Thank You Next Perfume Review: The Perfect Feminine Fragrance For This Summer

Thank U Next perfume is for you if you love Ariana Grande’s signature confectionary scent. Keep this perfume close by as it doesn’t last a long time, however, it’s perfect for spring and summer nights. With tones of raspberry, pear, and coconut, you’ll smell super sweet and playful. 

Thank U Next is one of Ariana Grande’s most popular perfumes and I was super excited to try out her famous fragrance. I have already reviewed CLOUD & R.E.M and these are some of my favorite perfumes. I have been on the lookout for a new summer scent and knew this would be super fruity.

I tend to go for fruity perfumes as they make me feel feminine and I feel the fruity perfumes get complimented more by friends. Thank U Next had high expectations so let’s see if it rose up to the occasion and became my next summer fragrance. 

The Bottom Line Up-Front

Photo by Juliet Rowe

Thank U Next is Ariana Grande’s most popular perfume. It’s perfect for nights out as it has a sweet but strong scent, with tones of raspberry and coconut. I think it is well priced and its bottle design is in a unique broken heart shape that links to Grande’s famous ‘Thank U Next’ breakup song. 

Thank U Next Scoring 

  • Scent – 8/10
  • Price – 8/10
  • Packaging – 10/10

Why Is It Called ‘Thank U Next’?

It makes commercial sense why Grande picked her best-selling song to be named her next sweet perfume over the year. She also named her 2019 grammy nominated album after her hit song.

The original song was released in November 2018 and is an ode to her previous exes including Big Sean & Pete Davidson (to who she was engaged to!). It has been listed as one of the top 200 songs that shaped the 2010s. The song has been certified five-times platinum and its music video references early 2000s cult classic films, including Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.

The list of achievements really goes on with this song and it was an obvious contender to be Grande’s next perfume. The bottle quite literally is in a heartbreak shape (referencing to the breakup hit). The name is from her catchy chorus:

Thank you, next (next)

Thank you, next (next)

Thank you, next

I’m so grateful for my ex

(chorus and lyrics from Ariana Grande’s song Thank U Next) 

First Impressions

Photo by Juliet Rowe

Now I love Ariana Grande perfumes, I have reviewed CLOUD & R.E.M in the past, so I know to be expecting a super sweet fragrance and edgy bottle holder to come with it. 

It comes in a baby pink bottle with its iconic bottle holder that other Grande perfumes have (looking at you CLOUD & R.E.M!). I was pleased to see how feminine it looks, given its aroma is super sweet. I was a bit dubious when I first sprayed this perfume on as I had heard from friends it can sometimes smell like pickle juice.

I did first recognize the pickle scent but this quickly settled into tones of raspberry and pear. It is very similar to Grande’s CLOUD scent. However, the berries make this even sweeter. Perfect for spring and summer months, but I’d be wary to try this perfume out in winter. 

The nose behind the perfume is Jérôme Epinette, who has scented perfumes for Zara, Bjork, and Banana Republic. 

Quick highlights:

  • Lasted up to four hours
  • I received the 30ml bottle (1 oz) which was a perfect size to carry in my handbag
  • Easy to buy online (I bought it through Amazon)
  • Super sweet perfume (I love the pear and raspberry scent!)
  • Iconic heartbreak bottle
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

My review of Thank U Next

Photo by Juliet Rowe

I received the perfume right before I was due to go to a concert so I was keen to have a new powerful fragrance on. I have heard from friends that this perfume has quite a sharp pickle scent when you first put it on.

The box the perfume comes in is quite simple. It has ‘Ariana Grande’ all in lower case then ‘thank you next’ in black and white text. While it is a simple design it does stand out in baby pink and bold black colors. A faded pink promotional picture of Grande is on the side of the box. 

The actual bottle holder is gorgeous. It is in a baby pink broken heart symbol. The bottle holder is smooth and plastic but really stands out. The perfume bottle is simple with ‘Ariana Grande’ in lower case on the front. The bottle is see-through and baby pink. The lid looks cracked to give the broken heart punch that Grande sings about in Thank U Next.

I was getting ready to go to a concert so was eager to try this perfume out. Its bottle is delicate to hold and I made sure to spray it on my neck and wrists then rubbed my wrists together. I did instantly recognize the ‘pickle’ type of smell that worried me.

However, after 30 seconds the strong pickle scent settled into a beautiful sweet fragrance. I really noticed the strong scents of coconut, raspberry, and musk. It is a strong scent and I would only use this perfume for nights out or a fancy dinner. Personally, I would gravitate towards CLOUD for an everyday scent as it’s more subtle. 

What really made me pleased was the fact the next day my top smelled of the Thank U Next perfume – even after dancing to the music all night long. 

Thank You Next Quick Fire Review 

  • Longevity: Four hours  
  • Best season to wear: Spring and summer 
  • Scent type: Creamy coconut and fruity tones 
  • Best worn: Night out, dinner, cocktail evening
  • Price: Mid-range for a budget perfume ($23.79 Amazon)
  • Top notes: Raspberry & Pear 
  • Middle notes: Coconut and Pink Rose
  • Base notes: Macarons and Musk

Thank You Next Scoring 

Scent 8/10 – You can go wrong with tones of raspberry, macarons, and coconut – it’s every girl’s dream to smell so fruity all summer long. Keep this perfume close to you on dinner dates, cocktail nights, and dancing in clubs. The only thing that lets this perfume down is its strong “pickle” scent when you first apply it. However, this does quickly disappear. 

