Best Ariana Grande Perfume Set Review [5 Top Picks]

Ari, Moonlight, CLOUD, Thank U Next, R.E.M… Where do you start with Ariana Grande’s growing celebrity perfume collection?  In this Ariana Grande Perfume Set review, I will be giving you the lowdown on which perfume you should choose out of her collection.

But who is Ariana Grande? Ariana Grande is a glamorous, international popstar. Her career started on the kid’s channel Nickelodeon but she has now stepped far away from being a child actress and is known everywhere for her whistle tone tunes and pop star image. 

With clever marketing around her perfumes, she has become a new best-seller in the perfume market. But how? Most of her perfumes center around a certain album or song – which makes fans even more excited to buy her products. 

Grande’s perfume collection has 8 fragrances (2 of which are limited editions). In this review, we will look at my favorite top 5 perfumes by Ariana Grande. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum

Ari by Ariana Grande Eau du Parfum

Let’s start off with the first perfume Ariana Grande released in 2015. Although this is her oldest perfume, it is still a fan favorite. In a cute, clear, bubbly pink bottle and tones of pink grapefruit and marshmallow – this perfume fits exactly with Ariana Grande’s popstar image at the time. 

Ari – A Quick-Fire Review 

  • Longevity: Three hours  
  • Best season to wear: Any season but recommend to wear during the day 
  • Scent type: Bright citrus, sweet fruits, and sensual floral tones
  • Age recommendation: 13+
  • Best worn: Day, dressed up, evening, date night
  • Price: Affordable (£21.59 50 ml Amazon
  • Top notes: Pear, Pink Grapefruit, and Raspberry 
  • Middle notes: Muguet (Lily-of-the-Valley), Rose, Vanilla Orchid
  • Base notes: Marshmallow, Musk, Sensual Woods

What does it look like? 

Presented in a clear glass bottle with pyramid edges, the pink perfume stands out inside. What makes this bottle extra cute is the white pom pom attached to it – a staple to Ariana Grande’s earlier perfume ranges (such as Sweet like Candy, Franki, Moonlight). 

What does it smell like?

The golden question! This perfume is feminine and sweet, with tones of pink grapefruit and marshmallow. This sounds overpowering but the base note of sandalwood keeps it refreshing. This is a youthful woman fragrance that matched Grande’s ‘bubble-gum pop’ image of 2015.

Ari has stayed popular due to its daytime feminine scent. However, a major drawback of this perfume is that it lasts for three hours (not super long-lasting sadly). 

But if you keep this small bottle close to you on your daytime errands, you’ll be leaving a lasting sweet impression. 

Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum, 1.7 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) | Amazon

Stunning from every angle, the ultra-feminine bottle design is beautifully crafted with signature design queues. Highlighted by its faceted gem-like shape and rose gold accents, the bottle evokes sophistication, grace, and elegance.

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2. Moonlight by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum

I view Moonlight as Ari perfume’s more mature older sister. Released in 2017 at the height of Grande’s Dangerous Woman era, Moonlight is Grande’s first perfume that is named after the song Moonlight in Grande’s Dangerous Woman (2017) album. A slow but sultry song about falling in love, this perfume hits the hopeless romantic spot. 

Moonlight – A Quick-Fire Review 

Longevity: Four hours  

  • Best season to wear: Autumn and winter
  • Scent type: Fruity marshmallow scent with a hint of Madagascar vanilla 
  • Age recommendation: 13+
  • Best worn: Evening, dressed up, date night, girls night
  • Price: Affordable (£25.99 50ml Amazon)
  • Top fragrance notes: Rich blackcurrant and plum 
  • Middle notes: Marshmallow and peony
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla 

What does it look like? 

Once again the design is similar to Ari with a clear frosted glass bottle with pyramid edges and a purple pom pom attached. However, the box is much darker with Moonlight etched across in holographic colours. This is a step in a more mature direction for Grande’s image. 

What does it smell like? 

