Polo Green Cologne Review

Polo Green Cologne Review

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Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Polo Ralph Lauren clothing, but what about the fragrance? If you didn’t know, Polo Green Cologne by Ralph Lauren has been around for many years. It’s a classic men’s cologne that smells amazing. 

If you’re on the fence about trying this fragrance for the first time, this guide can help you out. Below are all of the details on the key features of Polo Green, as well as the breakdown of the notes in this fragrance. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading below.

The Fragrance Notes in Polo Green Cologne

Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men

The notes in this fragrance blend together perfectly to make the most satisfying aroma. The main chords in Polo Green are rich wood, herbal, leather, tobacco, fresh spicy, green, mossy, and conifer.

Below is a breakdown of the notes:

Top Notes

  • Caraway
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Bergamot
  • Artemisia
  • Juniper berries

Middle Notes

  • Jasmine
  • Pine needles
  • Chamomile
  • Leather
  • Pepper
  • Geranium
  • Rose
  • Carnation

Base notes

  • Oakmoss base note
  • Tobacco
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar
  • Vetiver
  • Amber
  • Musk note

When all of these fragrances come together, the smell is irresistible.

What to Expect from Polo Green by Ralph Lauren

men's perfume

You can definitely classify this Ralph Lauren fragrance as a gentleman’s cologne. It’s very sophisticated and strong. If you are in the younger generation, you may not like it.

The aroma of Polo Green is very much “in your face.” When you think of this fragrance, your mind might envision a mature man.

However, this cologne certainly has a group of people who love it. This fragrance is going to be around for a long time. Since its reveal in the 70s, Polo Green has continued to be a staple in the cologne category.

The Pros of Polo Green

There are some qualities of Polo Green that are quite enjoyable. Here are the positives about it:


This is such a fragrant cologne, and it definitely sticks to you. It has amazing performance on skin and clothing. When you wear this, you can expect it to linger for a while. It may even stay in your clothing for many days—depending on how much you spray on.

Soft Transitions

When you first apply Polo Green, it can come off very bold. It might take your nose by surprise, but don’t worry. As the cologne seeps into your skin and settles, it’ll soften out nicely. That’s one of the great attributes of this particular cologne. No matter how fragrant it is, it doesn’t continue to smell overpowering throughout the day.

An Everyday Fragrance

Believe it or not, this is an everyday fragrance. Essentially, you can wear it during the day for work or in the evening for a night out. It works well for multiple occasions.

The Cons

Although this is a classic cologne, it has its downsides. Below are a few attributes that you may not like about it:

Powerful Aroma

Although we mentioned that this fragrance mellows out during the day and that it’s good for the day and night, it’s still a powerful scent. This isn’t a fragrance that hides in the background. It makes itself known. Therefore, if you do not like overpowering fragrances, Polo Green may not be for you.

Not Suitable for Warm Weather

The notes in this fragrance are very spicy and earthy, so it may not be the best cologne to wear during warm months. When your body’s heat activates the aroma, it can become very strong. Not only that, but if you’re wearing Polo Green during the day while sweating, the mixture between your body chemistry and the fragrance may not create good results.

Not for Everyone

We briefly mentioned how Polo Green is a unique fragrance. But, there are a specific group of noses that absolutely love this aroma. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This is worth highlighting because if you’re on the fence about buying Polo Green, it helps to know that it isn’t an adaptable fragrance.

If Polo Green isn’t your scent, that’s completely understandable. There are a few alternative fragrances that you’ll probably like. Below are some recommendations:

Mercedes Benz Select 

Mercedes Benz Select Eau De Toilette

This fragrance just makes you feel regal. It’s a masculine scent, but it’s not as bold as Polo Green. It’s crisp and contemporary. Mercedes Benz Select includes notes of spices, fresh fruits, and musk. It consists of an enticing woody fragrance that pulls it all together.

If you want to wear a cologne that’s magnetic, this is it. It’s fragrant with top notes of apple, bergamot, mint, black currant, and intense patchouli. You’ll definitely feel attractive when wearing this cologne.

Polo Red

polo red

Polo Red is very different from Polo Green. It’s more of a fiery aroma that consists of Italian lemon, cranberry, and red grapefruit. It’ll definitely grab attention when you walk past others. The heart composition of this fragrance includes lavender, redwood, hot amber, and coffee beans.

Polo Black

Polo Black

This is another fragrance that’s the opposite of Polo Green. It’s very sensual. Polo Black’s aromas include iced mango, tonka bean, patchouli noir, silver armoise, and Spanish sage.

