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Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes to Smell Similar

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Admittedly, I suck at Baccarat. However, the best Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes have nothing to do with the board game. I’ve long loved scents and everything sensual about the accords, notes, and evolutions. Regarding perfumes, consider me a snob that breaks each one down to its bare minimum to find suitable clones.

Sometimes, my husband worries about my constant search for the ideal perfume or cologne. Fortunately, he understands I’m an ultra-sensual person who needs to smell each one in the stores. Let’s not mention my collection of perfumes at home. Often, the prices are high. Searching for the ideal dupe is acceptable if it matches well. So, let’s discover my Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes.

Baccarat 540 Dupes: Bottom Line Up Front

Baccarat Rouge 540 is one of the most iconic French perfumes, and it makes sense only to share the finest clones on the market. So, as much as possible, I’ll ensure every dupe matches the smell, evolution, sillage, and longevity. You can’t replace an icon with a poorly designed clone because they’re not all equal. None of the dupes will smell exactly the same as the original.

However, they’ll come as close to that Mediterranean, oriental aroma as possible. But first, let me share an ultimate favorite Baccarat Rouge 540 clone perfume. The Franck Olivier Pure Addiction EDP is my favorite pick because it matches the heart and soul of Baccarat Rouge 540 while adding a modern luxury twist. You won’t believe the ingredients in a fragrance under $50!

Meanwhile, let’s dive into what makes these perfumes suitable clones.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes

Why is everyone going wild for Baccarat Rouge 540, and what should you know before buying the original or clone perfumes? Let’s discover the secrets behind the famous fragrance from France before I share how I selected only the finest clones.

Why Everyone Wants Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume is a well-known and much-loved luxury fragrance from France. Luxury and iconic fragrance designer Mason Francis Kurkdjian creates beautiful crystal chandelier bottles for his perfumes. The design, aroma, and sparkle scream luxury, and the French perfumer earned his fame. Baccarat Rouge 540 is often top of the sales charts in the UK.

Dupe Perfumes Advice

Buying original Baccarat Rouge, 540 perfumes are expensive. However, you can find Baccarat Rouge 540 samples to try before spending over $200 for a 70ml bottle. Alternatively, look into clone perfumes or those that smell similar. The thing about dupes is you mustn’t allow them to fool you. The perfume brand has stood for over two centuries.

Some perfumers locked similar notes beautifully from the 250th-anniversary perfume. Treat the perfume as an icon by only buying dupes with similar aromas, evolutions, and lasting effects. My list helps you find scent-similar clones.

How I Pick the Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes

I’ll be strict in selecting the best Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes because they must offer a similar sensual beauty. The best Baccarat Rouge 540 clone perfumes must meet these requirements:

  • It must last over six hours because the original unisex scent lasts eight to ten hours.
  • It must have at least three similar accords, including woody, amber, metallic, spicy, warm, or aromatic, the original perfume’s signature evolution. It can have other accords but must match as closely.
  • It should have at least two of the same notes. The original Baccarat Rouge 540 has saffron and jasmine as the top notes, with amber and ambergris in the heart. The perfume ends with fir resin and cedar. The notes don’t have to come in the same order but must translate to a similar evolution.
  • It should cost less than $200. Otherwise, you might as well settle for the original bottle.

The Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes on the Market

The best Baccarat Rouge 540 fragrance dupes smell as close to the Mediterranean Sea and the Orient world as possible. However, many have fragrant twists to consider before using them as your Baccarat Rouge 540 clone fragrance. So, let’s dive into each best choice to see how they match.

Armaf Club De Nuit Untold EDP

armaf club de nuit untold EDP

The untold version of Club De Nuit by Armaf is another beautifully oriental fragrance for men and women. The bottle is colorful and showstopping, with rainbow reflections. However, what lies inside is close enough to Baccarat Rouge 540 to call this an excellent dupe. The initial evolutionary accords bring the four cores of the original fragrance.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Woody, amber, warm spicy, metallic, animalistic, leather, tobacco, fresh spicy, and white floral
  • Descending Notes: Jasmine, saffron, ambergris, amber wood, cedar, and fir resin
  • Longevity and Sillage: Strong for 6 to 8 hours


  • Armaf’s untold fragrance is bold enough to match
  • The accords line up perfectly, and it has matching notes
  • It lasts nearly as long as the pricy Baccarat Rouge 540
  • It smells like a blend of European and the Orient


  • The tobacco and leather accords make it more masculine
  • The initial evolution is ultra-bold and in-your-face

