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Best Scentbird Alternatives Guide: Is There a Better Perfume Subscription Box?

I have to be honest, I’m very picky about subscription boxes. I’m very picky about my products–especially fragrances. Most subscription boxes include products that I never use. That’s why I always heavily research every subscription box before signing up.

I’m a massive perfume lover. When I worked at Sephora, I learned the science of fragrance–specifically, why some perfumes smell amazing on me while others smell gross. I know my pheromones very well, and I’m particular about the perfumes I buy. This is why I’m wary about perfume subscription boxes.

Still, I was curious about Scentbird. I tried it out and didn’t care for it as much as I expected. First, I hated the packaging. The perfumes were so difficult to open. You also never know which perfumes you’ll receive. While they are affordable and you can discover different perfumes, I decided this isn’t the perfume subscription box for me.

I figured if I was in this position, then other people will also be struggling to find another perfume subscription box. While I found the best direct competitor, I couldn’t find many perfume subscription boxes. This list mainly comprises beauty subscription boxes that include perfume, as well as one perfume retailer.

Bottom Line Upfront

Scentbox is the main Scentbird alternative that I recommend. Like Scentbird, Scentbox is a subscription fragrance box that delivers high-end perfumes to your doorstep. But there are a few reasons why I like Scentbox better. For example, I think their atomizers are easier to use than Scentbird.

I also love how Scentbox is customizable and even allows perfume exchanges. I suggest considering the rest of these alternatives, especially third-party perfume retailers such as MicroPerfumesMicroPerfumesMicroPerfumes.

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My Top Picks at a Glance

Tips for Finding a Fragrance Company


There aren’t many perfume-only subscription boxes, but you will find plenty of perfume retailers. I still suggest following these tips to ensure you’re finding the best alternative–no matter the type of business you choose.

Your Favorite Scents

The first recommendation I will make is to find a fragrance company that sells your favorite scents, whether this includes your favorite perfume or fragrances in the scent category that you love.

First, I want to explain that “your favorite scent” is more complex than you think. I like to classify favorite scents into two categories: ones that smell great on you and ones you love. Ideally, you’ll want to wear perfumes that offer both benefits. But there are some exceptions.

For example, I love citrus scents, but citrus perfume smells so weird on me. You should also consider a “signature perfume” or “signature scent.”

How do you find your signature scent or perfume? The best thing to do is try different perfumes. This is where fragrance subscription boxes come in handy since you can try various perfumes. That’s how I found my signature scent.

There are a few perfumes I can put in this category, but I can boil it down to signature fragrance notes. These include:

  • Black Tulip by Nest: Jasmine, violet, and patchouli
  • Sinner by KVD Cosmetics: Wood, patchouli, cinnamon
  • Luna by Nina Ricci: Amber vanilla
  • Fatal Attraction by Be Layered: Jasmine

You can see some common themes here. Jasmine is a fragrance note that smells great on me, as do other florals like violet. But I also love woodsy and ambery notes. Before buying a perfume, I research its fragrance notes to ensure it fits one of these categories.

If you don’t know what perfumes smell better on you, you can be flexible to try different fragrances. But if you’re like me and know which perfumes smell best on you, I would be picky.


It goes without saying that price should be one of the main factors influencing your perfume or subscription box company. You may think perfume is expensive, so why should this matter? Here’s the great aspect about buying perfume from a third-party company–you may get it for cheap!

I will mention alternatives specializing in selling expensive perfume at a lower price point. These businesses can price their perfumes lower since they may operate in a cheaper country, not own a brick-and-mortar store, and purchase the fragrances from other sources (but are still legitimate).

Plus, subscription boxes come at a cheaper price. Since they’re available at recurring prices, you spend less money at a time for great perfume. You can sign up for one box, try a few perfumes, and then cancel your box. Or, you can continue the box if you love getting perfume every month!

Regarding subscription boxes, you shouldn’t forget to consider the price, how often they charge, and how to cancel. Some boxes on this list are as low as $13/month and as high as $27/month. Subscribe to the box that best fits your needs and budget.


I hate to say it, but many members of the beauty community have come out as hateful and discriminatory. For example, KVD Beauty’s former owner Kat Von D has come out as an anti-vaxxer and released makeup with controversial names such as “Underage Red” and “Selektion.”

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I support beauty businesses with ethics. These go beyond traditional ones like cruelty-free, clean, sustainable, and vegan.

I prefer supporting brands that align with my morals–the owners aren’t and don’t promote hateful propaganda, they care about consumer safety, and they don’t share marketing and advertising materials forcing customers to fit a beauty ideal.

I suggest considering your ethics when discovering a fragrance company. This may take some research, but you’ll feel better about where your money goes.



