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MicroPerfumes Review: Is MicroPerfumes Legit?

I love fragrance, but perfume is expensive. For the longest time, I settled for low-quality body sprays. I was spoiled when I worked in beauty; I got discounted high-end perfumes, and I loved how amazing yet complex the luxury fragrances smelled compared to boring body sprays. But when I stopped working at beauty stores, I had to find an alternative way to get amazing perfumes at a lower price.

Fortunately, I have already discovered online perfume retailers. These stores offer affordable luxury fragrances, and all the scents are legit. I discovered many, but MicroPerfumes is becoming one of my favorite fragrance retailers. I’m not the only one–I’ve been seeing this company grow and more people talking about its affordable fragrances.

But is MicroPerfumes legit? Read my full MicroPerfumes review to see if you should shop at this company or support a competitor.

Bottom Line Up Front

MicroPerfumes is a company that sells sample-sized versions of high-end fragrances. I understand why some people may not think MicroPerfumes is legit. They price name-brand fragrances so low, and it’s natural to be wary. Just know that I tried and tested MicroPerfumes, and can attest that they’re a legit brand. If you’re still unsure about MicroPerfumes, I recommended some alternatives you can check out.

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About MicroPerfumes

MicroPerfumes is a new company–they only formed in 2020, but have already become a massive name in the fragrance industry.

The reason why is they found a way to offer high-end fragrances at affordable prices. First, they use their own atomizers for smaller-sized fragrances (you can buy full-size fragrances at normal price). This is a feature I saw from fragrance subscription boxes.

I love this concept; I don’t wear high-end perfume every day, so there’s no need to buy a full-size product. Plus, the smaller sizes are the perfect way to try a perfume. If you don’t like the perfume, you can always return it or give it to someone else. MicroPerfumes offers fragrances for a low price–even as low as $3. MicroPerfumes also offers other perks, such as coupons, discounts, and free shipping.

What perfumes does MicroPerfumes sell? Not your run-of-the-mill cheap body sprays. One look at their website and you’ll see Tom Ford, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Versace–only the most prestigious fragrances. This makes MicroPerfumes the perfect place to satisfy your fragrance needs while saving money. It’s also the perfect place to buy a gift for a loved one.

How Does MicroPerfumes Work?

microperfumes website

MicroPerfumes sells various fragrance sizes. I will discuss this more in-depth in another section. This offers the user more flexibility since they may not need a full-size bottle, only want to try the fragrance, or want to save money.

MicroPerfumes prices by splitting the cost of the full-size bottle by the size of the sample. This way, they continue making money while saving customers money.

There are some pros and cons to this. You may look at their website and rush to get your credit card when you see Dior fragrances for $5. However, the size is only a 0.75 ml vial. You can find those for free at Sephora or other fragrance retailers. But this is a good option if you can’t find the sample elsewhere. If you don’t like the fragrance, at least you only spent $5 rather than $100+ for the full-size fragrance.

You may also be wondering if any of these fragrances are authentic. Trust me, they are. I’m reading that MicroPerfumes sells perfume at a lower price point since they often buy unboxed fragrances and buy them from third-party retailers (which is still legal, this method is just not available to average consumers).

best selling microperfumes

Fragrances Offered

MicroPerfumes offers both men’s and women’s fragrances. They sell the most prestigious brands, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry.

In addition to perfume and cologne, MicroPerfumes also sells gift sets. These gift sets are separated into different categories, such as fragrances for the club and the office. MicroPerfumes also runs specials for certain holidays. For example, I’m writing this review in February, and they have a Valentine’s Day gift set. These not only make perfect gifts but are a great way to try different fragrances. The gift sets vary in price–some as cheap as $44 while others are as pricey as $132.

This is an excellent solution if you want to buy high-end fragrances at an affordable price. I also suggest considering some niche brands, lesser-known fragrance makers, and companies that make cheap (but good) knock-offs. I will recommend some of these brands in the alternatives section.

Why Is MicroPerfumes so Affordable?

Are you reading this review and thinking, how is MicroPerfumes so affordable? Trust me, I had the same thoughts. That’s why I did some digging and discovered why MicroPerfumes is cheap. I found a few different reasons why.

Perfume Sizes

The main reason why MicroPerfumes is so affordable is a pretty obvious one–MicroPerfumes sells perfume in smaller sizes, decreasing the product’s price. MicroPerfumes buys the “testers” from the company. See, here’s a tidbit I learned from my experience working in beauty–companies make two types of perfumes: one for retail (where average customers purchase the product) and one to give to beauty companies to be used as samples.

The fragrances are identical, and the testers haven’t been used. The intent is the only difference between a perfume you will buy at MicroPerfumes versus one from a prestigious beauty store.

