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Best Curve Perfume Guide: How Much Curve Do You Have?

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I often see between the lines as a perfume snob, and I’ve watched the curvaceous scents unfold as I began writing the best Curve perfume guide. Indeed, fragrances can have luscious curves just as a beautiful woman flaunts every curvy line like a goddess. So, that reminds me: I aim to find the perfume that turns you into one.

I spend much of my time reviewing the best-smelling colognes and perfumes to find luscious, luxurious, and adventurous fragrances for my husband and me. It’s a hobby that has become an obsession. There’s nothing wrong with fetishes, right? I hope not. Instead, let me move you on a journey of curvaceous goddesses.

My Top Curve Perfume Upfront

Liz Claiborne’s gorgeous Curve range of perfumes offers a touch of mardi gras madness intertwined with curvaceous goddess statuses. The ingredients, colors, lifestyle, and everything glamorous come to life when you wear one of her eclectic fragrances. But, first, I use a simple rating system to rate the perfumes.

My scale accounts for characteristics, wake, longevity, and ingredients. It leaves you with rated fragrances you can merely match to your personality, depending on how much curvaceous goddess you own inside (or want to own). But first, my ultimate pick is Curve for Women EDT because it’s the highest on my scale.

I’d give it a 4/3 if I could. Still, I gave it the maximum rating because it has five of the best characteristics for excitable fragrances. In addition, it lasts long enough and has a balanced wake. Finally, it contains a long list of exotic, fruity, and sweet ingredients that sensually bring New Orleans to life.

You’ll have to dive into the upcoming details to know more about what makes this perfume the best. But, first, let me tease your senses with a glance at other rated favorites that suit various women.

More of the Best Curve Perfumes at a Glance

I believe in giving you a taste. So, here are another three of my favorite Curve perfumes rated on the different levels of curvaceous goddesses to suit various women:

  • Curve Kicks for Women EDT scores 3 of 3 for having all the goddess checklist requirements. It’s a fruity, sweet perfume for sexy, bold, naughty, contemporary, and adventurous women. In addition, it has the ideal wake and lasts long enough.
  • Curve Wave for Women EDT scores 2 of 3 for having a cheeky, alluring, romantic, modern, and exotic personality. It’s my favorite on this scale because of the exotic fruits and tropical undertones. However, it doesn’t last more than five hours.
  • Curve Chill for Women EDT scores 1 of 3 because it’s a romantic, alluring, and modern perfume. Still, it’s the best option for soft-spoken and classically-feminine women who love aromatics and florals. It’s my favorite Curve perfume from the single-point scale.

The Ultimate Guide to the Top Curve Perfumes

Curve perfumes began in the heart of New Orleans, where color, bling, and goddess-like women strut their stuff in their streets. It has a life unlike other fragrances, and I’ll show you why. In addition, I’ll share some secrets about turning yourself into a mardi gras goddess with the right perfume and how I rated the best ones.

Curvaceous Pleasures

It’s the second time I’m enjoying writing about Curve fragrances. First, I targeted the best Curve colognes to throw sensual pitches. Second, I love the scents so much that I needed to focus on women’s curvy solutions. Finally, more than the fragrances, I love the story behind Liz Claiborne’s Curve perfume range.

Before I start, Liz reminds me of a voluptuous goddess. However, she doesn’t look like an artsy fashion and beauty designer. Instead, she has a curvy body with a down-to-earth style. I love that about her. However, her roots are unlike most designers. Indeed, she studied with artists and designers in Europe.

In addition, I believe her background influenced her artistic take on gorgeous fragrances. Liz came from the heart of mardi gras in New Orleans. It’s a place of exceptional eccentricity, eclectic fashion, and curvy women turning heads. The costumes often make women look like goddesses.

It’s a lifetime experience if you haven’t been to New Orleans yet. The colors, bling, lifestyle, and bold statements are unlike any other place I’ve seen. Liz Claiborne’s vision is contemporary, and she mimics the gorgeous goddesses she grew up with in New Orleans. Her perfumes are curvaceously luxurious and sensual.

What You Need to Know to Wear Curve Perfume Like a Goddess

curve perfumes

Every Curve perfume has a snappy personality, ranging from sparkling mardi gras ladies to flirtatious goddesses. The scents are fun, enjoyable, and full of life. The best way to wear them is to marry your characteristics to those within your favorite fragrance. Therefore, I’ll rate each perfume on a curvaceous scale.

The higher it rates on a scale of one to three, the more voluptuous the personality is within it. It comes closer to goddess status with a glamorous element that makes you feel like you’re in the mardi gras. Lower-rated scents will better suit professional women who want a hint of pizazz in the workplace.

