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Best Guess Colognes Guide: No More Guessing

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Guessing your next signature cologne is like using wet wipes to dry the ocean. So instead, let me show you the simplest way to pick your signature in the best Guess cologne guide. I’ve been keen on the top perfumes and colognes for years now, always sniffing out the best among the countless options.

And yes, there are countless fragrances for men. Some make you smell like an urban man, while others turn you into an olfactory dreamer. Many brands, including Guess, offer a range that appeals to more than one type of man. Wouldn’t you love to remove the guessing game from Guess colognes? If so, welcome to my world.

guess cologne for men

The Ultimate Guess Cologne Revealed

Guessing what you’ll pick as your next signature cologne isn’t the best idea. Instead, you need to know what personality lies within the bottle and which generation suits the fragrance. Fortunately, I’ve been sniffing perfumes and colognes long enough to know the characteristics by heart.

Every note appeals to a different man, and every evolution smells like a new era. If I had to pick the most versatile Guess cologne, it would undoubtedly be Guess Seductive for Men EDT. It’s a masculine fragrance for younger and older men. It has intense, animalistic traits that suit the name.

In addition, it has leather, solid woody undertones, and cheeky aromatics with a slight hint of sweetness. It wraps men in a West Coast vibe while working for all generations. First, see my top recommendations for Guess colognes before diving into how I devise personalities and ages.

More of the Best Guess Colognes at a Glance

  1. 1981 by Guess for Men EDT
  2. 1981 Indigo by Guess for Men EDT
  3. Guess by Marciano for Men EDT
  4. Guess Dare for Men EDT
  5. Guess Effect for Men EDT
  6. Guess Man Signature for Men EDT
  7. Guess Night for Men EDT
  8. Guess Night Access for Men EDT
  9. Guess Seductive for Men EDT
  10. Guess Seductive Blue for Men EDT
  11. Guess Seductive Noir for Men EDT
  12. Guess Seductive Red for Men EDT
  13. Guess UOMO for Men EDT (NEW!)

A Complete Guide to the Best Guess Colognes

Guess is a trending brand from the West Coast, waiting to snatch your attention with an awe-inspiring cologne. Denim is a small part of the fashion icon brand, and it’s time to awaken the West Coast inside you. Let’s see how the brand compares to others, how fragrance personalities work, and how to pick the best ones.

A Denim Start for the Cologne World

Brothers Paul, George, Armand, and Maurice Marciano fell in love with the Californian lifestyle and wanted to turn it into a fashion icon brand. The Marciano brothers combined an element of young European flair with epic West Coast vibrancy to design a brand of denim that stunned the world.

A contemporary fashion and beauty collection called Marciano launched in 2004, and another line called G by Guess quickly followed it. The brand made Californian-sized waves in the fashion and beauty industries. Meanwhile, the brothers launched colognes and perfumes to match Guess’s youthful joy and vibrancy.

The Marciano brothers were determined to recreate young Californians’ lifestyles and sensual aspects. As a result, their fashion and beauty ranges targeted Gen Z and Millennials more than other generations. However, some colognes pass for Gen X members, as do some of the denim and accessories.

The stonewashed denim started a new journey that depicted Californians in their most extraordinary light, but the brand quickly stormed the world. So, what’s more, beautiful about the famous brand? But of course, it’s that every item of clothing, accessory, and cologne has a personality from the West Coast.


How to Refine Your Guess Cologne

I’m sharing a few Guess colognes to give you choices, but there’s a simple method for finding your signature cologne. For example, one fragrance might appeal to an active, adventurous, and youthful lifestyle. In that case, a Gen X with an inactive lifestyle and no need for adventure wouldn’t consider the cologne.

It took me forever to learn about capturing the essence or personality of fragrances. So, of course, it begins with the notes, but I also consider the power of each evolution. Sometimes, an intense woody base springs right to the front of the accords. As a result, the cologne naturally has an olfactory, masculine, or classic feel.