Like with Ari, Moonlight has a feminine, sweet scent. This is an energising, juicy blend of blackcurrant, marshmallow and vanilla. The sharp blackcurrant tone packs a punch but leaves a sweet fragrance of vanilla and sandalwood the longer it is kept on. This bold and sexy fragrance has longer longevity compared to Ari, with 4 hours instead of 3.

I’d recommend keeping this perfume for the autumn and wintertime as it has a stronger scent due to the blackcurrant tones. So keep this close to you for cosy evenings by the fireplace as it is sure to leave a powerful but then sweet impression. 

Out of all Grande’s perfumes, Moonlight is generally rated the weakest. Keep in mind Grande had released Ari and two limited edition perfumes (Sweet like Candy and Frankie) with the same style bottle. Fans prefer the Ari perfume but Moonlight is a contender due to its sharp but sweet scent that is perfect for an evening out. 

Moonlight by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum 100 ml/3.4 Fl oz | The Perfume Spot

Seductive and Mesmerising. The MOONLIGHT fragrance embodies Ariana's confident spirit, optimistic energy, and bold stage presence.

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3. CLOUD by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum

cloud by ariana grande

Launched in 2018, CLOUD’s perfume design is completely different to Grande’s predecessor perfumes (no pom poms in sight!). This is an uplifting fragrance collection is quite literally a cloud bottle. Now CLOUD perfume takes a step back from this sexy image Grande was portraying during her Moonlight perfume release as it remains youthful but now sophisticated. 

Once again Grande timed CLOUD perfectly with her Sweetener (2018) album release. This perfume fits perfectly with Sweetener’s vibe of joy and fresh pop. With Sweetener winning Best Pop Vocal Album at the 61st Grammy Awards (and Grande’s first-ever grammy!)Ariana Grande CLOUD has also been a hit with Grande perfume fans.

CLOUD – A Quick-Fire Review 

  • Longevity: Four hours  
  • Best season to wear: All year round
  • Scent type: Creamy praline and musky woody notes and tones
  • Age recommendation: 13+
  • Best worn: Daytime, casual, dressed up, brunch 
  • Price: Affordable but one of Grande’s more expensive perfumes (£27.55 30ml Amazon)
  • Top notes: Lavender, juicy pear and bergamot 
  • Middle notes: Coconut, praline, and vanilla orchid 
  • Base notes: Cashmere

What does it look like? 

It is easy to describe this perfume bottle as a literal cloud but that’s what it looks like! The bottle holder has a cartoonish cloud to hold the bottle in place, while the actual bottle is clear sky blue with the lid shaped as another cloud. Due to the obvious nature of the bottle, it has simple “Ariana Grande” labelled in capital letters on the holder in holographic grey.  

What does it smell like? 

CLOUD is best described as an uplifting, spring day-time scent. When you first apply the perfume you get a burst of lavender and pear but then it settles into a cream-coated praline with hints of coconut. This fun and carefree perfume is a perfect blend of sweetness and musky tones. Paired with a calm attitude you are sure to breeze through your day wearing this perfume.

While I recommend CLOUD can be used all year round, its fresh scent comes alive most in the spring. With a 4 hour longevity, you can have this perfume handy for errands and daytime lunches. CLOUD was a clear change in direction for Grande’s growing perfume collection and fans were eager to see what she would release next. 

Worth it!
Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume | Amazon
$65.00 ($19.12 / Fl Oz)

This addictive scent opens with a dreamy blend of alluring lavender blossom, forbidden juicy Pear and mouth-watering bergamot.

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4. Thank U Next by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum 

Thank you, next (next)

Thank you, next (next)

Thank you, next

I’m so grateful for my ex”

Ariana Grande – Thank U Next (Single 2019)

Thank U Next’ became the slogan for 2019. Her hit song and later album title became number one globally. This poppy break-up song reveals intimate details about Grande’s love life as she single-handedly calls out her ex’s one-by-one.

The song has a positive spin, as it reveals Grande is now in love with herself and happily single. This break-up anthem was played everywhere and it’s no wonder Grande’s next perfume received the hit name Thank U Next. 

