where to get creed aventus cologne samples

Where to Get Creed Aventus Cologne Samples

There are various places where you can get samples of the Creed Aventus cologne. Creed offers a sample kit, but you can buy individual samples from different online retailers.

Creed Boutique

If you would rather buy from the source, Creed Boutique sells a sample set of its Aventus cologne. The set costs $40, and you receive three sample-sized vials of the Aventus cologne. The sample kit includes a $40 credit toward a full-size bottle of Aventus.

Since the full-size bottle costs $365, this is a really good deal. But if you would rather buy only the samples, this is still a good option. My boyfriend only sprays a bit of this cologne, which lasts several hours, so these three sample vials will still last you a long time.

The only issue is there isn’t much flexibility when you choose this kit. A sample vial and a full-size 50 ml bottle are a big difference. I also suggest considering these other retailers. They sell 100% authentic fragrances and offer more flexible sizes.


Aventus MicroPerfumes

I love how MicroPerfumes offers several fragrance-size options, so you get a decent amount of cologne at a fraction of the cost. For Aventus, MicroPerfumes offers these sizes:

  • Sample vial: 0.75 ml ($7.99)
  • Sample spray: 3 ml ($21.99)
  • Travel spray: 5 ml ($35.99)

This is the best deal if you only wear cologne sparingly. A 5 ml travel spray will likely last you a long time, and you’ll save more money.

As I said, MicroPerfumes sent me the 5 ml bottle, and my boyfriend only needed one spray of this cologne. The cologne is also authentic and has a sporty fruit-musk scent.

Scent Split

Scent Split aventus cologne

Scent Split specializes in fragrance decants. Decant is a fancy word that means the fragrance was transferred from one vessel to another.

A company like Scent Split buys authentic perfume or cologne and transfers it to a different bottle. Scent Split decants the fragrance after each order, so your scent is authentic and fresh.

Compared to MicroPerfumes, Scent Split offers more cologne size options. These include:

  • 1 ml ($6.99)
  • 2 ml ($12.99)
  • 5 ml ($27.99)
  • 9 ml ($49.99)

Ordering one of these samples is great for trying the fragrance if you can’t find a free sample. You have no idea how many fragrances I loved but smelled off when I sprayed them. That’s why trying a fragrance first is essential.

Plus, you can still wear the cologne without spending money on a full-size bottle. I like how Scent Split offers a 9 ml option; at around $50, you can still get a decent-sized spray that will last a long time.

Fragrances Line

aventus cologne fragrances line

Fragrances Line is similar to Scent Split since they specialize in selling cologne and perfume decants. However, they offer two additional sizes: 8 ml for $44.99 and 10 ml for $54.99.

They also decant their fragrances, extracting the scent from the original bottle and placing them in labeled sample-sized sprays. Keep in mind that if you buy the 1 ml vial, it doesn’t have a spray top. I recommend buying these sizes if you like the perfume and still want to save money on a decent-sized cologne.


aventus cologne etsy

I’m very wary of trusting retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to sell fragrance samples. However, there are some legitimate sellers on Etsy.

I still suggest having a legitimate sample of Aventus nearby and comparing them. Check the seller’s return policy before buying to ensure you can return the product if it isn’t legitimate.

Surrender to Chance

aventus cologne surrender to chance

Surrender to Chance offers some more options. They sell a 0.5 ml sample for $2.99, which is a good option if you only want to wear this cologne once or twice.

Surrender to Chance also sells a 5 ml roll-on option for $28.11. I love roll-ons, especially for traveling, so I appreciate how Surrender to Chance offers this packaging option. I also think roll-ons don’t disperse as much as the spray bottle, so you save more money by using this option.

Decant Store

aventus cologne decant store

Last but not least, we have Decant Store. They offer the exact sizes as the other retailers I mentioned, though I’m not a fan of the website. There are two prices listed: one that says “from $5.99” and a second price at the bottom. The price at the bottom is the exact one, the $5.99 is for the 1 ml sample vial.

