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Best Rue 21 Perfumes Guide and Colognes Guide

You probably know Rue 21 as a clothes store. But did you know that Rue 21 also sells perfume? They have been making perfume for years. Rue 21 perfume is affordable and has gained a devoted following, much like their stylish clothes.

So, which Rue 21 perfumes are my favorite? I will list some of the highest-rated Rue 21 perfumes and some advice when buying perfume from the popular clothing store. Here’s my best Rue 21 perfumes guide!

Bottom Line Upfront

My favorite women’s perfume is the Pink Ice perfume and my favorite men’s cologne is CJ Black Cologne. It seems like Rue 21 sells Pink Ice year-round and CJ Black is a favorite scent among men.

How to Find the Best Rue 21 Perfume

One thing I learned when researching for this article is that Rue 21 offers many fragrances for both men and women. Because of this, it can be pretty difficult to find the best fragrance for you. Here are some buying tips to keep in mind.

Fragrance Notes That Smell Best on You

Have you ever noticed a perfume or cologne smells amazing on a friend, but the fragrance smells weird on you? That’s because of your pheromones. Pheromones are naturally-occurring chemicals in animals that trigger certain behaviors.

While we know that humans have pheromones, their role in humans is misunderstood since few studies have been conducted on the topic. We suspect pheromones tie into sexual attraction, yet this is debated. Experts also suggest that pheromones present themselves in humans as a scent, which may explain why perfumes smell differently on some people.

The only way to know which scents work with your pheromones is by experimenting. Some main fragrance categories are wood, fresh, oriental, floral, fruity, aquatic, spicy, and gourmand. I suggest trying fragrances in all of these categories and finding which one works best for you.

Rue 21 Fragrance Price

Rue 21 fragrances vary in price. While I’m seeing low prices on the company website, I’m also seeing some as high as $50 on other retailers such as Amazon. While $50 for perfume is still more affordable than many fine fragrances, you should still know how much you want to spend on your next Rue 21 perfume.

I do want to mention I’m seeing some of the highest price tags on Amazon. I think many sellers are buying Rue 21 perfumes and inflating the prices on online platforms. Most of the perfumes I see on the Rue 21 website are $20 and under. Be sure you only buy your perfume from Rue 21. I will link all of the product pages to each perfume and cologne.

Read Reviews

It’s essential to read reviews of any perfume before buying it. While I’m not seeing many Rue 21 reviews on the website, I am seeing more reviews on the store’s Amazon page. Reviewers will mention essential facts about the perfume, such as if the fragrance is as advertised, if the product is worth the price, the packaging, and where to find the perfume.

Fragrance Type

Rue 21 sells different types of fragrances, from spray perfumes all the way to rollerballs. Everyone has different preferences, so make sure you know yours before shopping for a fragrance.

Best Rue 21 Perfumes

Here are my favorite Rue 21 perfumes and colognes. I’m mentioning fragrances for both men and women.

1. Pink Ice Perfume: Best for Women

Pink Ice Perfume

If you’re into fresh fragrances, you’ll love the smell of this perfume. Rue 21 says the fragrance notes are orange, apple, wood, and vanilla. However, I wouldn’t get this fragrance because fruity and fresh perfume isn’t for me. At around $12, you’re spending little money on a beautiful fragrance. I’m even reading reviews where users say they bought more than one because of the low price.

Rue 21 Pink Ice Eau De Parfum | Amazon

Fruity Floral Scent: Featuring a signature blend of Apple, Vanilla, and Creamy Woods in a travel-friendly bottle.

Buy at Amazon
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2. CJ Black Cologne: Best for Men

CJ Black Cologne

The Rue 21 Black Cologne for men is one of the highest-rated fragrances that Rue 21 has to offer. When colognes are marketed as “black,” they usually have a stronger and sexier scent, ideal for a date or a night out. But many men report that the scent here is mild, making it appropriate to wear all day.

According to the Rue 21 website, this is a fruity and masculine fragrance. Some of the fragrance notes are grapefruit, citrus, and bergamot. Even with the milder and citrus scent, the cologne lasts for hours and transitions from a daytime to a nighttime fragrance. Plus, this cologne is only $12, so you’re not spending much money.

Rue21 CJ Black Cologne Spray For Men | Amazon
$38.99 ($22.94 / Fl Oz)

This fragrance is back with a revamp infused with citrus, grapefruit, tart bergamot, and mandarin that deepen into an irresistible musk.

Buy at Amazon
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02/19/2024 04:39 pm GMT

3. CJ White Cologne

CJ White Cologne

Many reviewers say this has a nice scent. Rue 21 describes this cologne as modern and in the fruity/floral category. It has notes of cardamom, bergamot, and cedar. But if these notes don’t work for you, I suggest finding another Rue 21 cologne. Some reviewers complained that this cologne doesn’t last.