Over time, I learned which fragrances work for me by using my knowledge of scents and pheromones. If you’re in the learning phase, you may be unable to identify these individual scents and know what works for you.

I suggested buying fragrance subscription boxes to receive different perfumes. But if you don’t like the idea of subscription boxes, you can find perfume companies that will send you samples. I will mention a perfume supplier where you can buy samples and travel-sized perfumes instead of a full-size product.

You can also buy individual sample kits instead of a subscription, so you can try various perfumes. I’ve done that before, and they helped me find the perfect scent.


Perfume can be expensive, and your money will go to waste if your bottle arrives damaged. That’s why I always look up packaging information before ordering anything.

If you’re ordering a fragrance subscription box, you’re in luck–you’ll likely receive a travel-sized perfume it’s small enough to fit in a bag. But if you’re ordering a full-sized perfume in a glass bottle, you must be more vigilant about choosing a company.

It can be difficult for first-time buyers to know what packaging to expect. Some companies repackage the product in a travel-friendly bottle (though it’s still the same product).

Most businesses will offer their packaging information on their website. If a company doesn’t offer this information, reach out to them and ask how the bottle will be packaged and shipped. I still suggest knowing their return policy in case the bottle arrives damaged.

Easy Purchase Process

I can’t stand it when you jump through hoops to buy a product. The checkout process should be simplistic. You can simply add the products to your shopping cart and checkout while on the cart. Each checkout step should be user-friendly, and everything will be properly labeled.

The brand should only require providing the most essential information, such as your address and credit card. Some companies require you to sign up for a free account, but I usually select the “guest checkout” option.

Sometimes you must get off the checkout page, such as if you’re paying with PayPal. But most companies will let you pay with a credit card without venturing off the checkout page.

How I Chose These Alternatives

I used all of the tips I mentioned to choose these alternatives. I also mentioned some factors I consider as a consumer and fragrance enthusiast. Here’s how I chose these alternatives.

Wide Variety

I mentioned my favorite fragrances, but everyone has different scent preferences. For example, some people prefer more natural scents, such as the beach and grass after rain.

Others prefer gourmand fragrances, such as coffee and baked goods. Our pheromones are also unique, and the perfumes that work for me may not work for everyone. That’s why I ensured all these companies offered various perfumes.

There are some limits here. For example, some of these alternatives are general beauty subscriptions that may only include one or two fragrance samples. But all of the perfume-only companies I mentioned have various fragrances for sale.

These fragrances include different brands and several fragrance notes. Plus, the best fragrance companies offer perfumes at all price points.

All Genders

microperfumes men fragnance

Fragrance is a product enjoyed by both women and men. There are also fragrances designed to fit the unique pheromones of men and women, which is why you can find fragrances separated by gender. There are also gender-neutral fragrances that fit both men and women.

You would also be shocked to discover how many women use men’s cologne and vice-versa with men using women’s perfume. I noticed this when I worked at Sephora–I was even receiving women’s perfume recommendations from one of my male employees who would spritz himself with the perfume samples before every work shift.

No matter your preferences, I ensured all these companies offered fragrances for all genders. The exception is the beauty subscription boxes, which usually only include women’s or gender-neutral fragrances. If you’re looking for men’s cologne, I suggest considering the fragrance-only boxes and websites.


When people think of perfume, they think of high-end luxury brands. But the industry is so much more complex than that.

When I was getting into fragrance, I only had the option to spend a lot of money on nice perfume or buy cheap body spray. But the demand for high-quality perfume at an affordable price is skyrocketing, and there are new brands that are meeting this trend.

Still, everyone has different preferences. Several people prefer buying high-end perfume since they know they will receive quality. That’s why I included companies that offer a combination of familiar luxury perfume companies and newer brands that offer innovation at a lower price.


This part ties in with my ethics area. I researched each company to ensure they not only had good ethics but are trustworthy brands.

The name may be one you recognize, and are renowned for the quality of its fragrances. Even if they’re a new company, I only included them if they create great fragrances and are known for other qualities, such as excellent customer service and fast shipping.

Other Products

I also prioritized brands that sold other products other than perfume. As I said, many of these alternatives are general beauty boxes with makeup, skincare, and haircare in their subscriptions.

Some fragrance companies sell corresponding lotions, candles, room sprays, bath bombs, and aromatherapy for popular perfumes and scents. This is important to me–I see scent as an expression of oneself, and your signature fragrance should extend to all areas of your life.

For example, when I bought my condo, the owners left plug-in air fresheners. I thought this was sweet but didn’t care for the scent–it smells like cotton. I prefer floral scents since I find them luxurious and romantic yet relaxing.

