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Best English Laundry Perfume Guide

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You won’t need to be English or a fan of doing the laundry to wear these gorgeous scents in my best English Laundry perfume guide. I’m sure it’s a breath of relief, but there’s much to know about this iconic fragrance brand. So, I’m a fragrance snob and tester who must understand what every cologne and perfume brand offers.

As a result, you will get an honest opinion about each English Laundry perfume that meets my strict requirements. Don’t worry; there’ll be one for you because the iconic fragrance brand targets a range of women who love different scents and elements. Welcome to the revolution of English scents with an elegant attitude.

Revealing the Best English Laundry Perfume

The best English Laundry perfume begins with a sensual journey, one of four. You see, hear, touch, or taste the ingredients when you smell the gorgeously royal scents. But, there’s a secret to English Laundry perfumes, starting with a unique sense-dominant system created by the brand’s experts.

Based on the professional signature-choosing system, my ultimate scent is the English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP for Women. It appeals to my sight-dominant nature while including some of my favorite ingredients. English Laundry’s unique system works wonders once you see the notes.

I was skeptical about the system until I realized how the top recommendation for my dominant sense is 100% accurate. I love the exchange of soft florals hidden among the fruity and sweet undertones. None of the other sensual ingredients overpower my favorites, either. It’s a match made in perfume heaven.

However, there’s much to learn about choosing a signature fragrance from English Laundry. So first, let’s take a quick look at the top five perfumes from the brand.

More of the Best English Laundry Perfumes at a Glance

  1. English Laundry No. 7 EDP for Women
  2. English Laundry Abbey EDP for Women
  3. English Laundry Nottinghill Femme EDP for Women
  4. English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP for Women
  5. English Laundry Signature Pour Femme EDP for Women

The Ultimate Guide to the Best English Laundy Perfumes

English Laundry by Christopher Wicks

Elegance, royalty, and sensual laundering are the English Laundry perfume puzzle pieces. You’ll have to know the sense-dominant system to pick your favorite signature scent from an iconic British brand. I’ll also share how I selected the best English Laundry perfumes, and I guarantee it has nothing to do with laundry.

Laundering the Perfect English Fragrances for Women

Laundering is such a negative word, often associated with criminals. However, I’m using it in a fun way to describe how English Laundry captures a woman’s sensual attention. In a sense, the brand launders your senses, turning them into something indescribably beautiful.

Christopher Wicks is the great mind that turns everything into an English dream. Yet, he doesn’t complicate the fragrances and targets key elements that speak better to each woman: the senses. I’ll share more about his sensual journey in my tips. But, for now, the Manchester icon aims to bring a modern touch to young ladies.

Wicks first designed elegant apparel for gentlemen and now creates the same contemporary elegance for men and women, even perfumes. What started as a journey to find royal-styled clothing for gentlemen and ladies turned into a venture for a modern class that brings a sense of royalty to men and women.

Today, you can find Christopher’s Manchester-royalty perfumes in the most refined stores in America, including Macy’s. So, are you ready to wear English luxury and contemporary royalty on your skin? If so, I recommend diving into my tips that follow Christopher’s profound research into what makes perfume smell great on women.

Unusual Advice for Choosing Signature Fragrances

English Laundry No7 Perfume

Picking your signature fragrance is challenging when so many exist, some excellent and others horrible. Nonetheless, there’s a unique system for choosing a signature scent from English Laundry. It’s called the sense-dominant system, and the brand hired many experts to refine how it works for every perfume wearer.

The sense of smell doesn’t count. English Laundry recommends using the other four senses to determine which fragrance suits you better. Biochemical experts understood that skin chemistry, genetics, and lifestyles played massive roles in how we chose perfumes, but the senses added a new method.

You’ll pick a signature fragrance depending on which sense you most dominantly use. For example, there are four ways you can consider which senses you use the most, and each one relates to a specific fragrance type.

1. Sight-Dominant Perfume Wearers: Fruity and Floral Notes

Sight-dominant personalities prefer floral, fruity, and sweet notes because they can mentally picture what they smell. For example, I can easily imagine crisp, fresh fruits with beautifully blooming flowers in a field. I can also visualize the sweetness of florals and fruity elements. So, pick dominantly fruity and floral notes if you’re similar.

2. Sound-Dominant Perfume Wearers: Oriental, Aromatic, and Exotic Floral Notes

Sound-dominant perfume wearers lean toward oriental, exotic, and aromatic notes more than others, including exotic floral notes like violet leaf and Damask, rose. Consider whether you better imagine the images of these ingredients when you listen to music. Can you hear the musical notes and spicy changes to the melodies?