However, a fruity or tropical note might pop up first, even if the note sits in the heart. In that case, the cologne naturally has a youthful, bold, and adventurous element. Specific notes and their places in the accords will determine which characteristics shine through the cologne more than others.

I’ll share each cologne’s feature traits, so you can pick the one that smells like your favorite lifestyle. The fragrance’s characteristics should mirror yours to some extent. In addition, please consider the recommended generations for each because wearing a Gen Z scent as a Baby Boomer wouldn’t work well.

Selecting the Best Guess Colognes

I’d love to give you as many options as possible to ensure you find the right signature cologne from Guess. Therefore, I’ll add a range of available colognes in 2022. However, the fragrances should exude their personalities well. So, they should be Eau De Toilette or Eau De Parfum, lasting six or more hours.

The Best Guess Colognes for Every Man

My favorite part of scent interests is when I dissect each one, down to the notes, accords, and wake. It’s the only method to find the personality inside the bottle accurately. So, let me share the features, recommendations, and characteristics of each. In addition, I’ll share what works and doesn’t work.

1981 by Guess for Men EDT

GUESS 1981 Eau De Toilette Cologne Spray for Men

The 1981 colognes by Guess perfectly represent various younger and mid-life generations in California. This cologne targets the Millenials and Gen X from the area but smells like sophistication and well-deserved wealth. However, it also smells refreshing and has touches of the ocean in the heart notes.

1981 by Guess Features

  • Evolution: Woody, amber, animalistic, ozonic, fresh spicy, leather, aquatic, mossy, citrus, and earthy
  • Top Notes: Bergamot and violet leaf
  • Heart Notes: Ambergris, oakmoss, and cedarwood
  • Base Notes: Leather and olibanum
  • Wake: Intimate to moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Millennials to Gen X
  • Traits: Mature, confident, modern-masculine, deep, and daring

1981 by Guess Pros

  • 1981 by Guess begins with intense woody notes that slowly turn animalistic and ambitious before the heart turns fresher with an ozonic touch, and the finale brings leather, mossy, and earthy elements
  • The cologne undoubtedly has an enormous woody wake for a few minutes, meaning it smells too overpowering for younger generations, working for older men
  • The attitude in this fragrance is bold and outrageous enough to make a man feel like a West Coast leader with influence and daring potential

1981 by Guess Cons

  • The cologne doesn’t suit generation Z because it’s too olfactory

1981 Indigo by Guess for Men EDT

Hombres Guess 1981 Índigo

The 1981 Indigo cologne tips the scale back to the target market because it smells younger. The bottle also has a more attractive color for West Coast fans. I love the unusual ingredients that turn the cologne into a modern twist with refreshing sensual touches. However, it uses some olfactory scents for a quality finish.

1981 Indigo by Guess Features

  • Evolution: Sweet, woody, coconut, fruity, vanilla, powdery, aromatic, musky, lavender, and amber
  • Top Notes: Fig leaf, sage, blue lavender, and bergamot
  • Heart Notes: Tonka bean, oakmoss, coconut nectar, and iris
  • Base Notes: Amber, white musk, and cedarwood
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z to Millennials
  • Traits: Sensual, bold, modern-masculine, passionate, and vibrant

1981 Indigo by Guess Pros

  • 1981 Indigo by Guess begins with charming and tropical blends that fade into the woody undertone before the heart smells like aromatic vanilla, and the finale brings classic florals with warm touches
  • The cologne suits younger generations likely more than Millennials, depending on your affinity for sweetness, and it fits the Californian, laid-back lifestyle
  • The smell is sensually alluring with a hint of modern masculinity to entice people around you, and it has a bold element that makes it unquestionable

1981 Indigo by Guess Cons

  • It would only work for Millennials who don’t mind sweetness

Guess by Marciano for Men EDT

Guess By Marciano por Guess for Men Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 onzas

Guess by Marciano is one of the classics for men, and it’s another fragrance with olfactory touches that work better for mature men than Gen Z guys. I love that it introduces mature men to wild, exotic, and contemporary ingredients like ebony and Mandarin orange. In addition, it adds a subtle touch of sweetness.