For example, I use rose-scented bath bombs in my bath. I also use lavender aromatherapy since it helps my migraines. I even chose cleansers scented like rose and lavender.

Because of my love for floral fragrances, I think those are my signature scent that represents the perfume I wear and my condo’s scent.

My Favorite Scentbird Alternatives

Are you ready to discover some Scentbird alternatives? This list includes other fragrance subscription boxes, perfume retailers, and other beauty boxes. Here are the best Scentbird alternatives.



There are many reasons why Scentbox is my number one pick. First, they’re more customizable than Scentbird. When you create a profile, you can add any scents you prefer. If there are fragrances you don’t like, you can easily exchange them. Shipping and exchanges are free, and you can cancel at any time.

They have an incredible selection–over 850 perfume options, including high-end designers. You also receive 30 days’ worth of sample-size fragrances.

There are still some downsides with this one. They sell out of perfumes, so there may be times when you’re missing fragrances.

You can always contact their customer support, who will replace the fragrance. I’m also not a fan of their gift subscription since it can be difficult to contact customer service and exchange items. If you want to give a Scentbox as a gift, I suggest buying a gift set instead.


  • Customizable subscription
  • Can exchange items
  • Free shipping and exchanges
  • Ships quickly
  • Huge selection of fragrances
  • Send sample sizes that last you 30 days


  • Run out of fragrances
  • Subscription price increases after the first month




MicroPerfumesMicroPerfumes is becoming one of my new favorite fragrance companies! Like many of these alternatives, they offer perfume samples in small atomizers. But I like how they don’t operate on a subscription base, and you can buy a full-size atomizer.

MicroPerfumes ships quickly, and they delivered my product to my PO box instead of a residential address. If you’re not sure what you want, they offer various themed gift sets so you can choose which one fits your personality, mood, lifestyle, and preferences.

Plus, they’re affordable! While full-size perfumes are available at retail prices, you can buy smaller-sized designer fragrances at a cheaper price. I even found Burberry scents for $5!

There are some downsides to this company. While the fragrances are authentic, I’m unsure how they go out acquiring and storing them because some smelled off.

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  • Affordable
  • Authentic designer fragrances
  • Wide selection
  • Small travel and sample-sized fragrances for purchase
  • You can also buy the full-sized option


  • Not a fan of their strict refund policy
  • You might get an off-smelling fragrance



Fragrancenet is a website I’ve been ordering from for years. I first found them when my mom’s favorite perfume, Heaven Sent, was discontinued.

I noticed Fragrancenet still carried it. I just looked it up, and they still have it in stock! I’ve also ordered numerous perfumes from here over the years. The fragrances are always authentic. They’re also super cheap–there was one time I bought a Coach fragrance for 57% off!

However, this company isn’t perfect. There was one time when my boyfriend bought me a perfume that smelled expired. I also receive so many emails from them, and they get spammy. Their refund policy is also a little bizarre–you must contact customer service to receive a specific number before sending back the item.


  • Authentic perfumes
  • Affordable
  • Fast shipping
  • Various products other than perfume


  • Weird return policy



If you’re in the beauty community, you’ve likely heard of Ipsy. This beauty subscription includes makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and more.

They have different tiers–the normal Glam Bag starts at $13/per month, Glam Bag Plus for $28/per month, and Glam Bag X for $58/per quarter. Glam Bag contains sample-sized beauty products. Plus contains three full-sized beauty products of your choice, and X contains eight full-size products every quarter (you still receive the Glam Bag every month except for the months you’ll receive X).

As you can see, Ipsy is very customizable, so it’s my favorite general beauty bag. You may even receive rare items, which is why so many people love this subscription.

I also love how they include small beauty brands; supporting small businesses is one of my biggest passions, and I discovered so many beauty brands through Ipsy.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive fragrances with each subscription, which is a shame, though I have seen perfume and even candles in this subscription before. Still, you won’t receive fragrance every month, so I wouldn’t choose Ipsy if perfume is your biggest priority.


  • Includes various beauty products
  • Different tiers
  • They include small businesses
  • Customization options
  • You can receive rare and exclusive products


  • It can be difficult to cancel
  • You won’t receive fragrance every month

Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box is a more versatile option than Ipsy. As you can see from the name, it’s run by Allure, one of the biggest beauty and fashion publications in the world. I especially love this subscription because they include new products and some items you may not even try before.

They also offer customizable subscriptions filled with full-size options. They include plenty of perfumes and ones from smaller brands, such as By Rosie. Plus, you can buy individual products at a discounted price.

As with all subscription boxes, some months are better than others. Allure is one of the better ones, but it is expensive. The subscription costs $19/month, which is more than Ipsy. If you aren’t satisfied with your Allure box, I find it easier to cancel this subscription than Ipsy.


