Noteworthy Scents Review

Noteworthy Scents Review: Is Noteworthy Legit?

Does anyone else notice fragrance is seriously trending?

When I’m on the beauty subreddits, I regularly see people posting about fragrances and asking for recommendations. And I can see why; when I worked at Sephora, I fell in love with fragrance.

Before, I would wear some cheap body spray that usually faded within an hour. But at Sephora, I discovered the world of fine fragrance. Just a quick spritz, and the perfume will last all day.

When I’m too lazy to wear makeup, I will wear my best perfumes — even to run errands — as a way to make myself feel luxurious. Plus, fine fragrance has a personality. Your pheromones work with the different fragrance notes, creating a scent that’s personal to you.

Here’s the problem: it can be hard to find the perfect perfume for you in a sea of perfume industry marketing.

If you’re new to the fragrance world, finding a scent can be daunting. You can always go to Sephora or any other beauty store and try each fragrance or bug the consultant for a sample.

Fortunately, Noteworthy has emerged as an alternative. Before you purchase any fragrances from them, you fill out a simple survey, and they match you with four Noteworthy fragrance samples based on your responses.

I was curious about Noteworthy and decided to try it for myself. Continue reading to discover my full Noteworthy Scents review!

Bottom Line Up Front

About Noteworthy

  • Noteworthy was founded in 2022 by beauty industry veterans Luke and Ashley.
  • What makes them stand out as perfumers is they leverage AI to find your perfect scent.
  • Expert perfumers in the USA craft all Noteworthy fragrances. They are free of phthalates, parabens, and dyes.
  • Noteworthy doesn’t conduct animal testing and is a sustainable business

Sample Kit

Noteworthy uses AI to connect you with four selected fragrance samples based on your quiz responses.

Each fragrance sample is 0.05 fl oz. The sample kit costs $24.99, and you’ll receive a coupon for a full-size fragrance.

Fragrances I Received


The sample bottles were hard to spray.


I received my sample kit in five days. Noteworthy offers complimentary free shipping in the USA and also ships to Canada, Ireland, and the UK.

Where to Buy

You can only buy Noteworthy fragrances on their website.

About Noteworthy Scents

With hundreds of fragrances out there, narrowing down your signature scent can be tedious. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fragrance, terms like “base notes” and “gourmand” can be difficult to decipher. And you can’t rely on recommendations; one fragrance that works for someone else may not work for you.

Fortunately, Noteworthy makes the process easier. On their website, Noteworthy states they have one main goal: to help you find your perfect fragrance.

Noteworthy was founded in 2022 by beauty industry veterans Luke and Ashley. What makes them stand out as perfumers is they leverage AI to find your perfect scent. By seeking help from leading data scientists, Noteworthy promises a 90% success rate. All you need to do is take their simple quiz (more on that later).

All Noteworthy fragrances are crafted by expert perfumers in the USA. They are free of phthalates, parabens, and dyes. Noteworthy doesn’t conduct animal testing and is a sustainable business, which is rare in the world of fine fragrance.

Find Your Signature Perfume | Noteworthy Scents

Noteworthy Scents is your premier destination for exquisite, handcrafted fragrances that leave a lasting impression. Our artisanal scents are meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and memories, making each fragrance a unique and cherished experience.

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How Noteworthy Works

When shopping at Noteworthy, you have two choices: order the sample kit or shop for individual fragrances. I suggest ordering the sample kit, especially if you’re unfamiliar with fragrance notes.

Even those who are more experienced with fragrance shopping, such as myself, can benefit from trying four scents and selecting the best one before committing to a full bottle.

Sample Kit

noteworthy sample kit
Image by Stephanie Jensen

The first thing I ordered from Noteworthy was the sample kit. When you go to the website, Noteworthy will have you take the scent quiz. This quiz took me around 15 minutes to complete and features general information, scent-related, and personality questions.

Some of the questions they ask include:

  • Gender/fragrance preference
  • Age
  • Introverted/extroverted
  • If you prefer the city, suburbs, or rural region
  • Favorite color
  • Vacation preference
  • How often do you wear perfume?
  • If you prefer wearing one scent or have a fragrance wardrobe (and how many)
  • Preferred scent types and strength
  • When you prefer wearing fragrance

Noteworthy will also ask you about scent notes, but they do this in an easy way. For example, instead of saying “gourmand,” they will ask you to choose between two food-inspired scents, such as peanut butter vs. chocolate.