There are times when wholesale companies get ahold of these sample perfumes and sell them. The selling price is usually more affordable than the retail price. This is how companies like MicroPerfumes can price their product so low.

microperfumes products

Buying Fragrance at Scale

Since MicroPerfumes is a business, they have more leverage than average customers like you and me. This means they can negotiate with suppliers to buy fragrances at a lower price. They can do this in several ways, usually by buying in scale.

In other words, MicroPerfumes will buy fragrances in bulk and negotiate with sellers to charge a lower price. This is why MicroPerfumes is not only so affordable, but they offer many discounts and coupons.

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Fragrances with Damaged Packaging

When I worked at beauty stores, I was shocked that businesses lost many products. We had a generous exchange policy, and customers would return unused high-end perfume for the stupidest reasons.

In some cases, we would put the fragrance back on the floor if nothing about the perfume looked wrong. But if the packaging was damaged or tampered with, we put the fragrance in a separate bin to make it unavailable for purchase.

Plus, perfume packaging can get damaged during the shipping process. If that happens, beauty stores won’t put those fragrances on the floor.

So, what happens to these fragrances? Do they get thrown in the trash? That’s what I initially thought until I started digging more into this topic. It turns out that retailers will sell these unused perfumes to third parties. The third parties either sell the fragrances themselves or sell them to a source like MicroPerfumes. All MicroPerfumes has to do is put the fragrance in its own packaging. After all, the fragrance itself is fine–only the packaging got damaged.

Fewer Expenses

MicroPerfumes is an online retailer, meaning they have fewer expenses than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Let me explain this a bit more.

Most perfume retailers have locations at malls, shopping centers, and expensive districts. These beauty stores choose these locations because they attract more foot traffic and will target the right clientele. But renting commercial space in these areas is also extremely pricey. To make up for the revenue spent on the store, beauty businesses will have to price their merchandise higher.

Since a company like MicroPerfumes operates solely online, they don’t have this overhead. But that doesn’t mean MicroPerfumes doesn’t have any expenses. In addition to buying the merchandise and packaging, online businesses still spend money on their website, branding, and they likely have a warehouse or another physical location to hold their product. However, these expenses are still usually less than brick-and-mortar stores.

Coupons and Offers

Because of all of these reasons, MicroPerfumes can price down their products even more by offering coupons and discounts. On their website now, they’re even hosting a Valentine’s Day discount promotion. You can also take advantage of other deals. For example, MicroPerfumes offers free shipping when you spend $35.

microperfumes offers


I was impressed with MicroPerfume’s shipping. My fragrance samples were delivered in a small bag, and the atomizers were in excellent condition. I got free shipping, and my fragrances arrived relatively quickly.

Where Do They Ship?

MicroPerfumes ships out of its headquarters in Calabasas, California. They ship throughout the U.S. and offer international shipping.

MicroPerfumes says on their website that they offer international shipping, but don’t specify to which countries. I’m digging online and am finding testimonials from customers in Canada and the UK.

I did find a Reddit thread where a Canadian client experienced some tech issues on their website and was charged twice. The customer said customer service refunded the client and tried to put in the order manually, but it still wouldn’t go through. The post is two years old, but I would keep this in mind if you order internationally.

They may ship to other regions, such as Australia, New Zealand, and most EU member states, plus some or most nations in Asia, Central/South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. If you live in any of these areas, I would contact MicroPerfumes before ordering any products to ensure they can ship to your region. You may have to pay extra taxes, depending on your country.

Shipping Time

I live in the US, and the shipping was pretty quick. I received my fragrances within two weeks. I don’t know when they shipped my products since I was sent the samples for this review. They also sent the samples to my PO box, so they could have arrived earlier than when I got them. The website says shipping takes 2-8 business days, so I’m sure mine took around that length.

If you’re ordering internationally, MicroPerfumes says your order will take 4-15 days. I’ve shipped products to different countries; it usually takes one week to ship to Canada and two weeks to ship overseas. This depends on customs; my boyfriend is Canadian and had customs delays before.

Does MicroPerfumes Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! For domestic orders, you can get free shipping if you spend $35. For international orders, you’ll have to spend $100 for free shipping. Remember that these figures may change–these are just the dollar amounts that I’m reading on their website as I’m writing this. You may also see a free shipping code or coupon on their website or email newsletter (if you subscribe).

microperfumes set

Returns and Refunds

One of the downsides of MicroPerfumes is their stringent return policy. They don’t accept any returns or exchanges for vials and sample sprays since these are meant for you to try the product.

The exception is if any of these items were damaged. MicroPerfumes will accept returns and exchanges for damaged fragrances, including vials and samples. You’ll have to notify the company within 48 hours of product delivery. If your product is damaged or defective, you will receive a full refund, including shipping and gift wrapping costs.

MicroPerfumes does accept returns for full-size perfumes. However, the fragrance must be unused, unopened, and in its original packaging. You must return the merchandise within 30 days, and you will only be refunded the cost of the product.