3. Taste-Dominant Perfume Wearers: Fruity and Edible Notes

Taste-dominant perfume wearers would rather wear ingredients that make them think of tasty fruits, candy, and other elements. For example, these wearers might love apple, raspberry, almond, caramel, and vanilla elements. They can more easily imagine how things taste when thinking about ingredients.

4. Touch-Dominant Perfume Wearers: Woody and Musky Notes

Touch-dominant perfume wearers are likelier to love woody and musky elements overpowering others. They can imagine touching a tree’s bark when they smell the gorgeous sandalwood notes. But can you imagine feeling cedarwood and other powerful woody elements when you smell them?

Tips Summarized: Which Sense Works for You?

Determining which sense acts more dominantly in your mind when you smell certain elements will give you a signature fragrance. It will bend your mind to a beautiful adventure. For example, I’m a sight-dominant person, but you might be a touch-dominant woman. You’ll know the best perfume by how high the accord sits.

How to Select the Best English Laundry Perfumes

English Laundry targets the four sense-dominant types of women, meaning their fragrances appeal to a broader range of ladies. Unfortunately, they only have five gorgeous Eau De Parfums available. I’ll share each to ensure every woman finds her signature scent. Each scent is the best choice for a different woman.

The best English Laundry perfumes appeal to the most dominant sensual experiences every woman desires and enjoys. Some fragrances appeal to two sense-dominant areas, while others appeal to one. Let’s see how each beautiful smell unfolds with creative ingredients and matching accords to suit the sense-dominance system.

#01 English Laundry No. 7 EDP for Women

English Laundry No. 7 EDP for Women

English Laundry No. 7 smells scrumptiously delicious, and it’s no surprise it fits into the taste-dominant sense. It also appeals slightly to sight-dominant ladies like me. However, the genuine surprise lies in the evolution of the scent’s milkiness. It has a contemporary touch of feminine royalty and makes you feel elegant.

This English Laundry perfume undoubtedly has a smashing class that only a profoundly elegant lady can exude. However, it also touches on modern elements that bring a vibrant and youthful feel. It’s my second-favorite perfume from the brand, and it has a slightly cheeky nature hidden underneath the sophisticated aspects.

English Laundry No. 7 EDP Facts:

  • Perfume Type: Fruity, Floral, Milky Gourmand Fragrance
  • Descending Accords: Vanilla, sweet, lactonic, fruity, white floral, powdery, almond, aquatic, woody, and nutty
  • First Notes: Sparkling pear, apricot, and melon
  • Heart Notes: Gardenia, blooming jasmine, and toasted almonds
  • Last Notes: Sandalwood, whipped cream, and oriental vanilla extract
  • Dominant Sense: Sight and taste-dominant perfume
  • Sillage: Medium
  • Longevity: Around 6 to 8 hours
  • Suitable Wear: All-weather and daytime

English Laundry No. 7 EDP Pros:

  • English Laundry’s No. 7 perfume boldly starts with sweet and exotic vanilla that turns slightly lactonic and milky before the heart brings a fruity, floral mix to life, and the finale comes with sweet almond and nutty touch that represents slight cheekiness
  • The perfume is a gorgeous Gourmand fragrance that lasts hours, and I love that the sillage doesn’t overpower the senses because sweet and fruity notes can overwhelm the senses
  • It’s an all-weather sensual pleasure that would work as romantic, professional, and youthful wear, and it carries elements of sassy, sophisticated, bold, and vibrant characteristics

English Laundry No. 7 EDP Cons:

  • It’s my second-favorite floral-fruity combination because of the almond and nutty elements that feel a little too young for me

#02 English Laundry Abbey EDP for Women

English Laundry Abbey EDP for Women

English Laundry only launched Abbey in 2021, and it’s a gorgeously sensual addition to the brand’s fragrance family. It’s a little over-the-top for me because it smells like a young princess from generation Z. However, it massively appeals to ladies with a taste-dominant personality and a zest for life.

Imagine a young, vibrant woman wearing this perfume who walks and talks with utter grace. Indeed, it smells royal and glamorous, but it’s uniquely youthful and almost too contemporary for princess vibes. But, of course, there’s a fine line between elegance and youthful play, and this perfume smells slightly seductive and naughty.