Answer the questions as accurately as possible. Once you’re done, Noteworthy will send you to the checkout page (the sample kit costs $24.99). From here, you wait for your fragrance sample kit!

Individual Fragrances

After you try all the perfume samples, you likely know which one you want. Noteworthy offers different sizes and bundles for all their fragrances and at various price points:

  • 3.3 oz (full size): $124.99
  • 0.27 oz (travel size):  $37.49
  • 2x 0.27 oz refills: $49.99
  • 2x 0.27 oz travel size + refill: $59.99

You can also shop the individual fragrances if you know which scent notes work well for you. Noteworthy lets you filter this page by scent type so you can easily find the perfect fragrance for you.

Fragrances I Received

I was pretty satisfied with my fragrance choices. I’m very picky about scents; I’m not a fan of citrus and fresh fragrances, and Noteworthy mainly sent me perfumes that were in the floral category. I did receive some gourmand and smokey scents, and I’m super picky about these fragrances.

The kit includes four samples, and they’re each 0.05 fl oz in size. The four fragrances I received are 271, 602, 057, and 551. Some I smelled once and immediately loved. Others I was so-so about, and I knew I needed to test them on my skin first (I sprayed each on paper).

Here’s a breakdown of each fragrance, the scent family they’re in, and why they worked for me.


Image by Stephanie Jensen

Fragrance Notes

  • Black currant
  • Rose
  • Vanilla

Fragrance Description

Feminine but not too sweet, this unique blend of floral and warm notes smells luxurious. This is the perfect fragrance for powerful women who prefer the finer things in life.

When I read the fragrance notes, I knew this was a perfume I would likely enjoy. But when I sprayed it, I knew this fragrance was for me.

This is both a fruity and floral fragrance. The notes in this perfume are black currant, rose, and vanilla. Black currant has a fruity scent but is still pretty light. To me, it smells more woody than sweet but still has that tart berry scent. It’s one of my favorite fruity floral notes of all time.

Rose is also a good fragrance note for me. It smells fresh but not overpowering. Vanilla is the glue that holds these fragrance notes together, adding a bit of sweetness that doesn’t overtake the perfume.

Since this was my favorite of the four, I sprayed it first. After an hour of wearing it, the fragrance settled. Overall, I love this fragrance. I especially love how this perfume is feminine without being too sweet.

It smells like total black currant on me, which is exactly what I wanted. It has that seductive berry scent but is still slightly earthy, making this a lovely fragrance for me. I don’t smell the vanilla on me, but rose scents pop in the background, acting more to balance the fruity and tart notes. I only sprayed it once in the afternoon, and the perfume lasted all day on me.

I will mention that these fragrance notes are all different. While the perfume is a rich bouquet of tart and sweet notes, I can see this perfume smelling different on everyone. Since this is a heavy black currant perfume, I wouldn’t use this if this note or other berry fragrances don’t work for you. I will also mention this is more of a nighttime fragrance and is very strong. That said, the fragrance does settle down after about an hour, so I can see myself wearing this during the day.

n,271: Rose, Vanilla Eau De Parfum | Noteworthy Scents

A rich fragrance opens with tart blackcurrant, voluptuous rose, and vanilla—rounded out with mandarin.

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Image by Stephanie Jensen

Fragrance Notes

  • Baies roses
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Jasmine

Fragrance Description

A timeless floral-dominant scent that smells romantic, perfect for a date night during the spring. It’s sophisticated enough for women of all ages and will leave you smelling as fresh as a floral bouquet.

This perfume smells like one of those garden sanctuaries. It’s heavy on the jasmine, but there are hints of ylang ylang and baies roses. A little note, baies rose is not an actual rose, but rather is another name for pink peppercorn. The leaves of baies roses have a peppery scent, but the fruit itself has a nice berry-forward scent.

When I sprayed the perfume, jasmine and ylang ylang took over. It smelled like a pretty potent floral perfume for a bit, but that quickly diminished. Ylang-ylang conquered the jasmine, which has a creamier scent than musky jasmine. The baies roses rounded the perfume well, adding a fruitier sweetness.