Your main goal will be to match the amount of curvaceous goddess you’d like to wear. Start with the personality each fragrance has combined with the rating. For example, suppose you’re a flirtatious goddess who wants an excitable scent for your next date night; you’ll select one with a romantic and sexy personality.

In addition, you’ll need one with a higher rating to exude an excitable wake. So, let’s see how I rate each scent.

How I Rated the Best Curve Perfumes

Liz Claiborne’s Curve has a beautiful selection of perfumes, meaning I’ll include all options by rating each fragrance on a scale of one to three. The rating system is simple, and the scent will gather a point for each of the following:

  1. The perfume has a solid wake and longevity to ensure the smell lasts and resonates appropriately. Curve perfumes that last six hours or more and have at least a medium trail will score a point for this factor.
  2. The Curve scent should contain sweet, fruity, or exotic ingredients to gain another point toward the curvaceous goddess peak. These ingredients have naughty, contemporary, and glitzy aromas. The exotic ingredients include unusual or profound floral notes that enhance the fragrance.
  3. Finally, the fragrance gains another point for having specific characteristics that enhance the goddess in you. Those characteristics include sassy, cheeky, romantic, sexy, alluring, contemporary, bold, confident, and animalistic.

Curve perfumes that contain one point will be mildly goddess-like, while two points will increase the goddess scale to a new level. Finally, three points on my scale will turn you into the sexy, fun, and contemporary goddess who belongs in New Orleans. It doesn’t seem very easy, but I’ll be sure to simplify the ratings on each.

Best Curve Perfume Guide: My Top 10 Picks

It’s time to find your curvaceous goddess waiting to come into the light. I love my favorite Curve perfume because it shapes my excitable personality more than the others. So, it’s not only the rating that hits a home run. Instead, the characteristics also fit mine like a sensual glove.

Additionally, I’ll make things interesting by adding alternatives that smell similar and have some of the same notes and characteristics. That way, you might know how each Curve perfume smells or find a replacement if you love another brand. But, first, let’s see my best-rated Curve scents and work down the scale.

1. Curve for Women EDT

Curve for Women EDT

It’s odd, but most perfume brands make the original the ultimate, which works perfectly with my rating system. Curve for Women is the original fragrance that boosts the goddess in you. The collection of exotic fruits and florals turn this wild scent into something you’d imagine seeing at the mardi gras in New Orleans.

Curve Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 3/3
  • Evolution: Citrus, floral, fruity, fresh, woody, powdery, rose, sweet, white floral, and violet
  • Seasons: Summer and spring
  • First Notes: Apricot, Mandarin orange, ylang-ylang, peach, bergamot, grapefruit, and blackberry
  • Middle Notes: Damask rose, cyclamen, cassia, lotus, magnolia, peony, freesia, and lily-of-the-valley
  • Final Notes: Mahogany, sandalwood, cedarwood, iris, violet, musk, and amber
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 6 hours
  • Characteristics: Animalistic, bold, cheeky, contemporary, and romantic
  • Best Alternative: 360° Red by Perry Ellis

Curve Perfume Pros

  • Curve perfume begins with intense florals blended into a citrus note before turning woody and fruity with a twist, and the finale comes with gorgeous florals intertwined with sweetness and a powdery effect
  • The scent feels beast-like more than others, and it uses lotus, Damask rose, cassia, ylang-ylang, blackberry, and apricot to diffuse the olfactory aromas with a contemporary twist
  • This fragrance is incredible for women who want the most curvaceous goddess style one can obtain through a scent, and it smells cheeky with a romantic element that drives men wild

Curve Perfume Cons

  • The initial smell is intense, but it dries into a medium wake, which is slightly disappointing

2. Curve Appeal for Women EDT

Curve Appeal for Women EDT

Curve Appeal is another gorgeously glamorous and enjoyable fragrance from Liz Claiborne’s eclectic mardi gras inspirations. The powdery start quickly leads to a wild evolution of fruits and sweet notes. This fragrance is likely the most youthful in her range, and it would make Gen Z smell like a festive goddess.

