Usher Cologne Review: Does It Steer Your Senses?

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Do you want a sensual redirection? If so, I plan to show you how the American singer-songwriter’s collection smells in this Usher Cologne Guide. He currently has three colognes, and they’re promising, with my favorite being Usher by Usher because it’s sweet, modern, and sexy.

Usher is a man of many talents, including dancing, singing, rapping, and smelling incredible. He was a smash hit in the 1990s, and he made the Billboard Top 100 with Nice & Slow. The early 2000s saw Usher rise to greater fame, and he engraved his talents in the music world.

However, do Usher’s talents extend well into the fragrance world? So many celebrities release perfumes and colognes, but not all stars are as sensually talented as they are on-screen and radio.

Call me a perfume snob, but I’m about to review his colognes, honestly, which isn’t bad. My partner loved trying them on for me, and he added our favorite to his collection. It turns out a singer has a nose for gorgeous fragrances, and let’s see how each one measures up.

What You Should Consider First

The funny thing is that every cologne smells excellent to someone, and that’s why there are so many options. Following your nose to your next signature fragrance is the first step of many, and I’ll show you the notes and accord of each cologne to help you experience them sensually.

The next step is to determine whether the cologne smells good on you. How old are you? Okay, maybe you’re as sensitive as I am with that question, but I must be honest. Different cologne types suit specific age groups, and Millennials and Gen Z men love modern smells.

Contemporary smells include fougeres, gourmands, and chypres. Olfactory scents suit mature men better again, but combining an olfactory scent with a gourmand is the path to a versatile fragrance. The smell of teakwood combined with coconut is a modern smell for any age group.

The third step is to determine what a cologne should say about you. Some accords evolve into a confident expression, while others feel soft-spoken. Imagine wearing a confident cologne as a shy Catholic boy. It doesn’t work, and that’s why you should consider cologne expressions.

The final step is to determine whether the pros outweigh the cons in your favor. If a cologne passes all four stages, it’s yours. Own it, and wear it like a beast.

Usher Cologne Review Key Features: Three Shining Stars

Usher has three colognes available in 2022, and I’ll show you how they smell, what they express, what makes them fabulous, and what might deter you. I consider his colognes rather fantastic for celebrity fragrances, but I’ll still be objective about everything. This article is a review, after all.

I’ve put the Usher colognes in order of how intense they smell. The first one smells like a modern salute to vibrant men, but the last one will blow your mind and that of the people around you. Usher wasn’t shy to go bold or go home, and he certainly is talented as a perfume creator.

Remember to use my steps to determine whether Usher colognes work for you or not, but keep the intensity in mind, too. Not every man wants a cologne astronauts can smell on the International Space Station. Then again, you might love the attention it gains.

Usher Homme EDT

Usher Homme EDT

Usher Homme is a spicy amber fragrance with nearly as much masculine attitude as the star’s music. It strikes your nose with a bold, spicy statement that slowly becomes warm and then fresh before you fall into the warmth of amber sweetened gently by vanilla.

The woody undertone rises as you get sweet and musky accents, and a leather accord surprises your nose for that extra masculine push before you smell a gentle fruity finale. It smells strong and lasts six to eight hours, and it works best in all seasons but winter.

Accords: Aromatic, warm spicy, fresh spicy, amber, vanilla, woody, sweet, musky, leather, and fruity

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, saffron, cardamom, and green apple

Middle Notes: Rosemary, ginger, jasmine, and geranium

Base Notes: Tonka bean, musk, ambroxan, and woodsy notes

Recommended Age: late-20s to early-40s

Who Should Wear It?

A man with some superstar attitude should wear this cologne. It expresses a confident, sexy, outgoing, adventurous, masculine, sporty, and modern attitude. It would suit a man who knows what he wants and isn’t deterred by challenges. It smells like success on your skin.