English Laundry Abbey EDP Facts:

  • Perfume Type: Vanilla, Ambriosal Fragrance
  • Descending Accords: White floral, sweet, fruity, floral, powdery, musky, iris, chocolate, woody, and fresh
  • First Notes: Mandarin zest, pear sorbet, and blackberries
  • Heart Notes: Orange blossom, iris, and jasmine sambac
  • Last Notes: Vanilla sugar, sandalwood, and amber musk
  • Dominant Sense: Taste-dominant perfume
  • Sillage: Intimate to medium
  • Longevity: Around 6 hours
  • Suitable Wear: All-weather and daytime

English Laundry Abbey EDP Pros:

  • English Laundry’s Abbey perfume strikes you with a waving floral note before you dive deep into sweet, candied, and fruity notes you can taste, and the heart opens to a slightly exotic floral undertone that leads to an edible chocolate finale with a wooden touch
  • The perfume combines unusual elements that make it profoundly contemporary and youthful for the right woman, and it lasts long enough to endure most excursions and weather conditions
  • The extreme level of confidence in the candied notes will strike anyone’s senses into a taste-dominant state, and it smells bold, refreshing, imaginative, adventurous, and glamorous

English Laundry Abbey EDP Cons:

  • You have to be young enough to pull this beautiful English Laundry perfume off, and it won’t smell good at the office (it’s more romantic and social)

#03 English Laundry Nottinghill Femme EDP for Women

English Laundry Nottinghill Femme EDP for Women

English Laundry’s Nottinghill Femme perfume is a glorious fragrance for touch-dominant wearers who want to imagine touching the raw woods and warm elements inside their scent. Perfume can have a touching sense, which I’ve briefly noticed with some ingredients. However, my senses primarily target my sight.

The perfume has fantastical elements that make it feel warmer and cozier than other English Laundry fragrances. It also has a surprising touch of aquatic freshness throughout its evolution. It would work beautifully for mature women with grounded personalities. It feels graceful, insightful, and heart-warming.

English Laundry Nottinghill Femme EDP Facts:

  • Perfume Type: Tangy, Warm, Floral Fragrance
  • Descending Accords: Green, citrus, aromatic, woody, fruity, vanilla, amber, rose, powdery, and soft spicy
  • First Notes: Aquatic notes, bergamot, and Mandarin orange
  • Heart Notes: Damask rose, green notes, cyclamen, and jasmine
  • Last Notes: Cedarwood, powdery musk, and oriental vanilla
  • Dominant Sense: Sound and touch-dominant perfume
  • Sillage: Medium to intense
  • Longevity: Around 8 hours
  • Suitable Wear: All-weather, day, and night

English Laundry Nottinghill Femme EDP Pros:

  • English Laundry’s Nottinghill Femme fragrance starts with gentle fresh notes and a green element before you slowly move into a warmer heart with woody touches and a cheeky fruity note, and the finale rises back to warmer florals with a slightly traditional feminine ending
  • The scent’s evolution impresses me because the notes don’t follow the accords, and you have a long-lasting fragrance that works in any weather and any time of the day
  • The perfume feels mature and graceful, more than the other English Laundry scents, and it has elements of elegance, sophistication, innocence, and romance mixed with the potential for professionalism

English Laundry Nottinghill Femme EDP Cons:

  • The perfume is a more traditional take on a royal feeling, one that depicts a woman with earthy roots and classic preferences

#04 English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP for Women

English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP for Women

English Laundry’s Oxford Bleu Femme perfume isn’t what you’d expect from the name, and that’s okay because I love the evolution and accords. It also has unusual ingredients that allow the other elements to balance better, taking away too much sweetness for sight-dominant wearers. Although, it also suits taste-dominant ladies.

This perfume makes me think of myself. It has a cheeky contemporary nature that feels sophisticated enough without overpowering the innocence of a modern woman. The unusual ingredients add an elegant touch to the bold character, and the perfume wraps everything together with a versatile age range.

English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP Facts:

  • Perfume Type: Fresh, Fruity, Floral Gourmand Fragrance
  • Descending Accords: Sweet, fruity, powdery, fresh, caramel, white floral, vanilla, ozonic, musky, and floral
  • First Notes: Pineapple, citruses, blackcurrant, red fruits, and melon
  • Heart Notes: Muguet, Damask rose, orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley, and violet leaf
  • Last Notes: Sweet musk, caramelized sugar, sandalwood, and oriental vanilla
  • Dominant Sense: Taste and sight-dominant perfume
  • Sillage: Medium
  • Longevity: Around 6 hours
  • Suitable Wear: Hot weather and daytime

English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP Pros:

  • English Laundry’s Oxford Bleu Femme scent strikes you with a sweet and fruity beginning beautifully balanced with a powdery element before the heart opens with cheeky florals and candied touches, and the finale is a beautiful dance between sweet and floral notes
  • This scent is a gorgeously versatile fragrance that welcomes women of all ages to feel like a queen from England, and the wake is subtle yet noticeable enough for profound impressions
  • The perfume works incredibly well for most women who want a balance between elegance and feminine modernism, and it smells excellent at work, in social gatherings, and on dates

English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP Cons:

  • The perfume is the most versatile of the brand, but the shortfall comes from the six-hour longevity combined with the restricted seasonal wear

#05 English Laundry Signature Pour Femme EDP for Women

English Laundry Signature Pour Femme EDP for Women

English Laundry’s Signature perfume can confuse some women because the name says it’s versatile. However, it’s only versatile between touch and taste-dominant women. It’s also pretty limited to the age range because it suits younger ladies much better than mature women. The ingredients balance well for the right woman.