When you request a refund, customer service will give you a number you need to process your return, which is an odd policy. MicroPerfumes won’t refund extra charges, such as shipping and gift wrapping.

MicroPerfumes will credit the original form of purchase. MicroPerfumes says the refund will transfer within one month, though this largely depends on the bank. I never needed to request a refund from MicroPerfumes, so I’m unsure how reliable these claims are.

Is MicroPerfumes Legit?

MicroPerfumes is legit. Even though they’re a new company, they have already built up a devoted following and have proved to be a reputable source in the fine fragrance industry. All of their fragrances are authentic; they’re only priced lower because of the size of the vial and the source where MicroPerfumes purchased their product.



I like MicroPerfumes, but there are some issues I have with this company. I wish their return policy wasn’t so strict, and they could offer more niche perfume companies. MicroPerfumes is also a new company, and I understand that some consumers are wary about trusting them.

Fortunately, there are many competitors out there. These competitors are also great, and I’ve used them more than MicroPerfumes. I also mentioned that I will recommend some brands that create high-quality knock-off fragrances. Here are some popular alternatives to MicroPerfumes.



I’ve been ordering from Fragrancenet for years. I found them when I found a retailer that carried my mom’s favorite perfume Heaven Sent, which is discontinued. Fragrancenet is the only place that carried it then, so I started ordering from them.

I’ve ordered numerous fragrances from them, and I love how they carry a lot of discontinued scents. For example, Fragrancenet carries one of my favorite fragrances, Luna by Nina Ricci, which is now discontinued.

Fragrancenet is the best MicroPerfumes alternative since they sell discounted high-end perfumes. Fragrancenet only carries full-size products, no samples or testers, but they price them low. Every fragrance I used from this company has been authentic, though my boyfriend got me a perfume from this website that smelled old.


Like MicroPerfumes, Fragrancenet can price high-end perfumes lower since they don’t have as many operational costs. Every item was delivered in excellent condition and in its original packaging when I received them. Their shipping is really fast, and Fragrancenet has better international shipping options.

Be Layered

be layered

Be Layered is a company that specializes in cheaper knock-offs of high-end fragrances, but they also make originals. Be Layered first caught my attention because Cherry Delight smells exactly like Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry.

cherry delight

I love supporting small and niche businesses, so I was curious about trying an original blend. I purchased Fatal Attraction, which features jasmine and amber as the top notes. I recommend this fragrance if you’re a fan of floral fragrances but don’t want one that’s too sweet.

It’s such a seductive fragrance, perfect for a date. This perfume is really strong, so spray a small amount. It lasts a long time for me, but that’s because my pheromones love jasmine and amber.

The perfume is $32, which isn’t bad at all. However, it did get more expensive compared to when I ordered this fragrance only four months ago (it was $28 when I ordered it). I understand inflation and the supply chain are hurting small businesses, but it’s still a shame that they had to increase their prices.


lucky scent

If you’re looking for a MicroPerfumes alternative that sells high-end and niche fragrances, I suggest Luckyscent. While they don’t have as many size options as MicroPerfumes, you can still buy a sample-sized fragrance here. Every fragrance you order is authentic and will arrive in perfect condition. They also have great customer service and send extra samples with your order.


fragrance x

FragranceX has one of the biggest selections of discounted perfume–more than what MicroPerfumes offers, in my opinion. They sell women’s, men’s, and unisex fragrances. In addition to perfume, FragranceX sells deodorant, lotion, shower products, and gift sets.

Their website is user-friendly, and shipping is really fast. MicroPerfumes has better customer service than FragranceX, but FragranceX is a better option if you want to shop at an online perfume store with more options.


Question: Where do you buy MicroPerfumes?

Answer: You can only buy MicroPerfumes from their website.

Question: Do MicroPerfumes fragrances expire?

Answer: First, it takes a long time for a perfume to fully expire. Your perfume could last as long as five years. However, it’s difficult to know how long MicroPerfumes have been keeping their fragrances, where they purchased them, and when their suppliers received them. I suggest buying a sample from MicroPerfumes rather than a full-size bottle. No matter what size perfume you buy, I wouldn’t keep the fragrance longer than one year.

Question: Does MicroPerfumes offer a subscription?

Answer: No, you’re in full control of the products you receive and when. Just place an order when you want to buy from MicroPerfumes.

Microperfumes Review: Bottom Line

MicroPerfumes is a legit company specializing in selling sample-sized versions of high-end fragrances. They sell both men’s and women’s fragrances and mainly sell designer brand perfumes and colognes. This way, consumers can wear luxurious fragrances without spending much money.

I understand why some fragrance enthusiasts may be wary of MicroPerfumes. They’re a new company, and you may wonder why they can price high-end perfume so affordably. I tested their products and assure you that this company is legit and worth it. If you’re still unsure, I recommended some alternatives you can try instead.

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