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Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes Guide: Tommy’s American Girls

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My dream is to be an American in New York, and my connection to the deeper elements of perfume can transcend me to believe I’m one. So, allow me to explain in my best Tommy Hilfiger perfumes guide. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as your nature fits the aroma of Tommy’s American girls.

I’ve been at this cologne and perfume game for years and can sniff out the most delicate details to create a fragrance profile that suits various women and men. I love finding the perfect match for my fiancé and me. In addition, I take time to comb through what makes each perfume ideal for others.

So, let me share the reasons you’ll choose one of the finest American fragrances from Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy’s Most American Girl Perfume Upfront

Tommy Hilfiger’s perfumes are the epicenter of American women and everyday luxury. The brand uses beautiful ingredients that evolve in unusual ways, and there’s typically a surprise in the dry-down. However, these fragrances target the American lifestyle filled with young, vibrant, and fashionable women.

So, I must share my favorite Tommy perfume that best depicts the New York lifestyle. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl EDT is the ideal aroma for young women looking for an ambitious aroma. The scent is sexy, enticing, and a vibrant road to success. It’s also an excellent fashion statement and Tommy’s signature perfume.

You can’t beat the feel and personality of Tommy Girl if you want a signature fragrance from the brand. In addition, the perfume is versatile enough for younger and slightly mature women. However, there are more gorgeous fragrances from Tommy Hilfiger. Check my top ten perfumes before learning to wear them the best.

More of the Ultimate Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes at a Glance

  1. Tommy Hilfiger Loud EDT
  2. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl EDT
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Jeans EDT
  4. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Now EDT
  5. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2014 EDT
  6. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2021 EDT
  7. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer Beauty 2002 EDT
  8. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave 2022 EDT (NEW)
  9. Tommy Hilfiger True Star Women EDT
  10. Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold EDT

A Complete Guide to the Top Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes

Tommy Hilfiger is a jet-setting, contemporary fragrance brand that screams American girl. Understanding the history reveals why the brand’s so famous today. Knowing how to choose the American girl that bests suits your contemporary style will help you wear him like a boss. So, let me share how I picked the best Americans.

Tommy Hilfiger’s American Girls and Culture

Tommy Hilfiger was a self-made designer, and that already impresses me. He didn’t have oodles of fragrance designer backgrounds and started humbly as a denim salesman. Tommy’s entire dream was to clothe men and women with fashion ranges that spoke to the American dream inside each person.

Tommy began signature clothing ranges with button-up shirts, chinos, and other popular American classics that appealed to New Yorkers in the 1980s and 1990s. Even the logo felt American with the flag’s red, white, and blue colors. The brand quickly gained traction among fashionistas in Manhattan, New York.

Tommy launched his first men’s cologne in 1995, closely followed by Tommy Girl, the women’s signature American fragrance. Both scents were unique, bold, vibrant, young, and American. Funny enough, perfumer Calice Becker designed Tommy Girl, and she created The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger in 2016.

Tommy Hilfiger is American culture, and the fragrances bottle scents we love and cherish as die-hard, contemporary Americans. In addition, the borderline luxury brand uses beautiful ingredients to emphasize the unique blends that bring signature scents to life. There’s a fragrance for every American woman.

Moreover, the American culture smells excellent to women worldwide who want to smell like a contemporary New Yorker.

Luxury Tommy Hilfiger Touches for Women

Before finding out which Tommy Girl suits you, let me share the beautiful notes you’ll find in Tommy perfumes. Some notes leave more striking impressions than others. These notes emphasize specific accords better than the alternatives used in many familiar scents:

  • Camelia, Damask rose, apple tree blossom, tulips, violet, honeysuckle, and Lilium are profoundly unique floral notes that give the heart a touch of beauty, unlike other floral ingredients
  • Citrus blossom, lemon blossom, white honey, pumpkin, and milk add unusual twists to perfume evolutions, making them stand out more and smell like mom’s homemade American cooking
  • Mahonia berries, litchi, guava pulp, peach blossom, kiwi fruit, juniper berries, and Pixie tangerine are unusual fruity notes that add a zest that smells like various states in America
  • Virginia cedarwood, leather, cashmere wood, and macadamia nuts add a more intense base for the perfume, warming and blending the other notes perfectly
  • White musk and cotton musk change the traditional, olfactory ingredient to a modernized version that works better in new-age fragrances

Which Tommy Girl Are You?