Thank U Next – a quick-fire review 

  • Longevity: Five hours  
  • Best season to wear: Spring and Summer
  • Scent type: A sweet coconut scent
  • Age recommendation: 13+ (perfect for teens)
  • Best worn: Daytime, casual, dressed up, brunch 
  • Price: Cheapest (£19.99 30ml Amazon)
  • Top notes: White pear and white raspberry
  • Middle notes: Creme de coconut and pink rose petals
  • Base notes: Macaroon sugar and velvet musk

What does it look like? 

Following on from the CLOUD re-brand distancing from Grande’s earlier ‘pyramid’ style bottles, Thank U Next continues to have the clear pink bottle with capitalised “Ariana Grande” on the front. The holder is shaped as a baby pink broken heart – a clear reference to the hit song. 

What does it smell like?

Coconut and raspberry are the two main scents that hit you once you spritz this perfume on. Thank U Next starts off bold but turns into a delicious sugary perfume.

This is a perfect fragrance for spring mornings and summer nights. What packs an extra punch into this fragrance is that it lasts up to 5 hours. Thank U Next is sure to give you that post-lockdown confidence boost and leave you feeling glamorous. 

Thank U Next by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz | Amazon

Bursts open with juicy notes of sparkling white pear and wild raspberry that soften with a heart of creamy coconut and delicate pink rose petals. Divine velvety musk infuses classic Ari sass, while macaroon sugar adds playful femininity. Full of attitude, full of sweetness.

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5. R.E.M. by Ariana Grande  Eau de Parfum 

My final perfume to review is Grande’s latest 2020 release, R.E.M.. A scent that takes you on an intergalactic journey, R.E.M. is a bold, mature fragrance. 

Grande describes this perfume as taking you on an “intergalactic journey” of “femininity and power” (according to its product description) and its scent takes you into the cosmos with tones of salted caramel, fig, and lavender blossom (dreamy!). 

But what does R.E.M. mean?

R.E.M. is commonly known as the lightest stage of sleep. So what does this have to do with Ariana Grande? Once again Grande has used one of her songs as inspiration for her latest fragrance. R.E.M. is the fourth track on her grammy-winning album Sweetener (2018) and in Grande’s own words, the song is about “a relationship that blurs the lines between the dreamworld and reality.”

Dreamworld and reality? Let’s see if R.E.M. takes us on a cosmos journey. 

R.E.M. – a quick-fire review 

  • Longevity: Five hours  
  • Best season to wear: All year round 
  • Scent type: A mix of salted caramel, sweet marshmallow and juicy fig
  • Age recommendation: 13+ (but her most mature scent) 
  • Best worn: Daytime, dressed up, evening, outing
  • Price: Most expensive of Grande’s perfumes (£35.00 50ml Boots)
  • Top notes: Quince, fig, salted caramel and marshmallow 
  • Middle notes: Pear blossom and lavender blossom
  • Base notes: Tonka bean, musk and sandalwood 

What does it look like?

This is Grande’s third perfume that has a simple clear bottle and a stand-out bottle holder. Personally, this is my favourite design of her bottle holders. R.E.M. sits on a throne of translucent crystals and makes this perfume ouze luxury. This is one of Grande’s most creative fragrances, with her image on the box presented as an intergalactic animated woman. Her animated style harmoniously links back to her space-themed Break Free music video (2014). 

What does it smell like?

Now we have gone full circle as Grande has reintroduced her signature marshmallow tone, reminiscing her earlier perfume scents like Ari & Moonlight. However, this is Grande’s most mature scent out of her perfume range, due to base tones of tonka bean, musk and sandalwood. There are a lot of scents packed into this bottle, which makes it a fragrance that can be worn all year round. 

For me, this perfume stands out from the rest. From its 5 hours longevity, stunning crystal bottle and a scent that includes all of her predecessor fragrance tones – this really hits the spot. 

Ariana Grande REM perfume for Women Eau de Parfum | Amazon

An intergalactic dream of femininity and power, R.E.M. draws you in with a cosmic blend of juicy fig and warm salted caramel. Lavender essence takes you to dreamy new heights while sparkling pear blossom explodes like a supernova in the night sky.

Buy at Amazon Buy at FragranceNet
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But which one should I buy?