  • It’s a bold cologne for confident men in their middle ages
  • It has beautiful modern notes, using olfactory and gourmand qualities
  • The drydown is slow, long-lasting, and notable enough to leave impressions
  • The vanilla, Tonka bean, and apple notes bring perfect balance in sweetness to turn the masculine element down enough for a man that doesn’t want to smell like a beast


  • It’s not the best winter cologne
  • It doesn’t work in mature or very young age groups
  • The musky accent momentarily steals the attention from the modern notes

Usher by Usher EDT


Usher by Usher is a crazy cologne from aromatic and woody families. It bursts onto the sensual scene with vibrant woody notes that feel balanced and perfectly sweetened by pineapple notes, and it dries into a somewhat ozonic heart where musky accents rise.

The cologne moves further into a refreshing and spicy attitude before it feels gentle and powdery for about half an hour, and it ends with an aromatic tease before the fresh and oceanic finale. It has a medium sillage that lasts around six hours, and it works in all seasons.

Accords: Woody, sweet, fruity, ozonic, musky, fresh spicy, powdery, aromatic, aquatic, and fresh

Top Notes: Lemon verbena, pineapple, and lemon

Middle Notes: Blue lavender, violet leaf, white pepper, and vetiver

Base Notes: Guaiac wood, sandalwood, amber, suede, and musk

Recommended Age: Early-20s to mid-40s

Who Should Wear It?

Is it fair to describe my partner? This cologne expresses vibrant, adventurous, daring, untamed, unapologetic, successful, modern-sophisticated, sexy, and slightly mysterious elements. I see any man with a direction in life wearing it, and it smells like a contemporary twist on masculinity.


  • It’s a confident cologne for men of more versatile age groups
  • It’s modern in all ways, combining gourmand and olfactory scents
  • The drydown isn’t overwhelming, and it leaves remarkable impressions on your favorite people (wink, wink)
  • The pineapple note surprisingly holds its ground against the robust woody foundation, preventing it from reaching a traditional status


  • It’s not the best cologne for shy, traditional, or mature men over the age limit
  • The powdery element seems a little feminine for a moment
  • The musky note sneaks in too high in the accords again (maybe I’m merely not a fan)

Usher UR EDT


Usher UR is a fruity, aromatic fragrance that kicks the modernity of the collection up another notch. The scent engulfs your nose with wild aromatics in the first half an hour before it dries into a fresher spiciness and welcomes a woody heart with nautical accents.

The cologne moves further into a bold and eclectic fruity undertone that welcomes sweetness to amplify the accord. The sweet stage lasts long before you dry into a herbal and powdery finale. It has an intimately medium sillage and lasts around six hours, and it works in spring and summer.

Accords: Aromatic, fresh spicy, woody, marine, fruity, sweet, powdery, and herbal

Top Notes: Fruity notes and seawater

Middle Notes: Basil, bay leaves, and nutmeg

Base Notes: Guaiac wood, cashmere wood, sandalwood, and artemisia

Recommended Age: Early-20s to Mid-40s

Who Should Wear It?

I imagine a beastly man wearing this cologne, and it expresses an animalistic side unlike other fruity gourmands or spicy fougeres. It’s wild, unpredictable, determined, unstoppable, and maybe a little crazy (for the pursuit of dreams, though). It’s fantastic if you’re a modern, limitless man.


  • It’s an insanely bold cologne for men of a more extensive age range
  • It’s modern but also traditionally beastly, using gourmand, chypre, and fougere notes
  • The drydown is intimate, but the evolutions are otherworldly, leaving unforgettable impressions
  • The fruity and sweet notes are barely able to contain the woody heart until it gives way to the underlying boldness of wild and almost tropical elements (this is amazing if you love beastly colognes)


  • This cologne is far too beastly for soft-spoken gentlemen
  • The powdery part sneaks into the mix again, which is undoubtedly a feminine accord
  • The final drydown and sweetness might burn your senses (but it will also turn you into the animal you wish to express in the contemporary world you love)

Each of Usher’s colognes is unique enough to earn its own matching partners. Maybe you don’t love the celebrity and want to try something else, and these three colognes match his 2022 collection closely. You can’t compare colognes 100%, but I’ve carefully sourced the nearest ones.