Each Tommy perfume has a personality that fits different women because not every New Yorker has the exact nature. The Friends cast is the perfect example of how other New Yorkers can be. Joey is a quirky goofball, while Ross is a serious, somewhat sophisticated young man.

Rachel is an elegant woman with class and finesse, while Monica flaunts her determination and ambition above all else. Finally, Phoebe is a lovable oddball. Meanwhile, Chandler tries to act like a professional New Yorker, always striving for success at work. These are merely six types of New Yorkers you’ll find.

However, you’re guaranteed to find many more types of American women from Tommy Hilfiger. He grew up in New York and understood many cultures and lifestyles. Therefore, I recommend you consider the traits of each perfume before choosing your signature American Tommy Girl fragrance.

The notes and accords reveal specific traits I’ll share under each fragrance.

How to Select the Top Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes

Tommy Hilfiger fragrances are vast, but I’ll narrow the options by nearly doubling the cast of Friends. So, I’ll show you ten unique and different perfume personalities to guarantee you find the one you need. You’ll find it easy to match your character to the ten New Yorker personalities.

In addition, I’ll only consider Tommy perfumes readily available online and which last six or more hours. Some of Tommy’s American girls are discontinued, and others were limited editions you won’t easily find anymore. Furthermore, I’ll be disappointed if my signature American girl fragrance doesn’t last long enough.

Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes Guide: Tommy’s Top American Girls

Tommy’s girls will take you to many corners of America, not only New York. Some perfumes smell like Miami, while others smell like Mauritius. However, they all have the contemporary factor from New York. So, let’s see which Tommy Hilfiger perfumes stand out to make you smell like an American girl.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Loud EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Loud EDT

Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud perfume is a rare find, but you can still get it at Walmart. The fragrance combines tropical teasers with floral notes, which suits young, vibrant women well. The earthy and balsamic elements also smell alluring on young women. However, the few notes surprised me once I learned how the perfume evolves.

Sometimes, perfumes don’t need to be complicated with long lists of ingredients to create beautiful aromas. This scent is the perfect example of how an uncomplicated list of ingredients can create a gorgeous fragrance that evolves through many layers. I’d say this scent smells more like Phoebe than anyone else.

Tommy Hilfiger Loud Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Rose, woody, patchouli, fruity, tropical, warm spicy, earthy, fresh, floral, and balsamic
  • Top Notes: Litchi
  • Middle Notes: Damask rose
  • Last Notes: Patchouli and sandalwood
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 6 hours
  • New Yorker: Vibrant, eccentric, and remarkable

Tommy Hilfiger Loud Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Hilfiger Loud begins with a noisy evolution of rose and woody interchanges before the fruity, tropical heart comes to the feminine rescue, and the finale smashes you with an earthy and balsamic feel
  • This Tommy perfume undoubtedly smells unusually vibrant and suits younger women better, and it has elements of eccentricity and makes a young lady smell remarkably different

Tommy Hilfiger Loud Perfume Cons

  • Many Tommy perfumes suit younger women better, but this fragrance doesn’t smell good on mature women

2. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl EDT

Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl is the signature American fragrance from the brand. It contrasts the Loud scent by using complicated layers of notes to create a unique evolution. In addition, it utilizes numerous luxury perfume ingredients and more profound notes that enhance the others to create a more sensual experience.

Tommy Girl is a beautiful fragrance for Millennial women. Still, it also works on Gen X and Z because of the contemporary dry-down that welcomes notable changes between the ingredients. New York is full of surprises, and this perfume represents the New York lifestyle more than others.