Now this may seem an exhaustive list of her perfumes but here is an easy guide to look at to help make your choice:

Ariana Grande Ari

A youthful flirty fragrance and one that can use throughout the year with bright citrus, sweet fruity note, and floral fragrance tones


  • A scent that pretty much goes with anything and is a fan favorite since its 2015 release


  • Short longevity of 3 hours and can be too sweet for someone wanting a more mature scent 

Ariana Grande Moonlight

A scent that continues on from Ari due to its fruity marshmallow scent. The rich blackcurrant kick can sometimes be overpowering


  • Great for autumn or winter nights, whereas her other perfumes lack a winter feel


  • Very similar design to Ari and its blackcurrant scent can be too powerful to start with

Ariana Grande CLOUD

A refreshing re-design in Grande’s perfume range, CLOUD keeps that quirky cute feel while delivering creamy praline and lavender tones. 


  • A bottle that stands out and is perfect as a fresh daytime scent 


  • Lacks as an ‘evening scent’ and doesn’t link to Grande’s music 

Ariana Grande Thank U Next

With the catchy song to match this perfume, it’s such a hit with buyers. This fragrance has a sweet but powerful coconut scent that makes you want to text your ex ‘Thank U Next


  • The design is fun and has enough of a sensual musky base to not overpower you


  • A scent that only works in the spring and summertime 

Ariana Grande R.E.M.

My personal ‘intergalactic’ fave – Grande goes full circle and brings back her iconic marshmallow scent with a  delicious salted caramel hit 


  • Incredibly stylish bottle case and a scent that can last year-round 


  • None from me! This is my top recommendation out of Grande’s perfumes


Question: What is the best-smelling Ariana Grande perfume?

Answer: Now this is all to do with personal preference but I would suggest R.E.M. or Thank U Next as it is less overpowering as Grande’s earlier perfumes. I particularly like the way Grande’s latest perfumes are presented in a creative bottle that links to the title of her hit songs. 

Question: What about her other perfumes? 

Answer: I have gone through my top five favorite Ariana Grande perfumes, however, Grande has released two limited edition perfumes in the past. Both Sweet like Candy and Franki was released in 2016. In Grande’s signature pyramid-style bottle both perfumes have the cute pom pom attached. 
Sweet like Candy is a floral fruity fragrance with tones of blackberry, pear, whipped cream and marshmallow. A super sweet perfume in a light pink bottle is very similar to her earlier perfumes Ari and Moonlight. 
Franki has a bold black pom pom attached to the perfume. Named after Grande’s older brother, Franki Grande, this perfume is a combination of both Ariana and Franki’s energies with tones of pear, cedar and sugar. 

Question: Is Ariana Grande releasing more perfumes?

Answer: Grande has announced on her Instagram a new perfume, God is a Woman. A total re-brand has gone underway with a futuristic but minimalist lavender bottle. This is a new release in a glass bottle and matt grey holder that looks like the shape of a gemstone. God is a Woman is again named after her 2018 hit song from her Sweetener (2018) album. This fragrance has fruity vibes and musky tones. What makes this perfume even more exciting is that it’s the first to use completely vegan ingredients. 

Question: What are all of Ariana Grande’s perfumes?

• Ari (2015) 
• Sweet Like Candy (2016)
• Franki (2016)
• Moonlight (2017) 
• CLOUD (2018) 
• Thank U Next  (2019)
• R.E.M. (2020)
• God is a Woman (2021)

Question: Is Ariana Grande perfume Unisex? 

Answer: While all of these perfumes can be worn on anyone, Franki was promoted as being gender-neutral as it was created in partnership with her brother Franki Grande.  

Final Thoughts on the Best Ariana Grande Perfume

Grande has pushed herself into the perfume industry and created a collection of sweet, sassy, and bold fragrances. What makes her collection even more impressive is how each perfume links so well to Grande’s image at the time.

Fans are eager for more and Ariana Grande fragrance keeps delivering powerful scents that can make anyone feel confident and sexy. With tones of coconut, marshmallow, or even fig, these perfumes remain sweet, sensual, and the top perfumes on people’s wishlists. 

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