The only problem I had was that this perfume didn’t last as long on me, which is strange because floral scents typically do. I had to apply it twice for the smell to be potent. I blame the ylang-ylang ingredients; I think Noteworthy used more of that scent since it doesn’t last as long on me as jasmine does.

I know there will be those who don’t like this perfume. I understand these notes, specifically jasmine, don’t work on everyone. To me, it reminds me of an old jasmine perfume your grandma could have worn. It smells beautiful, but outdated. That said, this perfume works as both a day or night fragrance.

n,602: Rich, Woody Eau De Parfum | Noteworthy

Let n,602 become your signature: remarkable, evocative and distinctly yours. Keep your fragrance at home or take our travel spray with you. 

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Image by Stephanie Jensen

Fragrance Notes

  • Vanilla
  • Passion fruit
  • Tonka bean

Fragrance Description

A sensual perfume that’s more fitting for cozy nights indoors, this gourmand-dominant fragrance smells rich without being too sweet. This is the perfect scent for anyone who wants to smell like a fruit pastry.

When I first smelled this fragrance on paper, I was so-so about it. It’s a unique gourmand fragrance; very vanilla-heavy, but passionfruit warms it up. I was concerned that passionfruit would make the perfume smell tropical, but it adds richness to this fragrance.

Gourmand fragrances are a hit or a miss with me, especially vanilla-heavy ones. If the perfumer uses artificial vanilla notes, the fragrance will smell strange on me. It has to smell like vanilla from the bottle of vanilla extract for it to work for my pheromones. And even then, vanilla often doesn’t last long for me.

I wore this perfume to see a friend. While I did have to spray it twice, I was more impressed than I expected. The fragrance has a nice, authentic vanilla smell — nothing artificial at all. The passionfruit notes warm up the perfume and give it a slightly fruity edge. However, the passion fruit didn’t last on me at all. I mainly smelled vanilla and tonka bean when the fragrance settled.

As I said, I had to spray the perfume twice because it faded. This doesn’t surprise me, since vanilla-driven scents usually don’t last that long on me. But even if you’re a vanilla person, this perfume is more of a romantic one. I got the occasional whiff from my wrist throughout the night, but I doubt anyone else smelled it. This was nothing compared to 271, which I smelled on me throughout the night.

I like this one, but it isn’t my favorite. It’s still a lovely gourmand fragrance if you prefer those types of scents.

n,057: Light Floral, Fruity Eau De Parfum | Noteworthy Scents

Let n,057 become your signature: remarkable, evocative and distinctly yours. Keep your fragrance at home or take our travel spray with you. 

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Image by Stephanie Jensen

Fragrance Notes:

  • Lily of the valley
  • Amber
  • Sandalwood

Fragrance Description:

A smokey yet elegant fragrance that’s more fitting for a night at a whiskey lounge. The woodsy and floral notes are well-balanced, making this a versatile scent for those who prefer sitting in a leather chair and puffing at a cigar.

When I first read the notes for this perfume, it immediately drew me in. This perfume has lily of the valley, amber, and sandalwood. Amber fragrances usually work extremely well for me, so I was optimistic.

When I sprayed this on the paper, I definitely smelled the amber, but it didn’t mix well with the lily of the valley. I usually love lily of the valley and think it’s a great note for various scent types. However, it smelled too pungent with the sandalwood. Maybe the perfumers added too much of this note? I was expecting a sexy and woodsy scent, but this one was awkwardly earthy.

My fears diminished when I sprayed it on me. I smelled the pungent lily of the valley and sandalwood at first, but amber quickly took charge. As the perfume settled, powdery amber became the dominant note. I only needed to spray this perfume once; it lasted all day, and I still smelled like the perfume when I woke up the next day.

Alone, it reminds me of a scent to wear to a jazz lounge or a wine tasting. It’s also gender-neutral, so this fragrance can work for nearly anyone.

That said, this is definitely an intimate fragrance. Even though the fragrance lasted on me, it didn’t project too much. I would get the occasional whiff when I moved my arms and hair, but that’s it. Because of that, this is the perfect fragrance to wear to a date.

If you want more personality in this perfume, I suggest layering it. For my samples, I would layer this with 057 to give it more body or 602 to transition it from daytime to nighttime perfume. That said, I’m wearing these individually to get the full character out of each perfume.

n,551: Rich, Woody Eau De Parfum | Noteworthy

An unique fragrance imbues a distinctly warm, woody impression before evolving into a rich, spicy, hedonistic finish.