Curve Appeal Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 3/3
  • Evolution: Powdery, fruity, sweet, woody, musky, citrus, vanilla, patchouli, violet, and fresh
  • Seasons: Summer, spring, and fall
  • First Notes: Red apple, nectarine, and Mandarin orange
  • Middle Notes: Iris, jasmine, and violet
  • Final Notes: Patchouli, musk, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood
  • Wake & Longevity: Solid for about 6 hours
  • Characteristics: Vibrant, confident, sexy, naughty, and adventurous
  • Best Alternative: Love Fury Kiss by Nine West

Curve Appeal Perfume Pros

  • Curve Appeal begins with slow powdery elements before opening to a sweet, fruity heart with a wooden undertone, and the finale twists your senses into submission with violet, vanilla, and a refreshing touch
  • The fragrance has a vibrant feel that seems younger than the rest, and ingredients like violet, iris, apples, and nectarines bring the soul to life within the aroma, bending the senses to a wild undertone
  • It’s another gorgeously high-rated Curve perfume with sexy, confident, and adventurous elements, but it also works for women who want that hint of mischief coming through their wake

Curve Appeal Perfume Cons

  • The powdery start can put someone off this magnificent scent before their senses explode with glitz

3. Curve Crush for Women EDT

Curve Crush for Women EDT

Fortunately, I have another beautiful fragrance from Curve with a high-goddess rating. This scent uses unusual ingredients to captivate the senses in a wild journey, helping your fragrance smell like a bold adventure through the streets of New Orleans. It feels sassier than most Curve fragrances and is a long-lasting treat.

Curve Crush Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 3/3
  • Evolution: Lactonic, sweet, warm spicy, cinnamon, and vanilla
  • Seasons: All seasons
  • First Notes: Cinnamon, milk, sugar, and vanilla
  • Middle Notes: Cardamom, musk, ginger, and cloves
  • Final Notes: Black pepper, green tea, exotic florals, and citruses
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for up to 8 hours
  • Characteristics: Sassy, sexy, bold, modern, and romantic
  • Best Alternative: Dream Angel by Victoria’s Secret

Curve Crush Perfume Pros

  • Curve Crush begins with crushing lactonic notes before evolving into a sweet and spicy teaser for your senses, and the cinnamon and vanilla finale brings together a contemporary sensual adventure
  • This fragrance also feels nearly as vibrant and youthful as the last one, and the ingredients shock me, including the milk, sugar, and exotic florals, making it a beautiful high-scorer
  • There’s a profoundly contemporary feeling to this scent, making it ideal for modern women, and it has sassy elements that make it feel romantic and sexy for the woman bold enough to flaunt it

Curve Crush Perfume Cons

  • I would’ve loved this scent if it didn’t feel so youthful, but it’s an excellent high-scorer for young women

4. Curve Kicks for Women EDT

Curve Kicks for Women EDT

My final ultimate goddess Curve perfume is my second favorite. It’s a versatile fragrance that smells like a wild night in New Orleans, working for women of most ages. It also utilizes one of my top exotic ingredients, passionfruit. No other ingredient achieves the same undertone as this exotic beauty, and it smells divine.

Curve Kicks Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 3/3
  • Evolution: Fruity, sweet, fresh, citrus, woody, aromatic, floral, green, tropical, and vanilla
  • Seasons: Summer, spring, and fall
  • First Notes: Melon, pear, cassia, and Mandarin orange
  • Middle Notes: Lily-of-the-valley, peony, freesia, and passionfruit
  • Final Notes: Peach, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood, and vanilla
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 6 hours
  • Characteristics: Sexy, bold, contemporary, naughty, and adventurous
  • Best Alternative: Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Curve Kicks Perfume Pros

  • Curve Kicks begins with bold fruity and sweet notes that slowly take a refreshing turn before evolving a woody heart, and the perfume turns wild when the aromatic and tropical finale clash with the senses
  • This fragrance undoubtedly works for more generations than the last two did, and the ingredients are next-level impressive, including passionfruit, peach, pear, melon, and cassia
  • It’s another beautiful Curve fragrance with contemporary goddess all over it, and it smells bold, sexy, somewhat wild, and has a touch of mischief as the tropicals rise in the finale

Curve Kicks Perfume Cons

  • The alternative Tommy perfume lasts longer on your skin, and the woody heart feels misplaced

5. Curve Connect for Women EDT

Curve Connect for Women EDT

Curve Connect would’ve hit the top scores if it didn’t lack suitable characteristics. However, it’s the most professional-smelling fragrance you’ll find from the brand. It would smell divine on working women who follow their ambitions, no matter what. Instead, it has determination and leadership in every whiff of the scent.