Drakkar Noir

Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men

This men’s fragrance is extremely aromatic and romantic. It has strong essence, combined with natural seduction. It includes invigorating aromas like mandarin, lavender, and lemon. Drakkar is paired with heart notes of coriander, spices (warm spicey notes), juniper, cedar, and vetiver.

Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men Eau De Toilette Spray

This cologne is a masculine blend that’s a simultaneously soothing fragrance. It consists of a blend of amber, cedarwood, apple, musk, green leaf, water lotus, and mimosa. It’s a long-wearing fragrance that’ll have you smelling nice for hours. Nautica Voyage is best for casual wear during the day or for nighttime events.

Other Honorable Mentions

How to Select Polo Cologne

There are a variety of Polo colognes to choose from. Each one is unique, and there’s a scent for every preference. However, you may be unsure about how to choose the scent that’s best for you. Here are some helpful tips:

Sample Them

It’s really difficult to buy cologne for the first time, especially if you’ve never worn it. If you’re undecided about which Polo cologne to choose, sample them. The best thing to do is to go into a retail store that sells all of them. A sales representative can help you narrow down your decision by allowing you to smell each one. Pick the one you like the best, and that’s it. 

Research the Notes

You can always research Polo colognes online and read the notes. Even if you’re not completely familiar with the smell of a particular aroma, you can get a good idea of the smell based on the name and the description. Once you’ve gotten that information, you’ll have a better understanding of what the fragrance smells like.

Read Reviews

Another way to select a Polo cologne is by reading reviews. Of course, reading feedback isn’t going to tell you exactly how the fragrance smells, but it’s helpful. For instance, if a particular Polo cologne doesn’t last long or if the scent changes over time, that’s information that you need to know. So, customer feedback is very helpful.


Question: Is Polo Green Cologne Discontinued?

Answer: Although this fragrance made its debut in 1978, it’s still in production. It’s been around for several decades, but the main reason is that people love it. Yes, it’s considered a classic cologne, but it isn’t too old to discontinue it. You can still find Polo Green in a number of retail stores.

Question: Does Polo Green Smell Good?

Answer: Yes, it does. However, the answer to that question depends on the person wearing the cologne. Every person doesn’t like the same fragrances. Therefore, there are individuals who do not care for Polo Green—but it’s not a bad scent. It’s just that it’s an acquired aroma.

Question: Is Polo Green Cologne Expensive?

Answer: No, it’s not. Since Ralph Lauren Polo is a high-end brand, you may assume that this cologne is expensive, but it’s not. However, the price you pay depends on the retailer that you buy it from. In most cases, you can expect to spend between $50 to $90 for Polo Green.
Although it’s not a “cheap” cologne, it won’t break the bank. Not only that, but it’s a quality fragrance that’s worth the price. Even if you pay a higher amount for it, it’s worth every penny. 
Also, the cost of Polo Green is determined by the ounces. There are multiple sizes available.

Question: What Other Colognes Does Polo Green Smell Like?

Answer: Actually, it’s a unique smell. There isn’t a specific cologne to compare it to. However, it puts you in the mind of an old-school fragrance. You could compare it to Brut, but the two are different. On the other hand, they share some of the same notes.
When you compare the two, you’re not necessarily comparing aromas but the feelings. Each fragrance debuted decades ago in the 60s and 70s. Both colognes may remind you of your grandpa or uncle.

Question: Is Polo Green an Off-Putting Fragrance?

Answer: It’s not off-putting. If someone were to walk past you, they wouldn’t feel like they’s want to run away—even if it’s not a scent that they care for. Overall, other people can stomach the smell of Polo Green. Again, it smells nice, but it’s strong and very masculine. Therefore, it’s not so much about it being off-putting, but a cologne that’s not everyone’s taste. 

Question: Where Can I Buy Polo Green Cologne?

Answer: Polo Green is available in multiple retail stores. You can find it in stores, such as Macy’s and Kohl’s. It’s even available in beauty retailers like Ulta. If you can’t find Polo Green in your area, it’s online. Online retailers like Walmart and Amazon sell it.

Polo Green Cologne Review: Final Thoughts

Essentially, this is a classic fragrance. It’s been around for a long time, and it shows no signs of going anywhere. While it is an acquired smell, it’s the perfect fragrance for those who love bold scents. If you’re not into fragrant aromas, then you may not like it. 

If you’re considering this product, it doesn’t hurt to try it out. You can find it in several retail stores. Go inside and ask for a sample, then spray it to see if you like it. You may be surprised that it’s a fragrance that you love!

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