of which fit my criteria. Hence, I’ll share the details of each gorgeously religious scent for men and women. The five characteristics of True Religion fragrances will suit most people, and they’re far more modern than you think. However, nostalgia remains a requirement for these scents.

My Top True Religion Perfumes for Her

True Religion’s name has nothing to do with religious views. Instead, it’s about religiously wearing a scent that makes a bold statement about who you are and what you want. Let’s break down the female fragrances to understand who would wear them and what the advantages are for each.

True Religion by True Religion for Her EDP

True Religion By True Religion For Her Edp

True Religion is a women’s fragrance with a startling discovery. The bottle alone looks like a vintage-styled beauty with metallic touches and a floral insight. However, even the bottle’s shape is a bold move. It turns the vintage-modern (maybe retro) fragrance into a moment of impatience as you feel an urge to pop it open.

True Religion for Her Features:

  • Fragrance Type: Woody, Musky, Floral Eau De Parfum
  • Descending Accords: Fruity, citrus, woody, aromatic, fresh spicy, floral, green, fresh, aquatic, and sweet
  • Peak Notes: Red currant, violet leaf, Mandarin orange, green apple, and bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Amaryllis, plum, and freesia
  • Final Notes: Virginia cedarwood, amber, and Hinoki wood
  • Wake: Solid
  • Lasts: 6 to 8 hours
  • Seasons: Summer, spring, and daytime wear

Who Would Wear This Perfume?

True Religion by True Religion is a sensual tease of vintage versus modern aromas with a cheeky touch. It would suit women who love the classic touches of feminine qualities rising among the modern luscious bites. It’s a crossover for traditional women moving into modern times, and it has a solid eccentric quality beneath it all.

True Religion for Her Pros:

  • The smell begins with a subtle dance between fruity and citrus notes before the woody, and aromatic elements twist it into a vintage aroma, and the heart dries into a refreshing scent with a sweet, modern finale
  • I love how True Religion uses unique notes like Hinoki wood, amaryllis, and violet leaf to enhance the vintage-modern twist, and the soft sweetness at the end turns it into a contemporary fragrance
  • The perfume lasts long on your skin but not on your clothes, and the wake is a solid resonance that works perfectly in warmer weather due to the fresh notes

True Religion for Her Cons:

  • The traditional element within this perfume can feel old more than bold, and maybe this fragrance suits mature women better (Millennials and older)

True Religion Hippie Chic for Her EDP

True Religion Hippie Chic for Her EDP

True Religion’s Hippie Chic perfume is as hippie as you can imagine. However, it has a modern twist I love. I’m religiously passionate about fragrances with sweet and fruity notes. Floral and woody undertones shouldn’t overpower the sweet fruitiness above, which makes me love this scent more than most.

True Religion Hippie Chic Features:

  • Fragrance Type: Fruity, Floral Eau De Parfum
  • Descending Accords: Sweet, fruity, woody, white floral, floral, fresh, and fresh spicy
  • Peak Notes: Raspberry, pomegranate, and red apple
  • Middle Notes: Star jasmine, hibiscus, and lily-of-the-valley
  • Final Notes: Musk and Virginia cedarwood
  • Wake: Solid
  • Lasts: About 8 hours
  • Seasons: Summer, spring, and daytime wear

Who Would Wear This Perfume?

Hippie Chic EDP is a salute to everything hippie about modern women. Indeed, modern ladies can flaunt a hippie element that makes them feel like they got lost in a Woodstock festival. There’s also a unique aspect to this perfume that makes it versatile across ages. However, it smells cheeky, vibrant, and bolder than most.