Curve Connect Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 2/3
  • Evolution: Warm spicy, woody, citrus, fruity, sweet, cinnamon, powdery, vanilla, balsamic, and patchouli
  • Seasons: Fall and winter
  • First Notes: Tangerine, plum, and sandalwood
  • Middle Notes: Patchouli, Tahitian vanilla, cinnamon, and melon
  • Final Notes: Cedarwood, saffron, and cactus flower
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for up to 8 hours
  • Characteristics: Professional, determined, ambitious, old-school, and focused
  • Best Alternative: Amor, Amor by Cacharel

Curve Connect Perfume Pros

  • Curve Connect begins with spicy and woody elements that feel like a leader in the making before turning to a sweeter, fruitier heart and ending with a powdery, balsamic feel that brings it back to leadership
  • This fragrance smells more mature than others, including the Curve Soul olfactory scent, and it has gorgeous ingredients like plums, tangerine, saffron, and cactus flowers as exotic teasers
  • The smell would work better than any Curve fragrance for professional women, but it also has ambition, classic, and target-driven elements that enhance the right woman’s wake

Curve Connect Perfume Cons

  • It doesn’t fit well into my requirements because the characteristics miss the mark entirely

6. Curve Soul for Women EDP

Curve Soul for Women EDP

There’s nothing more soulful about a fragrance than Curve Soul. The only reason it hit the medium-goddess status is that it doesn’t last long enough for a beautiful night on the streets of New Orleans. Curvaceousness is lacking in that regard. However, this scent is ideal for mature women who enjoy exciting scents.

Curve Soul Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 2/3
  • Evolution: Floral, white floral, green, woody, powdery, aquatic, musky, and ozonic
  • Seasons: Summer and spring
  • First Notes: Freesia, lotus, lotus leaf, and bamboo stalks
  • Middle Notes: Tyger lily, cactus flower, heliotrope, Tahitian Tiare flower, nutmeg, and white woods
  • Final Notes: Incense and musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for 4 to 5 hours
  • Characteristics: Romantic, classic, sophisticated, mature, and sexy
  • Best Alternative: 212 by Carolina Herrera

Curve Soul Perfume Pros

  • Curve Soul starts with soulful floral notes that blend with refreshing green accords before turning into a powdery, woody heart and ending with gorgeous aquatic and musky undertones
  • It’s another beautiful salute to mature women who enjoy the excitement of mardi gras and want to feel like goddesses, and the Tahitian flowers, lotus, bamboo, and cactus ingredients do the trick
  • It’s an intensely sophisticated smell that works for women who own their success, and it has sexy, romantic, and bold elements to enhance the enjoyable sensual experience

Curve Soul Perfume Cons

  • I was shocked to see how the only Eau De Parfum lasted less than six hours

7. Curve Wave for Women EDT

Curve Wave for Women EDT

Curve Wave is my final salute to the medium-goddess who wants touches of mardi gras festivities blended into her modern and romantic endeavors. Ironically, the wake brings waves of floral and fruity exchanges. However, it mainly misses the mark by lasting less than six hours. This scent smells younger, though.

Curve Wave Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 2/3
  • Evolution: Fruity, floral, tropical, white floral, powdery, sweet, musky, and woody
  • Seasons: Summer and spring
  • First Notes: Starfruit, raspberry, orchid, and honeysuckle
  • Middle Notes: Hibiscus, passionflower, lily, and frangipani
  • Final Notes: Sandalwood, musk, and amber
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for up to 5 hours
  • Characteristics: Cheeky, alluring, romantic, exotic, and modern
  • Best Alternative: Happy by Clinique

Curve Wave Perfume Pros

  • Curve Wave begins with gorgeous tropical, fruity, and floral evolutions that take longer to dry into a powdery heart, and the finale brings a sweet, musky element that boldly touches the romance
  • The perfume smells younger than other medium-goddess Curve fragrances, and the ingredients make it my favorite from this scale, including starfruit, honeysuckle, and passionflower (similar to passionfruit)
  • The youthful fragrance brings a wild experience to a modern woman with some adventure in her soul, and it has exotically romantic qualities that wrap the senses in a comfortable blanket

Curve Wave Perfume Cons

  • It’s another sad Curve edition that doesn’t last six hours

8. Curve Chill for Women EDT

Curve Chill for Women EDT

Don’t underestimate the low-goddess status Curve perfumes because they’re gorgeous in their own right. Sadly, they just miss the mark of my requirements and Liz Claiborne’s initial goals. However, they’re beautiful scents with life, grit, and feminine glory. This fragrance is the best option for soft-spoken ladies.