Tommy Girl Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Floral, citrus, white floral, fruity, rose, aromatic, green, woody, powdery, and spicy
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange, apple tree blossom, blackcurrant, and camelia
  • Middle Notes: Damask rose, grapefruit, lily-of-the-valley, mint, violet leaf, honeysuckle, and lemon
  • Last Notes: Leather, sandalwood, jasmine sambac, magnolia, and Virginia cedarwood
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for 6 to 8 hours
  • New Yorker: Confident, sexy, and ambitious

Tommy Girl Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl bursts into the senses with beautiful floral and citrus dances before the heart brings a fruity twist with aromatic teasers, and the finale has intense exchanges of woody and powdery elements
  • This perfume is my winning choice for an American dream girl who smells like the streets of New York, and it has ambition deeply engraved, making me think of Monica Geller more than others

Tommy Girl Perfume Cons

  • The fragrance can smell confusing on women who feel confident and alluring, but they lack the determination to see things through like Monica

3. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Jeans EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Jeans

Tommy Girl Jeans is another perfume that might fade from the brand in the coming years, but it’s still available and smells excellent on the right woman. It’s another uncomplicated fragrance that doesn’t layer the notes repeatedly to achieve a beautiful aroma. Additionally, it has honeysuckle, one of my favorite ingredients.

The perfume makes me think of Chandler Bing’s personality more than others. It has an aura of determination without being bold like Tommy Girl Original. It tames the spirit within Monica to give us someone more like Chandler. Indeed, Chandler’s personality is a typical American girl nature. He’s a soft-spoken man.

Tommy Girl Jeans Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Citrus, fresh, fruity, green, fresh spicy, and sweet
  • Top Notes: Lily-of-the-valley and peach
  • Middle Notes: Mandarin orange, honeysuckle, and grapefruit
  • Last Notes: Vetiver and oakmoss
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium to strong for 6 to 8 hours
  • New Yorker: Soft-spoken, contemporary, and determined

Tommy Girl Jeans Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl Jeans has an intense start with citrus and fresh notes that slowly dry into a fruity and green heart before the end brings a twist of sweet and spicy elements
  • The perfume smells gorgeous on a younger woman with an elegantly soft nature, and it feels modern while carrying subtly ambitious roots to work in the professional space

Tommy Girl Jeans Perfume Cons

  • Tommy Girl Jeans is another uncommon fragrance you can still find, but it might sadly disappear soon

4. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Now EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Now

Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl Now perfume was a modernized version of the original Tommy Girl fragrance. Times change, even in Time Square. Hence, fragrances have to evolve to represent a culture and lifestyle better. As a result, Tommy Hilfiger recreated the layered perfume to seem simpler yet more contemporary.

The brand sources unusual ingredients that enhance the sweet and fruity aspects, and they ensure a profoundly warm base with cashmere wood and white musk. This scent smells a little like Rachel once she matures because her early character doesn’t reflect well with it. However, the perfume works for young women.

Tommy Girl Now Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Floral, citrus, musky, green, powdery, fresh spicy, aromatic, fruity, and woody
  • Top Notes: Mandarin orange and bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Mahonia berries, fresh mint, and magnolia
  • Last Notes: Cashmere wood and white musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium to strong for 6 to 8 hours
  • New Yorker: Wild, bold, and sexy

Tommy Girl Now Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl Now begins with an intensely contemporary floral and citrus fusion that slowly dries into a powdery and musky heart before the finale turns to aromatic and fruity teasers that feel animalistic
  • This fragrance is a unique blend that works for alluring women with deceivingly soft natures until their beasts come out, and it has a wild spirit that sometimes feels overwhelming

Tommy Girl Now Perfume Cons

  • I love perfumes with a sexy soul and bold attitude, but this scent’s beast comes at you from nowhere

5. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2014 EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2014

Tommy Girl Summer 2014 was a favorite, but I haven’t bought one for some time. Don’t worry; you’ll still find it at Walmart, but it was a limited edition. Fortunately, many women loved the fragrance, which is likely why you still easily see the limited-edition Tommy Girl Summer fragrance at supermarkets.

However, the fragrance is a unique beauty that kisses your skin with floral and tropical notes. The uncomplicated ingredients have multiple outstanding notes that bring together a beautiful evolution that feels better suited to Rachel Greene. It’s a sophisticated fragrance that matches her early character better.