Price 8/10 – This is a well-priced perfume in Grande’s collection and it’s $23.79 on Amazon – a steal!

Packaging 10/10 – One of my favorite bottle designs of Grande’s. I love the heartbreak symbol that the bottle is held in. It matches perfectly with the hit song and is perfect for your hot girl summer vibe. Since CLOUD, Grande has a signature bottle holder that is the centerpiece of the perfume.

CLOUD was in a cloud-shaped holder, Thank U Next is in a heartbroken shape, and then R.E.M is in a crystal bottle holder. Grande stopped this design choice in 2021 with her latest God is a Woman perfume. 

Pros and Cons of Thank U Next Perfume

Photo by Juliet Rowe


  • A sweet fragrance that sticks easily to clothes 
  • Strong tones of raspberry, pear, and musk
  • Well-priced
  • Iconic breakup bottle shape
  • Vegan & cruelty-free


  • Strong pickle scent when you first spray it on 
  • It sticks to clothes easily but it doesn’t last a long time on your skin – make sure to re-apply 
  • Its strong scent is hard to match with casual day trips out 

Thank U Next 2.0?

In 2021, Grande released a limited edition of the Thank U Next perfume called, Thank U Next 2.0. The difference? This bottle is the same design (heartbreak bottle case and simple bottle design) but instead of being in baby pink, it’s in a light lavender shade.

It’s slightly more expensive than its original Thank U Next predecessor, but not enough to not splurge on this sweet fragrance ($27.99 Wallgreens). 

Alternatives by Ariana Grande

Here is a quick run-down of Grande’s other perfumes in her collection:

  • Ari (2015) – a youthful fragrance with sweet and floral notes.
  • Sweet Like Candy (2016) – a more sexy and playful perfume.
  • Franki (2016) – named after Grande’s brother – this perfume has apricot notes.
  • Moonlight (2017) – a super sweet fragrance named after one of Grande’s sweet lullaby songs. 
  • CLOUD (2018) – one of Grande’s most popular perfumes in a cloud shape bottle holder – this perfume has a strong coconut fragrance.
  • R.E.M. (2020) – again named after one of Grande’s popular songs and is in a crystal bottle shape.
  • God is a Woman (2021) – Grande’s latest perfume comes in a futuristic bottle holder – it has notes of pear and sandalwood and is named after one of Grande’s songs. 

Alternatives to Thank U Next Perfume

CLOUD by Ariana Grande

  • CLOUD by Ariana Grande – If you want to stick to Grande’s perfume collection then try out CLOUD by Ariana Grande. CLOUD is a more spring scent and will have you smelling like coconuts all day long. ($24.79 Amazon)
  • Vera Wang Princess – Another super sweet perfume that won’t break the bank. This scent opens with apple, waterlily, and apricot and had a crown as the lid – a royal fragrance for you this summer. ($25.00 Amazon) 
  • Victoria Secret’s Bombshell – This fragrance mist is a must if you want a lighter scent compared to Thank U Next. It has notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-La peony and vanilla orchid, the perfect floral scent that won’t break the bank. ($25.00 Amazon)


Question: Is Thank U Next long-lasting?

Answer: Unfortunately not! However, its small bottle can be easily transported with you if you are out and about. Make sure to leave the case at home though if you want this to fit into your purse. While this doesn’t last on your skin – it does stick to clothing all night!

Question: How do you apply the Thank U Next perfume?

Answer: Make sure you add a couple of sprays to your neck and a few more to each of your wrists to optimize the sweet fragrance all night long. 

Question: What other perfumes does Ariana Grande have?

• Ari (2015) 
• Sweet Like Candy (2016)
• Franki (2016)
• Moonlight (2017) 
• CLOUD (2018) 
• Thank U Next  (2019)
• R.E.M. (2020)
• God is a Woman (2021)

Question: What sizes does Thank U Next come in?

• 30 ml (1.0 oz)
• 50 ml (1.7 oz)
• 100 ml (3.4 oz) 

Question: What does Thank U Next perfume smell like? 

Answer:  It has top notes of raspberry and pear, middle notes of Coconut and Pink Rose and base notes of macarons and musk. This is a super sweet and creamy perfume for you to try this summer. 

Thank You Next Perfume Review: Final Impressions 

Thank U Next is Grande’s 6th perfume in her 8 perfume powerhouse collection. Grande was a smart businesswoman using her best-selling hit single to name this perfume after. Fans still claim this is her best perfume to date as it packs of a punch of sweet tones and is perfect for those long summer nights. 

I found it was the perfect perfume to use for my night out as it has strong fruity tones that made me feel feminine and sexy. However, I would stick to Grande lighter perfumes like CLOUD for a daytime scent as it is a lighter scent with coconut tones.

While the pickle scent is easy to recognize when you first spray Thank U Next on, this quickly disappears and settles into a gorgeous, musky sweet scent. Make sure to try out Grande’s other perfumes like R.E.M & Moonlight if you want sweet fragrances in your perfume collection. Thank U Next is a must-have if you’re a Grande fan and love a strong scent – plus you can collect her bottle holders!

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