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Which Fragrance Did I Choose for the Full Size?

It should be no surprise that I chose 271 as my full-size fragrance of choice. Even when I was reading the descriptions, I was predicting this would be the perfume for me. But fragrance often surprises me, so I wanted to try all the samples first.

271 has all the fragrance notes I love — blackcurrant and rose, to be specific. The fruity and floral notes are well-rounded, with vanilla taking up the base of this fragrance. It’s still a very seductive fragrance, and most would prefer wearing it all night (I wear it during the daytime also because I’m extra).

Since the fragrance notes work so well on my pheromones, one spritz lasted all day.

Any Complaints?

The only complaint I have is the sample-sized bottles are hard to spray. Coming from someone who collects perfume samples as if my life depended on it, I can say that sample-sized bottles are a pain to spray. The bottle and spray part are so small, I have to use my thumb to get a good grip on them.

But I found the ones that were Noteworthy were even more difficult to use. It’s as if the spray part doesn’t engage properly, and I really need to push down on it. And sometimes, the spray comes out as a thin line rather than a spritz.

I even compared the Noteworthy sample bottle to another one I got from Sephora, and the one from Sephora sprayed well and evenly — much better than the one from Noteworthy.


noteworthy eau de parfum

I ordered my sample kit on a Monday, thinking I’d receive it the following week. I would be out of town that weekend, so I figured I timed it correctly. Let’s put it this way: Noteworthy shipped faster than I expected. By Saturday, I received an email saying my kit was delivered. Fortunately, the USPS worker placed it in my mailbox, so it was untouched when I came back home.

I didn’t pay for expedited shipping, so I received my box in five days. That’s pretty fast! It’s also important to mention that Noteworthy offers complimentary shipping within the US, but not sure if that also counts Hawaii and Alaska.

However, shipping time does vary based on where you live. Noteworthy’s HQ is in New York, and I’m also based in the east US, though Noteworthy ships throughout the country.

On Noteworthy’s website, they state they ship to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • UK

Noteworthy states shipping times will be longer for any addresses outside the continental US.

Where to Buy Noteworthy Fragrances

You can only buy Noteworthy fragrances from their website. That said, you can take the quiz, buy the sample kit, and shop for individual fragrances in the same place.

I mentioned this because I see many people selling Noteworthy samples and kits on third-party platforms. I don’t suggest buying Noteworthy scents from these sources — only buy these fragrances from the source to ensure they’re legitimate and safe.


Answer: As with all beauty trends, fragrance preferences come and go. Now, Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Baccarat Rouge 540 is the biggest trend. I have no idea why, I think this fragrance smells gross, and it gives me a headache. Noteworthy doesn’t have an exact Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe; 551, one of the fragrances I got, is the closest match.

Question: Can I layer these perfumes?

Answer: You absolutely can! And from Noteworthy’s Instagram page, it seems like they encourage you to layer their fragrances.

Question: I love floral perfumes! Which Noteworthy scent should I choose?

Answer: I’m also a huge fan of floral perfume! Noteworthy matched me with 271 and 602. These are darker and more romantic florals, but Noteworthy has various floral fragrances in its curated fragrances collection. These include ones on the citrus, feminine, and fruitier sides.

Noteworthy Scents Review: Bottom Line

scents noteworthy

With the massive fragrance trend going on now, some want to try high-quality perfume but aren’t sure where to start. I like the idea of sample kits because one can try different perfumes without spending a ton of money. However, most of those kits contain trending fragrances — not necessarily ones that work for individual users.

I love how Noteworthy uses AI to select four fragrances individualized to your unique scent preferences. The four that Noteworthy got for me were accurate; while there was one gourmand fragrance that I was so-so about at first, the other three were pretty spit-on.

I also fell in love with 271, a seductive fragrance that mixes tart fruity notes with rose and vanilla. Since I had a coupon to purchase a full-size fragrance, that’s the one I chose.

While fragrance enthusiasts might not NEED this service, it’s still a nice discovery even if you know (or think you know) your favorite scents or musk.

Find Your Signature Perfume | Noteworthy Scents

Noteworthy Scents is your premier destination for exquisite, handcrafted fragrances that leave a lasting impression. Our artisanal scents are meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and memories, making each fragrance a unique and cherished experience.

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