Guess by Marciano Features

  • Evolution: Warm spicy, citrus, fresh spicy, woody, amber, aromatic, powdery, leather, fruity, and animalistic
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange, black pepper, star fruit, rosemary, and sage
  • Heart Notes: Lavender, violet, amber, spicy notes, and neroli
  • Base Notes: Ginger, ebony wood, leather, and white musk
  • Wake: Intimate to moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Millennials to Gen X
  • Traits: Classic-masculine, ambitious, bold, alluring, and intelligent

Guess by Marciano Pros

  • Guess by Marciano starts with ambitious aromatics blended into a woody and citrus base before the heart turns warmer with amber and leather, and the finale has a fruity, animalistic element for slight modernization
  • The cologne would smell like mature men trying to fit into the Californian lifestyle better, and it has a strikingly beast-like ending you won’t expect
  • I love the cheeky nature at the end of this cologne’s evolution because it adds a sexy appeal, and it feels intelligent to balance the sexiness

Guess by Marciano Cons

  • Some younger men might try this cologne because of the animalistic effect, but it won’t smell good

Guess Dare for Men EDT

GUESS Dare Eau De Toilette para hombre

Do you dare to wear Guess Dare cologne? It’s a wild card from the brand because you’d think it would suit Gen Z Californians (at heart), but the fragrance evolves like a dream on mature men’s skin. The elements work better for a man with a sophisticated background while maintaining his essence and touch of untamed desires.

Guess Dare Features

  • Evolution: Woody, aromatic, fresh spicy, white floral, musky, warm spicy, powdery, and citrus
  • Top Notes: Juniper berries, bergamot, and white pepper
  • Heart Notes: Cashmere wood, jasmine, and geranium
  • Base Notes: White musk, cedarwood, and patchouli
  • Wake: Moderate to enormous
  • Stay: 6 – 8 hours
  • Ages: Millennials to Gen X
  • Traits: Hard-masculine, adventurous, layered, sophisticated, and romantic

Guess Dare Pros

  • Guess Dare strikes the senses with an intense woody and aromatic blend that slowly dries into a softer, floral heart with a warm, musky touch, and the end brings a refreshing powdery effect
  • The cologne has a mature element because of the outrageous woody and aromatic components, and it would smell divine on a man socializing or enjoying a date
  • The hard-masculine attitude means a rugged man with no limits to his ambitions, and the scent has romance and sophistication wrapped into the mix

Guess Dare Cons

  • The name is confusing because it undoubtedly sounds like it would suit young men better

Guess Effect for Men EDT

Guess Effect for Men EDT

Guess Effect is a 2021 cologne from the brand, making it one of the babies. But rightfully, it also appeals better to a younger crowd. It suits some Millennials but smells divine on Gen Z wildcats. Adventure and exhilaration sprang to mind the first time I smelled this cologne. It’s a little young for me, but it has a pun-intended effect.

Guess Effect Features

  • Evolution: Musky, powdery, amber, woody, soft spicy, aromatic, sweet, anis, ozonic, and vanilla
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange, grapefruit, star anise, and pineapple pulp
  • Heart Notes: Violet leaf, clary sage, and rosemary
  • Base Notes: Vanilla absolute, sandalwood, Guaiac wood, white musk, and ambroxan
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z to Millennials
  • Traits: Untamed, exhilarating, fun, adventurous, and modern-masculine

Guess Effect Pros

  • Guess Effect strikes you with an oddly musky start that becomes warm and woody before the heart awakens the aromatics inside the notes, and the finale comes with a sweet and ozonic feel
  • I imagine this cologne working best for Gen Z wildcats enjoying the beach with friends and partners, and it has an element of surprise toward the evolution’s end
  • It’s an adventure for the senses with the potential to be romantic and social, and the wildness within feels nearly untamable, creating an animalistic element

Guess Effect Cons

  • I recommend that Millennials smell and test it before buying a bottle for daily wear

Guess Man Signature for Men EDT

Guess Man por Guess for Men

Guess Man is the most mature fragrance from the West Coast brand. Indeed, they target younger men, but California has more than Gen Z residents. It has a world of mature, successful men who want to wear their best sensual experiences. There’s also an element of romance when you think of mature California.