Curve Chill Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 1/3
  • Evolution: Floral, citrus, fresh, warm spicy, woody, green, aromatic, musky, powdery, and sweet
  • Seasons: Summer and spring
  • First Notes: Green tea, ginger, and lemon
  • Middle Notes: Freesia, sweet pea, and peony
  • Final Notes: Vetiver, cedarwood, and musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 4 hours
  • Characteristics: Modern, alluring, romantic, soft-spoken, and feminine
  • Best Alternative: Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Curve Chill Perfume Pros

  • Curve Chill begins with refreshing florals that turn spicy before a woody heart opens with aromatics, and the finale brings a sense of powdery, musky olfactory accords to feel classically feminine
  • This beautiful scent is a youthful bliss for romantic and dating-aged women, and the sweet pea, green tea, and freesia notes wrap the exotic comforts of Liz Claiborne around the senses
  • It’s a beautiful scent for shy, compassionate, and traditional women who want that alluring effect, and it has excitable elements that feel ultra-feminine and attractive

Curve Chill Perfume Cons

  • It’s the Curve perfume with the shortest longevity I’ve tried on my skin

9. Curve Pink Blossom for Women EDT

Curve Pink Blossom for Women EDT

Curve Pink Blossom is the girliest perfume in the range. It’s another youthful smell that touches the classically shy woman who feels romantic and appealing. It’s a beautifully elegant fragrance with unusual ingredients leading to an expectedly gorgeous evolution. It’s a pity the longevity and characteristics miss my marks.

Curve Pink Blossom Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 1/3
  • Evolution: Floral, green, fresh, rose, woody, and aquatic
  • Seasons: Summer and spring
  • First Notes: Apple blossom, magnolia, and aloe vera
  • Middle Notes: Water lily, pear blossom, and water notes
  • Final Notes: Pink peony, woodsy notes, and cashmere musk
  • Wake & Longevity: Medium for about 4 hours
  • Characteristics: Feminine, classic, elegant, pretty, and soft-spoken
  • Best Alternative: Floral Blush by Coach

Curve Pink Blossom Perfume Pros

  • Curve Pink Blossom starts with bold florals that quickly turn quiet with a green element, and the heart opens with a refreshing, woody blend with roses before it ends in an expected aquatic flush
  • The youthful fragrance is a shy, compassionate, and pretty goddess in hiding, and the water lily, pear blossom, and aloe vera kick it a few notches to the excitement stage
  • This beautiful scent would smell heavenly on soft-spoken women with a pretty demeanor, and it feels traditional, extremely feminine, and elegant to the sensual touch

Curve Pink Blossom Perfume Cons

  • It sadly lasts around four hours and smells ultra traditional on women

10. Curve Spark for Women EDT

Curve Spark for Women EDT

Curve Spark sounds like it belongs on the top-goddess scale but misses a few marks. It doesn’t have exotic ingredients and only relies on caramel for sweetness. It also has an intimate wake that works better for elegant professionals who want their masculine leadership qualities to reveal themselves through the aroma.

Curve Spark Perfume Facts

  • Goddess Rating: 1/3
  • Evolution: Woody, caramel, warm spicy, cinnamon, musky, powdery, sweet, floral, and rose
  • Seasons: Fall and winter
  • First Notes: Cedarwood and cinnamon
  • Middle Notes: Musk and caramel
  • Final Notes: Orchid and rose
  • Wake & Longevity: Intimate for up to 8 hours
  • Characteristics: Ambitious, slightly masculine, old-school, elegant, and professional
  • Best Alternative: Guess Original by Marciano

Curve Spark Perfume Pros

  • Curve Spark begins with intense woody elements blended into a slightly sweet caramel accord before turning into a musky, spicy heart with cinnamon touches, and it ends with a lovely floral note
  • The mature-smelling fragrance adds some spark to a professional woman, and the caramel note and floral base enhance the excitement just enough to enter the goddess status
  • It smells wildly ambitious and somewhat masculine, which works for professionals, and it has traditional touches with a woody start that smells elegant

Curve Spark Perfume Cons

  • Women don’t always love the woody start to a feminine fragrance


Question: Who Makes Curve Perfume?

Answer: Curve is a gorgeous range of perfumes inspired by unusual roots. The scents feel fun, flirtatious, and excitable. Liz Claiborne is the eclectic mind behind this beautiful fragrance line that encourages women to be like the goddesses who embrace the streets of New Orleans for mardi gras festivals.

Question: What Does Liz Claiborne Curve for Women Smell Like?

Answer: Curve Original by Liz Claiborne is a beautiful fragrance with an excitable evolution. A citrus start leads to a beautiful floral and fruity expansion from the apricot, peach, grapefruit, and blackberry notes. The accords then move into a powdery and woody heart before turning to a sweet floral finale with various exotic flowers.

Question: What Does Curve Spark for Women Smell Like?

Answer: Curve Spark for Women is Liz Claiborne’s take on professional, sophisticated, and ambitious women. It begins with profoundly woody notes before welcoming subtle caramel accords. The heart opens with a spicy, musky twist that leads to a sweet floral finale without feeling too feminine or youthful.

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