Rue 21 CJ White Men's Cologne Spray | Amazon
$21.99 ($12.94 / Fl Oz)

Citrus Fresh Scent: Featuring smooth notes of Bergamot, Cardamom, and Cedar in a travel-friendly bottle.

Buy at Amazon
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03/08/2024 04:30 am GMT

4. Blush Perfume

Blush Perfume

Before writing this review, I want to point out that this perfume is small. It’s 1.7 oz. I decided to compare the size to a Coach fragrance I own, which is 3 oz. But still, the Blush perfume is only $12.

Otherwise, this is one of their most popular women’s fragrances. Rue 21 describes Blush as a flirty and fruity fragrance. The main fragrance notes are red currant, passionfruit, and caramelized apple. I have to admit, I’m picky about fruity fragrances, but I love the smell of passionfruit. I may give this one a try. But understand that if fruity notes don’t work for you, this fragrance probably won’t last a long time.

I also want to mention I am seeing this perfume more expensive on Amazon. If there’s no Rue 21 store near you, order this perfume online.

Women's Rue21 Blush Perfume Spray | Amazon
$40.00 ($23.53 / Ounce)

Flirt with seductive top notes of passion fruit and red currant that fade into femme florals. Finish with teasing feather musk and caramelized apple. 

Buy at Amazon
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03/08/2024 05:04 am GMT

5. #rue


I’m reading that this is one of Rue 21’s most incredible fragrances. Rue 21 describes this as a floral perfume with notes of freesia, magnolia, apple blossom, and jasmine. This perfume is definitely for me. I’m a floral fragrance girl; these fragrances smell the best and last the longest on me. From reading reviews from others who react best to floral fragrances, they say that this perfume also lasts a long time on them. This perfume is only $12 but is only available for a limited time.

If you’re not a fan of floral fragrances, understand that this perfume isn’t for you. I’m reading reviews from many people who said the perfume gave them a headache, and this is a common problem for those who can’t handle floral fragrances. The perfume is also double the price on Amazon, so be sure you order it from the Rue 21 website.

Rue 21 #Rue for Her Women's Spray | Amazon
$29.88 ($17.58 / Fl Oz)

Grab their attention with layered sparks of apple blossom and grapefruit zest that deepen into flirty magnolia, freesia and jasmine. A bright, clean finish of white woods and soft musk guarantees you'll go viral.

Buy at Amazon
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03/08/2024 05:25 am GMT

6. Rue 21 Summer Vibes Perfume

Summer Vibes

I’m writing this during the summer, and this is a lovely fragrance for the season. Rue 21 describes this as a fruity fragrance with notes of papaya, strawberries, and agave.

Fruit scents don’t last a long time on me, and other reviewers had the same complaints. This perfume is $15, slightly more expensive than the other scents I mentioned. This is still a good price for perfume. As with many Rue 21 fragrances, this is a limited edition perfume.

7. Icon Perfume

Icon Perfume

Rue 21 says this is one of their best-selling perfumes. But other than reading the listing on their website, I’m not finding much more information about this perfume. Rue 21 describes this as a sweet and fruit-dominant fragrance, combing the notes of apple, peach, and freesia. This was previously their Etc! perfume, which is one of their most popular women’s fragrances. As with all of the fragrances, it’s $12 — very affordable.

Rue 21 Icon Eau De Parfum Women's Perfume Spray | Amazon
$21.99 ($12.94 / Fl Oz)

Fruity Floral Scent: Featuring delectable notes of Crisp Apple, Freesia, and Peach in a travel-friendly bottle.

Buy at Amazon
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03/08/2024 05:29 am GMT


Question: Is Rue 21 perfume good for me?

Answer: If you’re looking for a woman’s perfume, I recommend Rue 21 perfumes if you like floral-fruity scents. Most of the perfumes I find from this store combine fruit and flowery notes. It seems like the men’s colognes are the same, but on a more masculine level.

Answer: Here are some of the most popular perfumes of the year, in no order:
• Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
• YSL Black Opium
• Miss Dior
• Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
• The Body Shop White Musk Lover
• Lush Karma
• Byredo Gypsy Water
• Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream

Answer: Here are some of the most popular perfumes that never go out of style:
• D.S. & Durga Rose Atlantic Eau de Parfum
• Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette
• Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum
• Lake & Skye 11 11 Eau de Parfum
• Caswell Massey Elixir of Love
• Mustela Musti Eau de Soin Spray
• Killian Rolling in Love

Question: I love seductive perfumes! Which ones should I try?

Answer: Here are some of my personal recommendations:
• Chanel Sycomore Eau de Parfum
• Tom Ford Santal Blush
• Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden A Kiss from Violet Perfumed Oil
• Byredo Bal d’Afrique Eau de Parfum
• Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette

Question: I’m a woman looking for the best perfume for a date. Which scent is most attractive to men?

Answer: Here are the scents that are best to wear to a date:
• Jasmine
• Cinnamon
• Patchouli
• Sage
• Musk
• Ylang ylang
• Peppermint
• Spice

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