Dua Fragrances Casino Royale Nights EDP

dua fragrances casino royale nights edp

Dua Fragrances matches the Baccarat Rouge 540 aromas nicely with the night version of Casino Royale. It has a gentler twist with a powdery heart that strikes you when you least expect it. The warm sweetness of almonds also comes through the heart, ending with a sudden metallic jolt. However, the match is nearly perfect for a Baccarat Rouge 540 clone.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Amber, almond, woody, white floral, warm spicy, musk, powdery, metallic, nutty, and fruity
  • Descending Notes: Saffron, Egyptian jasmine, resins, almond, cedar, amber, and musk
  • Longevity and Sillage: Strong for over 6 hours


  • Casino Royale Nights blend the Mediterranean and the Caribbean
  • The notes and accords match well enough
  • It lasts longer than six hours to meet my criteria
  • The almond and powdery accords turn it gentler


  • It doesn’t show which resins are in the fragrance
  • It smells more feminine than masculine

Dumont Parfums Nitro Green EDP

dumont parfums nitro green edp

Dumont Parfum’s launched a men’s cologne that matches Baccarat Rouge 540 nicely. It has an unusual twist in the heart as it turns powdery before striking a masculine metallic undertone. Then, it suddenly becomes bolder with spicy twists and sweet vanilla. However, it will only work well for professional women or those with masculine personalities.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Woody, amber, warm spicy, powdery, metallic, aromatic, vanilla, fresh spicy, lavender, and leather
  • Descending Notes: Vanilla, saffron, jasmine, cedar, amber wood, light amber, ambergris, green leaves, lavender, violet, earthy notes, and fir resin
  • Longevity and Sillage: Strong for 6 hours


  • Dumont’s Nitro Green cologne matches the original nicely
  • It has the perfect evolution and excellent Oriental notes
  • It lasts six hours but no longer before you need more
  • The twist is unexpected and unusual but works for men


  • It meets the longevity by a hair strand
  • It won’t work well for feminine women

Electimuss London Trajan EDP

Electimuss London Trajan EDP

Electimuss London launched a unisex fragrance for men and women, and it matches Baccarat Rouge 540 nicely. The heavy metallic and leather undertones find a balance among lavenders, citruses, and florals. The beast-like heart also makes it a beautiful fragrance for seductive Orient types. Otherwise, it would be far too masculine for feminine ladies.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Amber, warm spicy, citrus, aromatic, lavender, animalistic, metallic, leather, fresh spicy, and woody
  • Descending Notes: Lemon, bergamot, blood orange, Mandarin orange, sage, lavender, saffron, ambergris, cedar, and oakmoss
  • Longevity and Sillage: Medium for 6 to 8 hours


  • Electimuss London’s Trajan fragrance is an unusual match
  • The notes and accords match well, except for the bursts of citruses
  • It lasts surprisingly long for a citrus fragrance
  • It would work well for men and women


  • Citrus fragrances aren’t ideal for warm weather
  • It begins with a bold citrus statement

Ellis Brooklyn Super Amber EDP

ellis brooklyn super amber edp

Ellis Brooklyn launched Super Amber as an oud to men and women. However, the gentle touches in this fragrance align it better with women. It has a feminine heart with powdery and musk undertones only slightly enhanced by a warm and spicy touch. Then, it becomes animalistic, but the notes show a feminine beast more than a masculine one.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Amber, warm spicy, musk, powdery, woody, floral, animalistic, and sweet
  • Descending Notes: Amber, musk, ambergris, vanilla orchid, and Virginia cedar
  • Longevity and Sillage: Medium for 6 hours


  • Ellis Brooklyn’s fragrance matches Baccarat Rouge 540 enough
  • It has some similar notes and accords
  • It lasts around six hours but doesn’t expect more
  • It undoubtedly feels more feminine than masculine


  • Men won’t enjoy this fragrance
  • It barely lasts my expected time

Fanette Saffron Wood EDP

fanette saffron wood edp

Fanette launched a unisex fragrance similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 in 2019. However, it has intense masculine vibes with extreme notes like oud, tobacco, and leather. It seeps masculinity in an old-school way. Nevertheless, it matches Baccarat Rouge 540 enough to make this list. It would be ideal for the die-hard Orients who want bold aromas.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Oud, leather, woody, warm spicy, fresh spicy, and tobacco
  • Descending Notes: Jasmine, saffron, agarwood, amber, cedar, and fir resin
  • Longevity and Sillage: “Smack you in the face” for 8 to 10 hours