Guess Man Features

  • Evolution: Fresh spicy, woody, aromatic, musky, warm spicy, powdery, amber, lavender, balsamic, and fresh
  • Top Notes: Wormwood
  • Heart Notes: White pepper, nutmeg, ginger, and blue lavender
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, white musk, suede, Peru balsam, fir, and amber
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Gen X
  • Traits: Mature, classic-masculine, bold, ambitious, and romantic

Guess Man Pros

  • Guess Man begins with intense aromatics intertwined in woody elements before drying into a warm, powdery heart, and the finale comes with a surprising balsamic feel touching the nose of lavender
  • This cologne smells incredible on mature men with a successful background, resembling Beverly Hills sophistication, and it works wonders for leadership roles and in romantic settings
  • The scent smells vibrantly ambitious, more than a young man can exude if he hasn’t been successful yet, and it has a mature-masculine element

Guess Man Cons

  • The target audience undoubtedly falls short with this Guess cologne again

Guess Night for Men EDT

Guess Night Eau de Toilette Spray

Guess Night returns the tables to the target audience for the brand’s West Coast colognes. Earthy undertones better suit younger generations because Gen Z has a closer connection to the environment. In addition, the cologne smells like a hike in the Californian mountains where young men become masculine.

Guess Night Features

  • Evolution: Aromatic, fresh spicy, vanilla, woody, citrus, warm spicy, balsamic, patchouli, amber, and earthy
  • Top Notes: Black pepper, elemi, and grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Cedarwood, geranium, and vetiver
  • Base Notes: Black vanilla husk, patchouli, and labdanum
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z
  • Traits: Vibrant, natural, spunky, contemporary, and passionate

Guess Night Pros

  • Guess Night begins with refreshing aromatics that bring some sweetness to the mix before the heart turns warm and woody, and the finale takes a new face with earthy and warm amber touches
  • It’s an excellent cologne for young men strutting their stuff on the town at night, and it combines the earthy elements of the beautiful nature around California
  • The scent is contemporary with new touches of masculine characteristics, and it has an almost cheeky personality that exudes vibrancy and passion

Guess Night Cons

  • The earthy element is far too powerful for mature men to flaunt as masterful as younger guys

Guess Night Access for Men EDT

Guess Night Access for Men EDT

Guess Night Access is another vibrant and young cologne from the brand. It has a twist that changes the previous cologne from an adventure-seeking smell to something more elegant, thanks to the leather element. I love how leather becomes an accord when no such note exists in any of the layers.

Guess Night Access Features

  • Evolution: Warm spicy, vanilla, aromatic, woody, citrus, fresh spicy, balsamic, patchouli, leather, and sweet
  • Top Notes: Saffron, elemi, and Florida grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Cedarwood and geranium
  • Base Notes: Black vanilla husk, Tonka bean, and patchouli
  • Wake: Moderate to enormous
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z
  • Traits: Outrageous, naughty, adventurous, sleek, and alluring

Guess Night Access Pros

  • Guess Night Access starts with intensely aromatic vanilla and a subtler woody undertone before the heart turns fresher and balsamic, and the finale brings leather and sweet elements to your surprise
  • It’s one of the nicest Gen Z colognes from Guess because it takes a vibrant man to pull this smell off, and it has naughty aspects women love
  • The sleek nature of this scent can turn young sensual explorers into sophisticated men with unexplainable elements, and it feels sexy and demanding

Guess Night Access Cons

  • It’s undoubtedly unsuitable for Millennials and older men because it’s too cheeky and contemporary

Guess Seductive for Men EDT

Guess Seductive Men

Guess Seductive is my ultimate pick for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a versatile cologne that works across three generations. Secondly, it has a naughty name, and women love nothing more. I’m always trying colognes with the seductive name for my fiancé because I want to reap the benefits.