Tommy Girl Summer 2014 Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Fruity, tropical, citrus, fresh, musky, amber, white floral, and powdery
  • Top Notes: Guava pulp and litchi
  • Middle Notes: Mandarin orange and citrus blossom
  • Last Notes: White musk and amber
  • Wake & Longevity: Intimate to medium for about 6 hours
  • New Yorker: Sophisticated, alluring, and romantic

Tommy Girl Summer 2014 Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl Summer 2014 begins with a charming dance of tropical and fruity notes before the heart turns subtly refreshing with a musky kiss, and the finale has warm amber and a powdery element
  • This fragrance is likely Tommy’s most versatile option for American girls who want elegance and ambition, and it would turn heads in romantic settings because of the powerful tropical elements

Tommy Girl Summer 2014 Perfume Cons

  • The Tommy Girl Summer 2014 perfume isn’t the best option for professional women in the workplace

6. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2021 EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2021 EDT

Various Tommy Girl Summer Editions exist, and the 2021 edition strikes me as another holiday in a bottle. It’s also one of the newer editions you’ll be able to find for a few years. The summer launches are popular and stay around for a while. This one has secrets and beauty hidden in sensual details.

The magnifying scent creates an aura of remarkable characteristics that stand out as modern, vibrant youthfulness. This scent would be ideal for younger women, not older than Millennial ages. It’s challenging to pick a matching Friends personality for this scent, but I’d have to say Joey because he acts like a child.

Tommy Girl Summer Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Sweet, fruity, white floral, floral, amber, and fresh
  • Top Notes: Pixie tangerine
  • Middle Notes: Magnolia
  • Last Notes: Cotton musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 6 hours
  • New Yorker: Young, romantic, and sexy

Tommy Girl Summer Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl Summer 2021 begins with intense fruity notes that slowly turn into a floral heart, staying with the floral evolutions for some time before becoming a warmer, fresher finale
  • The perfume feels slightly traditional but has gorgeously modern twists with unusual ingredients, and it has vibrant, appealing, and almost wild characteristics for a Joey type of woman

Tommy Girl Summer Perfume Cons

  • Joey is a challenging character to match because of his child-like nature, but some women love being silly (even I’m silly with my fiancé)

7. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer Beauty 2002 EDT

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer Beauty 2002

Tommy Girl Summer Beauty is another limited-edition fragrance from 2002 that stayed popular enough to remain in stores. It has a mysterious element that makes women feel captivated by a character with two stories. It smells feminine with a contemporary twist while owning an olfactory aroma with intense woody notes.

A splash of masculine modernism is sometimes welcome in a woman’s perfume. It brings a somewhat tamed beast to the spotlight. In addition, this fragrance has teasers with many unusual ingredients, maybe suiting Ross Geller more than other characters. He’s a soft-spoken man with a hidden beast when he angers.

Tommy Girl Summer Beauty Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Floral, fruity, woody, fresh, rose, powdery, citrus, fresh spicy, and green
  • Top Notes: Red apple and peach blossom
  • Middle Notes: Freesia, Lilium, peony, Damask rose, and hyacinth
  • Last Notes: Virginia cedarwood and cotton musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 6 hours
  • New Yorker: Alluring, romantic, and mysterious

Tommy Girl Summer Beauty Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl Summer Beauty begins with a wildly feminine dance between floral and fruity notes before bursting into a beastly nature with woody accents, and the finale feels refreshing and spicy
  • The scent would smell gorgeous on women who aren’t afraid to allow the beast out once in a while, and it has a beautifully mysterious nature with sex appeal and romance in the air

Tommy Girl Summer Beauty Perfume Cons

  • The mystery is excellent for the workplace, but this scent might push too much toward the sexy appeal and romantic playfulness

8. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave 2022 EDT (NEW)

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave 2022 EDT (NEW)

The final edition you can find from Tommy Girl Summer is the Ocean Wave perfume from 2022. It’s an unusual fragrance that marries contemporary elegance with a touch of eccentricity to make women mysterious. It’s also the first Tommy Girl perfume to use a nutty base that brings a coffee element more than woody notes.

Macadamia nuts are a classy ingredient and are somewhat unusual in perfumes. It blends beautifully with the rose and jasmine ingredients, and the succulent pear transcends the scent into a hint of wildness. I match this perfume to Phoebe because the mysterious and eccentric personalities work better for her.

Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Fresh, white floral, rose, floral, and fruity
  • Top Notes: Succulent pear
  • Middle Notes: Damask rose, jasmine sambac, and lily-of-the-valley
  • Last Notes: Macadamia nuts
  • Wake & Longevity: Intimate to medium for about 6 hours
  • New Yorker: Elegant, confident, and slightly eccentric

Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave begins with beautiful floral and fresh notes that become more profound, more intense floral as the heart unfolds, and the fruity finale is warm and inviting as a nutty touch
  • The perfume is gorgeous for women who wear a similar personality to Phoebe, but not quite, and it has a beastly finale that allows the modern elegance to turn into something nutty (I mean a little wild here)

Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave Perfume Cons

  • Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave is the first limited-edition fragrance that smells better on mature women and not young ladies

9. Tommy Hilfiger True Star Women EDT

true star

Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star is one of the lesser-known fragrances from the brand. Still, don’t allow that to deter your attempt at using this gorgeous aroma if it fits your personality. The contemporary touches with layered ingredients that feel unique will make the right woman smell like heaven.

Imagine an influential leader wearing this gorgeously modern fragrance with refreshing twists that keep everyone in her wake. Indeed, the scent would match Rachel’s later character better than the other New Yorkers. It has sophisticated touches but smells like a successful, self-made woman.

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Fresh, aldehydic, white floral, fruity, citrus, ozonic, aquatic, powdery, musky, and yellow floral
  • Top Notes: Melon
  • Middle Notes: Honeysuckle and citruses
  • Last Notes: Aldehydes and cotton musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for 6 to 8 hours
  • New Yorker: Modern, busy, and powerful

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Hilfiger True Star begins with refreshing and floral notes before drying into a fruity and ozonic heart, and the finale brings a wild turn of musky and yellow floral elements
  • The perfume undoubtedly feels better on a mature, successful, hard-working woman in the office, and it has leadership and feminist qualities

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Perfume Cons

  • The scent won’t smell excellent on younger, more vibrant women still chasing their dreams

10. Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold EDT

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold EDT

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold is the closest fragrance to my type of American woman. It smells like the wake I love enjoying and sharing with my fiancé. I’m a Millennial who loves sweet, fruity, and floral evolutions in my fragrances. The combination undoubtedly works for my love life and romantic adventures.

I also have a profoundly eccentric nature that somewhat matches Phoebe, but this scent matches two characters from Friends. It has Phoebe’s wild and untamable nature and Rachel’s romantic desires and appealing personality. It’s an unusual Tommy fragrance not many women know.

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold Perfume Facts

  • Drydown Accords: Sweet, fruity, citrus, fresh, soft spicy, white floral, fresh spicy, aromatic, honey, and floral
  • Top Notes: Redcurrant, citruses, kiwi fruit, and melon
  • Middle Notes: Pumpkin, lemon blossom, and lily-of-the-valley
  • Last Notes: Pink tulips, milk, raspberry, juniper berries, and white honey
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 6 hours
  • New Yorker: Adventurous, eccentric, and romantic

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold Perfume Pros

  • Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold starts sweet and fruity before the heart turns fresher and spicier, and the finale has gorgeous floral and honey accents that blend perfectly
  • This fragrance would suit most women with a slight touch of romantic desires and a wild element, and it smells adventurous in a weird way

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold Perfume Cons

  • The perfume works better for younger to slightly mature women but not mature ladies or Gen X.


Question: What Does Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl Smell Like?

Answer: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Original smells like walking into a heavenly field of flowers engulfed in fruity accents with touches of warm woods and leather elements. It begins with floral notes that dry into fruity and green accords before the finale brings a splash of profoundly intense woody and spicy ingredients.

Question: What’s the Newest Perfume From Tommy Hilfiger?

Answer: Tommy Girl Summer Ocean Wave is a 2022 edition from Tommy Hilfiger. The brand loves releasing new summer editions every few years, and this one is gorgeous. It has succulent pear notes that dry into beautiful floral hearts. The finale brings a refreshing take by using Macadamia nuts.

Question: How Long Do Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes Last?

Answer: Tommy Hilfiger perfumes are Eau De Toilettes, meaning they should last around six hours. Some EDTs last only four hours, but Tommy’s perfumes stay at least six hours. In addition, many of the brand’s all-American fragrances last up to eight hours, which is highly unusual for perfumes with a higher alcohol concentration.

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