This price is still cheaper than what the other retailers here charge, but I don’t find Decant Store as trustworthy as MicroPerfumes and the other retailers here. Still, I wanted to include Decant Store in case you want to save more money.

Tips When Finding Fragrance Samples

There are quite a few places where you can find samples of Aventus by Creed. I still recommend you read my tips before picking up one of these samples.

Get a Free one First

I used to work at Sephora, and they hand out free fragrances constantly. I just got a hair product from Sephora and walked away with two free perfume samples.

Sephora doesn’t sell Creed cologne, but you can find this scent at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue. I also know Nordstrom is very generous about handing out fragrance samples, though I don’t know if they can make a sample for you.

Look for a Kit

I’ve gotten many fragrance kits over the years. I love how you can discover other fragrances, and those scents may work better for you than you would think.

That’s why I suggest keeping an open mind and buying a kit that features Aventus by Creed. Creed sells kits on its website, and MicroPerfumes even features Aventus in its cologne kits. Plus, sample kits are often inexpensive.

Know the Return and Exchange Policies

My only problem with buying fragrance samples is most retailers have strict return and exchange policies. In other words, they won’t let you return or exchange the sample or travel-sized fragrances but might make an exception if your item was damaged.

If a retailer has this stringent policy, I would buy the cheapest and smallest sample in case it doesn’t work for you.

Consider a Subscription Box

What if you’re not as concerned with trying Aventus by Creed but are more interested in trying different fragrance samples? In that case, I recommend trying a subscription box. These services deliver one or more samples to your door (depending on your plan).

Most services let you choose which fragrances you receive, or the service can send you a box at random. Some services even offer more perks, such as additional coupons when you buy a full-size bottle.

Read Reviews

Always read reviews before buying a fragrance, even a sample or travel-sized one. You can find reviews on the company’s website, a source such as Fragrantica, or the retailer’s website. Every company I mentioned on this list offers reviews for their fragrances.

Know Your Pheromones

I remember when I bought Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. I loved the scent of the fragrance, but it didn’t last on me at all. I later realized it was because my pheromones didn’t match that scent.

Whether you want to buy Aventus or another fragrance, you should always know your pheromones first. How do you know your pheromones? I learned mine by experimenting with different perfumes. You can access different samples by buying a kit or paying for a subscription box.

Take advantage of free samples if you can find them. If you truly want to try Aventus and can’t find a free sample anywhere, I would only buy the cheapest vial to see if the cologne takes to your pheromones well.

Don’t Focus on Trendy Fragrances

I can’t stress this enough. A big mistake I see people make is they only use hyped fragrances.

While Aventus is a popular cologne, it may not be the one that’s best for you. Other than the fact that trendy fragrances may not work for your pheromones, there are so many niche and unknown perfumers that make high-quality scents.

As a fragrance writer, I find these companies constantly. If you don’t know any niche perfumers, I suggest asking around on social media or Reddit. You can also search fragrance hashtags on Instagram and TikTok.


Question: Can I find samples of other Creed colognes?

Answer: Absolutely! Creed sells customizable scent kits on its website. MicroPerfumes also has a massive Creed catalog of sample and travel-sized scents.

Question: Are There any Cheap Aventus Dupes?

Answer: Armaf Club de Nuit Intense is the best dupe I’ve smelled, but it’s an Indian brand. You can find Armaf colognes on Amazon and other retailers, and the full-size bottle goes for around $30.

Question: I Tried Creed Aventus, but I don’t like it. What Other Colognes do you Recommend?

Answer: I’m a big fan of Mont Blanc colognes. Mont Blanc Explorer is another fruity and citrus cologne, though it has more woodsy notes. I also like Mont Blanc Legend.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for samples of Creed Aventus cologne, you can buy the sample kit from Creed. The kit includes three sample-sized vials and is $40. You can buy more sample and travel-sized Aventus colognes at any of these other retailers, though I suggest the most.

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