  • Combination of new companies and familiar brands
  • Often receive new products
  • Easy to cancel
  • Receive perfume frequently


  • Expensive



LOOKFANTASTIC is a step ahead of most competitors and one I think is under-appreciated. They offer a monthly beauty subscription for $16/month, but you can also buy individual full-size products. They have an entire fragrance section filled with designer perfumes, and they’re all discounted at lower rates.

This is a smaller subscription, which means it has its downsides. Their shipping isn’t as fast and accurate as Ipsy’s and other competitors.


  • Option to get discounted full-size products
  • Entire perfume section
  • Free shipping
  • Different payment plan options
  • You receive many items in the box
  • Includes a copy of Elle magazine


  • Boxes are similar every month
  • Expensive

Petit Vour

Petit Vour

I love Petit Vour because they only include products that are clean, cruelty-free, and vegan. The boxes are big and filled with many products, so the $18/box is worth the price. You’ll find various brands, many of which are new and/or affordable.

Compared to other brands, Petit Vour is generous with perfume samples. They often include a couple of perfume samples in a box.

Not only that, but they include smaller and niche fragrance companies. For example, they included Ellis Brooklyn once, which is one of my favorite fragrance companies right now.

I understand it’s so difficult to find cruelty-free, vegan, and clean fragrance companies, so I love how Petit Vour is introducing subscribers to some niche perfumes.

There are some downsides here. Petit Vour doesn’t have the best customer service. And sometimes you’ll receive a box that’s missing a product.


  • Generous with their perfume samples
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, and clean beauty box
  • Includes lots of products
  • Worth it for the price you pay
  • Includes at least one full-size product


  • Not the most customizable box

Glossy Box

Glossy Box

GlossyBox is a beauty subscription box that includes five products. Keep in mind that fragrance isn’t included in every box. I think some boxes are better than others, and Glossy Box isn’t as good as it used to be. Still, you will receive decent products.

The box costs $21 (though you pay less for a subscription), and the products have around $60 in value. Unlike competitors, Glossy Box has fantastic customer service. This is why Glossy Box has attracted a devoted following.

Glossy Box has received some complaints and accusations, the ones that concerned me were customers saying they received old and expired products.

This hasn’t happened to me, but I figured I would include this warning here. If that does happen to you, inform Glossy Box. They do accept returns, but you will have to pay to ship the box back.


  • Products have a $60 value
  • Decent return policy
  • Great customer service
  • Can read spoilers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Limited edition and holiday boxes


  • Some boxes are better than others
  • Accusations that Glossy Box sends expired products



While Boxycharm is the last on this list, I think this box is a lot of fun. The base-tiered box includes five full-sized products, and you can select one of your choice. The customization wins Boxycharm over for me, plus all the prestigious brands they offer.

Boxycharm is last on my list because I don’t feel they offer as many fragrances as some of these other subscriptions, so I suggest this box if you mainly want makeup with the occasional perfume. Boxycharm has terrible customer service, that’s the only main problem.


  • Features full-size products
  • Multiple tiers
  • Prestige brands
  • Customizable
  • Worth the price for the products you get


  • Terrible customer service
  • Accusations of items missing from boxes (hasn’t happened to me)


Question: How Much do Perfume Subscription Boxes Cost?

Answer: There are boxes for every budget, but most I see fall in the $15-$60 category. Scentbird is around $17, and I tried to find competitors that fell in this same price range. You can always choose perfume retailers if you don’t want to pay for a subscription.

Question: Are Scentbird’s Fragrances Real?

Answer: From my experience, they are. I remember getting a Burberry fragrance that smelled like the real thing. From my digging, Scentbird only purchases authentic fragrances from authorized dealers. They have a serious policy where they never buy knock-offs or fake fragrances.

Question: What are the Differences Between Scentbird and Scentbox?

Answer: Scentbird carries more prestigious fragrances, while Scentbox offers more customization (though Scentbox also carries high-end perfume). Plus, you can exchange fragrances with Scentbox.

Best ScentBird Alternatives: Bottom Line

Out of all these alternatives, I recommend Scentbox the most. Like Scentbird, Scentbox is a subscription that delivers high-quality perfumes to your doorstep. Both also offer men’s and women’s fragrances, and you can set your preferences.

But there are reasons why I like Scentbox better. First, they’re cheaper–Scentbox is around $9.72/month, while Scentbox is around $16 or $17/month. Scentbox also has more customization options, and you can even exchange fragrances.

I also suggest considering these other alternatives, especially third-party retailers such as MicroPerfumes. Or, you can consider any of these beauty boxes if you want makeup and skincare in your subscription, as well.

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