True Religion Hippie Chic Pros:

  • The scent begins with a solid interchange between sweet and fruity elements that slowly dry into a subtle and balanced woody, floral heart before the finale brings a refreshing element with a slightly spicy undertone
  • True Religion sticks to its unique guns by adding pomegranate to raspberry with a floral heart that makes a bold hibiscus statement, and it feels like a modern twist on hippie chics worldwide
  • The perfume has a long and welcomed stay on your skin, but not your clothes, and the warmer weather recommendation is ideal for hippies at heart

True Religion Hippie Chic Cons:

  • It takes a specific type of woman to pull off a modern hippie scent with cheeky and seductive elements, and that doesn’t suit traditional-style hippies well

True Religion Love Hope Denim for Her EDP

True Religion Love Hope Denim for Her EDP

True Religion genuinely designed three female fragrances that went from mature to youthful. Finally, I’ve arrived at the youngest perfume that speaks boldly to women of the Millennial and Gen Z eras. It’s a unique scent combining amber and vanilla as the base of everything, making it a bold statement for modern women.

True Religion Love Hope Denim Features:

  • Fragrance Type: Vanilla, Amber Eau De Parfum
  • Descending Accords: Vanilla, sweet, fruity, caramel, powdery, almond, and musky
  • Peak Notes: Fruity notes, crisp apple, raspberry, and caramel
  • Middle Notes: Almond
  • Final Notes: Madagascar vanilla and musk
  • Wake: Solid
  • Lasts: About 8 hours
  • Seasons: All seasons and daytime wear

Who Would Wear This Perfume?

True Religion’s Love Hope Demin fragrance is a salute to the modern woman who loves making impressions about her inner cheekiness and outer boldness. It’s sassy on every level and speaks loudly to younger women who want their personalities to leave modern statements. It’s a vibrant scent with a youthfully elegant nature.

True Religion Love Hope Denim Pros:

  • The perfume strikes you hard with a sweet dance of solid vanilla from Madagascar before the heart turns into a fruitier (almost tropical) nature, and the finale slowly engages the powdery and nutty touches of a modern woman
  • I love that True Religion sources vanilla from Madagascar because the smell is far more potent than other vanilla notes, and the caramel and almond notes make the scent bolder than others
  • True Religion took the time to ensure this perfume lasts long on your skin but not your clothes, and the multi-seasonal wear makes it ideal as a signature fragrance for daily wear

True Religion Love Hope Denim Cons:

  • This perfume is True Religion’s boldest and youngest scent, and even some Millennials like me would shy away from the ultra-modern twist with almonds and caramel

My Top True Religion Fragrances for Him

The same rule of True Religion fragrances applies to men’s colognes. So, you’ll learn about the elements that make these colognes a religious statement of your unique characteristics. You’ll also know why they’re exceptional colognes and why not because everything has pros and cons.

True Religion by True Religion for Him EDT

True Religion by True Religion for Him EDT

True Religion by True Religion for men is an entirely new take on a modern man in the world. It has a crisp smell with cheeky, spicy notes that surprise you. However, it’s one of the best surprises modern men will enjoy sensually. In addition, it has touches of traditional masculine elements to make a bold statement.

True Religion for Him Features:

  • Fragrance Type: Aromatic Fougere Eau De Toilette
  • Descending Accords: Citrus, green, mossy, earthy, woody, patchouli, fresh, and warm spicy
  • Peak Notes: Green notes and bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Oakmoss
  • Final Notes: Patchouli and cedarwood
  • Wake: Solid
  • Lasts: About 6 hours
  • Seasons: Summer, spring, and daytime wear

Who Would Wear This Cologne?

True Religion by True Religion is the type of cologne you’d imagine a modern, professional man wearing. It boldly takes your reputation to a new plane, where everything becomes possible. It’s impressionable and memorable with new-age earthy notes that speak to confident, determined, and mature men.