  • Saffron Wood is bolder than most fragrances on my list
  • The notes and some accords match nicely
  • It will blow your senses up for up to ten hours
  • It’s a wildly Oriental fragrance for traditional men


  • It might be bold enough to destroy your senses
  • The masculinity removes it entirely from a unisex fragrance range

Franck Olivier Pure Addiction EDP

franck olivier pure addiction edp

French perfumer Franck Olivier launched an affordable unisex fragrance similar to Baccarat Rouge 540, typically costing less than $50. However, you’ll be amazed by what’s inside this beautiful aroma. The ingredients shock me because white cedar extract, saffron, and pralines aren’t cheap to put into perfumes. Yet, Franck turned them into a unisex option.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Citrus, sweet, amber, warm spicy, metallic, woody, white floral, mossy, leather, and earthy
  • Descending Notes: Orange, tagetes, jasmine, saffron, praline, white amber, moss, and white cedar extract
  • Longevity and Sillage: Medium for 6+ hours


  • Pure Addiction will addict you in no time with luxurious touches
  • It has beautifully similar notes and accords with a luxury twist
  • It lasts well over six hours if you don’t sweat through the citruses
  • It will work incredibly well for men and women


  • It’s a modern twist on Oriental fragrances
  • I wish it lasted ten hours or longer

Glasshouse Fragrances Midnight in Milan EDP

Glasshouse Fragrances Midnight in Milan EDP

Glasshouse Fragrances launched a unisex rendition called Midnight in Milan. It has similar aromas and accords. However, it seems more like a fragrance for women or metrosexual men. The powdery finale also feels more feminine and metrosexual. It’s the musk and refined finish that’s more feminine. Meanwhile, the sweet and floral touches aren’t overly feminine.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Amber, rose, floral, fruity, animalistic, warm spicy, woody, metallic, musk, and powdery.
  • Descending Notes: Blackcurrant, saffron, rose, ambergris, amber, jasmine, musk, maltol, moss, and cedar
  • Longevity and Sillage: Medium for 6 hours


  • Midnight in Milan is a beautiful rendition with a slightly similar aroma
  • Some notes and accords match Baccarat Rouge 540, but with a twist
  • It doesn’t last too long but meets my requirements
  • It would smell beautiful on women or modern men


  • It won’t suit men with traditional fragrance preferences
  • It could last slightly loLattanger because it’s gentler

Lattafa Oud Mood EDP

lattafa oud mood edp

Lattafa Perfumes launched Oud Mood, another unisex fragrance similar to Baccarat Rouge 540. The agarwood creates an intense oud accord before a warmer touch rises through the heart. The balsamic and incense add to the Orient to boost it to my list. However, it’s unclear which resins go into this fragrance, and it’s a close match but not one of my favorites.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Woody, oud, amber, warm spicy, balsamic, caramel, rose, floral, and smoky
  • Descending Notes: Pimento, rose, saffron, caramel, agarwood, patchouli, floral notes, resins, musk, amber, incense, and woodsy notes
  • Longevity and Sillage: Bold for 8 hours


  • Oud Mood has an intense Oriental and Mediterranean aroma
  • Some notes and accords match close enough
  • It’s a long-lasting and bold fragrance that strikes your senses
  • It would smell better on men than on women


  • Women need masculine touches to wear it
  • It nearly doesn’t match enough qualities

Paramour Oman Luxury EDP

paramour oman luxury edp

Paramour Fragrances launched a unisex cologne similar to Baccarat Rouge 540. It’s another modern twist on Mediterranean aromas that blend Caribbean sweetness and modern masculinity, but it works. The fragrances’ evolution is beautiful and includes sweet fruits, warm caramels, and a more masculine leather finale. It matches the original fragrance close enough.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Leather, warm spicy, fruity, sweet, vanilla, amber, caramel, woody, animalistic, and powdery
  • Descending Notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, saffron, raspberry, rose, cinnamon, lily, jasmine, caramel, amber, leather, sandalwood, Tonka bean, vanilla, moss, musk, patchouli, cedar
  • Longevity and Sillage: Strong for up to 8 hours


  • The Oman Luxury fragrance puts another modern twist on the Orient
  • Some notes and accords fit well, but it has a sweet and fruity touch
  • It lasts longer than most and has a solid sillage instead of a killer wake
  • It’s modern enough to suit men and women of most eras


  • The smell might be too fruity or sweet for traditional men
  • Not everyone enjoys Caribbean twists