This perfume would undoubtedly smell divine on a woman who wears pride on her shoulders, always looking for ways to make it natural. Pride isn’t an enemy when it’s natural. Everyone has some of it. Additionally, the scent has boldness, adventure, and mischief because of the candied ingredients.

English Laundry Signature Pour Femme EDP Facts:

  • Perfume Type: Candied, Vanilla, Ambrosial Fragrance
  • Descending Accords: Fruity, sweet, white floral, powdery, musky, floral, iris, chocolate, woody, and fresh
  • First Notes: Quince
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine petals and white chocolate
  • Last Notes: Sensual woods, powdery musk, and orris root
  • Dominant Sense: Taste and touch-dominant perfume
  • Sillage: Intimate to medium
  • Longevity: Around 6 hours
  • Suitable Wear: All-weather and daytime

English Laundry Signature Pour Femme EDP Pros:

  • English Laundry’s Signature Pour Femme scent begins with intense fruity and candied notes that slowly allow florals to surface before the heart brings a musky, warm, and powdery element and the finale comes with an edible chocolate touch before the woody ending
  • The accords suit the intimate to medium wake you’ll experience with this scent, and it’s a gorgeously versatile seasonal fragrance you can wear in most weather
  • The quince, jasmine petals, and chocolate notes surprise me when they blend, and this fragrance would work for social and romantic excursions for younger women (Millennials and younger)

English Laundry Signature Pour Femme EDP Cons:

  • The perfume doesn’t last more than six hours, which is sad for an Eau De Parfum, and it has unusual elements that won’t work for sight or sound-dominant ladies

Bonus: English Laundry Products to Layer Scents

English Laundry Set

English Laundry also designs beautiful body mists and other layering products to enhance the experience for each sense-dominant woman. Their blissful body mists matching the gorgeous Eau De Parfums include:

Indeed, the brand has a broader range of body mists, but they fit in with the sense-dominant fragrances that last hours. These scents are ideal for layering your perfume on an ongoing journey. You can easily top your Eau De Parfum up again when the smell weakens.

In addition, English Laundry has gorgeous travel scents like the English Laundry Abbey Travel Spray, which works with sight and taste-dominant smells. English Laundry is a brand that works toward finding a beautiful signature fragrance for every woman. It means they also have a fantastic gift idea for new perfume fans.

The English Laundry Bright English Coffret Collection for Women is the ideal gift for a friend or loved one you want to welcome to the gorgeous fragrances. The Coffret Collection includes Bleu Femme, Signature, Abbey, and Primrose, the last one being a new addition I’m waiting to smell when it launches.


Question: Is English Laundry a Good Perfume Brand?

Answer: English Laundry is an iconic British brand by Christopher Wicks, an eccentric creator and designer. The man’s creations are so unique that he hired experts to create a signature-choosing perfume system that suits every woman. As a result, the sense-dominant system won’t fail. Instead, it appeals to your sensual perception.

Question: Does English Laundry No. 7 for Her Smell Good?

Answer: English Laundry’s No. 7 for Her is a Milky, Fruity, Floral Gourmand scent with attitude. It appeals to women who can taste and see the ingredients they smell. It starts with sweet vanilla before entering a fruity and floral heart. The perfume ends with a fine, aquatic blend with nutty almond and woody elements.

Question: Does English Laundry Perfume for Her Smell Good?

Answer: English Laundry’s Signature Perfume for Her is an Ambriosal and candied vanilla fragrance that undoubtedly requires an acquired taste. It begins with sharp, sweet, fruity notes that slowly welcome subtle floral before the musky and floral heart takes over. The scent ends with a woody and chocolate dance.


I’ve never heard of the sense-dominant system for picking signature fragrances. It makes sense when I match my preferences to the types of fragrances the system tells me to use. I’m profoundly impressed by Christopher’s creation and will use it in my perfume interests and writing.

Knowing how well the system works, I’ll recommend that you choose a signature fragrance matching your sensual dominance. If you’re anything like me, I recommend buying the English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme EDP for Women before it’s gone. However, I recommend buying your signature now with the system.

You won’t regret choosing a fragrance with an iconic perfume company’s system created by experts.

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