Michael Jordan Original

Michael Jordan Original

Michael Jordan Original is a beautifully fragrant cologne that matches Usher Homme well. It begins with woody and aromatic dances that slowly dry into the fresh spicy and citrus hearts before ending with a warm spicy and balsamic finale. It also has sweet touches along the way.


It has modern expressions like quirky, bold, ambitious, and sporty, suiting the same age range, and it uses the sweet notes as a balancing act like the Usher cologne


It has a more robust masculine feel and doesn’t smell as sweet

Mont Blanc Individuel

Mont Blanc Individuel

Individuel is a close match of Usher by Usher from the woody, amber family. It begins with sweet and fruity notes before bringing aromatics and a fresh spicy to the surface. It dries into a woody, amber heart before moving into vanilla, powdery, cinnamon, and lavender finale touches.


It’s fantastic for bold men with individual personalities, and it feels passionate, sexy, and unpredictable, perfect for modern men who love fruity notes


The fruity and sweet notes rise first, opposite to Usher by Usher, and they can be overwhelmingly sweet for the first half an hour

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolute

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolute

Acqua Di Gio Absolute is a woody and aromatic fragrance that matches Usher UR closely. It has an untamable aromatic and woody dance before the citrus and fresh spicy accents rise. It dries into a heart with amber, marine, sweet, and fruity notes before ending as an aquatic touch.


It’s just as wild as Usher UR, it matches the same expressions, and it’s a famous brand with long-lasting longevity of eight hours


It’s another cologne far too beastly for the traditional man with old-school passions, and it has an enormous wake, unlike Usher UR


Question: Is Usher a Good Cologne for Me?

Answer: Truthfully, only you can decide what’s good or not. However, Usher has three intense colognes for modern men in 2022, and the singer-songwriter didn’t waste his time. He enlisted famous perfumers Honorine Blanc and Richard Herpin to create his original 2007 cologne.

Answer: Usher by Usher, the medium-rated intensity on my stardom scale, is the winning number among Amazon consumers. It maintains an 80% approval rating after more than 5,600 verified people took the time to rate it. I also think it’s the winning middle-ground of Usher colognes.

Question: What Does Usher by Usher Smell Like?

Answer: The original 2007 Usher He by Usher begins with ecstatic woody and fruity interchanges that smell sweet and perfectly modern before it dries into a fresh spicy, ozonic, musky, and powdery heart, and it ends with a glorious exchange of aquatic, fresh, and aromatic touches.

Question: Do Celebrity Colognes Smell Any Good?

Answer: Honestly, some celebrity fragrances smell like a mistake, but I won’t share the names. You’ll have to wait for another review to find out. However, Usher cologne is a gorgeously modern smell for vibrant, confident, ambitious, and desirable men. It depends on the cologne.

Usher Cologne Review: Final Song

The short answer to whether Usher’s colognes can usher you into a new direction is that the man indeed has talents beyond his songs, but, and I mean a big but, it depends on the type of man wearing them. Are you modern? Do you fit the age groups?

Are the blended gourmands and fougeres right for you? Use my steps to determine whether the cologne suits you. I love my partner’s Usher by Usher, and it expresses the same audacious character he exudes. He’s a vibrant man who loves trying new things and doesn’t mind fruitiness.

The only one that worries me is Usher UR because it’s so intense and fruity at the end that it smells a bit feminine and child-like. However, some men love the intensity, and it’s about personal choice when it comes to the senses. How deep of an impression do you want to leave?

I highly recommend trying one of the colognes right now if you fit the description Usher targeted. You won’t feel disappointed, especially when your wake attracts attention.

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