Parfums Vintage Sunset in Heaven EDP

parfums vintage sunset in heaven edp

You’ll think you’re watching sunsets from the heavens when wearing this fragrance. Parfum’s Vintage has a unisex rendition called Sunset in Heaven, and it matches Baccarat Rouge 540 nicely. It has nearly the same notes and accords as Baccarat Rouge 540 but feels warmer and more traditional. It’s the type of smell you expect in the Orient.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Amber, woody, animalistic, citrus, and fresh spicy
  • Descending Notes: Amber, orange, saffron, jasmine, cedar, fir resin, ambergris, and ambroxan
  • Longevity and Sillage: Bold for up to 8 hours


  • Sunset in Heaven smells nearly the same as Baccarat Rouge 540
  • The notes and accords are closer than most perfumes on my list
  • It’s a bold fragrance that lasts long enough
  • It would smell incredible on men and powerful women


  • It’s not the best fragrance for gentle, romantic ladies
  • The aroma is too bold for some women

Woodphoria Boy Smells EDP

woodphoria boy smells edp

Finally, Woodphoria launched Boy Smells, another unisex fragrance similar to Baccarat Rouge 540. It’s a gentler fragrance that touches green notes for a modern twist. Meanwhile, it adds a tropical twist for a metrosexual man or woman who enjoys Caribbean aromas. It doesn’t last long, and I nearly didn’t consider it.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Woody, amber, green. musky, powdery, coconut, sweet, fresh, lactonic, and warm spicy
  • Descending Notes: Fig leaf, musk, ambergris, coconut, jasmine, sandalwood, and cedar
  • Longevity and Sillage: Medium for 6 hours


  • Woodphoria’s fragrance is similar in some ways
  • A few notes and accords match Baccarat Rouge 540
  • It hardly lasts my expected time, but it still makes the cut
  • It’s likely better suited to modern men and women


  • It’s not suited to traditional men
  • It doesn’t have many spicy aromas

When to Consider Baccarat Rouge 540

baccarat rouge 540

Consider Baccarat Rouge Extrait 540 if you’re willing to spend money on a non-clone alternative. It’s the sister unisex fragrance for the one you love. Meanwhile, it carries similar notes and accords and has a 10-hour wake. Nothing truly comes close to the original Baccarat fragrances for men and women. However, they cost well over $400.

  • Evolutionary Accords: Almond, amber, woody, animalistic, warm spicy, musky, nutty, metallic, fruity, and white floral
  • Descending Notes: Saffron, bitter almond, cedar, Egyptian jasmine, musk, ambergris, and woodsy notes
  • Longevity and Sillage: bold for 10+ hours


  • It’s another Baccarat original fragrance
  • It’s the closest thing to Baccarat Rouge 540
  • You can personalize the bottle
  • It’s a crystal chandelier bottle


  • The price will leave you broke
  • It’s pricy to leave it near the sun or humid spaces


Question: How Does the Original Baccarat Rouge 540 Smell?

Answer: The authentic Baccarat Rouge 540 fragrance has a beautiful Mediterranean and Oriental smell. It starts with gorgeous woody, amber, and aromatic blends before drying into an animalistic heart and a metallic finale. The notes include saffron, fir resin, cedar, jasmine, and ambergris. It’s a pricy investment for a unisex fragrance commemorating 250 brand years.

Question: Which Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe Smells the Closest?

Answer: It’s close between Fanette Saffron Wood EDP and Armaf Club De Nuit Untold EDP. These Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes have fir resin, saffron, jasmine, and cedar notes. Meanwhile, they have similar evolutions and dry downs on your skin. They have Oriental accords, like aromatic, woody, spicy, and amber. However, Armaf’s Baccarat dupe has a slightly modern twist.

Question: How Much Do Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes Cost?

AnswerIt depends on which dupes you consider. The brands you seek determine the prices—for example, the Fanette Saffron Wood EDP dupe fragrance costs under $100. However, the Glasshouse Fragrances Midnight in Milan EDP bottle costs $100 for half the size. Meanwhile, the Franck Olivier Pure Addiction EDP costs less than $35.

Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes: Conclusion

Finding the best Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe fragrance is simple once you know how to match the smell and evolution with notes and accords. Then, it’s time to determine whether you want one with a modern twist or something that smells nearly the same. Buy the Franck Olivier Pure Addiction EDP if you want an affordable dupe with a slightly modern twist if you enjoy newer fragrances.

However, buy the Fanette Saffron Wood EDP if you want a fragrance that resembles Baccarat Rouge 540. Either way, buy your dupe to start smelling like the gorgeous Orient.

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