Guess Seductive Homme Features

  • Evolution: Warm spicy, amber, woody, soft spicy, citrus, powdery, sweet, musky, aromatic, and floral
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange, cardamom, and pink pepper
  • Heart Notes: Violet leaf, vetiver, and orchid
  • Base Notes: Amber, white musk, patchouli, and sandalwood
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: 6 – 8 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z to Gen X
  • Traits: Romantic, sexy, naughty, feral, and masculine

Guess Seductive Homme Pros

  • Guess Seductive begins with warm amber and aromatic blends before drying into a refreshing and powdery heart, and the finale has sweet and floral touches
  • It’s a contemporary fragrance that works for all generations, and most modern fragrances have a limit on their versatility
  • It would smell divine on a man with a mission if that plan were to entice a woman, and it has animalistic elements with naughty touches

Guess Seductive Homme Cons

  • It might smell too seductive for professional or daily wear

Guess Seductive Blue for Men EDT

Guess Seductive Blue for Men EDT

Guess Seductive Blue tips the versatility generation scale to hit Gen Z with a suitable fragrance. I have no issue with that because the brand’s target audience remains the younger generation. These guys surf, ride the waves, and turn heads on the beaches. It works well for active men.

Guess Seductive Blue Features

  • Evolution: Aromatic, fresh spicy, warm spicy, woody, marine, sand, mossy, citrus, savory, and salty
  • Top Notes: Caviar, black pepper, citron, and cardamom
  • Heart Notes: Sea notes and geranium
  • Base Notes: Cashmere wood, beach sand, and oakmoss
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z
  • Traits: Wild, adventurous, sexy, open-minded, and ambitious

Guess Seductive Blue Pros

  • Guess Seductive Blue slams you with aromatics and woody aspects before the marine heart pushes through, and the finale brings mossy, earthy, and savory elements for vibrancy
  • This cologne works wonders for young, active men who love swimming, surfing, and catching the attention of every desirable woman on the beach
  • It’s a wild scent with adventure engraved on every sniff, and it has sexy, ambitious, and open-minded traits to suit the younger generation

Guess Seductive Blue Cons

  • Please, don’t wear this cologne as a mature man because it smells subtly child-like

Guess Seductive Noir for Men EDT

Guess Seductive Noir for Men

Guess Seductive Noir is a challenge to men, a good one. Noir is dark and beast-like, waiting for the right man to tame the smell just enough to welcome the intended outcome. However, the smell can be intoxicating for some guys, which depends on how much power you want in your cologne.

Guess Seductive Noir Features

  • Evolution: Amber, fruity, fresh spicy, citrus, aromatic, lavender, warm spicy, vanilla, sweet, and fresh
  • Top Notes: Nutmeg, black pepper, and grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Blue lavender, orange blossom, and crisp apple
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka bean, and liquid amber
  • Wake: Moderate to enormous
  • Stay: 6 – 8 hours
  • Ages: Gen Z to Millennials
  • Traits: Magnetizing, modern-masculine, intoxicating, seductive, and irresistible

Guess Seductive Noir Pros

  • Guess Seductive Noir begins with fruity amber and aromatic citrus before turning floral and spicy, and the finale brings sweet vanilla with a fresh ending
  • It’s a long-lasting cologne that suits younger men and Millennials, and it works as a passionate enticement for women or a romantic gesture
  • The scent is powerful and intense, unlike most Guess fragrances, and it has a genuinely seductive nature with an irresistible touch

Guess Seductive Noir Cons

  • The aroma can overwhelm men who don’t want the next town to smell them

Guess Seductive Red for Men EDT

Guess Seductive Red for Men

Guess Seductive Red is a unique cologne that lasts longer than most of the brand’s best choices. It also has unique ingredients you can’t easily find in other fragrances, like liquid amber and African kumquat. The African gem smells like a dream where you never want to wake up. It’s sweet and citrus combined.