True Religion for Him Pros:

  • The cologne bursts with refreshing notes that feel bold before the heart slowly dries into an earthy, woody dance that feels more forward-thinking than most fragrances, and the finale opens to a refreshingly aromatic element
  • I love how True Religion pulls off such a forward-thinking fragrance with everyday notes many perfumers use, but the brand balances the elements ideally to create the modern earthy touch
  • True Religion packed six hours of gorgeously modern scents into this evolution, and the warmer weather recommendation makes it ideal for a daily signature cologne

True Religion for Him Cons:

  • It’s not the type of smell I love on my fiancé because it’s more masculine than I prefer, but some guys want this extreme masculinity in a modern form

True Religion Drifter for Him EDT

True Religion Drifter for Him EDT

True Religion’s Drifter cologne is a curious choice only because the name might give the wrong impression. However, the leather bottle smells like a modern man with just enough masculinity instead of overpowering women with a mind-bending fragrance. I prefer the softer man any day, and my fiancé knows me well.

True Religion Drifter Features:

  • Fragrance Type: Fruity, Aromatic Eau De Toilette
  • Descending Accords: Fruity, aromatic, woody, warm spicy, aquatic, sweet, powdery, fresh, fresh spicy, and citrus
  • Peak Notes: Ginger, pear, blackberry, cardamom, and grapefruit
  • Middle Notes: Water notes, juniper berries, rosemary, and apricot
  • Final Notes: Guaiac wood, vetiver, amber, and sandalwood
  • Wake: Solid
  • Lasts: About 6 hours
  • Seasons: All seasons and daytime wear

Who Would Wear This Cologne?

True Religion’s Drifter cologne is a salute to the perfect balance between man and modern feminism. It has more than enough masculine elements to bend a woman’s mind without taking too much. Imagine a modern drifter who looks after himself well, and you’ll have an idea of who wears this gorgeous cologne.

True Religion Drifter Pros:

  • The fragrance begins with an unusual twist of fruity and aromatic dances before the heart brings refreshing, woody masculine elements, and the finale comes to life with a slightly feminine touch of sweet and powdery notes enhanced by refreshing touches
  • I love how bold True Religion is in creating a cologne with tiny feminine touches to modernize masculinity, and the juniper berries and Guaiac wood wrap the balance up perfectly
  • The brand ensures that men can enjoy a few hours of romantic, seductive, or adventurous fun, and the wake is solid with versatile wear for most weather conditions

True Religion Drifter Cons:

  • Not all modern men love a touch of feminine elements in their colognes, and this fragrance won’t suit traditional-styled drifters with a passion for solid manly touches

For more time-traveling aromas:


Question: Do True Religion Perfumes Exist?

Answer: Yes, True Religion isn’t merely a denim and fashion accessory brand. The brand entered the perfume world in 2008 with True Religion by True Religion for Women. It’s a beautiful woody, musky, and floral fragrance with unusual notes like Hinoki wood and amaryllis. It’s a mature and modern scent for bold women.

Question: What Does True Religion Hippie Chic Smell Like?

Answer: True Religion’s Hippie Chic is my ultimate favorite from the brand. It’s a contemporary scent blending beautifully sweet notes with fruity undertones and a classic touch for the hippie personality. It begins with fruity sweetness and dries into a floral, woody dance before turning into a refreshingly spicy finale.

Question: What Does True Religion Drifter Smell Like?

Answer: True Religion’s Drifter cologne is a masculine fragrance with a subtle feminine touch to the finale. It begins with solid aromatic and woody elements balanced beautifully in a fruity and aquatic blend. The dry-down brings a slightly feminine heart before the fragrance becomes a refreshing and spicy dream.


True Religion is a salute to people who wear fragrances with religious passions. You know that doesn’t mean religious worship now. Instead, each scent has a religious following for the personality it depicts. Remember my tips because they matter more than you realize. You shouldn’t smell like something you’re not.

However, I strongly recommend the True Religion Hippie Chic for Her EDP for Millennial women who are cheeky and eccentric like me. In addition, I recommend the True Religion Drifter for Him EDT for guys with a double-layered personality combining masculine and feminine elements.

There’s nothing sexier than boldly wearing your personality for everyone to smell. So, pick your True Religion statement, and wear it as the memory will last forever.

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