Guess Seductive Red Features

  • Evolution: Citrus, cinnamon, warm spicy, woody, vanilla, sweet, aromatic, powdery, fresh spicy, and white floral
  • Top Notes: Cinnamon, fig leaf, and lemon zest
  • Heart Notes: African kumquat, geranium, and orange blossom
  • Base Notes: Liquid amber, sandalwood, and vanilla absolute
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: 6- 8 hours
  • Ages: Millennials to Gen X
  • Traits: Beast-like, hard-masculine, handsome, ambitious, and powerful

Guess Seductive Red Pros

  • Guess Seductive Red begins with striking citrus and cinnamon notes before the heart opens with sweet vanilla and woody undertones, and the finale is refreshing and powdery
  • The cologne works wonders for mature men with a taste for contemporary style, and it would smell excellent for guys who want that touch of surprise in their scent
  • The fragrance is a salute to everything beastly about men, and it has ambition, sex appeal, and powerhouse elements

Guess Seductive Red Cons

  • It’s another Guess cologne that misses the target market

Guess UOMO for Men EDT (NEW!)

Guess UOMO for Men EDT

The newest men’s fragrance is Guess UOMO. The name is a tongue-twister because I don’t know how to pronounce it. However, the scent is ideal for my fiancé’s generation, stealing my attention without a second thought. We can argue about the name later. For now, it smells like my age group.

Guess UOMO Features

  • Evolution: Amber, warm spicy, aromatic, woody, and herbal
  • Top Notes: Blue lavender, grapefruit, and cardamom
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, saffron, and clary sage
  • Base Notes: Benzoin, Ebony wood, teakwood, and amber
  • Wake: Moderate
  • Stay: +- 6 hours
  • Ages: Millennials
  • Traits: Grounded, naturalistic, confident, adventurous, and secretive

Guess UOMO Pros

  • Guess UOMO starts with warm amber and spicy undertones before turning intensely aromatic in the heart, and the finale brings woody and herbal touches
  • It’s the ideal cologne for my generation, suiting my fiancé perfectly, and it would smell divine on an adventurous date
  • The cologne has some wild elements with a strange herbal ending, and it smells confident and somewhat secretive

Guess UOMO Cons

  • The herbal ending isn’t every man’s choice, young or old


Question: Which Guess Cologne Is the Best in 2022?

Answer: Guess Seductive for Men lasts up to eight hours and works for Gen Z to Gen X, being the most versatile option across ages. It has warm, woody undertones with soft citruses and sweet musk. It’s a contemporary fragrance with hints of powdery and floral elements, albeit it’s super masculine.

Question: Which Guess Cologne Works for Mature Men?

Answer: Guess Man is the most mature fragrance from the brand. It blends musk, wood, aromatic, and amber notes to create a classic-masculine feel. In contrast, Guess Seductive Blue works for Gen Z fans because it combines aromatic, woody undertones with a marine, salty, and mossy element.

Question: What’s the Newest Cologne From Guess in 2022?

Answer: Guess UOMO for Men is the latest addition to the brand’s fragrances. It has a tongue-twisting name but smells divine as a contemporary cologne. It combined beautifully warm amber with aromatic undertones and an intense woody foundation. Finally, it adds something new with a herbal touch at the end.

Best Guess Colognes Guide: Conclusion

Finally, you can stop guessing which Guess cologne matches your lifestyle, generation, and personality. Wearing the wrong cologne is a big mistake many guys make. Unfortunately, it doesn’t evolve well on your skin when you’re in the wrong age group or have no characteristics to match.

I recommend Guess Seductive for Men EDT for any man because it’s the most versatile fragrance from the brand. However, there are more choices you can match with the personality test. So, start digging through the options and select your next signature cologne with a purpose.

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